登場作品:Hamlet icon.pngHamlet


"I also know the heartbreak of losing the ability to fly."

“Can you hear that? It's adventure calling.”


このページはプレイヤーがアイテムや物を調べた時(Altキーを押しながらクリック)にWheeler が発する言葉(Quotes)をまとめたものです。



Icon_Tools.png Tools[]

Base Game[]
  • Axe- "If a tree falls in the forest, it was probably from an axe."
  • Luxury_Axe.pngLuxury Axe- "Swell. Because I can't think of anything better to do with gold."
  • Shovel- "Good for digging things. And whacking things."
  • Regal_Shovel.pngRegal Shovel- "A little gaudy for my taste."
  • Pickaxe- "Swell. Now I have no excuse not to do back-breaking mining work."
  • Opulent_Pickaxe.pngOpulent Pickaxe- "I used a precious metal to make a rock smasher!"
  • Razor- "I've never seen a serrated razor before."
  • Hammer.pngHammer- "Everyone needs a tool to smash things with."
  • Pitchfork- "For eating big meals."
  • Feather_Pencil.pngFeather Pencil- "So good it even makes my handwriting legible!"
  • Brush- "Not my idea of a good hair brush but those beefalo seem to like it."
  • Saddle.pngSaddle- "I like it. But I'm not the one who has to wear it."
  • War Saddle- "Extra durable for the extra adventurous."
  • Glossamer_Saddle.pngGlossamer Saddle- "Woowee! You can really get some speed on this!"
  • Saddlehorn- "A shoehorn for a saddle."
  • Salt_Lick.pngSalt Lick- "Swell. It's a big lump of salt."
  • Machete- "Machete. Designed for adventure."
  • Luxury_Machete.pngLuxury Machete- "For the sophisticated adventurer."
  • Shears- "Time to do some yard work."

Icon_Light.png Lights[]

Base Game[]
  • Fire_Pit.pngCampfire and Fire Pit (upon being built)- "I know a thing or two about hot air."
  • Fire_Pit.pngCampfire and Fire Pit (high)- "That's a lot of hot air!"
  • Fire_Pit.pngCampfire and Fire Pit (normal)- "Put a balloon over that and I'm airborne again!"
  • Fire_Pit.pngCampfire and Fire Pit (low)- "Needs something... It needs to not go out!"
  • Fire_Pit.pngCampfire and Fire Pit (embers)- "It has a glow about it."
  • Campfire (out)- "Swell. At least I got some ash out of the whole thing."
  • Fire_Pit.pngFire Pit (out)- "Throw some fuel in there and it's start right up again."
  • Torch- "Nothing more useful than a stick on fire."
  • Miner_Hat.pngMiner Hat- "Does it glow brighter if I think harder?"
  • Pumpkin Lantern- "Who knew bugs and a rotting vegetable could be so comforting."
  • Lantern.pngLantern- "Portable light for when you're tired of lighting things on fire."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (upon being built)- "A cold fire! I wonder if it still makes balloons rise."
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (high)- "Woohoo! I'm getting cold under the collar!"
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (normal)- "Much better than the summer campfires I had when I was a kid."
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (low)- "Better add some fuel before it warms up."
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (embers)- "Quick, add fuel before it gets warm!"
  • Endothermic Fire (out)- "Well, it was interesting while it lasted."
  • Endothermic_Fire_Pit.pngEndothermic Fire Pit(out)- "Throw some fuel in there and it'll start right up again."
  • Moggles- "Ready for a little nighttime exploring?"
  • Chiminea.pngChiminea (all stages)- "A nice cozy place for a nice cozy fire."
  • Bottle Lantern- "I'm sure they love it in there."
  • Boat_Torch.pngBoat Torch- "Open fire on a wooden boat. The most adventurous thing I've ever done."
  • Boat Lantern- "I could've used one of these for my balloon.
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit and Buoyant Chiminea (upon being built)- "I know a thing or two about hot air."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (high)- "That's a lot of hot air."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit (normal)- "Put a balloon over that and I'm airborne again."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (low)- "Needs something..."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit (embers)- "It has a glow about it."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (out)- "Throw some logs in there and it'll start right up again."
  • Tar Lamp- "Impromptu light source."
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (high)- "That's a lot of hot air!"
  • Buoyant Chiminea (normal)- "Put a balloon over that and I'm airborne again!"
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (low)- "Needs something... probably something to burn."
  • Buoyant Chiminea (embers)- "Still glowing, but nearing its demise."
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (out)- "Swell. It's gone out."
  • Cork Candle Hat- "Swell. I feel completely safe with an open flame on my head."
  • Cowl.pngCowl- "Aw... It doesn't even let me fly."


Base Game[]
  • Backpack.pngBackpack- "Finally! My pockets were getting full."
  • Piggyback- "Storage space! Just what I always wanted!"
  • Bird_Trap.pngBird Trap- "It keeps the little birdies grounded."
  • Bug Net- "I'll teach those bugs to flaunt their flying around me."
  • Fishing_Rod.pngFishing Rod- "Amazing what you can make with a stick and some spider webs."
  • Straw Roll- "I'm thinking its good for one, maybe two, dreams."
  • Fur_Roll.pngFur Roll- "I bet I'll dream of bunnies."
  • Tent- "Nothing more therapeutic than sleeping in some spiderwebs."
  • Trap.pngTrap- "I need to trap something good. Preferably a sandwich."
  • Honey Poultice- "Looks like it will... work?"
  • Healing_Salve.pngHealing Salve- "Take some ashes. Add some rocks. Throw in some spider guts... and voila!"
  • Umbrella- "Because you never know when it's going to rain. Unless you check the weather reports."
  • Compass.pngCompass-
    • N- "North."
    • S- "South."
    • E- "East."
    • W- "West."
    • NE- "Northeast."
    • SE- "Southeast."
    • NW- "Northwest."
    • SW- "Southwest."
  • Compass (generic)- "Mine's better."
  • Compass.pngCompass (broken)- "They just don't make compasses like they used to."
  • Bundling Wrap- "Wrapped up extra tight so it'll fit in my pocket."
  • Bundled_Supplies_1_Slot.pngBundled_Supplies_4_Slot.pngBundled Supplies- "Extra storage space!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Insulated Pack- "A nice little picnic basket."
  • Luxury_Fan.pngLuxury Fan- "Hey, whatever works."
  • Siesta Lean-to- "For little day trips to dreamland."
  • Siesta_Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (can't sleep)- "I can't nap at night. I sleep too long."
  • Siesta Lean-to (monsters)- "No time for naps, I'm in jeopardy!"
  • Siesta_Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (hungry)- "Last time I slept on an empty stomach I ate my pillow."
  • Siesta Lean-to (in cave)- "Caves are for spelunking, not sleeping."
  • Tent.pngTent (overheating)- "I'm not that eager for adventure!"
  • Tent (burnt)- "Glad I wasn't in it at the time."
  • Siesta_Lean-to_Burnt.pngSiesta Lean-to (burnt)- "It looks burnt out."
  • Thermal Stone- "It's a rock. An interesting rock. But a rock."
  • Thermal_Stone_Stage_1.pngThermal Stone (frozen)- "So cold my fingers will stick to it if I'm not careful."
  • Thermal Stone (cold)- "Pfft. I could barely get frost bite from it now."
  • Thermal_Stone_Stage_4.pngThermal Stone (warm)- "Somewhere in between warm milk and excruciating heat."
  • Thermal Stone (hot)- "A big hot rock. What more could a gal ask for?"
  • Pretty_Parasol.pngPretty Parasol- "It's pretty. Pretty useful."
  • Thatch Pack- "You can never have enough storage space."
  • Booty_Bag.pngBooty Bag- "Storage space that pays for itself!"
  • Sea Sack- "Refrigerated pocket space!"
  • Tropical_Fan.pngTropical Fan- "If I had enough of these, you think I could fly away?"
  • Silly Monkey Ball- "I'm pretty proud of the sewing job on this."
  • Tropical_Parasol.pngTropical Parasol- "A portable tree to stand under."
  • Anti Venom- "A cure for too much adventure."
  • Palm_Leaf_Hut.pngPalm Leaf Hut (normal, burning, and burnt)- "Seems... safe?"
  • Bug_B%27Gone.pngBug B'Gone- "This'll keep those tiny flyers grounded."
  • Bird Whistle- "Maybe this bird whistle will convince a bird to fly me out of here."


Base Game[]
  • Crock Pot (empty)- "Meals are typically better if they contain food."
  • Crock_Pot.pngCrock Pot (cooking, long time left)- "Hope I don't die of hunger while I wait."
  • Crock Pot (cooking, short time left)- "It'll be done in short order."
  • Crock_Pot.pngCrock Pot (finished)- "Through the teeth, past the gums..."
  • Bee Box- "A box of honey just waiting to happen."
  • Bee_Box_Level_0.pngBee Box (no honey)- "Come on, bees. You can do it!"
  • Bee Box (some honey)- "Just a touch of honey in there."
  • Bee_Box_Level_3.pngBee Box (full of honey)- "Oh, honey!"
  • Improved_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm- "Normally I don't stick around long enough to grow a garden."
  • Improved_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm (growing)- "Not quite ripe."
  • Improved_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm (finished)- "Harvest time!"
  • Improved_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm (needs fertilizer)- "I'll have to throw some more manure on it."
  • Ice Box- "As long as I don't have to lug it around with me."
  • Drying_Rack_Build.pngDrying Rack- "Dried food is all I ever eat on long balloon trips."
  • Drying Rack (drying)- "It's like watching food dry."
  • Drying_Rack.pngDrying Rack (finished)- "Dry, chewy and ready for adventure."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Crock Pot (burnt)- "No one ever accused me of being a good cook."
  • Bee_Box_Burnt.pngBee Box (burnt)- "Smells like honey roasted wood."
  • Basic and Improved Farm (burnt)- "Swell. Time to find another hobby."
  • Drying_Rack.pngDrying Rack (drying in rain)- "This rain's not helping things."
  • Drying Rack (burnt)- "A little too dry."
  • Bucket-o-poop.pngBucket-o-poop- "Swell. A bucket of poop."
  • Mussel Stick- "Huh. I don't know what those sea creatures see in this stick."
  • Mussel_Bed.pngMussel Bed- "Not much use out of the water."
  • Fish Farm (empty)- "Swell. A fish farm without any fish."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (growing)- "Nothing more exciting than waiting for fish to hatch."
  • Fish Farm (one fish)- "Could use some more swimming things. Preferably fish."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (two fish)- "There's something swimming around in there. Let's hope it's fish."
  • Fish Farm (three fish)- "Populating nicely."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (four fish)- "Fish dinners for days."
  • Sprinkler- "I'll be honest, I'm probably going to run through it."


Base Game[]
  • Science Machine- "Time to make some discoveries of the scientific variety!"
  • Alchemy_Engine.png Alchemy Engine- "Alright machine, tell me something I don't know."
  • Thermal Measurer- "Every aeronaut needs one in her possession."
  • Rainometer.pngRainometer- "A good aeronaut always has a barometer handy."
  • Lightning Rod- "Does disguising itself like lightning help it do its job?"
  • Lightning_Rod.pngLightning Rod (charged)- "Keeps the darkness and the lightning away. My new favorite thing."
  • Gunpowder- "Makes things go kabloo-ey."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Science_Machine_Burnt.pngScience Machine (burnt)- "I'm guessing it's time to rebuild."
  • Alchemy Engine (burnt)- "Swell. It's useless now."
  • Thermal_Measurer_Burnt.pngThermal Measurer (burnt)- "Wonder what the temperature of that fire was."
  • Rainometer (burnt)- "Guess it can't predict fire as well as it predicts rain."
  • Ice_Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (off)- "Well, it's not going to work when it's off."
  • Ice Flingomatic (on)- "Nothing keeps fire away like chucking pieces of ice at it."
  • Ice_Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (low fuel)- "I need to refuel."
  • Electrical Doodad- "One of these is nice. Two is better."
  • Sea_Lab.pngSea Lab- "Am I sure that bamboo will keep it out of the water?"
  • Ice Maker 3000 (empty and medium)- "I'm used to making ice the old fashioned way. By freezing water."
  • Ice_Maker_3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (high)- "There'll be little pellets of ice as far as the eye can see!"
  • Ice Maker 3000 (low)- "Needs more fuel to make more frozen."
  • Ice_Maker_3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (very low)- "It's desperate for something to burn into ice."
  • Ice Maker 3000 (out)- "Drat. I let the fuel get too low."
  • Quacken_Drill.pngQuacken Drill- "Too bad tar tycoons aren't as rich as oil tycoons."
  • Smelter- "It takes the heavy metal and makes it heavier."
  • Oscillating_Fan.pngOscillating Fan- "A plane propeller would be better."
Exclusive to PS4[]
  • Accomploshrine- "Why would I do this? Because it's there."


Base Game[]
  • Spear- "Looks sharp. Sharp could come in handy around here."
  • Ham_Bat.pngHam Bat- "Oh good. I was looking for a way to work on my swing."
  • Boomerang- "If you love something set it free. If it comes back it's probably a boomerang."
  • Boomerang.pngBoomerang (hit self)- "Ouch! That came back to haunt me."
  • Blow Dart- "You mean I have to blow into it myself?"
  • Sleep_Dart.pngSleep Dart- "This one's so boring it puts things to sleep."
  • Fire Dart- "Oh! A rival projectile launcher."
  • Football_Helmet.pngFootball Helmet- "Perfect for ramming things with my head."
  • Grass Suit- "Because everyone knows grass is nigh on impenetrable."
  • Log_Suit.pngLog Suit- "I think it brings out the color in my eyes."
  • Marble Suit- "It's like wearing a tank. Like driving a tank too."
  • Bee_Mine.pngBee Mine- "If those bees were nicer to me, I might feel sorry for them."
  • Tooth Trap- "Ambush from below."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Scalemail.pngScalemail- "Some kind of fancy flight suit."
  • Morning Star- "Speak softly and carry a bright stick."
  • Weather_Pain.pngWeather Pain- "I think I'll see which way the wind blows before I use this."
  • Poison Spear- "Who needs quick deaths when they can be slow and painful?"
  • Poison_Dart.pngPoison Dart- "I prefer to use my horn. On the other hand, who can say no to poison."
  • Coconade- "Bad news: It doesn't fit the Pew-matic. Good news: It doesn't have to."
  • Coconade.pngCoconade (lit)- "Now is not the time for a closer examination."
  • Spear_Gun_Spear.pngSpear Gun (empty) and Spear Gun- "I prefer it when firing projectiles is accompanied by a honking noise."
  • Poison Spear Gun- "Takes the fun out of hand-to-hand combat. I'm okay with that."
  • ファイル:Obsidian Gun Poison.pngObsidian Spear Gun- "A flaming projectile. One thing the Pew-matic doesn't have."
  • Cutlass_Supreme.pngCutlass Supreme- "I'm off to swashbuckle."
  • Horned Helmet- "All the rage with the 'not dying' crowd."
  • Seashell_Suit.pngSeashell Suit- "She wears seashells by the seashore."
  • Limestone Suit- "It's heavier than the sandbags on my balloon."
  • Cactus_Armor.pngCactus Armor- "All the rage with the dangerous vegetation crowd."
  • Halberd- "The must-have multi-tool for adventurers."
  • Cork_Bat.pngCork Bat- "Time for all that stick ball playing to come in handy."
  • Weevole Mantle- "If only it had those bug wings."
  • Mant_Mask.pngMant Mask- "Swell. Now I know what it smells like to be an insect."
  • Mant Suit- "All dressed up and ready to cr'kit."
  • Fancy_Helmet.pngFancy Helmet- "Saves me head pain but gives me neck pain."
  • Tin Suit- "Oof. It's heavier than ballast."
  • Blunderbuss.pngBlunderbuss- "I still like my Pew-matic more."


