Under the Mikados flag

ページ名:Under the Mikados flag

Title: Under the Mikado's flag Young soldiers of fortune
Author: Edward Stratemeyer
I. A Matter of Business
II. Gilbert Learns Something
III. Detained by the Russians
IV. Troublesome Days in Port Arthur
V. The First Naval Battle
VI. An Escape and a Fight
VII. Among Japanese Friends
VIII. At the German Hotel
IX. Gilbert Leaves Port Arthur
X. At Sea in a Snow Squall
XI. An Order to Lay-to
XII. In the Land of the Morning Calm
XIII. Old Comrades in Arms
XIV. On Board the “Columbia”
XV. Joining the Japanese Army
XVI. On time Way to Ping-Yang
XVII. Surprised by the Cossacks
XVIII. Face to Face with a Leopard
XIX. Gilbert Makes a Prisoner
XX. The Sinking of the “Petropavlovski”
XXI. The Battle of the Yalu
XXII. Crossing the River
XXIII. Among the Russian Spies
XXIV. Fighting in a Storm
XXV. On the March
XXVI. Prisoners of War
XXVII. Captain Barusky Has His Say
XXVIII. A Ride for Life
XXIX. Gilbert Plays the Spy
XXX. Captured by the Chunchuses
XXXI. The Great Battle of Liao-Yang
XXXII. Face to Face—Conclusion
He raised his wounded comrade from the water (Frontispiece)
“What are you doing here?” demanded the Russian officer
The stray shot was a most unexpected one
“We’ll be run down!” cried Gilbert
“Hullo, Ben! Hullo, Larry!” exclaimed Gilbert
The runaways were bounding forward at a furious pace
It was hard, exhausting labor, with little of glory in it
The Chunchuses surrounded the Americans and compelled them to halt


Under the Mikado's flag


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