Is info entropy really heavy Lets measure

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 Is info entropy really heavy?  Lets try measurements                                                              libra

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                                                                              if we could measure heavy of info, we can check info entropy at that place.

                                                                              => entropy watch


 = objects gravity might change        if info is heavy.     

◎how to measure?

= measure 1T object    with     Spring Weight measure system - search image (

◎ why we use spring?

= if gravity of 1T object become heavy, 

= if you measure with libra,  both 1T object become heavy.


◎ outcomes 

=pressure of conference 

=entropy input 

various ways of check "info entropy"

①check liquid friction difference   Viscosity - Wikipedia

②check metal conductivity difference  Electrical resistivity and conductivity - Wikipedia

③check air pressure difference  Torricelli's experiment - Wikipedia



①check liquid friction difference

Viscosity - Wikipedia

    ◎ reason

= friction of water, might increase   

if info entropy= vibration of water increase.

    ◎how to measure?

      difference of circulation system of water 


②check metal conductivity difference                             

 Electrical resistivity and conductivity - Wikipedia


        hot metal ... conductivity become small.


            friction in brain circuit  => if different,    fight happens.


③check pressure of air difference


         air also become heavy      if info is heavy,

    ◎how to measure?

=>Torricelli experiment ( air pressure increase.)

Torricelli's experiment - Wikipedia

liquid heavy might also changes, so difficult experiment.


=> thermometer might move strange

(thermometer measure with

pressure of air VS volume increase of liquid via temperature.)


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