A United States Midshipman in China

ページ名:A United States Midshipman in China

A United States Midshipman in China by Yates Stirling
I. An Incident of the River
II. An Unpleasant Encounter
III. The Peril at the Mission Gate
IV. The Embassy to the Viceroy
V. The Viceroy’s Treachery
VI. Diplomacy Fails
VII. Dissensions
VIII. Ignacio Shows His Hand
IX. Held as Hostages
X. A Chinese Prison
XI. Friends in Need
XII. A Daring Plan
XIII. Hopes of Escape
XIV. The Escape
XV. An Enemy Silenced
XVI. Reënforcements
XVII. Aboard the “Phœnix”
XVIII. The Start for Ku-Ling
XIX. The Secret Channel
XX. Running the Batteries
XXI. To the Rescue of the Mission
XXII. The Last Charge
XXIII. The Forts Surrender
XXIV. Phil Explains


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