A United States Midshipman in Japan

ページ名:A United States Midshipman in Japan

A United States Midshipman in Japan by Yates Stirling
I. The Man in the Next Compartment
II. In the Emperor’s Gardens
III. War Talk
IV. Stirring Up Trouble
V. Who Wrote the Letter?
VI. Bill Marley’s Fist
VII. The Secret Document
VIII. Misunderstanding
IX. More Discoveries
X. Captain Inaba
XI. Phil Confesses
XII. The Conspirators
XIII. The Quarrel
XIV. The Yacht “Sylvia”
XV. International Diplomacy
XVI. The Duel
XVII. Indecision
XVIII. A Bold Plan
XIX. On the High Seas
XX. The “Hatsuke”
XXI. The Japanese Fleet
XXII. Plot and Counterplot
XXIII. By Wireless


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