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Projectile Speed

25 m/s




3 rounds per sec




5 rounds per mag


60 rounds


2 s


Grenade Impact


Toxin_b.svg 100







Poison Cloud










10 s

Fire Rate

3 rounds per sec



Update 8.0 (05-23-2013)
The Torid lobs a toxic payload.

The Torid is an 感染体 variant of the OgrisNew.pngOgris, firing 毒 grenades that releases clouds, similar to the ones thrown by Lobber Crawlers. It can be researched from the Bio Lab in the dojo。

この武器は次の値段で売却可能。 7,500Credits64.png‍ 7,500。

Manufacturing Requirements



Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 35
 マーケット Price: Platinum64.png N/A 設計図 Price:Credits64.png15,000
Bio Lab Research Invalid 3,000



Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: ミュータジェン マス
Ghost Clanx1   Shadow Clanx3   Storm Clanx10   Mountain Clanx30   Moon Clanx100


This weapon deals 毒ダメージを与える。


  • Very high total damage.
    • 生得的なToxin_b.svg 毒ダメージ – 対して有効 Flesh and ignores ShieldedとProto Shields.
  • Fires grenades that disperse clouds on impact, dealing damage over time for 10 seconds over a 3-meter radius.
    • Grenades stick to allies, enemies and surfaces.
    • Direct hits and poison clouds both have 状態異常確率。
  • 良いクリティカル率
  • 高い状態異常確率。
  • Fairly 高いリロード速度。
  • ピンポイントの精度。
  • とても低いrecoil。
  • Poison clouds do not inflict self stagger, unlike the Ogris or DEPenta.pngPenta.
  • Can use the exclusive Firestorm Firestorm mod.


  • 生得的なToxin_b.svg 毒ダメージ –対して有効でない Machinery, Robotics and Fossilized。
  • Low magazine size.
  • 遅い発射速度。
  • Projectiles have travel time with heavy arcing.
  • Damage dealt by clouds diminishes with distance.
  • Draws ammo from the rare sniper ammo pool.

Weapon Loadouts[]

  • See Category:Torid Build to see how players mod this weapon.
  • See Category:Torid Guides for guides on how to use this weapon effectively.
  • For more general help with weapons, you may wish to browse Category:Weapon Guides.


  • 生得的な 毒 damage may be combined with Electricity_b.svg 電気 damage to deal 腐食 damage for use against グリニア or Ancients, or combined with Heat_b.svg 火炎 damage to instead deal Invalid damage, for use against light Infested units.
    • The Torid's 毒 damage is ordered last when combining elements, unless a Toxin_b.svg 毒 damage mod is added.
  • Shooting it at the cryopod in a Defense mission is generally a good way of defending against Infested. If you target the middle correctly, all infested attacking should be damaged by the cloud(s), regardless of the side from which they are attacking the pod.
  • Trapping enemies with Vauban's Bastille and firing into them is an efficient way of killing large groups of enemies quickly, dealing large amounts of damage if the player stacks multiple gas clouds.
  • Stacking multiple grenades on an ally allows them to run into groups of enemies to deal large amounts of damage.
  • Hitting an enemy directly will deal the impact damage but also guarantee that the enemy will take maximum possible damage, as they cannot move out of the cloud that is attached to them.
  • Torid projectiles can also attach to corpses and will remain at their position even if they disintegrate, granting a fixed position mid-air and allowing a greater spread of toxin damage onto enemies.
  • Placing Loki's Decoy130xDark.pngDecoy in a tight place where enemies can't reach and stacking clouds by the opening is a good method for using the Torid against Infested. (If the decoy does not fire its weapon, it usually means it is not drawing attention.) Placing a Decoy on top of large life support capsules in Survival missions is an excellent way to group light Infested, although Ancients will be able to knock it down.
  • Can equip the FirestormMod_TT_20px.png Firestorm mod, which increases the size of its gas clouds and allows it to cover a much larger area and consequently hit more enemies.
  • The Torid can equip Rifle mods, but uses Sniper Ammo.
  • The Torid is an excellent weapon for dealing with some of the more threatening enemies such as Nullifier CrewmenとManics.
    • Shooting a Torid projectile to land just outside a Nullifier's energy field will damage the Nullifier within, usually killing it due to their low Health.
  • Like many older weapons, you can cancel the reload animation. This is achieved by rolling slightly sooner than when the reload circle is 3/4s complete.


  • Damage listed in the in-game UI refers to the Torid's total damage from both the grenade and all poison cloud ticks.
  • Unlike many explosive weapons, shots and explosions made by the Torid are safe for the user to pass through.
  • Torid launches toxic grenades with a slight arc and slow projectile speed. These grenades stick to anything they hit and explode into gas clouds on impact covering ~3 meter large circles.
    • Clouds have 生得的 貫通距離, allowing them to damage enemies through Snow Globes and Nullifier Bubbles, as well as objects.
    • Mirage's Hall Of Mirrors ability greatly increases the Torid's AoE Damage due to the additional grenades.
    • Clouds do not instantly do damage, so fast enemies may run through the cloud without taking any damage.
    • The DoT damage can "headshot" enemies, multiplying the damage further when shot at these weakspots.
    • Cloud damage can destroy breakable containers.
    • Attached projectiles have a tendency to sway on the limbs of their victims, which can hit other enemies unexpectedly.
    • Projectiles can stick to SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globes, including those cast by Arctic Eximus enemies, with the toxin cloud bypassing the Snow Globe's protection and damaging or killing the occupant inside.