Base Game[]
  • Birdcage_Build.pngBirdcage- "I know how it feels to be grounded."
  • Birdcage (occupied)- "I'll let you out if you fly me away from here."
  • Birdcage.pngBirdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "Sleep well and dream of clouds."
  • Pig House- "Should I knock and ask to borrow some bacon grease?"
  • Pig_House_Light_On.pngPig House (occupied, lights on)- "Looks like a party going on. And I'm not invited."
  • Pig House (occupied, lights off)- "They need all the beauty sleep they can get."
  • Rabbit_Hutch_Build.pngRabbit Hutch- "Both room and board. Clever."
  • Hay Wall (held)- "Swell. Nothing more durable than a wall of grass."
  • Hay_Wall_Build.pngHay Wall- "I'm sure this will keep the monsters at bay."
  • Wood Wall (held)- "A fence should be in the ground. That's 'Fence Building 101'."
  • Wood_Wall_Build.pngWood Wall- "At least I don't have to paint it."
  • Stone Wall (held)- "You know this would be a lot more useful on the ground."
  • Stone_Wall_Build.pngStone Wall- "I'm going to miss it when a monster tears it down."
  • Chest- "More pockets!"
  • Sign.pngSign- "It's a sign. Literally and figuratively."
  • Potted Fern- "Aww... A house warming gift. How nice!"
  • Mini_Sign.pngMini Sign (held)- "I should put this somewhere, I'm getting tired of lugging it around."
  • Mini Sign (empty)- "Swell. A sign announcing nothing."
  • Mini_Sign.pngMini Sign (drawn on)- "A sign. Always useful for organizing."
  • Wood Fence (held)- "I bet there's a better place for this."
  • Wood_Fence_Build.pngWood Fence- "Don't fence me in."
  • Wood Gate (held)- "I'd rather not carry this around any more than I have to."
  • Wood_Gate_Build.pngWood Gate- "Creaky."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Pig House (burnt)- "Guess there's no fire department around here."
  • Rabbit_Hutch_Burnt.pngRabbit Hutch (burnt)- "Looks a little burnt."
  • Hay Wall (burnt)- "Can't say I didn't see that coming."
  • Wood_Wall_Build.pngWood Wall (burnt)- "What did I think would happen?"
  • Chest (burnt)- "Guess I shouldn't have made it out of wood."
  • Scaled_Chest.pngScaled Chest- "Who doesn't need a fireproof chest?"
  • Sign (burnt)- "Still functions as a landmark."
  • Sand_Castle.pngSand Castle (normal and sand)- "Why have real adventures when I can play adventures in the sand?"
  • Wildbore_House_Build.pngWildbore House (normal, burning, and burnt)- "I'd rather live on my balloon."
  • Prime_Ape_Hut_Build.pngPrime Ape Hut (normal, burning, and burnt)- "Where'd they take all my things?!"
  • Limestone Wall (held)- "As much as I love carrying this around, I think it would be better on the ground."
  • LimestoneWallStructure.pngLimestone Wall- "Those coral better do a good job or they're going right back into the sea."
  • Dragoon Den- "Obviously the home of an athletic dynamo."
  • Sand_Bag.pngSandbag (held)- "Even small sandbags are heavy to carry around all the time."
  • Sandbag- "I used to use them as ballast."
  • Seaworthy.pngSeaworthy- "Off to another adventure!"
  • Buoy- "Tiny little floating lighthouses."
  • Sea_Chest.pngSea Chest- "Waterborne storage."
  • Ballphin Palace- "Did they build that with their fins?"
  • Sea_Wall.pngSea Wall (held)- "I'm no architect, but I know this works better on the ground."
  • Sea Wall- "Keep the bad guys out, but don't fence me in."
  • Cork_Barrel.pngCork Barrel- "Pretty small but I'm desperate for storage space."


Base Game[]
  • Rope.pngRope- "I feel really confident about the strength of this braided grass."
  • Boards- "I'd be board too, if I just lay around all day."
  • Cut_Stone.pngCut Stone- "Amazing what happens when you mash a few stones together."
  • Papyrus- "Dear Diary, today I made paper."
  • Purple_Gem.pngPurple Gem- "Shiny. Purple. Ready for evil."
  • Nightmare Fuel- "A perfectly normal fuel source made of dark souls."
  • Beeswax.pngBeeswax- "Aww... Those bees made it just for me."
  • Wax Paper- "If only it kept me as dry and warm as my things."
  • Cloth.pngCloth- "The same stuff my balloon is made out of."
  • Limestone- "I sacrificed color in favor of usefulness."
  • Empty_Bottle.pngEmpty Bottle- "Swell. An empty bottle. Just what I was looking for."
  • Coral Nubbin- "Look small enough to fire out a Pew-matic."


Base Game[]
  • Meat_Effigy.pngMeat Effigy- "Adventuring insurance."
  • Prestihatitator- "Well la di da! Aren't you fancy."
  • Shadow_Manipulator.pngShadow Manipulator- "Oooh. Dark and mysterious. I like it."
  • Pan Flute- "Pan flute music: so boring everyone falls instantly asleep."
  • Night_Light.pngNight Light- "It's like a garden light fueled by evil."
  • Night Armor- "Looks... safe?"
  • Dark_Sword.pngDark Sword- "Well if this doesn't say adventure, I don't know what does."
  • One-man Band- "I wonder if I can play "Twinkle Twinkle" on this."
  • Bat_Bat.pngBat Bat- "Aw. I was hoping it would let me fly."
  • Belt of Hunger- "It'll be all the rage in Paris."
  • Chilled_Amulet.pngChilled Amulet- "Keeps me cold-hearted."
  • Nightmare Amulet- "The kind of thing that'll give you nightmares."
  • Life_Giving_Amulet.pngLife Giving Amulet- "Now I can have two lifetimes of adventure."
  • Fire Staff- "All right, I'll play with fire."
  • Ice_Staff.pngIce Staff- "An icicle waiting to happen."
  • Telelocator Staff- "I like the teleporting. Could do without being struck by lightning, though."
  • Telebase.pngTelelocator Focus (full)- "Always good to stay focused."
  • Telelocator Focus (missing gem)- "I think it likes gems. Can't say I blame it."
  • Telelocator_Focus.pngTelolocator Socket (full)- "Helps with keeping focus."
  • Telelocator Socket (missing gem)- "Looking for gems. Aren't we all."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Meat_Effigy_Burnt.pngMeat Effigy (burnt)- "Not so great at resurrecting itself."
  • Prestihatitator (burnt)- "Couldn't pull a fire extinguisher out of that top hat?"
  • Shadow_Manipulator_Burnt.pngShadow Manipulator (burnt)- "A sure sign it wasn't fireproofed."
  • Old Bell- "I could ring it. That'd be fun."
  • Piratihatitator.pngPiratihatitator- "It pillages the magical knowledge."
  • Piratihatitator (burnt)- "It probably deserved it."
  • Dripple_Pipes.pngDripple Pipes- "If I play it out the other end does it make it not rain?"
  • Hogus Porkusator- "It's just teasing me with those wings."
  • Pugalisk_Wand.pngPugalisk Wand- "Look into its eye..."
  • Skyworthy (non-Hamlet world)- "I've my doubts it'll actually fly, but I'm desperate."
  • Skyworthy.pngSkyworthy (Hamlet world)- "Does it actually fly?!"
  • Living Artifact- "An invitation to adventure."
  • Root_Trunk.pngRoot Trunk- "All my storage problems, solved!"
  • Vortex Cloak- "A deep dark hole full of storage space."


Base Game[]
  • Sewing Kit- "Is it too much to ask to have a personal tailor sew everything for me?
  • Rabbit_Earmuffs.pngRabbit Earmuffs- "The rabbits whisper their secrets to me."
  • Straw Hat- "I like it. It says, "I'm desperate for headwear.""
  • Beefalo_Hat.pngBeefalo Hat- "It's all the rage with my beefalo friends."
  • Beekeeper Hat- "I'm wearing this the next time I go out on the town."
  • Feather_Hat.pngFeather Hat- "All these feathers and no wings."
  • Winter Hat- "I'll wear it and think of summer."
  • Top_Hat.pngTop Hat- "Those spiders sure do make fancy hat material."
  • Dapper Vest- "All dressed up and ready for adventure."
  • Breezy_Vest.pngBreezy Vest- "Now I'm only slightly freezing cold."
  • Puffy Vest- "I bet it'd be even warmer if there were sleeves."
  • Bush_Hat.pngBush Hat- "Good thing this is a great disguise, because I don't want to be seen wearing it."
  • Garland- "A proper hat for adventuring in peaceful meadows."
  • Walking_Cane.pngWalking Cane- "An efficient way to adventure."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Cat Cap- "It's like walking around with a cat on my head."
  • Fashion_Melon.pngFashion Melon- "Admit it. I look good in this."
  • Ice Cube- "Quite frankly, I don't care who sees me like this."
  • Rain_Coat.pngRain Coat- "Alright rain, hit me with your best shot!"
  • Rain Hat- "Keeps my noggin nice and dry."
  • Summer_Frest.pngSummer Frest- "My sneaking around skills will finally get noticed."
  • Floral Shirt- "Still smells like flowers."
  • Eyebrella.pngEyebrella- "Guess it likes to look at the sky."
  • Hibearnation Vest- "I'll call it my "Wintertime Adventure Vest"."
  • Brain_of_Thought.pngBrain of Thought- "If it really made me smarter, I could figure out how it worked."
  • Snakeskin Hat- "A good hat if you don't like being struck by lightning."
  • Snakeskin_Jacket.pngSnakeskin Jacket- "I'll leave this one for a rainy day."
  • Blubber Suit- "Every adventure has a low point. This may be it."
  • Windbreaker.pngWindbreaker- "I'll never get blown off course with this jacket."
  • Tar Suit- "I like it. It says I'm willing to wear anything."
  • Particulate_Purifier.pngParticulate Purifier- "Ah... a refinery and a fashion statement all in one."
  • Sleek Hat- "I wonder if this would work on my balloon too."
  • Shark_Tooth_Crown.pngShark Tooth Crown- "The gold tooth is a nice touch."
  • Dumbrella- "I'll be twice as sure to forget it at home now."
  • Gas_Mask.pngGas Mask- "Stylish. I'd wear this even if it didn't save my life."
  • Pith Hat- "A proper adventuring hat."
  • Thunderhat.pngThunderhat- "Won't ground me in a storm."


Base Game[]
  • Thulecite.pngThulecite- "Just the kind of weird thing I was looking for."
  • Thulecite Wall (held)- "Better not drop this on my toe."
  • Thulecite_Wall_Build.pngThulecite Wall- "No better use for a precious rock than building a wall."
  • Thulecite Medallion (min)- "A little too calm around here for my taste."
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (rising low)- "Something's happening. I don't know what, but definitely something."
  • Thulecite Medallion (rising high)- "Things are getting... interesting."
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (max)- "I wanted an adventure. This is definitely an adventure."
  • Thulecite Medallion (receding high)- "Things are getting back to normal. Whatever "normal" is."
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (receding low)- "Well, that was fun."
  • Thulecite Medallion (outside ruins)- "Nothing going on here."
  • The_Lazy_Forager.pngThe Lazy Forager- "It must sense my magnetic personality."
  • Magiluminescence- "Puts a light on my chest and a spring in my step."
  • Construction_Amulet.pngConstruction Amulet- "Fabrication just got easier."
  • The Lazy Explorer- "Not as good as flying, but it'll have to do."
  • Star_Caller%27s_Staff.pngStar Caller's Staff- "Always wanted to get closer to the stars."
  • Deconstruction Staff- "A stick with a stone in it. Oh, and it has magic powers."
  • PickSlashAxe.pngPick/Axe- "Frees up some pocket space."
  • Thulecite Crown- "A crown you can wear anywhere. Even fighting monsters."
  • Thulecite_Suit.pngThulecite Suit- "Ready for whatever adventures come my way."
  • Thulecite Club- "All those years playing stick ball will finally come in handy."
  • Houndius_Shootius.pngHoundius Shootius (held)- "What are you looking at?"
  • Houndius Shootius- "Just what I always wanted, my own personal shooting eye!"

Icon_Nautical.png Nautical[]

  • Log Raft- "About as stable as a wooden balloon."
  • Raft.pngRaft- "Would probably work just as well as an aeroplane."
  • Row Boat- "If only I had oars for my balloon."
  • Cargo_Boat.pngCargo Boat- "Now all my things can go adventuring with me."
  • Armored Boat- "Nothing will get past these strategically placed seashells!"
  • Encrusted_Boat.pngEncrusted Boat- "Strong enough to take on an adventure."
  • The 'Sea Legs'- "But can it fly?"
  • Boat_Repair_Kit.pngBoat Repair Kit- "Swell. Because cork is known for its durability."
  • Thatch Sail- "Leaves. What can't they do?"
  • Cloth_Sail.pngCloth Sail- "Nice cloth. It makes good material for a hot air balloon too."
  • Snakeskin Sail- "Too heavy for balloon material. Just right for a sail."
  • Feather_Lite_Sail.pngFeather Lite Sail- "I can pretend I'm flying through the water."
  • Iron Wind- "I wish it worked on planes."
  • Boat_Cannon.pngBoat Cannon- "A Pew-matic for my boat."
  • Quackering Ram- "When in doubt, ram 'em."
  • Sea_Trap.pngSea Trap- "It looks that way so the crustaceans won't recognize that I'm desperate."
  • Sea Yard (off)- "The repairer has become the repairee."
  • Sea_Yard.pngSea Yard (on)- "If I had this for my balloon, I wouldn't be stranded here."
  • Sea Yard (out of fuel)- "Needs tar. Lots of tar."
  • Tar_Extractor.pngTar Extractor (off)- "Not working. Is there a switch or something?"
  • Tar Extractor (on)- "At least I don't have to do it by hand."
  • Tar_Extractor.pngTar Extractor (out of fuel)- "I need fuel to get the other fuel."
  • Trawl Net- "A lot drier than diving for treasure."
  • Trawl_Net_Detached.pngTrawl Net (detached)- "The sea version of digging for treasure."
  • Trawl Net (sinking)- "
  • Trawl_Net_Sinking.pngTrawl Net (sinking soon)- "Any minute now..."
  • Spyglass- "I could see farther that this if I was up in my balloon." [sic]
  • Super_Spyglass.pngSuper Spyglass- "I can almost see all the danger from here."
  • Captain Hat- "Now I'm almost as good a sea captain as I am an aeronaut."
  • Pirate_Hat.pngPirate Hat- "This adventure just got pirated."
  • Lucky Hat- "Does it make me look piratical?"
  • Life_Jacket.pngLife Jacket- "It's like a parachute for a boat."
  • Cork Bowl Canoe- "About as stable as a cork balloon."


  • Obsidian Machete- "It's a machete and a hand warmer."
  • Obsidian_Axe.pngObsidian Axe- "Well, that's certainly enlightening."
  • Obsidian Spear- "For all my night spearing needs."
  • Obsidian_Armor.pngObsidian Armor- "I feel like I'm wearing a volcano."
  • Obsidian Coconade- "I bet it goes kabloo-ey."
  • Howling_Conch.pngHowling Conch- "I could've used this on my balloon."
  • Sail Stick- "Why couldn't I have found this when I had my balloon?!"
  • Volcano_Staff.pngVolcano Staff- "This has adventure written all over it."

​Treasure Hunting[]

  • Disarming_Tools.pngDisarming Tools- "Adventuring kit."
  • Ball Pein Hammer- "So cute and convenient."
  • Gold_Pan.pngGold Pan- "Swell. A pan with holes in it."
  • Magnifying Glass- "For finding the tiny hidden treasures. And burning stuff."

Icon_City_Planning.png​City Planning[]

  • Lamp Post (off)- "Not much to look at now, but wait'll nighttime."
  • Lamp_Post.pngLamp Post (on)- "A free light source. I'll take it."
  • Town House- "As pig houses go, it's decent enough."
  • Town_House.pngTown House (burning)- "Someone's having a bad day."
  • The Sterling Trough Deli- "Is there a dress code for this fine eating establishment?"
  • The_Sterling_Trough_Deli_Build.pngThe Sterling Trough Deli (burning)- "Now where am I going to eat?"
  • Pigg and Pigglet's General Store- "What kind of a general store doesn't sell hot air balloons?"
  • Pigg_and_Pigglet%27s_General_Store_Build.pngPigg and Pigglet's General Store (burning)- "Maybe they'll have a fire sale."
  • Curly Tails Mud Spa- "Sells incidental things like life-saving medicines."
  • Curly_Tails_Mud_Spa_Build.pngCurly Tails Mud Spa (burning)- "Swell. I hope they have insurance."
  • Swinesbury Fine Grocer's- "Food!"
  • Swinesbury_Fine_Grocer%27s_Build.pngSwinesbury Fine Grocer's (burning)- "Normally cook-outs are thrown outside buildings."
  • Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements- "I prefer my seeds launched out the Pew-matic."
  • Miss_Sow%27s_Floral_Arrangements_Build.pngMiss Sow's Floral Arrangements (burning)- "Stick a balloon on that and it'll float away."
  • 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium- "I could pick up a few odds and ends."
  • %27The_Sty%27_Oddities_Emporium_Build.png'The Sty' Oddities Emporium (burning)- "I'll wait until after it's done burning to go inside."
  • The Flying Pig Arcane Shop- "A magic shop with actual magic in it."
  • The_Flying_Pig_Arcane_Shop_Build.pngThe Flying Pig Arcane Shop (burning)- "Well if you're going to leave fire staffs just laying around..."
  • The Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop- "Nothing as good as the Pew-matic in there."
  • The_Boar%27s_Tusk_Weapon_Shop_Build.pngThe Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop (burning)- "It wasn't me."
  • The Sow's Ear Hat Shop- "A good hat is always handy for bad hair days."
  • The_Sow%27s_Ear_Hat_Shop_Build.pngThe Sow's Ear Hat Shop (burning)- "A bad day for hats."
  • Swinesbury Academy- "It's full of pig history."
  • Swinesbury_Academy.pngSwinesbury Academy (burning)- "All that history. Up in flames."
  • Swinesbury Mineral Exchange- "Nothing more adventurous than exchanging money."
  • Swinesbury_Mineral_Exchange_Build.pngSwinesbury Mineral Exchange (burning)- "Can't go in there."
  • The Tinkerer's Tower- "I suppose balloon blueprints would be too much too ask."
  • The_Tinkerer%27s_Tower_Build.pngThe Tinkerer's Tower (burning)- "I hope they kept the building blueprints so they can rebuild."
  • Swinesbury City Hall- "The big pig building in this small pond."
  • Swinesbury_City_Hall_Build.pngSwinesbury City Hall (burning)- "That'll cost some tax dollars to fix."
  • ファイル:My City Hall Build.pngMy City Hall- "Mayor by day, adventurer by night."
  • ファイル:My City Hall Build.pngMy City Hall (burning)- "My schedule just got wide open."
  • Security Contract- "My own traveling party."
  • Slanty_Shanty_Build.pngSlanty Shanty- "I'm excited about the extra storage space!"
  • Slanty Shanty (locked)- "It's a fixer upper but it's close to all the shops."
  • ファイル:Slanty Shanty Burnt.pngSlanty Shanty (burnt)- "I guess I'm sleeping rough tonight."
  • Watch_Tower.pngWatch Tower- "The local police station."
  • Watch Tower (burning)- "Was that an accident or a comment on the local authorities."


