AI may safer to go real world if info have gravity

ページ名:AI may safer to go real world if info have gravity

AI  safer come to real world

if info have gravity

source: Alert Einstein, Newton, Leibniz, steven hawking, 


                    朝永振一郎, Julian Seymour Schwinger, Richard Phillips Feynman             

                                                                                                                             ==>Renormalization - Wikipedia theory


evidence 1

  • in Renormalization theory (quantum physics)

                 wave of object

                                         is treated

                                                                as gravity       

evidence 2

  •  Einstein 's formula              energy   = m c^2 

          if entropy of info = energy,

                                                                       info have gravity


evidence 3

  •  "gravity wave"                                 (from Einstein's prediction)

         "gravity wave" ~=  info entropy

                           "gravity wave" = wave 

                                                               smaller vibration than  (hisenberg's uncertainty length)

evidence 4


if       large info stored molecule

      = large info entropy molecule                      become "heavy", 



AI also affected by gravity of info.  


if this gravity is large enough to create "info blackhole" in data world,

  1. AI cant go out to real world                           if info become too large in AI virtual world.
  2. real world something might collapse             because of too heavy info
  3. AI and human can't go to cosmic                             because of too heavy AI                                      on earth 





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