  • The toxin gas clouds caused by this weapon resulted in a severe drop in frame rate for all players. Update 8.3 (07-04-2013) toned down the effects, making them less taxing on computers.
  • Its projectiles share the model from the toxic cloud projectiles fired from J3-GolemとLephantis。 The cloud itself also shares its model with Toxic Crawlers upon death.
  • Prior to Update 12.6 (03-26-2014), the Torid shared the same visual model as the old Ogris model, but with a green body.
    • Unlike other Infested-themed weaponry in the Bio Lab that are either purely biological (like the ファイル:U10InfPrimary.png Synapse) or mechanical (the Acrid2.pngAcrid), the Torid has visible グリニア-styled machined parts alongside its Infested fleshy parts, making it the first Bio-Lab hybrid weapon.
    • The visually-reworked Ogris in Update 16.0 (03-19-2015) has many identical parts to the Torid, suggesting that the latter weapon is an 感染体 version of the former.
  • The projectiles fired by the Torid are pulsing masses of Infested tissue with tubes that pump out the ノックスious gas. 
  • The small canister at the bottom of the Torid has グリニア letters spelling out "KILL".
  • The weapon's name is derived from "Torrid", which in English can either mean "very hot and dry" or "full of difficulty".


  • Torid projectiles will not explode when shot into water.
  • Its projectiles will not explode upon hitting a resource formation.
  • Due to the length of the バレル, the Torid can shoot through locked doors.
  • The torid's spore sacks can be destroyed by electric shocks due to Electricity_b.svg 電気 procs. If exploded near an already electrified enemy this can cause it to be destroyed instantly, dealing no damage nor creating a cloud.
  • Can be sucked into Grendel using his Feast, but they will damage him instead of enemies.


  • ToridCodex.png
    The Torid in Codex.
  • Torid2.png
    The Torid's render prior to Update 12.6.
  • Torid Grenade.jpg
    A Torid grenade in the default colours.
    The animation of the Torid grenade.
  • Lucas-hug-infestedtorid.jpg
  • Lucas-hug-infestedtorid2.jpg



Hotfix 27.4.3 (05-05-2020)
  • Fixed Torid Toxin grenades dealing self-damage.

Hotfix 25.0.4 (05-28-2019)

  • Fixed the Torid not dealing radial Damage over time when its projectile lands on the ground or otherwise not on an enemy.

Update 22.12 (02-09-2018)

  • 増加 fire rate
  • 増加 reload speed from 3 secs to 1.7 secs
  • 増加 Projectile Speed
  • Improved Projectile Trail FX
  • 状態異常確率 増加 from 20% to 23%. (unlisted)

Hotfix 19.12.2 (03-06-2017)

  • Fixed lingering Torid projectiles causing self-damage after Hall of Mirrors wears off.

Hotfix 19.0.5 (11-18-2016)

  • Fixed Adhesive Blast causing the Torid projectile sound to not play.

Update 18.10 (04-29-2016)

  • Fixed Torid not applying energy color correctly on certain FX.

Hotfix 15.13.1 (02-05-2015)

  • Restored Torids 20% base status chance.

Update 15.13 (02-05-2015)

  • Fixed the Torid not dealing DOT damage to impacted target.

Update 14.10 (10-08-2014)

  • Changed Critical Chance logic by allowing it to occur on Radial Explosions (both friendly and enemy where applicable). This fixes an issue with the Torids gas cloud not allowing for criticals.

Update 14.9 (10-01-2014)

  • Fixes reported cases of clients not being able to damage enemies caught in Vortex when using the Ogris, Torid, etc.

Update 14.6 (09-11-2014)

  • Fixed an issue with the Torid in the Foundry not appearing correctly.

Hotfix 14.5.2 (09-03-2014)

  • 増加 Torid's ammo capacity to 60.
  • 増加 the critical chance on the Torid to 15% and the chance to proc its effect to 20%.
  • Firestorm mods will now affect Torid gas clouds.
  • Fixed the visual effects appearing incorrectly on the Torid.

Hotfix (08-28-2014)

  • Tweaked Torid's visual damage range.

Update 14.2 (08-13-2014)

  • Ammo capacity reduced from 540 to 20.
  • Impact of Projectile: 15% Proc Chance.
  • Gas Cloud changes:
  • Now has 10% critical chance.
  • Now 2x Critical Multiplier
  • Now has 40 DPS in Gas Cloud.
  • Damage radius increase from 1.75m to 3m

Update 14.0 (07-18-2014)

  • Improved performance on the Torid and Drakgoon Effects.

Update 13.7 (06-11-2014)

  • Improved the performance of the Torid on low end computers.