  • House Expansion Permit- "Now I can have one room to live in, and one room for all my things."
  • Demolition_Permit.pngDemolition Permit- "I have to admit, it's going to be fun smashing down all those walls."
  • Hutch_Shelf.pngCarved Bookshelf, Hutch Shelf, and A-Frame Shelf- "Storage space!"
  • Basic_Bookshelf.pngBasic Bookshelf- "Keeps my things off the ground."
  • Ladder_Shelf.pngCinderblock Bookshelf, Ladder Shelf, and Wall Mounted Shelf- "Keeps my things off the floor."
  • Marble_Shelf.pngPipe_Shelf.pngMarble Shelf, Adjustable Shelf, and Pipe Shelf- "Desperately needed storage space."
  • Glass Shelf- "Fragile but useful."
  • Industrial_Shelf.pngIndustrial Shelf- "More storage space!"
  • Hat_Tree.pngWindowed Cabinet and Hat Tree- "Storage space."
  • Crates Shelf- "Nothing fancy."
  • Fridge.pngFridge- "What it lacks in freezing power it gains in storage space."
  • Floating Shelf- "Keeps my things off the ground. And off-kilter."
  • Pallet_Shelf.pngPallet Shelf- "Nothing fancy, but it works."
Plantholders[]Columns[]Wall_Papers.pngWall Papers[]Ceiling Lights[]Wall Decorations[]
  • Photo.pngPhoto- "I don't know that kid, but I like the frame."
  • Full Length Mirror- "I can barely see myself in there."
  • Embroidery_Hoop.pngEmbroidery Hoop- "I never have time for crafts."
  • Wreath.pngMosaic, Wreath, and Tasteful Fish Mounting- "One of my many treasures."
  • Axe_%28Wall_Decoration%29.pngAxe- "That's a good place for it."
  • Hunt- "Still sharp."
  • Periodic_Table.pngPeriodic Table- "Science is a great adventure."
  • Gears Art- "I could stare at this for hours."
  • Cape.pngCape- "Elaborate."
  • No Smoking- "Need that for my balloon."
  • Black_Cat.pngBlack Cat- "I've been there."
  • Beefalo Mounting- "What are you staring at?"
  • Horned_Chair.pngClassic Chair, Horned Chair- "Nice enough."
  • Corner Chair- "I'll stick that in a corner."
  • Bench.pngBench- "A big bench to sit on.
  • Ottoman_Chair.pngFootrest and Ottoman Chair- "I could put my feet up."
  • Lounge Chair- "Comfy."
  • Classic_Chair.pngMassager Chair- "Swell. Just swell."
  • Stuffed Chair- "A nice way to relax."
  • Rocking_Chair.pngRocking Chair- "Gotta keep moving."
  • Fancy Chaise- "A nice big chair to make my place look homey."
House_Upgrades.pngHouse Upgrades[]
  • Cottage Kit- "Some fancy coverings for my home."
  • Tudor_Home_Kit_%28Item%29.pngTudor Home Kit- "Well, better get building."
  • Gothic Home Kit- "For spookying my house up."
  • Brick_Home_Kit_%28Item%29.pngBrick Home Kit- "You know this is all for show."
  • Turreted Home Kit- "You could pop a balloon on that turret spike!"
  • Villa_Kit_%28Item%29.pngVilla Kit- "A bundle of things to make my home nice and pretty."
  • Manor Kit- "If only I could tie a balloon to this and float away."
  • Hardwood Door- "More storage space. I like it!"
  • Stone_Archway.pngStone Archway- "Keep the doorway up while I'm gone adventuring."
  • Forest Door- "That's not creepy at all."
  • Wrought_Iron_Door.pngWrought Iron Door- "It's a garden gate that leads to a room."
  • Curtained Door- "All you really need is a curtain."
  • Industrial_Door.pngIndustrial Door- "Well, I guess it's not going to fall down, anyway."
  • Round Doorway- "Is it... going to eat me?"
  • Gothic_Door.pngGothic Door- "A really fancy door to another room of my stuff."
  • Eye Rug- "Swell."
  • Square_Throw_Rug.pngSquare Throw Rug- "Keeps my toes warm."
  • Oval Rug- "Pretty little rug."
  • Large_Rug.pngHoofprint_Rug.pngLarge Rug, Hedgehog Rug, Hoofprint Rug, and Soccer Rug- "A pretty little rug."
  • Fur_Throw_Rug.pngFur Throw Rug- "Keeps my toes cozy."
  • Porcupus Rug- "I took all the quills out. I think."
  • Octagon_Rug.pngOctagon Rug- "Brightens up the place."
  • Swirl Rug- "Making me dizzy."
  • Catcoon_Rug.pngCatcoon Rug- "It was dead when I found it."
  • Rubbermat Rug- "Nice and soft."
  • Web_Rug.pngWeb Rug- "Not as sticky as you might think."
  • Metal Rug- "Bare bones. Actually bare metal."
  • Wormhole_Rug.pngWormhole Rug- "A rug tribute to a fallen wormhole."
  • Braid Rug- "I braided it myself."
  • Beard_Rug.pngBeard Rug- "Don't ask where the hair came from."
  • Nailbed Rug- "Swell. Just swell."
  • Crime_Rug.pngCrime Rug- "I'm not going to ask."
  • Round Table- "Every place needs a table."
  • Hard_Wood_Desk.pngHard Wood Desk- "Every place needs a desk."
  • DIY Table- "It works."
  • College_Table.pngCollege Table- "Whatever works."
  • Crate Table- "I'm not picky."
  • Chess_Table.pngChess Table- "I guess I could play myself."

Nature - Plants[]

Base Game[]
  • Evergreen.pngEvergreen- "Well, it looks lifeless enough, but you can never tell."
  • Lumpy Evergreen- "Needs is a little love. And pinecones." [sic]
  • Spiky_Tree.pngSpiky Tree- "Twigs and wood. Mostly twigs."
  • Evergreen (stump)- "I don't remember if that was my handiwork, but I'm taking credit for it."
  • Evergreen_Stump.pngLumpy Evergreen (stump)- "Nothing personal, tree. I needed the wood."
  • Spiky Tree (stump)- "I put it to good use."
  • Evergreen.pngEvergreen (burning)- "Should I be worried about that?"
  • Lumpy Evergreen (burning)- "That looks... alarming."
  • Spiky_Tree.pngSpiky Tree (burning)- "As long as it's not me on fire."
  • Evergreen (burnt)- "Nothing but ashes now."
  • Burnt_Evergreen.pngLumpy Evergreen (burnt)- "I may be wrong, but I don't think it'll recover from that."
  • Spiky Tree (burnt)- "A nice shade of burnt."
  • Evergreen_Sapling.pngEvergreen (sapling)- "Grow up big and strong. So I can cut you down."
  • Log- "Could use some more of these."
  • Log.pngLog (burning)- "Doing what it was made to do."
  • Charcoal- "Chopped up projectile."
  • Pine_Cone.pngPine Cone- "It's almost a crime not to launch this through the air."
  • Marble Tree- "Did it just grow like that?"
  • Totally_Normal_Tree.pngTotally Normal Tree (normal and stump)- "You know, where I come from trees don't normally move so much."
  • Living Log- "Don't look at me like that. I didn't put you in that log."
  • Sapling.pngSapling- "Kind of twiggy. I can work with twigs."
  • Sapling (picked)- "It's been de-twigged."
  • Sapling.pngSapling (burning)- "Nothing left to do but watch it burn."
  • Grass_Tuft_Item.pngBerry_Bush_2.pngSapling, Grass Tuft, Berry Bush, and Spiky Bush (held)- "I should probably plant this somewhere. My pockets are getting full."
  • Twigs.pngTwigs- "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but they'll also make a lot of tools."
  • Grass Tuft- "I need as much of this as I can get."
  • Grass_Tuft_Picked.pngGrass Tuft (picked)- "I hear grass grows back."
  • Grass Tuft (barren)- "Needs some kind of fertilization."
  • Grass_Tuft.pngGrass Tuft (burning)- "Should I bother putting it out?"
  • Cut Grass- "These are more useful when there's more of them."
  • Berry_Bush.pngBerry Bush- "Aww... Are all those berries for me?"
  • Berry_Bush_Picked.pngBerry Bush (picked)- "It's missing something... Oh yeah, berries!"
  • Barren_Berry_Bush_2.pngBerry Bush (barren)- "Needs a manure-ing."
  • Reeds- "This is good. More would be better."
  • Reeds.pngReeds (burning)- "Well at least they're by the water."
  • Reeds (picked)- "Grow! Grow! Grow! Grow!"
  • Cut_Reeds.pngCut Reeds- "Only useful in twos or threes. Or fours or fives."
  • Plant- "I believe the name for that is "plant"."
  • Plant.pngPlant (growing)- "It's growing! I guess I'm not a totally incompetant gardener."
  • Plant (ready to be picked)- "Harvest time!"
  • Marsh_Plant1.pngMarsh Plant- "I'm looking for something more adventurous than a plant."
  • Spiky Bush- "I'm beginning to think it's trying to keep people away."
  • Spiky_Bush_Picked.pngSpiky Bush (picked)- "Don't worry, it'll be dry and thorny in no time."
  • Spiky Bush (burning)- "Serves you right."
  • Flower.pngFlower- "Sure I can stop and pick flowers. Not like I have anything better to do."
  • Petals- "Perfectly good ammo, just laying around."
  • Evil_Flower.pngEvil Flower- "It'd be pretty if it were a little less evil."
  • Dark Petals- "I found all this perfectly good ammo just laying on the ground."
  • Carrot_Planted.pngCarrot (planted)- "A wild vegetable in its natural habitat."
  • Red Mushroom- "I'm expecting a little gnome to come out any minute now."
  • Mushroom_Sleeping.pngRed Mushroom (sleeping)- "It's hiding. I don't blame it."
  • Red Mushroom (picked)- "I really don't care if it grows back or not."
  • Green_Mushroom.pngGreen Mushroom- "Mmmm... green mushrooms. Seems completely edible."
  • Green Mushroom (sleeping)- "Soggy feet and mushrooms. Must be rainy season."
  • Mushroom_Picked.pngGreen Mushroom (picked)- "You never really get rid of mold."
  • Blue Mushroom- "I never know which ones are dangerous and which ones are safe."
  • Mushroom_Sleeping.pngBlue Mushroom (sleeping)- "Found you!"
  • Blue Mushroom (picked)- "Who goes around picking strange mushrooms? Besides me, I mean."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Birchnut_Tree.pngBirchnut Tree- "Nice enough, as trees go."
  • Birchnut Tree (stump)- "Chopped it with my own two hands."
  • Birchnut_Tree.pngBirchnut Tree (burning)- "That'll burn out soon."
  • Birchnut Tree (burnt)- "Just a pile of ash."
  • Birchnut_Sapling.pngBirchnut Tree (sapling)- "It's a stick. I'm not going to get all sentimental about it."
  • Sapling (withered)- "Likes this heat about as much as I do."
  • Grass_Tuft_Withered.pngGrass Tuft (withered)- "Go figure, it's having trouble growing in this excrutiating heat."
  • Barren_Berry_Bush_2.pngBerry Bush (withered)- "Cold enough for you? Obviously not."
  • Plant (withered)- "If you can't take the heat, get out of the garden."
  • Birchnut.pngBirchnut- "Looks like a projectile to me."
  • Cactus- "It's almost like it doesn't want to be eaten."
  • Cactus_Picked.pngCactus (picked)- "I'd be okay if it didn't grow back."
  • Tumbleweed- "The chase is on!"
  • Jungle_Tree.pngJungle Tree- "Swell. It's a tree."
  • Jungle Tree (burning)- "Not surprising considering it's made of wood."
  • Jungle_Tree_Burnt.pngJungle Tree (burnt)- "Well, at least I know it's not alive."
  • Jungle Tree (stump)- "That was my handiwork."
  • Jungle_Tree_Sapling.pngJungle Tree (sapling)- "Grow up big and not scary."
  • Jungle Tree Seed- "Aerodynamically suited to be fired out the Pew-matic."
  • Palm_Tree.pngPalm Tree- "These trees look different from the air."
  • Palm Tree (burning)- "Proof positive that wood does burn."
  • Palm_Tree_Burnt.pngPalm Tree (burnt)- "That's not going to grow back."
  • Palm Tree (stump)- "I believe that was my handywork." [sic]
  • Palm_Tree_Sapling.pngPalm Tree (sapling)- "Coconutty little guy."
  • Palm Leaf- "So many uses. Projectile being the best one."
  • Regular_Jungle_Tree.pngRegular Jungle Tree (normal and stump)- "Is it me, or is that strange behavior for a tree?"
  • Bamboo Patch- "Swell. It's a bunch of sticks."
  • Bamboo_Patch_Burnt.pngBamboo Patch (burnt)- "Well, that's one way to get bamboo out of your garden."
  • Bamboo Patch (stump)- "Bamboo. The one thing more tenacious than me."
  • Bamboo_Patch_Dug.pngBamboo Root- "This needs some dirt."
  • Bamboo- "One piece is nice. Many pieces are nicer."
  • Viney_Bush.pngViney Bush and Snake Den- "Look at all those ropey branches just waiting to be used."
  • Viney Bush and Snake Den (burnt)- "I don't miss it, to be honest."
  • Viney_Bush_Stump.pngViney Bush and Snake Den (stump)- "It'll grow back. I hope."
  • Viney Bush Root- "Well, it's not going to grow in my pocket."
  • Vine.pngVine- "The kind of thing that would be more useful if I had a bunch of them."
  • Mangrove- "I'm guessing it's safe from fire in this water."
  • Mangrove_Tree_Burnt.pngMangrove (burnt)- "Guess it wasn't safe from fire in this water."
  • Grass (water)- "I wouldn't want to mow that lawn."
  • Brainy_Sprout.pngBrainy Sprout- "Sure it has a bigger brain than me, but I have the bigger heart."
  • Seaweed (planted and picked)- "Well, that's one way to ensure you get enough water."
  • Plant.pngTidal Plant- "Oh look! It's a plant!"
  • Claw_Palm_Tree.pngClaw Palm Tree- "Strange kind of wood it's got there."
  • Claw Palm Tree (burning)- "
  • Claw_Palm_Tree_Burnt.pngClaw Palm Tree (burnt)- "
  • Claw Palm Tree (stump)- "
  • Cork.pngCork- "A light material but not sturdy enough to make a balloon with."
  • Claw Palm Sapling (planted)- "
  • Rainforest Tree- "Those are pretty leaves."
  • Rainforest_Tree.pngRainforest Tree (burning)- "Where's the fire department when you need them?"
  • Rainforest Tree (burnt)- "Still good for charcoal."
  • Rainforest_Tree_Stump.pngRainforest Tree (stump)- "I believe that was my doing."
  • Sick Rainforest Tree- "Not exactly the picture of health."
  • Cocooned_Tree.pngCocooned Tree- "Not really a 'tree climbing' tree."
  • Jungle Burr- "This would look good coming out of the Pew-matic."
  • Rainforest_Tree_Sapling.pngRainforest Tree Sapling- "Swell. Another tree."
  • Tea Tree- "But how do I make tea from it?"
  • Tea_Tree.pngTea Tree (burning)- "
  • Tea Tree (burnt)- "
  • Tea_Tree_Stump.pngTea Tree (stump)- "
  • Seed Pod- "Good enough to eat. Or fire out the Pew-matic."
  • Tea_Tree_Sapling.pngTea Tree Sapling- "It's a baby tree. It'll grow."
  • Tuber Tree- "A tree made of tubers! That'll be an adventure."
  • Tall_Grass.pngTall Grass- "Tall grass like that is going to need a machete."
  • Tall Grass (cut)- "It'll be overgrown in no time."
  • Tall_Grass.pngTall Grass (burning)- "All those bugs have nowhere to hide now."
  • Exotic Flower- "You can never have too many flowers. Or projectiles."
  • Aloe_planted.pngAloe (planted)- "I'll take that, thank you very much."
  • Asparagus (planted)- "That looks like food! Let's hope it tastes like food."
  • Radish_planted.pngRadish (planted)- "Those look like radishes!"
  • Nettle Vine- "Smells like it's up to something."
  • Nettle Vine (picked)- "Hurry up and grow! I need those leaves!"
  • Nettle Vine (withered)- "Not having fun here."
  • Nettle Vine (moist)- "Oh. It likes the water."
  • Nettle_Plant.pngNettle Plant (held)- "I'm no gardener but I think this does better when it's in the ground."
  • Bramble- "It's never easy, is it?"
  • Bramble_Bloom.pngBramble Bloom- "I know a valuable thing when I see it."
  • Hanging Vine- "Vines. Gotta love 'em."
  • Great_Leafy_Stalk.pngGreat Leafy Stalk- "That's a big tree."
  • Lotus Plant- "Almost worth getting my feet wet for that."
  • Lily_Pad.pngLily Pad- "A little too heavy to use for a balloon."
  • Reeds (water)- "Definitely going to need more of these."
  • Lawn_Decoration_1.pngLawn_Decoration_3.pngLawn_Decoration_5.pngLawn_Decoration_7.pngLawn Decoration- "Everyone needs a hobby."
  • Lawn_Decoration_2.pngLawn_Decoration_4.pngLawn_Decoration_6.pngLawn Decoration (burning)- "Finally we have proof that trees will burn."
  • Lawn Decoration (burnt)- "I was never really partial to it anyway."
  • Hedge_block_cut.pngHedge_layered_cut.pngHedge- "Not really one for city landscaping."
  • Hedge_cone_grown.pngHedge (untrimmed)- "Needs a haircut. And I need money."
  • Hedge_block_cut.pngHedge_layered_cut.pngHedge (burning)- "This town needs a fire department."
  • Hedge (burnt)- "It's burnt down."
  • Topiary_werepig.pngTopiary_pigking.pngIntricate Topiary- "It's... interesting?"
  • Magic Flower- "You stay right there until I need you."
  • Weathered_Branch.pngWeathered Branch- "Maybe I can get some wood out of it."
  • Weathered Shrub- "Swell. Another bush. How unusual."
  • Weathered_Stick.pngWeathered Stick- "Someone left their junk lying around."
  • Weathered Tree- "Just an old tree."
  • Weathered_Trunk.pngWeathered Trunk- "Hope that bird doesn't break me in half like that."

