Korean Fairy Tales

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Korean Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis
The Unmannerly Tiger 1
Tokgabi and His Pranks 6
East Light and the Bridge of Fishes 11
Prince Sandalwood, the Father of Korea 17
The Rabbit’s Eyes 24
Topknots and Crockery Hats 30
Fancha and the Magpie 38
The Sneezing Colossus 49
A Bridegroom for Miss Mole 53
Old White Whiskers and Mr. Bunny 59
The King of the Flowers 65
Tokgabi’s Menagerie 71
Cat-kin and the Queen Mother 78
The Magic Peach 89
The Great Stone Fire Eater 102
Pigling and Her Proud Sisters 110
The Mirror that Made Trouble 117
Old Timber Top 130
Sir One Long Body and Madame Thousand Feet 147
The Sky Bridge of Birds 155
Longka, the Dancing Girl 161
A Frog for a Husband 167
Shoes for Hats 179
The Voice of the Bell 187
The King of the Sparrows 195
The Woodman and the Mountain Fairies 204


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