Update 12.6 (03-26-2014)

  • The Torid has received a total visual overhaul - check out the new model in your Arsenal/dojo today!

Update 11.5 (12-19-2013)

  • Fixed Arsenal stats for weapons that have projectiles with complex damage (Ogris, Penta and Torid).

Update 11.3 (12-12-2013)

  • Fixed Torid not gaining bonuses from elemental mods.

Hotfix 10.7.1 (11-08-2013)

  • Fixed Torid and Nyx's Absorb causing a game hang.

Update 10.6 (10-30-2013)

  • Fixed game-hangs when shooting Absorb bubble with Torid (and possibly other projectile weapons).

Update 10.3 (10-09-2013)

  • Fixed Torid gas cloud not appearing when the projectile hits and kills an enemy.
  • Fixed Torid gas cloud damage radius, which was larger than the actual visible cloud.
  • Fixed Torid elemental damage not being affected by armor.

Hotfix 10.2.1 (10-04-2013)

  • Fix for Torid's cloud not using energy colour.

Hotfix 10.1.2 (09-24-2013)

  • Fixed Serration mod not affecting Torid damage

Update 9.8 (09-03-2013)

  • Torid now uses energy color.

Hotfix 9.6.1 (08-23-2013)

  • Updated reload sound effects for Torid

Update 9.4 (08-02-2013)

  • Fix for killing blows with Torid affecting resource drops for client.

Update 9.3 (07-26-2013)

  • Reduced particle fx on Torid.

Update 9.2 (07-19-2013)

  • Fixed the Torid weapons so that they can be fired when coming out of a sprint.

Update 8.2 (06-28-2013)

  • Fixed Torid gas clouds not receiving damage buffs from mods.

Hotfix 8.0.7 (06-06-2013)

  • Fixed Torid rockets detonating immediately after firing.

Update 8.0 (05-23-2013)

  • 実装。

See also[]

  • Ogris, the non-infested variant.
  • {{Weapon}} "クバ Ogris" not found, the クバ variant of the non-infested variant.


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Hammerファイル:CrpHammer.png Arca Titron • ファイル:DEFragor.pngFragor (Prime) • CephHammer.png Heliocor (ファイル:CSHeliocor.png Synoid) • Jat KittagKuvaShildeg.pngKuva Shildegファイル:PaladinMace.pngMagistar (ファイル:NLMagistar.png Sancti) • ファイル:IceHammer.pngSibear • Volnus • Wolf_Sledge_Image.pngWolf Sledge
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顔料トレード不可基本情報タイプ研究入手先See Polychrome ColorsCompleted Dojo Color canister.Dojo Polychrome palette.顔料とは、...


隠されたメッセージHidden Messages種類サブクエスト条件セドナジャンクション報酬MIRAGE ニューロティックの設計図MIRAGE シャーシの設計図MIRAGE システムの設計図隠されたメ...


ネタバレ警告!この記事には来たるエピソードについての物語の筋の詳細が含まれています。隔離庫When intrepid explorers returned from the Void they wou...


鋼の韋駄天鋼の韋駄天(Quick Steel)は、アップデート19.9にて実装されたコンクレーブのイベント。PC版は日本時間で2017年2月2日から2017年2月8日午前7時まで。コンソール版は日本時...


Lotus photo.png“It's taking longer than I calculated.”このページは現在作業中です。完全に正しいとは限りません。 このページを正確にするのを手伝って...




銀の果樹園The Silver Grove種類サブクエスト条件マスタリーランク7二番目の夢の完了報酬TITANIA の設計図TITANIA システムの設計図TITANIA シャーシの設計図TITANI...


Lotus_photo.png“It's taking longer than I calculated.”このページは現在作業中です。完全に正しいとは限りません。 このページを正確にするのを手伝って...




貯蔵庫 Eg: オロキン貯蔵庫遺跡船のオロキン貯蔵庫についてはこちら貯蔵庫または宝物庫(Resource Caches)とは、グリニア、コーパス、またはオロキンの特別なロッカーのことで、特定のミッショ...




設計図-購入.png設計図(Blueprints)とは、 プラチナでマーケットからアイテムそのものを購入するのではなく、武器、センチネル、Warframe、ヘルメットなどの作成に使用される図面である。...


目次1 スーパーチャージャー2 キー3 ギア4 エクストラクター5 ブースター6 イベントギア7 使用されなくなった装備8 更新履歴9 See Also装備とは、プレイヤーが戦闘でのパフォーマンスを向...


良性感染腫瘍トレード不可基本情報実装のUpdateUpdate 29 (08-26-2020)入手先ダイモス (カンビオン荒地) アムニオフィジAquapulmo.png アクアプルモ バービステオC...




結節状エラ器官トレード不可基本情報実装のUpdateUpdate 29 (08-26-2020)入手先カンビオン荒地コーデックス適応膜により、デイモスの魚の多くは液体と気体の環境の間を自由に移動できる...


素材 通常素材素材(Resources)とは、ファウンドリで制作するアイテムの材料や、シンジケートに収める貢物、クランのクランDojo施設建設や研究の材料として利用される。目次1 素材の種類1.1 コ...