Nature - Objects[]

Base Game[]
  • Beehive.pngBeehive- "I like it better when it's making me honey."
  • Killer Bee Hive- "I gotta admit, those horrible bees sure can build a house."
  • Honeycomb.pngHoneycomb- "More useful as a sweetener than a comb."
  • Hound Mound- "Typical. Dogs never clean up after themselves."
  • Bones.pngBones- "Those hounds don't leave any meat on the bone, do they?"
  • Touch Stone- "The perfect precious stone for any adventurer."
  • Obelisk.pngObelisk (sane, up)- "It's hiding from my voracious wit."
  • Obelisk (sane, down)- "Where has it been hiding?"
  • Obelisk.pngObelisk (insane, up)- "Oh I get it! It's meant to be annoying."
  • Obelisk (insane, down)- "Weird little pyramids are a sure sign you're on an adventure."
  • Harp_Statue.pngHarp Statue- "Wow. How does he play without looking at the strings?"
  • Marble Pillar- "A perfectly good marble column just sitting there for anyone to take."
  • Marble.pngMarble- "Now I can build the Parthenon I always wanted."
  • Rundown House- "Nice house. Could do with some air freshener though."
  • Merm_Head.pngMerm Head- "Yeesh. Heck of a welcoming party."
  • Pig Head- "He's not going anywhere."
  • Pig_Torch.pngPig Torch- "Those pigs do have nice garden lamps."
  • Basalt- "It's stronger than my will to break it."
  • Boulder.pngBoulder- "That's a projectile just waiting to happen."
  • Rocks- "A bunch of projectiles. Just sitting there on the ground."
  • Flint.pngFlint- "Looks useful. I should go hunting for more of these."
  • Nitre- "It's not gold, but it's not useless."
  • Gold_Nugget.pngGold Nugget- "Gold! I've struck gold!"
  • Grave- "I'm just one bad adventure away from being a mound of dirt."
  • Grave_Dug.pngGrave (dug)- "It's not like they were using it."
  • Suspicious Dirt Pile- "Dirt piles. Sure sign of something suspicious."
  • Animal_Track.pngAnimal Track- "Ohh! A mystery!"
  • Animal Track (lost its trail)- "Darn it! I've lost the trail."
  • Animal_Track.pngAnimal Track (found)- "I'm on the hunt!"
  • Wooden_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngWooden Thing- "Can you hear that? It's adventure calling."
  • Wooden Thing (partially assembled)- "They never make these things easy, do they?"
  • Wooden Thing (locked)- "Looks like a lock. Locks always need a key."
  • Wooden Thing (fully assembled)- "If that's not an invitation to adventure, I don't know what is."
  • Ring_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngRing Thing- "Well this looks adventure-y."
  • Crank_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngCrank Thing- "No good on its own. But probably good with something else."
  • Box_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngBox Thing- "It does something. Probably."
  • Metal_Potato_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngMetal Potato Thing- ""Thingys" like this always need more "thingys" to make it work."
  • Worm Hole- "Nothing more adventurous than a gigantic open mouth."
  • Wormhole.pngWorm Hole (open)- "Here goes nothing."
  • Worm Hole (exited)- "Whew! That was... interesting."
  • Pond.pngPond- "Something fishy about that pond. Might be the fish."
  • Skeleton- "Always a good sign there's adventure ahead."
  • Spider_Den.pngSpider Den- "So rich they lined their walls with silk."
  • Spider Eggs- "Swell. I can make more horrible things."
  • Rabbit_Hole.pngRabbit Hole- "Maybe they're part of an underground resistance."
  • Walrus Camp- "How adorable. They think they're people!"
  • Walrus_Camp_Empty.pngWalrus Camp (empty)- "They picked up and left in a hurry."
  • Sunken Boat- "Is that your boat, bird?"
  • Sunken_Boat_Abandoned.pngSunken Boat (empty)- "If I had wings, I'd fly away too."
  • Flotsam- "One gal's junk is another gal's sea treasure."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Ice.pngIce- "Bet these would make for some fine frigid projectiles."
  • Mini Glacier- "Breaks up into a bunch of frozen projectiles."
  • Mini_Glacier_Melted.pngMini Glacier (melted)- "It's all wet."
  • Animal Track (spring, lost trail)- "Drat! Foiled by a bunch of mud."
  • Burrow.pngBurrow- "Where are you hiding?"
  • Rabbit Hole (collapsed)- "Hope they're relaxing in little mud baths down there."
  • Rundown_House_Burnt.pngRundown House (burnt)- "I'm sure they'll rebuild."
  • Merm Head (burnt)- "Well, I won't miss it."
  • Pig_Head_Burnt.pngPig Head (burnt)- "Can't say I'm going to miss it."
  • Hollow Stump- "With all that yarn, there must be knitter inside."
  • Dead_Hollow_Stump.pngHollow Stump (empty)- "Nothing but stump."
  • Glommer's Statue- "Swell. A big bug statue."
  • Glommer's Statue (mined)- "It's my policy to always break things open and see what's inside."
  • Skeleton.pngSkeleton (self)- "Wow. That's a new one."
  • Sunken Boat (burnt)- "That's how most adventures end."
  • Rabbit_Hole.pngCrabbit Den- "You're not fooling anyone hiding underground like that."
  • Fishermerm's Hut- "What a... colorful smell."
  • Shoal.pngShoal- "Nice relaxing fishing in a place surrounded by danger."
  • Wobster Den- "There's something hiding down there. Something delicious."
  • Coral_Reef.pngCoral Reef- "Really goes out of its way to be an obstacle, doesn't it?"
  • Coral- "I need to find more of them."
  • Coral_Larva.pngCoral Larva- "Just because it's small, doesn't mean it's cute."
  • Limpet Rock- "There are sea creatures stuck to that rock. And they're edible!"
  • Limpet_Rock_Picked.pngLimpet Rock (picked)- "It's no longer infected with sea creatures."
  • Magma Pile- "One thing adventuring has taught me: always check under the rocks."
  • Gold_Magma_Pile.pngMagma Pile (gold)- "There's gold in them there rocks!"
  • Krissure- "A big crack in the ground. That's not suspicious at all."
  • Steamer_Trunk.pngSteamer Trunk- "I'm sure whoever that belonged to is long dead,"
  • Sandy Pile- "A pile of uniform grains of sand. Exactly what I'm looking for in an adventure."
  • Sand.pngSand- "I can fire it out my Pew-matic and it doesn't even gum up the works."
  • Sharkitten Den- "It holds kittens. Dangerous kittens."
  • Sharkitten_den_dormant.pngSharkitten Den (inactive)- "I regret not petting the kittens when I had the chance."
  • Volcano- "A blistering adventure waiting to happen."
  • Dragoon_Egg.pngDragoon Egg- "Not exactly excited to see what comes out of there."
  • Suspicious Bubbles- "There lies adventure!"
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost its trail)- "Ugh! Where'd that whale go?"
  • Suspicious Bubbles (found)- "I know you're close, whale."
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost trail, Monsoon Season)- "Drat! I lost the trail."
  • Tar Slick- "Black gold. Or black goop. Take your pick."
  • Tar.pngTar- "Looks horrible, smells worse. But I need it."
  • Tar Trap- "Sticky swimming."
  • Tidal_Pool.pngTidal Pool- "You never know what's lurking within its depths. Unless you have a fishing rod."
  • Lava Pool- "Swell. I'll just dip my toe in to test the temperature."
  • Mussel_Farm4-1.pngMussels- "What are they doing way down there?"
  • Mussel_Stick.pngMussels (with stick)- ""Maybelle Wheeler and the Secret of the Mussel Bed"."
  • Slot Machine- "Come on... Wheeler needs a new balloon..."
  • Electric_Isosceles.pngElectric Isosceles- "An equalateral adventure."
  • Octo Chest- "I have to admit, that's a cool magic trick."
  • Debris.pngDebris- "What are you doing with a boat, bird?"
  • Crate- "Not your typical treasure chest, but it works."
  • Wildbore_Head.pngWildbore Head- "That looks like something I should avoid."
  • Seashell (beached)- "Someone left a perfectly good seashell just laying on the beach!"
  • Seashell.pngSeashell- "Pretty useless by themselves but an armful of them would come in incredibly handy."
  • Poisonous Hole- "Smells like a trap. Also smells like a sewer."
  • Gunpowder_Barrel.pngGunpowder Barrel- "A Ka-BLAMMER. Or is it a Ka-BLOOEYER?"
  • X Marks the Spot- "A chest of adventure buried under the ground!"
  • Rawling.pngRawling- "You look like you've seen your share of adventure."
  • Watery Grave- "That looks like something I should check for treasure."
  • Wreck_Midship.pngWreck- "A grounded boat. I know how that feels."
  • Wooden Platform Thing (all states)- "Can you hear that? It's adventure calling."
  • Grassy_Thing.pngGrassy Thing- "No good on its own. But probably good with something else."
  • Screw Thing- "It does something. Probably."
  • Wooden_Potato_Thing.pngWooden Potato Thing- ""Thingys" like this always need more "thingys" to make it work."
  • Ring Thing- "Well this looks adventure-y."
  • Stone_Slab.pngStone Slab- "My grandma taught me to always look under rocks."
  • Dung Pile- "Normally I'm all for getting my hands dirty but..."
  • Dung_Pile.pngDung Pile (picked)- "What happens in the jungle, stays in the jungle."
  • Dung Ball- "Huh. It's almost like nobody wants a ball of poop."
  • Thundernest.pngThundernest- "Full of iron."
  • Iron Hulk (head)- "Are you aware you're missing the rest of your body?"
  • Iron_Hulk_Arm.pngIron Hulk (hand)- "Where's the rest of you?"
  • Iron Hulk (ribs)- "I like it better when it's not awake."
  • Iron_Hulk_Leg.pngIron Hulk (foot)- "Well, it's better than facing two left feet."
  • Large Iron Hulk (partially assembled)- "How much am I going to regret putting that all together?"
  • Iron Ore- "Well it's not good balloon material."
  • Sparkling_Pool.pngSparkling Pool- "A sparkly pool. A little too sparkly."
  • Gold Dust- "Hardly worth holding onto. If I could find more of it though..."
  • Gnat_Mound.pngGnat Mound- "Not bad, for a mound full of bugs."
  • Farm House- "I thought they would've built their home out of straw."
  • Farm_House.pngFarm House (burning)- "They're not sleeping there tonight."
  • Quarry Lodgings- "Looks like they put all those rocks into building a house."
  • Farm_House.pngQuarry Lodgings (burning)- "Huh. Wouldn't think stone would burn that well."
  • Secret Bandit Camp- "If you're going to hide a treasure, don't put a fancy feather on it."
  • Cave_Cleft.pngCave Cleft- "Those bats are wasting their time in a cave when they should be outside flying."
  • Ruinous Entrance- "
  • Mant Hill- "Can't get more adventurous than going into a giant insect nest."
  • Crumbling_Brazier.pngCrumbling Brazier- "Complementary torches! They really know how to treat a gal right!"
  • Ancient Wall- "Looks like it's been wallpapered."
  • Fountain_of_Youth.pngFountain of Youth- "The legendary Fountain of Youth! I've found it."
  • Ominous Carving- "That looks... ominous."
  • Teetering Pillar- "Looks sturdy enough."
  • Petrified_Egg.pngPetrified Egg (1)- "Parts of an egg."
  • Petrified Egg (2)- "Please let it belong to a bird and not a reptile."
  • Petrified_Egg_3.pngPetrified Egg (3)- "Someone making scrambled eggs?"
  • Petrified Egg (4)- "It's an egg shell. I don't suppose there's a bird around."
  • Rusty_Lamp.pngRusty Lamp- "Maybe it's good for parts?"
  • Weathered House- "Well, they probably have a nice view."

CaveEntrance1.pngNature - Caves[]

Base Game[]
  • Plugged Sinkhole- "My Grandma taught me to always look under rocks."
  • Sinkhole.pngSinkhole (generic)- "I'm going to leave it, for now."
  • Sinkhole (open)- "I'm not one to reject an invitation like that.",
  • Exit to Surface (generic)- "Why would I want to leave?"
  • Exit to Surface (open)- "It's a way out."
  • MushtreeRed.pngRed Mushtree- "I've seen that kind of thing in cellars."
  • Green Mushtree- "A Christmas Tree for spelunkers."
  • Mushtree.pngBlue Mushtree- "A bit of a mold problem in here."
  • Light Flower (single)- "It's growing projectiles!"
  • Double_Light_Flower.pngLight Flower (double)- "You know what they say: Two bulbs are better than one."
  • Light Flower (triple)- "That's a lot of things I can fire through the air."
  • Light_Bulb.pngLight Bulb- "Glowing projectiles. Perfect."
  • StalagmiteTall.pngStalagmite (normal and pointy)- "I'm going to go ahead and guess it's a rock."
  • Spilagmite- "Looks like a swell place to live."
  • Slurtle_Mound.pngSlurtle Mound- "Not my idea of a dream home."
  • Splumonkey Pod- "It's trying to look scary, but it doesn't quite pull it off."
  • Fern.pngFern- "That says projectile to me."
  • Foliage- "Swell. A bunch of leaves."
  • Cave_Banana_Tree.pngCave Banana Tree- "Aw, that's sweet. It grew those bananas just for me."
  • Cave Banana Tree (burnt)- "You pick a fight with fire, you always lose."
  • Spooky_Hole.pngSpooky Hole- "If that comes down, the whole place could collapse."
  • Stone Plug- "Time to get back to 'reality'."
  • Unimportant Rock Pillar- "Could be the only thing here doing any work."

