The face of China

ページ名:The face of China

Title: The face of China
Travels in east, north, central and western China
Author: E. G. Kemp
I. Shanghai
II. Shantung, the German Sphere of Influence
III. A Day in the Country (Shantung)
IV. Shantung Silk
V. Tsinan
VI. The Sacred Shrine of Tai Shan
VII. The Home of Confucius: Küfow
VIII. The Yellow River and Grand Canal
IX. Journey into Shansi in 1893
X. Taiyüanfu
XI. Peking
XII. The Péhan Railway: from Peking to Hankow
XIII. On the Yangtze: Ichang to Wanhsien
XIV. Szechwan High-roads
XV. Chengtu
XVI. The Min River
XVII. Mount Omi
XVIII. From Szechwan into Yünnan
XIX. The Road to Yünnan Fu
XX. Yünnan Fu
XXI. Tali Fu
XXII. Tali Fu to Teng Yueh
XXIII. From China into Burma
XXIV. The Present Situation in China
Table of Dynasties


The face of China


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