Japanese folk stories and fairy tales

ページ名:Japanese folk stories and fairy tales

Title: Japanese folk stories and fairy tales
Author: Mary F. Nixon-Roulet
The Choice of the Princess
The Mirror of the Sun Goddess
The Sworded Falcon
The Phantom Cats
The Sword of the Clustering Clouds of Heaven
The Boastful Bamboo
The Angel’s Robe
The Moon and the Cuckoo
The Hang-The-Money-Up Tree
The Goddess of Green-growing Things
The Knightly Waste-paper Man
The Hunter and the Priest
The Princess Moonbeam
The Single Lantern of Yamato
The Soul of the Samurai
The Dream of the Golden Box
The Princess of the Sea
The Firefly of Matsui
The Mountain Rose
The Evil One and the Rat
The Painter of Cats
The Coming of Benten Sama
The Waterfall Which Flowed Saké
The Boy and the Spirits of Things
The Daughter of a Samurai
The Fishes of the Boiling Spring
The Inao of the Ainu
The Goblin Tree
The Man Who Became a Serpent
The Laughing Dumpling
The Sacrifice to Kompira
The Two Brothers
The Princess and the Fox Baby


Japanese folk stories and fairy tales


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