2023 02/16  vol.2


Developer Update 2023 Vol.2


We hope you are enjoying the game so far and are satisfied with the recent addition of emissions and radioactive rain.

Today, we would like to address an aspect of the game that has been a focal point for the community, both new and veteran hunters, since the game's early access launch: the difficulty of the game.

One of the biggest complaints from new players is that the game is too difficult, with enemies one-shotting them. While this level of difficulty is largely by design and intended to challenge players, we are aware that it may be discouraging for casual or new players. On the other hand, our veteran hunters crave a more hardcore experience, such as having all items lost upon death and having a permanent death mode, requests that we agree are fitting for the game.

To address the needs of both parties, we are pleased to announce that we are introducing difficulty settings in the upcoming major update 0.29.


Difficulty Modes

We have provided three pre-set difficulty modes for players who do not wish to adjust all the settings themselves. These settings are:


This setting is suitable for new players who are new to the genre or anyone who prefers a casual experience. In this difficulty, resources will be plentiful, enemies will deal less damage, and your character will be more durable.


This setting provides the intended ZERO Sievert experience, where the world is challenging but not unjust. Resources are limited, and players must plan their moves carefully. Enemies are more formidable, and players are more susceptible to damage.


As the title suggests, this mode is for hardcore hunters who value immersion above all else. In this mode, players will lose all items in their inventory upon death.

Difficulty Customisation Options

For hunters who like to personalise their gaming experience, we have also provided individual sliders to modify almost all elements of the game. We welcome your feedback on the new settings, and if you encounter any new bugs, please report them in the bug report channel on our Discord server.


In this section, players can adjust multipliers for sell price, item price, vendor money, and more.


This is where players can experiment with what they'll be able to find out in the wastes. You can set the drop rate, minimum/maximum weapon durability, determine if NPCs can drop armour, and more here.


This section provides options for customising the progression of the game, including character HP, transportable weight, hunger and thirst decay rates, skill exp rate, rouble and quest item rewards, and service prices.


Dying too often or are you gunning down enemies too easily? Here is where players can adjust enemy HP and damage dealt.


If players would like to change what items they lose upon death or try out a permadeath run, this will be where they'd find those changes.

*Note: Each save game has its own difficulty settings and they are not shared globally. Changing the difficulty settings will require you to start a new game, as the settings cannot be changed mid-game.

Other Features

Field of View (Under Graphic Settings)

This new addition to the game introduces the player field view, meaning that the map will only be visible to players in a limited, forward-facing angle, rather than a full 360 degree view.


Teleportation (to NPC)

The bunker can be vast, so for convenience, we are offering bunker NPC teleportation services. Simply press 'H' and select the NPC you are eager to visit!

Main Menu

Last but not least: We have reworked the main menu to provide a better experience, both in terms of visual appeal and functionality.

Goodbye for now, hunters! We look forward to next week's release of update 0.29 and hope the new difficulty settings bring lots of excitement for all players. Remember to tune in this Thursday at 4:00 PM GMT on our Twitch channel to get an early look at 

our Community Manager Lottie getting killed in Hardcore mode

 the new features. Keep an eye on our content creators, too, as they'll be releasing content for the update soon. As always, we welcome your thoughts and opinions on how we can make the game the best it can be, if you have any feedback please do not hesitate to reach out in our feedback channel.

Happy hunting!

Developer Update 2023 Vol.2





















それでは、ハンターの皆さん、さようなら 来週のアップデート0.29をお楽しみに!新しい難易度設定によって、すべてのプレイヤーがたくさんの興奮を味わえることを願っています。今週木曜日の午後4時(日本時間)にTwitchチャンネルで、コミュニティマネージャーのLottieがハードコアモードで新機能を駆使して戦う様子をご覧ください。また、コンテンツ制作者もこのアップデートに対応したコンテンツを近日中に公開する予定ですので、ご注目ください。いつものように、ゲームを最高のものにするためのご意見やご感想をお待ちしています。フィードバックがあれば、遠慮なくフィードバックチャンネルにご連絡ください。



2023 01/12  Vol.1



We hope you have all managed to survive so far in Zakov and had a good holiday in your bunker. We are back and bringing you the New Year Edition of the developer update!

As we mentioned in the previous blog, Zakov is becoming an even more dangerous place as you'll now start to encounter emissions from time to time. The upcoming Update 0.28 will (radioactively) rain on you right next week!

Upcoming Patch
Content Update 0.28 Preview - Live Next Week

Game engine update
We've updated the game engine from Game Maker 2.2.5 to Game Maker LTS which enables further opportunities for us to make changes to the game in the future.

Why are all the crows flying away? What is that sound from afar? Are you hallucinating?