Thulecite_Fragments.pngNature - Ruins[]

Base Game[]
  • Ruins Sinkhole- "Smells like trouble. I like trouble."
  • Ancient.pngAncient Statue- "It looks... old."
  • Broken_Pseudoscience_Station.pngAncient Pseudoscience Station (broken)- "Now, what would repair this thing?"
  • Ancient Pseudoscience Station- "Looks like an ancient knowledge kind of thing."
  • Algae.pngAlgae- "Looks like some kind of... plant?"
  • Broken Clockworks (type 1)- "I said I wanted to see something new. That's definitely something new."
  • Broken_clockworks.pngBroken Clockworks (type 2)- "I don't know who made it, but it's unmade now."
  • Broken Clockworks (type 3)- "Doesn't look like flying machine, so why should I fix it?"
  • Relic_Chair.pngRelic_Vase.pngRelic_Bowl.pngRelic- "Someone moved out in a hurry."
  • Relic_Chair_Rubble.pngRelic_Vase_Rubble.pngRelic (broken)- "A little love will fix that up. A little love and some rocks."
  • Thulecite Fragments- "This seems like the kind of thing I'm going to need more of."
  • Cave_Lichen.pngCave Lichen- "Looks projectile-y."
  • Ornate Chest- "It's a trap! But it's also very, very tempting."
  • Ornate_Chest.pngLarge Ornate Chest- "Experience tells me these things aren't always what they seem."
  • Nightmare Light- "Light is good. Light is very good."

Obsidian_Boulder.pngNature - Volcano[]

  • Obsidian Workbench- "Look, someone threw out a perfectly good workbench."
  • Coffee_Plant.pngCoffee Plant- "I've learned never to turn down a free coffee."
  • Coffee Plant (picked)- "I need coffee so I can deal with the fact that I can't have coffee."
  • Coffee_Plant_Withered.pngCoffee Plant (barren)- "Longs for the nourishing effects of poop."
  • Coffee Plant (withered)- "Unlike me, it's very particular about where it lives."
  • Coffee_Plant_Dug.pngCoffee Plant (held)- "Pretty picky about where it wants to live."
  • Elephant Cactus- "Relax! I'm just trying to cut you down."
  • Withered_Elephant_Cactus.pngElephant Cactus (withered)- "A big bunch of spikes on a big bunch of cactus."
  • Elephant Cactus Stump- "If I dig it up, I could plant it anywhere I wanted to be fired at."
  • Elephant_Cactus_Dug.pngElephant Cactus (held)- "I should plant it so I can enjoy being fired at anywhere I want."
  • Cactus Spike- "This is nice but I need more to make anything decent with it."
  • Obsidian_Boulder.pngObsidian Boulder- "It'd be useful to have a lot more of these."
  • Obsidian- "I like this rock. It's feisty."
  • Charcoal_Boulder.pngCharcoal Boulder- "I'm going to need more of these."
  • Burnt Ash Tree- "I always find plant life in the strangest of places."
  • Dragoon_Saliva.pngDragoon Saliva- "Ugh! Who's leaving pools of lava spit everywhere?"
  • Woodlegs' Cage- "Someone needs rescuing!"
  • Woodlegs%27_Cage.pngWoodlegs (free)- "
  • Volcano Altar of Snackrifice- "
  • Volcano_Altar.pngVolcano Altar of Snackrifice (active)- "
  • Volcano (exit)- "Back to the "Regular" world."

Nature - Ruinous Caves[]

  • A_Smashing_Pot.pngA Smashing Pot- "Never pass up an opportunity to smash a pot."
  • Decorative Holes?- "Has the distinct look of a boobytrap."
  • Nasty Spear Trap- "Haha! I'm still standing, trap!"
  • ファイル:Busted Spear Trap.pngBusted Spear Trap- "You've lost your ambushing privileges."
  • Tempting_Idol.pngTempting Idol- "I'll need to get that totem free to take it back to the pigs."
  • Eroding Totem- "The pigs only want the top part. How do I get it free?"
  • Crumbling Visage- "Missing something... like its body."
  • Pressure_Plate.pngPressure Plate- "I know a pressure plate when I see one."
  • Striking_Carving_2.pngStriking Carving- "That's a trap if I've ever seen it."
  • Striking_Statue.pngStriking Statue- "I'm going to go ahead and assume that's a trap."
  • Suspicious Crack- "Not conspicuous at all."
  • Unimportant Pillar- "Looks like the only thing holding the roof up."
  • Vines- "This place needs a gardener."
  • Wall Brazier- "Complementary torches! They really know how to treat a gal right!"
  • Wishing_Well.pngWishing Well- "I wish... I could fly away from here."
  • End's Well- "I'm going to avoid drinking that water."
  • Aporkalypse_Calendar.pngAporkalypse Calendar- "If only I could turn time back to before I crashed here."

Nature - Mant Hill[]

  • Antcomb_Home.pngAntcomb Home- "Full of bundled up big baby bugs."
  • Honey Chest- "I need the storage space, but I want the honey."
  • Lamp.pngLamp- "Oh good. That keeps my hands free."
  • Mant Warrior Egg- "Better get dodging, Wheeler."
  • Stalacmite_Throne.pngStalacmite Throne- "I bet she was guarding some kind of treasure."

Nature - Palace[]

  • Palace.pngPalace- "Ohh! A castle adventure. I love those."
  • Royal Gallery Exhibit- "A tribute to someone else's adventures."


Base Game[]Reign of Giants[]
  • Sandy_Turf.pngAll Turfs- "Do I really need to drag this dirt around with me?"
  • Snakeskin Rug- "Do I really need to drag this floor around with me?"
  • Jungle_Turf.pngMagma_Turf.pngAshy_Turf.pngJungle Turf, Meadow Turf, Magma Turf, Tidal Marsh Turf, Ashy Turf, and Volcano Turf- "Do I really need to drag this dirt around with me?"
  • Lawn_Turf.pngDense_Turf.pngWild_Plains_Turf.pngMossy_Turf.pngLawn Turf, Cultivated Turf, Dense Turf, Rainforest Turf, Wild Plains Turf, Painted Sand Turf, and Mossy Turf- "Do I really need to drag this dirt around with me?"
  • Flat Stone Turf- "Do I really need to drag these stones around with me?"
  • Stone_Road_Turf.pngStone Road Turf- "Do I really need to drag this road around with me?"
  • Beard Hair Rug- "Do I really need to drag this facial hair around with me?"

Spider.png Mobs - Monsters[]

Base Game[]
  • Clockwork Knight- "An accordion stomach. Bold choice. Not one I would've made."
  • Clockwork_Bishop.pngClockwork Bishop- "I'm not in the mood to play games, mister!"
  • Clockwork Rook- "Swell. And I was having such a good day."
  • Damaged_Knight.pngDamaged Knight- "Reminds me of the broken down merry-go-round I saw once."
  • Damaged Bishop- "Looks like he's been playing Full Contact Chess?"
  • Damaged_Rook.pngDamaged Rook- "Stuck together with gears and sticky tape."
  • Charlie (the darkness monster)- "Swell. There's something hiding in the dark."
  • Charlie (attacked by)- "ACK! Knock it off!"
  • Hound- "You'd be better if you were a cat."
  • Red_Hound.pngRed Hound- "Should I be terrified? Just for future reference."
  • Blue Hound- "Am I supposed to be scared? Because I am."
  • Hound%27s_Tooth.pngHound's Tooth- "I have two words for you: Pew. Pew."
  • Spider- "I've seen bigger spiders. Oh wait, no I haven't."
  • Spider_Sleeping.pngSpider (sleeping)- "Sleeping on the job."
  • Spider (dead)- "I'd say a few words but I don't speak spider."
  • Spider_Warrior.pngSpider Warrior- "That's a nice color on you."
  • Spider Warrior (sleeping)- "I'll just tip-toe by."
  • Dead_Spider_Warrior.pngSpider Warrior (dead)- "I promise, I will go on without you."
  • Spider Gland- "Can't let this gross thing go to waste."
  • Silk.pngSilk- "Made by the finest enormous spiders."
  • Krampus- "Whoops. All those little bad acts have come back to haunt me."
  • Krampus_Sack.pngKrampus Sack- "A treasure trove of extra storage!"
  • Merm- "Hi, I'm Wheeler. And you are... not human?"
  • Frog.pngFrog- "Sir, you seem to have accidentally stolen my stuff!"
  • Frog (sleeping)- "Hopefully it's hibernating. Forever."
  • Dead_Frog.pngFrog (dead)- "I promise I will go on without you!"
  • Tentacle- "Swell. There's a tentacle coming out of the ground."
  • Tentacle_Spike.pngTentacle Spike- "Can't beat a weapon with spiky things coming out of it."
  • Tentacle Spots- "It's like rubber. Rubber from a monster arm."
  • Tentapillar.pngBig Tentacle (1)- "Hmm... looks suspiciously like something I should avoid."
  • Big Tentacle (2)- "Excuse while I tip-toe by." [sic]
  • Baby_Tentacle.pngBaby Tentacle- "This one's just a little bit horrible."
  • Guardian Pig- "Not everyone can pull off a look like that."
  • Werepig.pngWerepig- "Don't take this the wrong way, but you may need a shave."
  • Ghost- "I'll end up one of those if I don't get out of here soon."
  • MacTusk.pngMacTusk- "If only I could grow a mustache like that."
  • Wee MacTusk- "Not everyone can pull off a mustache like that."
  • Walrus_Tusk.pngWalrus Tusk- "Big deal, it's a tooth. I have a bunch of them in my mouth."
  • Tam o' Shanter- "All the rage with the sane people this season."
  • Mosquito.pngMosquito- "You don't deserve to fly."
  • Mosquito (held)- "Haha! Not so annoying now, are you!"
  • Mosquito_Sack.pngMosquito Sack- "I'm taking my blood back."
  • Cave Spider- "Found you!"
  • Spitter.pngSpitter- "You're not making any friends with your attitude."
  • Batilisk- "I was never that angry when I was flying."
  • Lureplant.pngMeat Bulb- "Animal or vegetable? Make up your mind!"
  • Fleshy Bulb- "A plantable pet. Swell."
  • Eyeplant.pngEyeplant- "Not normally what I expect to see, but okay."
  • Slurper- "I'll make you a deal: you keep your slobber, I'll keep my brain."
  • Slurper_Pelt.pngSlurper Pelt- "Light and fluffy. I need to find more of these."
  • Dangling Depth Dweller- "It's rude to just drop in on someone like that."
  • Depths_Worm.pngDepths Worm (emerged)- "You seem angry. Maybe we can talk this out."
  • Depths Worm (lure)- "Oh! Shiny thing!"
  • Depths_Worm_Burrowed.pngDepths Worm (burrowed)- "Nothing less suspicious than a pile of dirt."
  • Ewecus- "I'm sure he has a winning personality."
  • Steel_Wool.pngSteel Wool- "Of course that sheep would have scratchy wool."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Varg- "You'd be better as a cat."
  • Poison_Birchnut_Tree.pngPoison Birchnut Tree- "Swell. Even the trees are alive."
  • Birchnutter- "Well, I wanted to see something new."
  • Crocodog.pngCrocodog- "Excuse me while I avoid you."
  • Yellow Crocodog- "Pardon me while avoid your teeth." [sic]
  • Blue_Crocodog.pngBlue Crocodog- "Allow me to avoid you altogether."
  • Floaty Boaty Knight- "Sure, you can float, but can you fly?"
  • Flup.pngFlup- "What is he so angry about? He's got an extra eyeball."
  • Eyeshot- "Hmmm... should I use my Pew-matic or this weird eyeball blowdart?"
  • Pirate_Ghost.pngPirate Ghost- "Swell. Just swell."
  • Poison Mosquito- "You don't deserve those wings."
  • Yellow_Mosquito_Sack.pngYellow Mosquito Sack- "Whose blood is in this?"
  • Snake- "I admire your capacity to fit so much annoying into such a small body."
  • Poison_Snake.pngPoison Snake- "You're poison does nothing to endear you to me." [sic]
  • Snakeskin- "Soft. Supple. Not currently attached to a snake. I like it!"
  • Sea_Hound.pngSea Hound- "I'd like you a lot more if you were a sea cat."
  • Stink Ray- "Swell. The most horrible parts of skunks and sting-rays put together."
  • Swordfish.pngSwordfish- "Swell. A swimming swashbuckler."
  • White Whale- "I've heard tell of this elusive creature."
  • White_Whale_Carcass.pngWhite Whale Carcass- "A rare form of rotting carcass spotted in the wild."
  • Dragoon- "Don't mind me, just trying to avoid you."
  • Ancient Spirit- "Why do ancient ruins always have to be haunted?"
  • Giant_Grub.pngGiant Grub- "My guess is he's not too interested in making friends."
  • Gnat Swarm- "Normally I like being around flyers, but I'll make an exception."
  • Hanging_Vine_%28mob%29.pngHanging Vine- "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that vine wants my stuff."
  • Mant Warrior- "Swell. This one's angry."
  • Masked_Pig.pngMasked Pig- "Don't like your attitude, but I admire your sense of style."
  • Swashy Hat- "An adventuring hat, if I've ever seen one."
  • Bandit_Stash_Map.pngBandit Stash Map- "Time to burgle from the burglar."
  • Poison Dartfrog- "Are you aware of how annoying you are?"
  • Poison_Dartfrog_Sleeping.pngPoison Dartfrog (sleeping)- "Probably dreaming of stealing my stuff."
  • Poison Dartfrog (dead)- "Gotta be honest, I'm not going to miss you."
  • Rabid_Beetle.pngRabid Beetle- "Probably just agitated because it can't fly well."
  • Rabid Beetle (sleeping)- "Quite the snorer."
  • Rabid_Beetle_Dead.pngRabid Beetle (dead)- "Not too sorry about that."
  • Scorpion- "Keep your stinger to yourself, mister!"
  • Scorpion_Sleeping.pngScorpion (sleeping)- "I'll just sneak by..."
  • Scorpion (dead)- "I'll be honest, I don't care."
  • Level_1_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngLevel_3_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngSnaptooth Seedling- "I like you guys better when you're old and can't move around so much."
  • Sleeping_Level_2_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngSnaptooth Seedling (sleeping)- "All tuckered out after a day of terrorizing."
  • Snaptooth_Seedling_Level_1_Dead.pngSnaptooth_Seedling_Level_3_Dead.pngSnaptooth Seedling (dead)- "It died so young. So young and so horrible."
  • Snaptooth Flytrap- "Excuse me while I avoid you entirely."
  • Snaptooth_Flytrap_Sleeping.pngSnaptooth Flytrap (sleeping)- "Sleeping on the job. Not that I have a problem with that."
  • Snaptooth Flytrap (dead)- "I'm not going to cry over that."
  • Spider_Monkey.pngSpider Monkey- "Because being a giant ape wasn't enough, you had to add spider legs."
  • Spider Monkey (sleeping)- "I'm just going to sneak by..."
  • Spider_Monkey_Dead.pngSpider Monkey (dead)- "It's better this way."
  • Vampire Bat- "A misuse of flying abilities."
  • Vampire_Bat_Sleeping.pngVampire Bat (sleeping)- "If I could only steal its wings while its asleep." [sic]
  • Vampire Bat (dead)- "Grounded for good."
  • Pig_Skin%3F.pngPig Skin?- "Hmmm... never noticed those bats had a springy tail."
  • Viper- "Don't want to bother you. I'll just be on my way."
  • Weevole.pngWeevole- "Aggravating bugs! A complete waste of wings."
  • Weevole Carapace- "Light enough to fire out the Pew-matic."

