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Japan in American Fiction

アメリカ小説に描かれた日本 第1期

Volume 1
Edward GREEY (1835-1888)
Young Americans in Japan
Boston, 1882, 385pp
Volume 2
A Muramasa Blade
Boston, 1887, 204pp
Edward Howard HOUSE (1836-1901)
Yone Santo
Chicago, c1888, 285pp
Volume 3
Arthur Collins MACLAY (1853-1930)
Mito Yashiki
New York, 1889, 462pp
Volume 4
William Elliott GRIFFIS (1843-1928)
Honda the Samurai
Boston, c1890, 390pp
Volume 5
William Elliott GRIFFIS (1843-1928)
In the Mikado's Service
Boston, 1901, 361pp
Volume 6
Mrs Eaton Winnifred BABCOCK (1879-1954) ("Onoto Watanna")
A Japanese Nightingale
New York, 1901, 225pp
Mrs Eaton Winnifred BABCOCK (1879-1954) ("Onoto Watanna")
New York, 1910, 243pp
Volume 7
John Luther LONG (1861-1927)
Madame Butterfly
New York, 1898, 239pp
Alice Mabel BACON (1858-1918)
In the Land of the Gods
Boston, 1905, 285pp

アメリカ小説に描かれた日本 第2期

Japan in American Fiction : 1906-1926
Volume 1: Mary McNeil FENOLLOSA: The Dragon Painter (1906)/ Fannie Caldwell MACAULAY : The Lady of the Decoration (1906)/ Volume 2: William ADAMS: Shibusawa; or, the Passing of Old Japan (1906)/ Ernest Hugh FITZPATRICK: The Coming Conflict of Nations; or, The Japanese-American War Springfield, Ill. (c1909)/ Volume 3: Irwin WALLACE: Letters of a Japanese Schoolboy (1909)/ Volume 4: Hallie Erminie RIVES: The Kingdom of Slender Swords (c1910)/ Volume 5: Robert Ames BENETT: The Shogun's Daughter (1910)/ Volume 6: George Turner MARSH & Ronald TEMPLE: The Lords of Dawn: A Novel (1916)/ Luellen Teters BUSSENIUS: The Honorable Miss Cherry Blossom: A Novel (1924)/ Volume 7: Henry Walsworth KINNEY: Broken Butterflies ( 1924)/ Dorothy G. WAYMAN: Powdered Ashes: A Story of Modern Japan (1926)

アメリカ小説に描かれた日本 第3期

Japan in American Fiction, Series 3: Works by Female Authors, Part 1: Mary Fenollosa & Frances Little
アメリカ女性作家の描いた日本 第1回:メアリー・フェノロサ&フランセス・リトル作品集 6タイトル・合本3巻
Vol. 1: Introduction by Miyako HADA / Fenollosa, Mary (McCall, Sidney), The Breath of the Gods,1905 / Fenollosa, Mary, Blossoms from a Japanese Garden, 1913// Vol. 2:Little, Frances, Little Sister Snow, 1909 / Little, Frances, The Lady and Sada San, 1912 // Vol. 3: Little, Frances, The House of The Misty Star, A Romance of Youth and Hope and Love in Old Japan, 1915, / Little, Frances, Jack and I in Lotus Land, 1922

アメリカ小説に描かれた日本 第4期

Japan in American Fiction, Series 4: Works by Female Authors, Part 2: Onoto Watanna
アメリカ女性作家の描いた日本 第2回:オノト・ワタンナ作品集 8タイトル・合本5巻
Volume 1: c. 500pp. :
Introduction by Miyako HADA
Mrs. Nume of Japan: a Japanese-American Romance
Chicago & New York: Rand, McNally, 1899, c.242pp. (plates in color 2, b/w 8)
The Heart of Hyacinth
New York: Harper & Bro., 1903, c.258pp. (plates in color 5)
Volume 2: c.641pp.
The Wooing of Wisteria
New York: Harper & Bro., 1902, c.395pp. (plates in color 2)
The Love of Azalea
New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1904, c.246pp. (plates in color 7)
Volume 3: c.400pp.
Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan
New York: Macmillan, 1904, c.398pp. (plates in color 9)
Volume 4: c.454pp.
A Japanese Blossom
New York: Harper & Bro., 1906, c.272pp. (plates in color 5)
The Honorable Miss Moonlight
New York: Harper & Bro., 1912, c.182pp. (plates in color 2)
Volume 5: c. 315pp.
New York : George H. Doran Company, 1922, c.315


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