Radioactive Rain
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go, radioactive rain is down upon you!! Will you accept your death, or will you fight it?

QoL Improvement Highlights:
As always, we cannot express how much we appreciate everyone’s feedback, feel free to send us more in our Discord, Twitter or elsewhere. You are helping us to make a better game for you!

We heard you loud and clear, and we prioritised the key binding overhaul so more players could enjoy the game in their own settings. You can now rebind any actions to almost any keys on your keyboard and mouse!
What is a barman if they can’t provide you food and drinks? Barman now can refill your hunger and thirst!

Where did all the money you spent on healing and repairing go? Is there any embezzlement involved? Not anymore! Money spent for healing and repair will increase the global trader owned currency.
Drinking and eating in bunker is now instant.
Looted containers now appear grey-out when looting.

And a lot more!

Luca Cornernera

Q: What will the game look like in 2023?
Luca: This is a very difficult question! We have features planned for almost all of 2023 so expect the game to change a lot during this period. I cannot share anything too specific right now, but we are eager to share more information with you when we can!

Q: How was your holiday? Any good gifts?
Luca: My holiday was very good. Although I did nothing and just spent time with my family and friends. Easy question! My girlfriend gifted me this, it’s so cool!

Q: We are in 2023 now, any new year resolutions?
Luca: Not really, I usually don’t plan any resolutions for new year 😀

Final Words
Update 0.28 will go live on Steam next week. If you want to take a sneak peek at what the new update has to offer, tune in this Thursday at 4PM GMT on our Twitch channel as we show off the new content. Also be sure to keep your eyes out for coverage from some of your favourite creators as certain influencers will be getting access over the weekend!

We hope you continue to survive and contribute to making Zakov a better place, one way or another. We will see you next time!

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前回のブログでお伝えしたように、Zakovでは時折エミッションに発生するようになり、さらに危険な場所になりつつあります。来週にはUpdate 0.28がリリースされる予定です。

コンテンツアップデート0.28プレビュー - 来週公開予定

ゲームエンジンをGame Maker 2.2.5からGame Maker LTSにアップデートし、将来的にゲームに変更を加える機会を増やしました。



Radioactive Rain
逃げ場がない、行き場がない、放射能の雨が降り注いでいる! 死を受け入れるか、それとも戦うか?


・私たちは皆さんの声をはっきりと聞き、より多くのプレイヤーが自分の設定でゲームを楽しめるように、キーバインドの オーバーホールを優先させました。キーボードやマウスのほぼすべてのキーに、あらゆるアクションを割り当てられるようになりました。



<Luca Cornernera >



Q: 今、2023年ですが、新年の抱負は?




2022 12/06 0.27アップデート


Developer Update

To our hunters, whether you’re a newbie fresh out the bunker or a veteran with a stash the size of a house, we thank you for putting your faith in ZERO Sievert and joining us on the hunt! You’ve helped us keep the community super friendly and helpful for everyone, nominated us for ‘Best Game you Suck at’ Awards on Steam and also made some amazing Igor faces in our Discord event. It’s only been a month since early access was released into the wasteland but 0.27 is just around the corner. We’ve already released patch 0.26.2 to address topline concerns and 0.27 is next week with major updates still in the pipeline.

This is our first dev blog and we will be releasing one alongside every update! With this we can guide you on the ins and outs of the progress of ZERO Sievert and we're giving you a heads up on upcoming patches so you can get yourself geared up for the next hunt! 

Our Community 
The community has grown immensely with over 35K members on this server! Over 2.5K followers on our Twitter (https://twitter.com/ZeroSievert) and over 1000 newsletter signups (https://t.co/RTUC8NsFxK). We are listening to all your feedback as always and are reviewing everything but join us on any of these platforms to keep yourself up to date. 

We also have a stream coming up this thursday to show off the latest 0.27 patch and if you want to see it first hand you can join us over on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/modernw0lf)

Upcoming Patch
Patch 0.27 Preview - Coming Out Next Week

🎄 Check your craftables for some seasonal surprises;
❓ Crimson Corporation will now feature in the bunker once you have completed certain quests;
🐗New Boar attack (as if there weren't enough already?!);
✍️ You can now edit the names of the weapons in the file “Mod.ini” 
🃏 Steam trading cards and badges
🧀And more!

Luca Cornernera (See what we did there?)
Here we sit down with Luca himself, and hear what he has to say about the game, and about life.

Q: How do you feel about the launch and the first big patch that is coming next week?
A: The launch went great! I never expected such a thing! Needless to say, we are all very happy. I really enjoy working on the whole process from just an idea for a feature through to its implementation. Next week players can look forward to a surprise for lovers of RGB lights and the addition of the first real choice the player will have to make that can permanently change a playthrough.