Pig.pngMobs - Neutral Animals[]

Base Game[]
  • Beefalo- "Makes fine wool. And even finer manure."
  • Beefalo.pngBeefalo (follower)- "You look like you're up for an adventure."
  • Beefalo (sleeping)- "I bet I could shave it right now and it wouldn't even notice."
  • Beefalo_Naked.pngBeefalo (naked)- "Aw. Someone should knit it a coat."
  • Beefalo (domesticated)- "You and I could definitely get into some trouble."
  • PudgyDomesticatedBeefalo.pngBeefalo (domesticated, pudgy)- "I'm sure he can walk it off."
  • Beefalo (domesticated, docile)- "Now I only have to teach it to fly."
  • OrneryDomesticatedBeefalo.pngBeefalo (domesticated, ornery)- "Having a bad day. Having a bad hair day too."
  • Beefalo Wool- "A woolly projectile."
  • Beefalo_Horn.pngBeefalo Horn- "Meh. I like horn mine better." [sic]
  • Baby Beefalo- "Aw. So cute and smelly."
  • Baby_Beefalo.pngBaby Beefalo (sleeping)- "Even cuter and smellier when they're asleep."
  • Bee- "Flying is wasted on insects."
  • Bee.pngBee (held)- "I'm surprised it doesn't sting me."
  • Killer Bee- "You guys should relax. You'll make more friends that way."
  • Killer_Bee.pngKiller Bee (held)- "You're going to make me honey, whether you like it or not."
  • Stinger- "So cute and projectile-y."
  • Pig.pngPig- "I hope he doesn't ask me my views on bacon."
  • Pig (follower)- "Swell. A pig sidekick."
  • Dead_Pig.pngPig (dead)- "Lived a better life than the other pigs I've known."
  • Pig Skin- "I have so many uses for pig butt."
  • Bunnyman2.pngBunnyman- "Yeah, that's not creepy at all."
  • Bunny Puff- "A puffy projectile."
  • Koalefant.pngKoalefant- "Mystery solved."
  • Winter Koalefant- "Haha! Didn't think I would find you, did you?"
  • Pengull.pngPengull- "You're going to get your suit dirty sliding around in it like that."
  • Rock Lobster- "You look like you've had some adventures."
  • Slurtle.pngSlurtle- "A little advice: You might go faster if you ditched that heavy shell."
  • Snurtle- "Aw. It's shy."
  • Slurtle_Slime.pngSlurtle Slime- "Looks a lot like a slimy projectile."
  • Broken Shell- "Pfft. Not even good as ammunition."
  • Shelmet.pngShelmet- "I like it. It shows off my desire not to get hurt."
  • Snurtle Shell Armor- "You never really know a snail until you slink a mile in its shell."
  • Splumonkey.pngSplumonkey- "I can launch things too, you know.
Reign of Giants[]
  • Buzzard- "Nice wings. Wanna give me a ride?"
  • Catcoon.pngCatcoon- "Cats make better pets than dogs. It's a fact."
  • Cat Tail- "Heads or tails? I pick tails."
  • Volt_Goat.pngVolt Goat- "Seems friendly enough."
  • Volt Goat (charged)- "My hair gets like that in a thunderstorm too."
  • Volt_Goat_Horn.pngVolt Goat Horn- "I guess I could poke something with it."
  • Blue Whale- "Found it!"
  • Blue_Whale_Carcass.pngBlue Whale Carcass- "Swell. That's a smell I'll never forget."
  • Bottlenose Ballphin- "Well "Eek Eek" to you too."
  • Dorsal_Fin.pngDorsal Fin- "The ballphins would want me to have this."
  • Jellyfish- "I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to shock me while I was fighting you."
  • Jellyfish.pngJellyfish (held)- "Smiley little guy. What do you know that I don't?"
  • Water Beefalo- "You'd think the water would wash away all its stink."
  • Horn.pngHorn- "Someone else's teeth."
  • Prime Ape- "There are better things to throw than poop."
  • Wildbore.pngWildbore- "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going to leave."
  • Elder Mandrake- "Mind not eating me, I have adventuring to do."
  • Hippopotamoose.pngHippopotamoose- "He likes making waves."
  • Hippopotamoose Antler- "Maybe I could use it as a hatrack. Or a hat."
  • Mant.pngMant- "Travel. See the world. Meet some interesting insects."
  • Mant (sleeping)- "I'll just sneak on by."
  • Mant_Dead.pngMant (dead)- "I won't step on it out of respect."
  • Platapine- "Excuse me while I avoid your quills."
  • Platapine_Sleeping.pngPlatapine (sleeping)- "Stay asleep so I can get that lotus flower."
  • Platapine (dead)- "Spun himself to death."
  • Platapine_Quill.pngPlatapine Quill- "You could poke someone's eye out with this."
  • Pog- "You're cute. You'd be cuter as a cat."
  • Pog.pngPog (follower)- "Swell. Another mouth to feed."
  • Pog (sleeping)- "Finally, it stopped eating."
  • Pog_Aporkalypse.pngPog (Aporkalypse)- "Are you aware that you're terrifying now?"
  • Royal Guard- "Not looking to cause any trouble here, officer."
  • Royal_Guard.pngRoyal Guard (sleeping)- "Doesn't seem like he gets the concept of guarding."
  • Royal Guard (palace variant)- "Looks like he'd be a good adventuring companion."
  • Royal_Guard.pngRoyal Guard (palace variant, sleeping)- "Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence."

Mobs - Passive Animals[]

Base Game[]
  • Butterfly.pngButterfly- "It's more a flutterer than a flyer."
  • Butterfly (held)- "Tell me all your flying secrets."
  • Crow.pngCrow- "You think you could fly me out of here?"
  • Crow (held)- "If I hold onto him tight, maybe I'll make liftoff."
  • Redbird.pngRedbird- "Mind lending me your wings so I can fly away from here?"
  • Redbird (held)- "I know how it feels to not be able to fly away."
  • Snowbird.pngSnowbird- "How do you fly in this weather?"
  • Snowbird (held)- "Fly me away."
  • Jet_Feather.pngJet Feather- "I'll keep it to remind me of how I'm not flying."
  • Crimson Feather- "Maybe if I cover myself in feathers I can fly away from here."
  • Azure_Feather.pngAzure Feather- "A feather that doesn't let me fly? That hardly seems fair."
  • Gobbler- "Not the smartest bird in the bush."
  • Eye_Bone.pngEye Bone- "It's missing an eye. And everything else."
  • Eye Bone (Chester dead)- "Well, at least someone can sleep."
  • Ashes.pngEye Bone (ashes)- "I'm guessing it doesn't work anymore."
  • Chester- "I would've named you "Pockets"."
  • Rabbit.pngRabbit- "Fur balls of food."
  • Rabbit.pngRabbit (held)- "This will probably not end well for you."
  • Fireflies.pngFireflies- "Let's be friends! I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm terrified of the dark."
  • Fireflies (held)- "Now, where am I going to put you guys."
  • Planted_Mandrake.pngMandrake (planted)- "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just launch you out of the Pew-matic."
  • Mandrake (follower)- "Swell. I picked up an annoying sidekick."
  • Mandrake.pngMandrake (dead)- "Forgive me if I don't mourn your death."
  • Mandrake (cooked, 1)- "Just looking at it makes me yawn."
  • Cooked_Mandrake.pngMandrake (cooked, 2)- "That took a lot out of me."
  • Mandrake (knocked out by)- "Once again I defy death!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Glommer.pngGlommer- "Do you like flying as much as I do?"
  • Glommer's Flower- "My flying buddy likes the smell."
  • Dead_Glommer%27s_Flower.pngGlommer's Flower (Glommer dead)- "Nothing but fertilizer now."
  • Glommer's Flower (ashes)- "Well, hopefully there's another one."
  • Glommer%27s_Wings.pngGlommer's Wings- "(sigh) If only I could use them to fly."
  • Glommer's Goop- "I have to find a good use for it before it stinks up the place."
  • Depths_Worm_Burrowed.pngRaised Dirt (underground Moleworm)- "Get outta there!"
  • Moleworm (aboveground)- "Hoo hoo! I'll get you yet!"
  • Moleworm.pngMoleworm (held)- "So you're the one eating all my ammo!"
  • Bioluminescence- "Seaborne glowing stuff!"
  • Crabbit.pngCrabbit- "Be a dear and stay right there so I can catch you."
  • Shifting Sands- "Those crabbits are experts at hide-and-seek."
  • Dogfish.pngDogfish- "Should've been a catfish. I might've taken pity on you."
  • Sharkitten- "Don't pet the kitten, Wheeler. Don't. Pet. The. Kitten."
  • Fishbone.pngFishbone- "Swell. A dead fish. Just what I need."
  • Packim Baggims- "A flyer who appreciates the need for storage space. We have so much in common."
  • Rainbow_Jellyfish.pngRainbow Jellyfish- "Why are you so happy?"
  • Rainbow Jellyfish (held)- "I found the end of the rainbow jellyfish."
  • Parrot.pngParrot- "Could you get some of your friends together to fly me away from here?"
  • Parrot Pirate- "A flyer and an adventurer. We've got a lot in common!"
  • Seagull.pngSeagull- "I wouldn't mind if you flew me out of here."
  • Seagull (in water)- "You have wings, why aren't you flying!?"
  • Toucan.pngToucan- "If you can fly with that big beak, maybe you can handle flying a person."
  • Cormorant- "Maybe it'll teach me how to fly."
  • Doydoy.pngDoydoy- "I waited my whole life to see a bird like that. It wasn't worth the wait."
  • Doydoy Nest- "Just as flightless as the birds who make it."
  • Doydoy_Feather.pngDoydoy Feather- "No wonder those birds can't fly, their feathers are so big!"
  • Doydoy Egg- "The polka dots mean it's ripe."
  • Doydoy_Egg.pngHatching Doydoy Egg- "Stay inside, little bird. The flightless life isn't all that great."
  • Fried Doydoy Egg- "Just once I'd love to make a decent plate of scrambled eggs."
  • Baby_Doydoy.pngBaby Doydoy- "You'll grow up big and flightless."
  • Wobster- "Don't mind me, just trying to capture you for my dinner."
  • Fishermerm.pngFishermerm- "Born to fish."
  • Banker- "He likes the shiny things."
  • Pig_Banker.pngBanker (sleeping)- "Someone's liable to rob him like this."
  • Beautician- "A lady who likes her feathers."
  • Pig_Beautician.pngBeautician (sleeping)- "No pillow. Maybe that's what she needs all those feathers for."
  • Collector- "Someone who appreciates the junk I find on my adventures."
  • Pig_Collector.pngCollector (sleeping)- "Should I poke him to see if he's still alive?"
  • Erudite- "A purveyor of fine esoteric interests."
  • Pig_Erudite.pngErudite (sleeping)- "All that nightmare fuel must give her nightmares."
  • Farmer- "A simple pig with simple desires. Namely, that I don't steal his stuff."
  • Pig_Farmer.pngFarmer (sleeping)- "No doubt dreaming of a bedroom."
  • Florist- "Personally, my interests go beyond flower petals, but to each their own."
  • Pig_Florist.pngFlorist (sleeping)- "Couldn't even make it to her home."
  • Hatmaker- "What's she so happy about? I probably don't want to know."
  • Pig_Hatmaker.pngHatmaker (sleeping)- "Sweet dreams."
  • Hunter- "Looks like someone who's been in a lot of fights."
  • Pig_Hunter.pngHunter (sleeping)- "Maybe he just likes to sleep under the stars."
  • Mayor Truffleston- "In all my adventures, I've never been able to escape bureaucracy."
  • Pig_Mayor.pngMayor Truffleston (sleeping)- "You'd think a fancy pig like him would have a home to go to."
  • Miner- "You like rocks? Just plain old everyday rocks? Okay..."
  • Pig_Miner.pngMiner (sleeping)- "So tired he didn't even make it back to his home."
  • Professor- "Ah! Someone who appreciates all my archeological finds."
  • Pig_Professor.pngProfessor (sleeping)- "Probably dreaming of adventures."
  • Pig Queen- "Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler at your service, your majesty."
  • Pig_Shopkeep.pngShopkeep- "Someone who appreciates her town's landscaping."
  • Shopkeep (sleeping)- "I'm going to go out on a limb and say she's tired."
  • Pig_Usher.pngUsher- "You look like you've seen your share of adventures."
  • Usher (sleeping)- "Aw... so cute."
  • Pig_Worker.pngWorker- "Swell. He can fix a house but not a balloon."
  • Worker (sleeping)- "I guess his home is still a work in progress."
  • Kingfisher.pngKingfisher- "What an aerodynamic beak!"
  • Kingfisher (sleeping)- "Like me, it probably dreams of flying."
  • Kingfisher_Dead.pngKingfisher (dead)- "I'll miss him."
  • Parrot- "Beautiful wings. Can I use 'em?"
  • Parrot_%28Hamlet%29_Sleeping.pngParrot (sleeping)- "Sweet dreams."
  • Parrot (dead)- "Rests in peace."
  • Pigeon_Hamlet.pngPigeon- "Fly! Fly away from here! And take me with you."
  • Pigeon (sleeping)- "Probably having one of those flying dreams."
  • Pigeon_%28Hamlet%29_Dead.pngPigeon (dead)- "Always sad to see a fellow flyer go down."
  • Dung Beetle- "Swell. A giant bug on a giant ball of poop."
  • Dung_Beetle.pngDung Beetle (without Dung Ball)- "At least it smells a little better now."
  • Dung_Beetle_Sleeping_2.pngDung Beetle (sleeping)- "Just screaming to be stepped on."
  • Dung Beetle (dead)- "Someone should write a eulogy. Not me, but someone."
  • Glowfly.pngGlowfly- "A flyer and a glower. My new best friend."
  • Glowfly (sleeping)- "Wake up and glow for me!"
  • Glowfly_Dead.pngGlowfly (dead)- "I guess it can't fly me out of here now."
  • Glowfly (cocoon)- "Aww... It's wrapped up all nice and cozy."
  • Pangolden.pngPangolden- "I don't actually mind picking up his poop."
  • Peagawk- "Has the eyesight for flying but not the wings for it."
  • Peagawk_Hidden.pngPeagawk (hiding)- "Something's hiding in there."
  • Peagawk_Hidden_Sleeping.pngPeagawk (sleeping)- "Maybe I can just pluck out one of those feathers..."
  • Peagawk (dead)- "I promise, I will go on without you!"
  • Peagawk_Plume.pngPeagawk Plume- "Normally I don't mind feathers, but this one keeps staring at me."
  • Piko- "Has more storage space in its cheeks than I do in my pockets."
  • Piko_Sleeping.pngPiko (sleeping)- "At least it doesn't steal in its sleep."
  • Piko (dead)- "Sad. It only wanted to steal things."
  • Orange_Piko.pngOrange Piko- "Has a strangely caffeinated smell."
  • Thunderbird- "Work on making those wings fly instead of zapping people."
  • Thunder_Feather.pngThunder Feather- "For a feather, it feels pretty heavy."

Mobs - Tallbird family[]

Base Game[]
  • Tallbird.pngTallbird- "Don't mind me. Just trying not to get pecked."
  • Tallbird Nest (with egg)- "Looks pretty cozy for a bunch of sticks."
  • Tallbird_Nest.pngTallbird Nest (empty)- "Is that a nest or did one of those living trees get a haircut."
  • Hatching_Tallbird_Egg.pngTallbird Egg and Hatching Tallbird Egg- "There's a little flyer inside, just waiting to get out."
  • Fried Tallbird Egg- "Why can't I ever make scrambled eggs?"
  • Hatching_Tallbird_Egg.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (dead, eating the egg)- "I prefer scrambled eggs."
  • Hatching Tallbird Egg (too hot)- "It's sweating. That's just swell."
  • Tallbird_Egg_Too_Cold.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (too cold)- "It's cold. Even I don't want to come out when it's cold."
  • Hatching Tallbird Egg (long time left)- "I'll just mentally organize my sock drawer while I wait."
  • Hatching_Tallbird_Egg.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (short time left)- "Better get hatching, bird. We've got adventuring to do!"
  • Smallbird- "Look at you flying. What's your secret?"
  • Smallbird.pngSmallbird (hungry)- "Better feed this guy before he realizes he can eat me."
  • Smallbird (starving)- "All right! All right! I'll feed you."
  • Teenbird.pngSmallish Tallbird- "I also know the heartbreak of losing the ability to fly."
  • Smallish Tallbird (hungry)- "Teenagers. Always hungry."
  • Teenbird.pngSmallish Tallbird (starving, attacking)- "Really? You can't get your own food?"
  • Pecked by a Smallish Tallbird- "Ouch! What'd I ever do to you?"

