Korea and her neighbors

ページ名:Korea and her neighbors

Title: Korea and her neighbors
Subtitle: A narrative of travel, with an account of the recent vicissitudes and present position of the country
Author: Isabella Bird Bishop
Introductory Chapter
I. First Impressions of Korea
II. First Impressions of the Capital
III. The Kur-dong
IV. Seoul, the Korean Mecca
V. The Sailing of the Sampan
VI. On the River of Golden Sand
VII. Views Afloat
VIII. Natural Beauty—The Rapids
IX. Korean Marriage Customs
X. The Korean Pony—Korean Roads and Inns
XI. Diamond Mountain Monasteries
XII. Along the Coast
XIII. Impending War—Excitement at Chemulpo
XIV. Deported to Manchuria
XV. A Manchurian Deluge—A Passenger Cart—An Accident
XVI. Mukden and its Missions
XVII. Chinese Troops on the March
XVIII. Nagasaki—Wladivostok
XIX. Korean Settlers in Siberia
XX. The Trans-Siberian Railroad
XXI. The King’s Oath—An Audience
XXII. A Transition Stage
XXIII. The Assassination of the Queen
XXIV. Burial Customs
XXV. Song-do: A Royal City
XXVI. The Phyong-yang Battlefield
XXVII. Northward Ho!
XXVIII. Over the An-kil Yung Pass
XXIX. Social Position of Women
XXX. Exorcists and Dancing Women
XXXI. The Hair-cropping Edict
XXXII. The Reorganized Korean Government
XXXIII. Education and Foreign Trade
XXXIV. Dæmonism or Shamanism
XXXV. Notes on Dæmonism Concluded
XXXVI. Seoul in 1897
XXXVII. Last Words on Korea
Appendix A.—Mission Statistics for Korea 1896.
Appendix B.—Direct Foreign Trade of Korea 1886-95.
Appendix C.—Return of Principal Articles of Export for the years 1896-95.
Appendix D.—Population of Treaty Ports.
Appendix E.—Treaty between Japan and Russia, with reply of H.E., the Korean Minister for Foreign Affairs.
List of Illustrations.
Mrs. Bishop’s Traveling Party Frontispiece
Harbor of Chemulpo
Gate of Old Fusan
Japanese Military Cemetery, Chemulpo
Turtle Stone
Gutter Shop, Seoul
The Author’s Sampan, Han River
Korean Peasants at Dinner
A Korean Lady
The Diamond Mountains
Tombstones of Abbots, Yu-Chöm Sa
Passenger Cart, Mukden
Temple of God of Literature, Mukden
Gate of Victory, Mukden
Chinese Soldiers
Russian “Army,” Krasnoye Celo
Korean Settler’s House
Korean Throne
Summer Pavilion, or “Hall of Congratulations”
Royal Library, Kyeng-Pok Palace
Korean Gentleman in Court Dress
Place of the Queen’s Cremation
Chil-Sung Mon, Seven Star Gate
Altar at Tomb of Kit-ze
Russian Settler’s House
Upper Tai-Döng
Russian Officers, Hun-Chun
South Gate
Seoul and Palace Enclosure
The King of Korea
Korean Cadet Corps and Russian Drill Instructors
A Street in Seoul
Korean Policemen, Old and New


Korea and her neighbors


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