Q: What are you currently working on and looking forward to?
A: Now that the new build is ready I'm testing it and looking through all the features suggested on Discord. I'm really just very excited to work on the game and continue to develop it!

Q: Finally, what's your favourite food and drink?
A: MILK! All kidding aside, my favourite non-alcoholic drink is water and alcoholic drink would be beer. For food it's a real cliché - pizza and pasta! For pizza I have no particular preference while my favourite pasta is carbonara.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Luca for the next Luca Cornernera feel free to comment on the steam post (https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1782120/view/3615857706248592068), or reach out to us on Discord!

The future of ZERO Sievert - 0.28 and beyond
A sneak peek into the next patch! This is of course subject to development changes, but we want to keep you in the loop as much as possible! This is what we can share with you at the moment, more will be revealed in the next developer update!

Next Major Patch - 0.28

Introducing Radioactive Rain. No one will be singing in this rain!  🌧️
Emission (blowout). Sounds familiar? It is exactly what you are thinking.

Good luck out there. You’re going to need it! 

See you in 2023 for our next Developer Update!


ハンターの皆さん、バンカーから出たばかりの初心者であれ、家ほどの大きさのスタッシュを持つベテランであれ、ZERO Sievertに信頼を置き、ハントに参加してくれたことに感謝します。また、Steamの「Best Game you Suck at」アワードにノミネートしてくださったり、Discordのイベントで素晴らしいIgorの顔を作っていただいたりと、コミュニティをとてもフレンドリーかつ親切に保っていただいています。ウェイストランドにアーリーアクセスがリリースされてからまだ1ヶ月しか経っていませんが、0.27パッチは目の前です。すでにパッチ0.26.2をリリースし、トップラインの問題に対処していますし、来週には0.27がリリースされ、そしてメジャーアップデートがまだ進行中です。

今回は初の開発ブログで、今後アップデートの度に公開していく予定です。このブログでは、ZERO Sievertの進捗状況や、今後のパッチについてお知らせしていきますので、次のハントに向けて準備を整えてください。

このDiscordサーバーのメンバーは3万5千人を超え、コミュニティは大きく成長しました。Twitter (https://twitter.com/ZeroSievert) のフォロワーは2.5千人以上、ニュースレター (https://t.co/RTUC8NsFxK) の登録者は千人以上です。私たちはいつも通り皆さんのフィードバックに耳を傾け、すべてを見直し中ですが、これらのプラットフォームのいずれかに参加して最新の情報を入手してください。

また、今週木曜日には最新の0.27パッチを紹介するストリームが予定されており、もしそれを直接見たい場合はTwitch (https://www.twitch.tv/modernw0lf) で参加することができます。

パッチ0.27プレビュー - 来週公開予定

🎄 クラフタブル(訳注:作成可能アイテム?)をチェックすると、この季節のサプライズがあります。
❓ クリムゾンコーポレーションは、特定のクエストを完了するとバンカーに登場するようになります。
✍️ "Mod.ini "ファイルで武器の名前を編集できるようになりました。
🄌 Steamのトレーディングカードとバッジ。

<Luca Cornernera (私たちが何をしたのかわかりますか?)>

Q: ゲームのローンチと来週に控えた最初の大きなパッチについてどう感じていますか?
A: ローンチは素晴らしい出来でした。こんなことになるとは思ってもみませんでした。言うまでもなく、私たちは皆、とても幸せです。私は、機能のアイデアから実装に至るまで、すべてのプロセスを楽しんでいます。来週は、RGBライトの愛好家へのサプライズと、プレイヤーのプレイを永久に変えることができる、プレイヤーがしなければならない最初の本当の選択の追加を楽しみにしていてください。

A: 新しいビルドの準備ができたので、それをテストして、Discordで提案されたすべての機能に目を通しています。このゲームに取り組み、開発を続けることに、本当にただただ興奮しています

Q: 最後に、好きな食べ物や飲み物を教えてください。
A: ミルク!冗談はさておき、好きな飲み物はお酒以外だと水、お酒ならビールです。食べ物は、ありきたりですが、ピザとパスタです。ピザは特に好き嫌いはありませんが、パスタはカルボナーラがお気に入りです。


<ZERO Sievertの未来 - 0.28とその先>
次のパッチをこっそりのぞいてみよう!もちろん、これは開発の変更に左右されるものですが、可能な限り皆さんに情報をお届けしたいと思います これは現時点でお伝えできることで、次回の開発者向けアップデートではさらに多くのことが明らかになります。

次回のメジャーパッチ - 0.28

Radioactive Rain(新たな天候)を紹介します。この雨の中では誰も歌わない!  🌧️


それでは、2023年のDeveloper Updateでお会いしましょう。


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