Spider_Queen.pngMobs - Bosses[]

Base Game[]
  • Treeguard- "I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and laugh."
  • Lumpy_Treeguard.pngTreeguard (lumpy)- "I don't mean to alarm you, but you appear to be a walking tree."
  • Spider Queen- "I don't suppose she's more afraid of me than I am of her."
  • Spiderhat.pngSpiderhat- "It'll be all the rage in the murky places."
  • Deerclops- "Mind holding my stuff while I run away in terror?"
  • Deerclops_Eyeball.pngDeerclops Eyeball- "I wonder if its eye is bigger than its stomach."
  • Ancient Guardian- "I'm guessing he's guarding something. Big monsters usually are."
  • Guardian%27s_Horn.pngGuardian's Horn- "Seems a shame to waste it."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Bearger- "If I was looking for trouble, I just found it."
  • Thick_Fur.pngThick Fur- "Nice thick fur."
  • Moose/Goose- "Tell me, can you fly with those wings?"
  • Goose_Egg.pngMoose/Goose Egg and Nest- "Looks cozy. Kinda."
  • Mosling.pngMosling- "You could be a great flyer if you just applied yourself."
  • Down Feather- "This would be useful if I could find more of them."
  • Dragonfly.pngDragonfly- "All that hot air must be keeping her afloat."
  • Scales- "What am I supposed to do with some old skin?"
  • Lava Spit (hot)- "I'm a good spitter too, but you don't see me showing off."
  • Lava Spit (cool)- "I bet it has dragonfly cooties."
  • Palm_Treeguard.pngPalm Treeguard- "Don't take this personal but I'm going to leave." [sic]
  • Quacken- "Am I supposed to be impressed? Because I am."
  • Quacken_Tentacle.pngQuacken Tentacle- "Quit wiggling around so I can fight you!"
  • Chest of the Depths- "Aw... That terrible sea monster left me a gift. How thoughtful."
  • Quacken_Beak.pngQuacken Beak- "Something to remember my adventures. This and my scars."
  • Sealnado- "Swell. Now the wind is alive."
  • Sealnado.pngSealnado (failed attack)- "
  • Sealnado (seal form)- "It's always the cutest things that cause the most destruction."
  • Turbine_Blades.pngTurbine Blades- "Doesn't look like the kind that would fall off a plane."
  • Magic Seal- "That's a treasure if I ever saw one."
  • Tiger_Shark.pngTiger Shark- "I still like you better than a dog."
  • Eye of the Tiger Shark- "I hope this is useful because my hands are all gooey now."
  • Shark_Gills.pngShark Gills- "It's important to use the whole animal."
  • Pugalisk- "Time to use those dodging skills, Wheeler."
  • Snake_Bone.pngSnake Bone- "No meat on this bone, but I bet it'd be good for a soup."
  • Petrifying Bones- "It conveniently dug its own grave."
  • Pugalisk_Skull.pngPugalisk Skull- "It's dead. Why do I feel like it's still staring at me?"
  • Queen Womant- "Ma'am, this is no way to treat a guest!"
  • Royal_Crown.pngRoyal Crown- "Something about this tells me it belongs to royalty."
  • Ancient Herald- "You must be a riot at parties."
  • Dark_Tatters.pngDark Tatters- "Swell. Ripped clothes from that creepy thing."
  • Large Iron Hulk- "I probably should have let you sleep."
  • Infused_Iron.pngInfused Iron- "Was it glowing like that before?"

Mobs - Other[]

Base Game[]
  • Maxwell_ingame.pngMaxwell- "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're evil."
  • Pig King- "One thing about traveling the world, you learn to barter with everyone."
  • Wes.pngWes (trapped)- "Just say the word and I'll get you out of there."
  • Abigail- "Awww, she has a cute little bow."
Reign of Giants[]Shipwrecked[]
  • Soggy Monkey (Wilbur)- "Looks oddly like he needs a crown."
  • Yaarctopus.pngYaarctopus- "One day I hope to retire to a rock of my own."
  • Maxameleon- "Are you deliberately avoiding me?"
  • BFB_Head.pngBFB (head)- "Yes! Fly me away from here!"
  • BFB (leg)- "Maybe if I can hang onto its legs, I can fly again."
  • BFB_Tail.pngBFB (tail)- "Those feathers look big enough to lift me off the ground."
  • Wilba (locked)- "

Meat.pngFood - Meats[]

Base Game[]
  • Egg- "Perfectly projectile shaped."
  • Cooked_Egg.pngEgg (cooked)- "Drat. I was trying to make scrambled eggs."
  • Meat- "Meat. It tastes like meat."
  • Cooked_Meat.pngCooked Meat- "Meat on a bone to put a little meat on your bones."
  • Jerky- "Small, dry and ready to be eaten."
  • Morsel.pngMorsel- "Hardly any meat on that bone to put meat on your bones."
  • Cooked Morsel- "The snacking meat."
  • Small_Jerky.pngSmall Jerky- "Dry. Chewy. Ready to be eaten."
  • Monster Meat- "What's that smell? It smells like... horror?"
  • Cooked_Monster_Meat.pngCooked Monster Meat- "I like my monster meat medium roar."
  • Monster Jerky- "Drying it really seals in the horror."
  • Leafy_Meat.pngLeafy Meat- "Green. Grown on a plant. Everything you want in a piece of meat."
  • Cooked Leafy Meat- "I'll try to eat around the green parts."
  • Drumstick.pngDrumstick- "The original meat on a stick."
  • Fried Drumstick- "Still a bit furry."
  • Fish.pngFish- "Ah, dead fish. The most unappetising of all smells."
  • Cooked Fish- "Bones included at no extra cost!"
  • Eel.pngEel- "The slime makes it go down easy."
  • Cooked Eel- "A nice appetizing shade of green."
  • Koalefant_Trunk.pngKoalefant Trunk- "Swell. I'll add it to my collection of nose related treasures."
  • Winter Koalefant Trunk- "Am I supposed to be proud of this?"
  • Koalefant_Trunk_Steak.pngKoalefant Trunk Steak- "I hope it tastes like chicken. And not nose."
  • Frog Legs- "Nice gams!"
  • Cooked_Frog_Legs.pngCooked Frog Legs- "The things I do for adventure."
  • Batilisk Wing- "Maybe if I flapped it really fast I could get off the ground."
  • Cooked_Batilisk_Wing.pngCooked Batilisk Wing- "Swell."
  • Dead Dogfish- "I'm afraid your swimming days are over."
  • Dead_Swordfish.pngDead Swordfish- "Your adventure is at an end. My adventure is just beginning."
  • Tropical Fish- "Looks like it'd make a beautiful lunch."
  • Dead_Jellyfish.pngDead Jellyfish- "I'll dedicate a passage to you in my memoirs."
  • Cooked Jellyfish- "It's like gum. Only not tasty."
  • Dead_Rainbow_Jellyfish.pngDead Rainbow Jellyfish- "Shiny happy food."
  • Cooked Rainbow Jellyfish- "What it lost in shine, it gained in palatability."
  • Dried_Jellyfish.pngDried Jellyfish- "Just as chewy as when it's not dried."
  • Raw Fish- "Swell. A fish bottom for my very own."
  • Tuna_Can.png"Ballphin Free" Tuna- "Canned fish! What an adventure!"
  • Fish Steak- "Fish steak. I'll keep the bones for dessert."
  • Fish_Morsel.pngFish Morsel- "Just a tiny bit fishy."
  • Cooked Fish Morsel- "Swell. The bone is still in. " [sic]
  • Limpets.pngLimpets- "Mmm... food from a rock. Fine dining."
  • Cooked Limpets- "I've heard the best food comes from a rock."
  • Mussel.pngMussel- "Eating raw seafood would be an adventure."
  • Cooked Mussel- "Tiny little snacks from the sea."
  • Roe.pngRoe- "Baby fish. Just waiting to hatch."
  • Cooked Roe- "Look how nicely they lined up."
  • Neon_Quattro.pngNeon Quattro- "It's a fish. I'll bet you a nickel I can find another one."
  • Cooked Neon Quattro- "At least the tail is off."
  • Pierrot_Fish.pngPierrot Fish- "It's a fish. Apparently they live in the water."
  • Cooked Pierrot Fish- "It looks... edible?"
  • Purple_Grouper.pngPurple Grouper- "It's a fish. Pretty common around here."
  • Cooked Purple Grouper- "Swell. The fins are still attached."
  • Shark_Fin.pngShark Fin- "It deserves to swim again. In a soup."
  • Dead Wobster- "Your adventure has ended but my dinner has just begun!"
  • Cooked_Wobster.pngDelicious Wobster- "A lot of meat on its not bones."
  • Bile-Covered Slop- "How adventurous am I feeling?"
  • Dragoon_Heart.pngDragoon Heart- "A heart that burns with desire. Or destruction."
  • Poison Dartfrog Legs- "How adventurous am I feeling today?"
  • Cooked_Dartfrog_Legs.pngCooked Dartfrog Legs- "Meat on a stick. Well... a bone."
  • Gummy Slug- "Swell. A slimy thing I found under a rock."
  • Cooked_Gummy_Slug.pngCooked Gummy Slug- "How adventurous am I feeling today?"

Food - Fruits[]

Base Game[]
  • Berries.pngBerries- "Juicy little projectiles."
  • Roasted Berries- "They may be squishy but they'll still fly through the air."
  • Cave_Banana.pngCave Banana- "Ever see a fruit fly?"
  • Cooked Cave Banana- "Swell. I made baby food."
  • Dragon_Fruit.pngDragon Fruit- "Bet this would look even better flying out of the Pew-matic."
  • Prepared Dragon Fruit- "I cooked all the interesting bits out of it."
  • Durian.pngDurian- "What an adventurous smell I've discovered!"
  • Extra Smelly Durian- "I'm going to launch this as far away from me as possible."
  • Pomegranate.pngPomegranate- "A bunch of seeds in the guise of a fruit."
  • Sliced Pomegranate- "You can cook anything. Whether it's good or not is another story."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Watermelon.pngWatermelon- "A big ball of fruit."
  • Grilled Watermelon- "Are those grill marks or big seeds."
  • Coconut.pngCoconut- "A tough coconut to crack" [sic]
  • Halved Coconut- "It fits into the Pew-matic now."
  • Roasted_Coconut.pngRoasted Coconut- "Looks good. It'd look better flying from the Pew-matic."
  • Coffee Beans- "Small enough to fit in the Pew-matic."
  • Cooked_Coffee_Beans.pngRoasted Coffee Beans- "I eat these all the time during overnight flights."

Food - Vegetables[]

Base Game[]
  • Carrot.pngCarrot- "Makes for an aerodynamic projectile."
  • Roasted Carrot- "It's already cut up into tiny little projectiles for me."
  • Corn.pngCorn- "Aerodynamic food."
  • Popcorn- "Makes for a crackerjack projectile."
  • Eggplant.pngEggplant- "The best of the purple vegetables, if you ask me."
  • Braised Eggplant- "I prefer my eggplants scrambled."
  • Pumpkin.pngPumpkin- "And it's not even fall! Or is it?"
  • Hot Pumpkin- "Gives off the smell of fresh jack-o-lantern."
  • Red_Cap.pngRed Cap- "Nothing safer than eating a strange mushroom off the ground."
  • Cooked Red Cap- "Cooking toxic mushrooms make them...safer?"
  • Green_Cap.pngGreen Cap- "How adventurous am I feeling?"
  • Cooked Green Cap- "Well, only one way to tell if it's poisonous or not."
  • Blue_Cap.pngBlue Cap- "Well if it's not edible, I can always launch it through the air."
  • Cooked Blue Cap- "Only one way to tell if it's safe or not."
  • Glow_Berry.pngGlow Berry- "Has a certain glow about it."
  • Lichen- "I could eat it. Or I could launch it."
Reign of Giants[]Shipwrecked[]
  • Seaweed- "Wet, soppy projectile."
  • Roasted_Seaweed.pngRoasted Seaweed- "A nice big pile of... food?"
  • Dried Seaweed- "Maybe I could make a paper airplane out of it."
  • Sweet_Potato_Planted.pngSweet Potato (planted)- "I'm not going to sit here and watch it grow."
  • Sweet Potato- "Ten times sweeter than regular potatoes."
  • Cooked_Sweet_Potato.pngCooked Sweet Potato- "I could eat these all day."
  • Aloe- "Low cost medicine."
  • Cooked_Aloe.pngCooked Aloe- "I cooked away some of the medication."
  • Asparagus- "I always eat my vegetables. Or launch them out the Pew-matic."
  • Cooked_Asparagus.pngCooked Asparagus- "Smells surprisingly good."
  • Bean Bugs- "Bugs or beans or something in between?"
  • Cooked_Bean_Bugs.pngCooked Bean Bugs- "How adventurous am I feeling today?"
  • Lotus Flower- "Looks edible."
  • Cooked_Lotus_Root.pngCooked Lotus Root- "Not the first time I've eaten flowers."
  • Nettle- "Smells like relief."
  • Radish.pngRadish- "Little Pew-matic pellets that came from the ground."
  • Cooked Radish- "Spicy! I like it!"
  • Tuber.pngTuber- "How adventurous am I feeling?"
  • Fried Tuber- "A nice meal of tubers."
  • Blooming_Tuber.pngBlooming Tuber- "It's ripe. Well ripe-ish."
  • Fried Blooming Tuber- "So good I'll even eat the flower."

Ratatouille.pngFood - Crock Pot[]

Base Game[]
  • Bacon and Eggs- "Not often I get a breakfast like this."
  • Butter_Muffin.pngButter Muffin- "Swell. It comes with butterfly frosting."
  • Dragonpie- "Things are always better in pie."
  • Fishsticks.pngFishsticks- "Mmmm... You can hardly taste the stick."
  • Fish Tacos- "Those dead fish heads look... appetizing?"
  • Fist_Full_of_Jam.pngFist Full of Jam- "No bread. I guess I'll just eat the whole thing straight out of the jar."
  • Froggle Bunwich- "Swamp on a bun."
  • Fruit_Medley.pngFruit Medley- "A cup of cold crops."
  • Honey Ham- "Sticks to your ribs. And to your hands."
  • Honey_Nuggets.pngHoney Nuggets- "Tiny bits of sweet meat I can launch through the air."
  • Kabobs- "Cooked to projectile perfection."
  • Mandrake_Soup.pngMandrake Soup- "Perfect soup for a sleepy afternoon."
  • Meatballs- "Perfectly rounded edible projectiles."
  • Meaty_Stew.pngMeaty Stew- "If I don't like it, I can always use it as ammo."
  • Monster Lasagna- "I've had some bad meals in my lifetime. And this is one of them."
  • Pierogi.pngPierogi- "Food. For me or the Pew-matic."
  • Powdercake- "Looks good enough to fire through the air."
  • Pumpkin_Cookies.pngPumpkin Cookies- "I prefer chocolate chips to chunks of pumpkin."
  • Ratatouille- "I don't think there are any rats in it, but you never know around here."
  • Stuffed_Eggplant.pngStuffed Eggplant- "Are you supposed to eat the stem on top, too?"
  • Taffy- "Bite sized tooth decay."
  • Turkey_Dinner.pngTurkey Dinner- "Things are looking up."
  • Unagi- "Wrap it anyway you like, it's still a dead fish."
  • Waffles.pngWaffles- "I'm eating them for dinner because I'm adventurous."
  • Wet Goop- "Typical of my culinary talents."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Flower_Salad.pngFlower Salad- "Am I supposed to eat this with a pitch fork?"
  • Guacamole- "How adorably appetizing."
  • Ice_Cream.pngIce Cream- "I'm going to eat this so fast I'll get an ice cream headache!"
  • Melonsicle- "Frozen fruit on a stick. A meal fit for kings."
  • Spicy_Chili.pngSpicy Chili- "Smells like something burning."
  • Trail Mix- "Ready for a hike."
  • Banana_Pop.pngBanana Pop- "Banana. Stick. Ice. What more do you need?"
  • Bisque- "Easy to make and easier to eat."
  • California_Roll.pngCalifornia Roll- "Little bits of projectile, all wrapped up for me."
  • Ceviche- "If I don't like it, I can always use it for ammo."
  • Coffee.pngCoffee- "Because there's no better time to be jumpy than when you're on an adventure."
  • Jelly-O Pop- "Looks... delicious?"
  • Wobster_Bisque.pngLobster Bisque- "You better stay closed, claws."
  • Lobster Dinner- "A nice buttery crustacean."
  • Seafood_Gumbo.pngSeafood Gumbo- "Swell. Fish bones soup."
  • Shark Fin Soup- "I'll eat it as long as it doesn't start swimming again."
  • Surf_%27n%27_Turf.pngSurf 'n' Turf- "A feast before adventuring."
  • Fresh Fruit Crepes- "I will call this a fruit burrito."
  • Monster_Tartare.pngMonster Tartare- "I'd just as soon launch this out of the Pew-matic."
  • Mussel Bouillabaise- "They grew those shells just so they could be used as spoons."
  • Sweet_Potato_Souffle.pngSweet Potato Souffle- "Did I make this?"
  • Caviar- "If I don't like it, it's going in the Pew-matic."
  • Tropical_Bouillabaisse.pngTropical Bouillabaisse- "The fins are still in there. Just the way I like it."
  • Asparagus Soup- "Watery vegetables. Mmmm... mmmm!"
  • Feijoada.pngFeijoada- "Those beans finally stopped jumping."
  • Gummy Cake- "Mmmm... grub."
  • Hard_Shell_Tacos.pngHard Shell Tacos- "Swell. Bug cuisine."
  • Iced Tea- "I prefer it cold anyway."
  • Nettle_Rolls.pngNettle Rolls- "The cure is only slightly better than the ailment."
  • Snake Bone Soup- "A good soup made from bad things."
  • Spicy_Vegetable_Stinger.pngSpicy Vegetable Stinger- "It could be spicier."
  • Steamed Ham Sandwich- "I thought I was having steamed clams."
  • Tea.pngTea- "You can barely taste the rodent."

