Worlds of IF 195205

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Jungle in the Sky by R. Martin
Jungle in the Sky by uncredited
It Takes a Thief by uncredited
The Beast by Nevile Blake
Infinity's Child by uncredited
Resurrection Seven by uncredited
Dreamer's World by uncredited

A Chat with the Editor ... (If, May 1952) by Paul W. Fairman
Personalities in Science Fiction: Raymond A. Palmer by Paul W. Fairman
Guest Editorial by James V. Taurasi
Science Briefs (If, May 1952) by Ezra Shaw
The Postman Cometh ... (If, May 1952) by uncredited

Infinity's Child by Charles V. De Vet

Jungle in the Sky by Milton Lesser

Short Stories:
Welcome, Martians! by Evan Hunter
It Takes a Thief by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
The Beast by John Jakes
Resurrection Seven by Milton Lesser
Dreamer's World by Bryce Walton
The Revealing Pattern by Alvin Heiner


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