Letters of a Japanese schoolboy

ページ名:Letters of a Japanese schoolboy

Title: Letters of a Japanese schoolboy ("Hashimura Togo")
Author: Wallace Irwin
I. Our Noble Allies
II. The Honourable War Cloud
III. The Yellow Peril
IV. Lady Suffergettes and How They Do It
V. The Financial Breakdown
VI. Hon. Niggers, Was They Freed by Lincoln?
VII. Hon. Simple Life Among Ambassadors
VIII. A Third Term for Our Emperor
IX. Hon. Modesty: Is it a Disease?
X. Spring
XI. Education in American Language
XII. The Visit of the Fleet to San Francisco
XIII. Flighty Navigation of Air
XIV. The Conventional Meeting of Reps in Chicago
XV. America’s Bang up Ceremony
XVI. Can Africa Wait till March 4th?
XVII. The Hon. Gasolene
XVIII. America’s Base Game of Ball
XIX. Is a Vice-Pres Nearly a King?
XX. My Conception of the Presidency
XXI. How American Advertisement Does It
XXII. Olympus Games and International Cement
XXIII. Outside Exercises for Health
XXIV. Can Hon. North Pole be Detected?
XXV. High Tariff on Princes
XXVI. The Servant Problemb
XXVII. The Feetsteps of Science
XXVIII. The Hon. Mars
XXIX. Standard Oiling across Party Lines
XXX. The Hon. Bomb
XXXI. Enjoyment of Hunger Among Poor Mans
XXXII. The Alcoholic Temperance Movement
XXXIII. The Saloon in Our Town
XXXIV. Election Day
XXXV. Fall Hats and the Ladies Inside of Them
XXXVI. Feetball for Mollycuddles
XXXVII. Will Hon. So. Dakota Be a Blissful Married State?
XXXVIII. Hon. Mary Christmas
XXXIX. The Annual New Year


Letters of a Japanese schoolboy


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