Greatest wonders of the world

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Title: Greatest wonders of the world
Editor: Esther Singleton
Translator: Esther Singleton
The Blue Grotto of Capri
Alexandre Dumas.
Mount Blanc and Chamouni
Percy Bysshe Shelley.
The Dead Sea
Pierre Loti.
Mount Vesuvius
Charles Dickens.
The Falls of the Rhine
Victor Hugo.
In Arctic and Antarctic Seas
I. Lord Dufferin.
II. W. G. Burn Murdoch.
The Desert of Sahara
Eugène Fromentin.
Fingal’s Cave
I. Sir Walter Scott.
II. John Keats.
In the Himalayas
G. W. Steevens.
Niagara Falls
I. Anthony Trollope.
II. Charles Dickens.
Sir Edwin Arnold.
The Cedars of Lebanon
Alphonse de Lamartine.
The Giant’s Causeway
William Makepeace Thackeray.
The Great Glacier of the Selkirks
Douglas Sladen.
Mauna Loa
Lady Brassey.
Hans Christian Andersen.
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado
C. F. Gordon-Cumming.
The Rock of Gibraltar
Augustus J. C. Hare.
Lord Dufferin.
Land’s End and Logan Rock
John Ayrton Paris.
Mount Hekla
Sir Richard F. Burton.
Victoria Falls
David Livingstone.
The Dragon-Tree of Orotava
Alexander von Humboldt.
Mount Shasta
J. W. Boddam-Wheatham.
The Lagoons of Venice
John Ruskin.
The Cataracts of the Nile
Amelia B. Edwards.
In the Alps
Théophile Gautier.
The Vale of Kashmir
Andrew Wilson.
The Lake of Pitch
Charles Kingsley.
The Lachine Rapids
Douglas Sladen.
Lake Rotorua
H. R. Haweis.
The Big Trees of California
C. F. Gordon-Cumming.
Gersoppa Falls
W. M. Yool.
Alexandre Dumas.
Pike’s Peak and the Garden of the Gods
Iza Duffus Hardy.
The Great Geysir of Iceland
Sir Richard F. Burton.
The Rapids of the Danube
William Beattie.
The Mammoth Cave
Bayard Taylor.
Alexandre Dumas.
The High Woods
Charles Kingsley.
The Yo-semité Valley
C. F. Gordon-Cumming.
The Golden Horn
Alphonse de Lamartine.
The Yellowstone
Rudyard Kipling.
Mer de Glace, Mont Blanc Switzerland
Blue Grotto Italy
Chamouni, Mer de Glace Switzerland
The Dead Sea Palestine
Mount Vesuvius Italy
The Falls of the Rhine Germany
An Ice Floe Antarctic
The Desert of Sahara Africa
Fingal’s Cave Scotland
The Himilayas India
Niagara Falls North America
Niagara Falls in Winter North America
Fuji-San Japan
The Cedars of Lebanon Syria
The Giant’s Loom, Giant’s Causeway Ireland
The Keystone, Giant’s Causeway Ireland
The Great Glacier of the Selkirks Canada
Lava Cascade Flow Hawaii
Trollhätta Sweden
Canyon of the Colorado North America
The Rock of Gibraltar Spain
The Rock of Gibraltar Spain
Thingvalla Iceland
Rocking Stones, Land’s End England
Falls of the Zambesi Africa
The Dragon-Tree Teneriffe
Mount Shasta North America
The City of the Lagoons Italy
First Cataract of the Nile Africa
Mont Blanc Switzerland
Aiguille du Dru, Alps Switzerland
The Vale of Kashmir India
The Lachine Rapids Canada
Lake Rotorua New Zealand
The Big Trees of California North America
Gersoppa Falls India
Etna Sicily
The Garden of the Gods America
The Iron Gates of the Danube Turkey
The High Woods South America
The Yo-semité Valley North America
The Golden Horn Turkey
Costing Springs, Yellowstone North America


Greatest wonders of the world


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