ChildLife in Japan and Japanese Child Stories

ページ名:ChildLife in Japan and Japanese Child Stories

Title: Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories
Author: Matilda Chaplin Ayrton and William Elliot Griffis
Preface by William Elliot Griffis
Introduction by the Author
Seven Scenes of Child-Life in Japan
First Month
The Chrysanthemum Show
The Filial Girl
The Parsley Queen
The Two Daughters
Second Sight
The Games and Sports of Japanese Children,
by William Elliot Griffis
The Lion of Korea
A Ride on a Bamboo Rail
A Game of Snowball
Boys' Concert—Flute, Drum, and Song
Lion Play
Ironclad Top Game
Playing with Doggy
Heron-Legs, or Stilts
The Young Wrestlers
Playing with the Turtle
Presenting the Tide-Jewels to Hachiman
"Bronze fishes sitting on their throats"
The Treasure-Ship
Girls' Ball and Counting Game
Firemen's Gymnastics
Street Tumblers
Eating Stand for the Children
Fishsave riding the Dolphin
Bowing before her Mother's Mirror
Imitating the Procession
The Two White Birds
Eye-Hiding, or Blindman's Buff
Stilts and Clog-Throwing
Playing at Batter-Cakes
Hoisting the Rice-Beer Keg
Getting ready to raise the Big Humming Kite
Daruma, the Snow-Image


Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories


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