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I Wu Ching Yu and Wu Li Chang 1
II At Rice 7
III The Marriage Journey 14
IV Wee Mrs. Wu 22
V Homing 27
VI Heart Ache 31
VII A Tortured Boyhood 36
VIII Some Balm 45
IX Wu Li Lu 52
X Nang Ping 58
XI In the Lotus Garden 62
XII O Curse of Asia! 77
XIII Mrs. Gregory 87
XIV Nang’s Vigil 93
XV The Meeting of the Mothers 98
XVI Grit 113
XVII The Signal of the Gong 124
XVIII At the Feet of Kwanyin Ko 128
XIX Preparation 132
XX What Wu did in Proof of Love 137
XXI A Conference 146
XXII Sing Kung Yah’s Flowers 156
XXIII Ah Wong 161
XXIV In the Clutch of the Tongs 170
XXV Worse and Worse 177
XXVI Suspense 182
XXVII The Beginning of the Duel 190
XXVIII Something to Go On 203
XXIX “Will You Visit Sing Kung Yah?” 207
XXX Smiling Welcome 220
XXXI Face to Face 228
XXXII “Cur!” 236
XXXIII A Chinese Teaching 241
XXXIV Alone in China 246
XXXV The Story of the Sword 256
XXXVI In the Pagoda and on the Bench 265
XXXVII The Fan 270
XXXVIII The Gong 276
XXXIX Afterwards 286
XL A Guest on High 292
XLI “Just with Us” 294
XLII The Dust of China from Their Feet 300
XLIII English Wedding Bells 307
XLIV The Sound of a Chinese Gong 312


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