On to Pekin Or Old Glory in China

ページ名:On to Pekin Or Old Glory in China

Title: On to Pekin
Subtitle: Or Old Glory in China
Author: Edward Stratemeyer
Illustrator: A. B. Shute
I. Introducing the Young Lieutenant
II. Close Quarters in the Jungle
III. Something about the People of China
IV. Captain Ponsberry has his Say
V. Gilbert meets Nuggy Polk
VI. Off for China
VII. What caused the War
VIII. A Discovery on Shipboard
IX. Gilbert reaches a Conclusion
X. About an Important Letter
XI. The Relief of Admiral Seymour’s Party
XII. A Storm and a Quarrel
XIII. The Landing at Tongku
XIV. A First Battle on Chinese Soil
XV. Fighting along the Pei-Ho
XVI. Entering Tien-Tsin under Difficulties
XVII. Gilbert meets Amos Bartlett
XVIII. The Spy in the River
XIX. Saving the Mission House
XX. The Bombardment of Tien-Tsin
XXI. Charging upon the Native Quarter
XXII. An Adventure in a Joss House
XXIII. Gilbert’s Narrow Escape
XXIV. Nuggy Polk’s Set-back
XXV. “On to Pekin!”
XXVI. The Battle of Peitsang
XXVII. A Rainy March to Tung-Chow
XXVIII. The Fight before Pekin
XXIX. How the Besieged were relieved
XXX. The Burning of the Prison
XXXI. Gilbert returns Good for Evil
XXXII. Back to Taku—Conclusion
“Then Colonel Liscum fell to rise no more”
“‘You’ll be all right if you’ll only stand up’”
“Nuggy Polk was making off down the dim passageway”
“The yellow man was on the point of blazing away at Gilbert’s ear”
“‘See anything unusual?’” he asked
“The Boxer kicked the prostrate officer in the side”
“It was now a hand-to-hand contest”
“‘I’ll save him anyway,’ he thought”


On to Pekin: Or Old Glory in China


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