The face of Manchuria Korea Russian Turkestan

ページ名:The face of Manchuria Korea Russian Turkestan

Title: The face of Manchuria, Korea, & Russian Turkestan
Author: Emily Georgiana Kemp
The Face of Manchuria
I. Hulan 3
II. Moukden 11
III. Hsin Muntun 34
IV. Liao Yang 42
V. A Visit to the Thousand Peaks 51
VI. From Moukden to Korea 58
XIV. Ashiho 141
(For narrative purposes included in Part II.)
The Face of Korea
VII. Pyöng Yang 67
VIII. Sunday at Pyöng Yang 74
IX. The History of Roman Catholicism in Korea 84
X. Seoul 93
XI. Fusan 107
XII. The Diamond Mountains 113
XIII. Seoul to Dalny 134
XIV. Ashiho 141
The Face of Russian Turkestan
XV. Through Siberia 151
XVI. Into Turkestan 171
XVII. Tashkent 178
XVIII. The Home of Tamerlane 188
XIX. Samarkand 201
XX. Bokhara 220
XXI. Through the Caucasus 230
Index 241
Map To face page 248
Tamerlane’s Tomb Frontispiece
Foo Ling Tomb To face page 12
Imperial Tomb, Moukden 28
Manchu Ladies’ Greeting 36
Korean Gate, Liao Yang 42
Blind Buddhist Nun 49
Buddhist Monastery 53
Korean in Mourning 69
Coy Korean Maiden 76
Korean Woman 94
Empress’s Tomb 102
Korean Graves 103
(A) Fusan; (B) Korean Village 108
(A) Devil Posts; (B) “Ten Parts Imperfect One” 118
North Gate, Seoul 131
Mohammedan Mosque 145
Prayer at a Saint’s Tomb 184
Tamerlane’s Tomb (Interior) 190
Samarkand 211
Hazréti Shah Zindeh 215
Mosque at Bokhara 226
Baku 231
(A) Tiflis; (B) A Persian 233
Mount Kasbec 236


The face of Manchuria, Korea, & Russian Turkestan


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