Food - Other[]

Base Game[]
  • Seeds.pngSeeds- "Seedy little guys."
  • Carrot Seeds- "I could plant it. I could also fire it out my Pew-matic."
  • Corn_Seeds.pngCorn Seeds- "A seed for a vegetable made of seeds."
  • Dragon Fruit Seeds- "Seedy looking things."
  • Durian_Seeds.pngDurian Seeds- "Really the only good use for this is as Pew-matic fodder."
  • Eggplant Seeds- "I call these little Pew Pews."
  • Pomegranate_Seeds.pngPomegranate Seeds- "Seeds. To plant or launch through the air."
  • Pumpkin Seeds- "Pew! Pew!"
  • Toasted_Seeds.pngToasted Seeds- "Not too late to be used as a projectile."
  • Honey- "That's a lot of honey, honey."
  • Butterfly_Wings.pngButterfly Wings- "If I launch it with my Pew-matic, will it start fluttering again?"
  • Butter- "Practically screaming to be launched through the air."
  • Rot.pngRot- "Am I really that desperate for adventure?"
  • Rotten Egg- "Smells like sulphur. And sulphur goes boom."
  • Phlegm.pngPhlegm- "Just what I need. A hunk of goop."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Roasted Birchnut- "Nothing like the smell of roasted nuts."
  • Electric_Milk.pngElectric Milk- "Nothing like a nice warm, statically-charged glass of milk."
  • Watermelon Seeds- "Tiny torpedos you can also plant."
  • Clippings- "Swell. A handful of leaves. Maybe someone will want them."
  • Cooked_Seed_Pod.pngCooked Seed Pod- "For chewing or pew-ing."
  • Flytrap Stalk- "Hope this comes in handy. Otherwise that flytrap died for nothing."
  • Nectar.pngNectar- "Now to find something that'll make this into something good."
  • Magic Water- "Another life of adventure!"
  • Aloe_Seeds.pngAloe Seeds- "I could grow something. Or I could launch something."
  • Asparagus Seeds- "To shove in the ground or launch through the air."
  • Radish_Seeds.pngRadish Seeds- "Ammo! Or food, whichever."

Misc Items[]

Base Game[]
  • Blueprint.pngBlueprint- "Wish it was plans for a new flying machine."
  • Gears- "I should find more of these. They look useful."
  • Ashes.pngAshes- "Swell. It's been burnt to ash."
  • Ashes of item- "I don't suppose I could put it back together."
  • Red_Gem.pngRed Gem- "It's still warm from its last use."
  • Blue Gem- "Ohh. Sparkly. I like sparkly."
  • Yellow_Gem.pngYellow Gem- "Nice and light."
  • Green Gem- "Sparkly thing. Typically a good sign you're on an adventure."
  • Orange_Gem.pngOrange Gem- "Orange you glad it wasn't a banana?"
  • Beard Hair- "Swell. I always wanted a bunch of scratchy hair."
  • Manure.pngManure- "Never thought I'd say this, but I could really use that poop."
  • Guano- "It's exactly what it looks like."
  • Melty_Marbles.pngMelty Marbles- "One man's trash is another kid's marbles."
  • Fake Kazoo- "What kind of monster would create a kazoo you can't use!"
  • Gord%27s_Knot.pngGord's Knot- "I've found knots like this in my balloon rigging."
  • Gnome- "Pity I don't have a lawn to put it on."
  • Tiny_Rocketship.pngTiny Rocketship- "I'd fly it to the moon if I could."
  • Frazzled Wires- "I bet someone would find this valuable. Not me, but someone."
  • Ball_and_Cup.pngBall and Cup- "I'll play this in my down-time. Which is never."
  • Hardened Rubber Bung- "I'm more a showerer myself."
  • Mismatched_Buttons.pngMismatched Buttons- "I think I figured out where all the lost buttons go."
  • Second-hand Dentures- "Treasures like this make the adventuring life worthwhile.
  • Lying_Robot.pngLying Robot- "Swell. My new co-pilot."
  • Dessicated Tentacle- "I wonder if they want it back."
  • ファイル:Dwarf Star.pngDwarf Star- "Haha! Always knew I'd reach the stars."
  • Old_Boot.pngOld Boot- "It's treasures like this that make all the hardship worthwhile."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Webber's Skull- "I should bury it before it starts haunting me."
  • Bone_Shards.pngBone Shards- "Who knew bone shards would be so useful?"
  • Blueprint_%28rare%29.pngOld Bell Blueprint- "That's about the most interesting bell I've ever seen."
  • Venom Gland- "Swell. A sack of goop from an animal."
  • Dubloons.pngDubloons- "Strange currency. A sure sign you're on an adventure."
  • Hail- "Ugh! Hail! It's grounded me more times than I can count."
  • Message_in_a_Bottle.pngMessage in a Bottle- "Adventure just seems to find me."
  • Spoiled Fish- "Mmm... smells like my home cooking."
  • Snake_Oil.pngSnake Oil- "I know it's a fake, but I still just have to try it!"
  • Harpoon- "Looks like my pitching arm is going to come in handy."
  • Trident.pngTrident- "Three pokey bits are better than one."
  • Peg Leg- "Well, it's not mine."
  • Orange_Soda.pngOrange Soda- "I don't know what this is, but it looks refreshing."
  • Voodoo Doll- "A little short."
  • Ukulele.pngUkulele- "Don't know how to play. And I don't really want to learn."
  • License Plate- "It's either an important clue to an adventure, or it's completely useless to me."
  • Ancient_Vase.pngAncient Vase- "Swell. Just what I always wanted."
  • Brain Cloud Pill- "Not my kind of adventure."
  • Wine_Bottle_Candle.pngWine Bottle Candle- "I guess it's treasure?"
  • Broken AAC Device- "Interesting... I don't know what it is."
  • One_True_Earring.pngOne True Earring- "Swell. About as useful as one sock."
  • Old Boot- "It's got a hole in it."
  • Sextant.pngSextant- "Looks like... something I don't know how to use."
  • Toy Boat- "I'd like it better if it was a balloon."
  • Wine_Bottle_Candle.pngSoaked Candle- "I guess it's treasure?"
  • Sea Worther- "Looks useful. Somehow..."
  • Iron_Key.pngIron Key- "Where there's a key, there's a lock."
  • Bone Key- "Bone key. Not the first one I've seen."
  • Golden_Key.pngGolden Key- "Gold and keys. Two sure signs of an adventure."
  • Tarnished Crown- "My head's too big. And this crown is too tarnished."
  • Oinc.pngOinc- "Good for buying projectiles. Or being projectiles."
  • Tenpiece Oinc- "Moving up in the world."
  • Centapiece_Oinc.pngCentapiece Oinc- "You know what Wheeler, you deserve a treat."
  • Lost Idol- "Looks like something the pig history buffs would like."
  • Lost_Totem.pngLost Totem- "Pig history. Someone's bound to love this."
  • Relic Fragment- "This belongs in a museum."
  • The_Blue_Sow.pngThe Blue Sow- "Looks fancy. And royal. And it looks like a pig."
  • The Jeweled Truffle- "Well it's valuable to someone."
  • Pherostone.pngPherostone- "Now I can make small talk with the big bugs."
  • Alloy- "Heavy metal made heavier."
  • Chitin.pngChitin- "I'm going to need more of these."
  • Stalking Stick- "Dried flytrap stalks really put a spring in my step."
  • Deed_of_home_ownership.pngDeed of home ownership- "Normally I'm not a homebody, but I do need a place to keep my stuff."
  • Regal Scepter- "Looks good enough to bonk someone on the head with."
  • Royal_Gallery_Key.pngRoyal Gallery Key- "Locks and keys. The cornerstone of every good adventure."
  • Key to the City- "Swell. Now I can be responsible for a whole city."
  • Queen_Malfalfa.pngStatue of Queen Malfalfa- "Swell. A stone dolly."
  • Post Card of the Royal Palace- "Do they have mail service around here?"
  • Can_of_Silly_String.pngCan of Silly String- "It's an inferior Pew-matic."
  • Noxious Cloud- "Not a cloud I'm fond of flying through."

Maxwell_Head.pngAdventure Mode[]

Base Game[]
  • Divining Rod (in starting base)- "The weirder things look, the more useful they usually are."
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod- "Testing... one, two, three.
  • Divining Rod (cold)- "Mayday! Mayday! I'm losing the signal!"
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod (warm)- "I prefer music with a faster tempo."
  • Divining Rod (warmer)- "The tempo is a little better but I bet it could get faster still."
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod (hot)- "Better find what's making this thing sing before it oscillates my ears off."
  • Divining Rod Holder- "Looks... magic-y."
  • Divining_Rod_Holder.pngDivining Rod Holder (ready to unlock)- "Looks like something belongs in there."
  • Divining Rod Holder (unlocked)- "Well, that worked."
  • Maxwell%27s_Door.pngMaxwell's Door- "Smells like adventure."
  • Maxwell's Phonograph- "Is there some kind of dance party going on?
  • Maxwell%27s_Light.pngMaxwell's Light- "Whoever put this here is my new best friend."
  • Maxwell Statue- "A little pretentious for my taste.
  • Maxwell%27s_Tooth_Trap.pngMaxwell's Tooth Trap- "Ambush from below."
  • Sick Worm Hole- "It's seen better days."
  • Nightmare_Lock.pngNightmare Lock- "Seems like the kind of thing I would want to unlock."
  • Nightmare Throne- "That would be a great adventure."
  • Nightmare_Throne.pngMale Character on Nightmare Throne- "Looks like he's having a bad day."
  • Female Character on Nightmare Throne- "Don't take this personal, but you're a little creepy."
  • Nightmare_Throne.pngOther Character on Nightmare Throne- "You look like you've had a bad day."


Base Game[]
  • Generic- "
  • Failed Adventure Mode- "You haven't heard the last of Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler!"
  • Freedom- "The adventure continues!"
  • Freezing- "Brr. It's colder out here than the upper atmosphere."
  • Battlecry- "You picked the wrong gal to mess with!"
  • Battlecry (prey)- "Hey, get back here!"
  • Battlecry (Pig)- "Remember my name, pig!"
  • Battlecry (Spider)- "Put up your dukes. All six of 'em."
  • Battlecry (Spider Warrior)- "Put up your dukes. All six of 'em."
  • Leaving combat- "Bah. Not worth it."
  • Leaving combat (prey)- "I'll let you go this time."
  • Leaving combat (Pig)- "I've got better things to do."
  • Leaving combat (Spider)- "You're not worth my time."
  • Leaving combat (Spider Warrior)- "You're lucky I have things to do."
  • Activated a Bee Mine- "BEES!"
  • Dusk- "Getting dark. But I can stay up past my bedtime."
  • Entering darkness- "Where's the light switch around here?"
  • Entering light- "Light. What a novel concept!"
  • Doing things in the dark- "Where's the light switch around here?"
  • Failed to do something- "That didn't work. I'll try something else."
  • Failed to craft something- "I'll take another crack at it."
  • Failed to give something- "
  • Trying to sleep during the day- "Can't sleep in the day. Too much to do."
  • Trying to sleep during day in a cave- "No way, I've spelunking to do!",
  • Trying to sleep when too hungry- "Food before shut eye."
  • Trying to sleep near monsters- "Can't sleep now. I'm in peril!"
  • Trying to give item to a busy mob- "Feel free to keep me waiting here like a fool."
  • Trying to give item to a dead mob- "I'm not sure they're up for receiving gifts."
  • Trying to give item to a sleeping mob- "It can wait."
  • Not enough fertilizer- "That garden needs some tending to."
  • Hounds are coming- "How am I supposed to explore with those dogs running around?"
  • Depths Worms are coming- "Now what's all that rumbling about?"
  • Boss is coming- "Whatever's moaning needs to show itself."
  • Inventory full- "I need bigger pockets."
  • Can't rummage (generic)- "Not too keen on digging around in there."
  • Can't store (generic/full)- "It won't fit, darn it."
  • Can't store (invalid item)- "It's not going in."
  • Can't bundle (no items)- " "Well, I need something to wrap first."
  • Can't cook (generic)- "What's cookin'? Not me."
  • Can't cook (too far)- "Well I'm too far away for that."
  • Can't draw (no subject)- "Give me something to draw and I'll draw it."
  • Can't shave (generic)- "Doesn't seem too keen on getting shaved just now."
  • Can't shave (nothing left)- "There's nothing left to shave!"
  • Can't shave (beefalo awake)- "Better if he's not so awake."
  • Can't write on sign (generic)- "I don't want to vandalize it with my bad handwriting."
  • Beefalo in combat, unable to mount- "Let them get the fight out of their system first."
  • Beefalo in combat, unable to saddle- "I'm beginning to think now's not the best time."
  • Unable to build structure (mounted)- "Well, I'll have to get down first."
  • Eating- "Mmm... That hit the spot."
  • Eating (stale food)- "Not the freshest food, but I've had worse."
  • Eating (spoiled food)- "Blech. Well, it'll make a good story."
  • Eating (painful food)- "That's what I get for keeping an open mind."
  • Hungry- "When was the last time I ate?"
  • Triggered trap- "Oh! What'd I get?"
  • Torch out- "Swell. Time for a new torch."
  • Pricked- "Y'ouch! Gotta watch myself."
  • Object broken, fixable- "I can fix it in a jiffy."
  • Earthquake- "The ground's moving! Take cover!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Lightning miss- "Another daring escape!"
  • Overheating- "It's hotter than my balloon burner out here."
  • Tree Shelter- "I'm staying here so the weather doesn't get me."
  • Wetness (low)- "A little rain never killed anyone."
  • Wetness (medium)- "Swell. Now I have soakers."
  • Wetness (high)- "Ugh! I'm liable to drown out here!"
  • Wetness (highest)- "I'm more water than person!"
  • Dropping tool while wet- "It's all this rain that's making my tools slip."
  • Smoldering Item- "
  • Burnt- "Well, no one ever accused me of being a good cook."
  • Trying to sleep on fire- "I'm not that eager for adventure!"
  • Volcano eruption- "Look at that! The volcano's about to blow!!"
  • Sea Hounds are coming- "Shark fins! Things are getting exciting."
  • Crocodogs are coming- "
  • Sealnado is coming- "
  • Map border approaching- "It's like flying through the clouds!"
  • Entering map border- "What a riot!"
  • Exiting map border- "What do you know? I'm back where I started."
  • Wave.pngRiding wave-
    • "WOOHOO!!!"
  • Boat losing durability- "Swell. I'm taking on water."
  • Boat leak- "I'm up to my socks in seawater!"
  • Boat sinking- "Is this the end of Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler?"
  • Trawl Net full- "Haha! Let's look at my haul!"
  • Crabbit escape- "Darn it, you! Get back in that trap."
  • Message_in_a_Bottle.pngWrong world- "Awful far to go for treasure, but I'm up for it."
  • Can't buy item (generic)- "Why is it even in here if it's not for sale?"
  • Can't buy item (not enough money)- "I need to improve my finances first."
  • Cannot enter building (generic)-"Swell. A door that won't open."
  • Cannot enter building (locked)- "I'll find a way to open it, somehow."
  • Cannot read Deed of home ownership (wrong area)- "I'll get back there one day."
  • Coughing- "COUGH! COUGH! COUGH! COUGH!"
  • Digging in Dung Pile-
    • "Swell."
    • "Just great."
    • "I'll put this in my memoir."
  • Fog coming-
    • "This %s is suffocating."
    • "This %s is just too hot!"
  • Hay Fever starting- "Allergiesch. What allergiesch?"
  • Hay Fever ending- "My face stopped leaking. Allergy season must be over."
  • Hitting Pugalisk in armored section-
    • "Agh. It has to have a soft spot somewhere!"
    • "No good, I need another way!"
    • "Think, Wheeler, think!"
  • Putting on Living Artifact- "Adventure!"
  • Sneezing- "AchooOO!"
  • Vampire Bats are coming- "Flying rats. This should be exciting."
Exclusive to PS4[]
  • Accomploshrine.pngAccomplishment- "Well that looks interesting."
  • Accomplishment completed- "A waste of time. Onto the next adventure!"


  • Maxwell's Head- "I could make my head that big too, I just choose to value onto my morality."
  • Meaty_Stew.pngDeadly Feast- "I'm adventurous, but not that adventurous."
  • Skull Chest- "Exactly what I was looking for!"
  • Golden Pitchfork- "Because dirt needs to get dug out of the ground in style."
  • Boat- "It's like a hot air balloon for the water."
  • Home- "The only place I've felt at home is in the sky."
  • Sunk_Boat.pngSunk Boat- "I assume they didn't mean to sink it like that."
  • Lava Pit- "A crusted over pit of lava: a sure sign you're on an adventure."
  • Lava_Pit.pngLava Pit (normal)- "If only there was a way to harness this into a balloon burner."
  • Lava Pit (low)- "Does lava burn out?"
  • Lava_Pit.pngLava Pit (out)- "Well, I knew it couldn't last."
  • Maxwell's Mosquito Trap- "Swell. Someone's trying to kill me."
  • Maxwell%27s_Mosquito_Trap.pngMaxwell's Mosquito Trap (went off)- "Bah! Mosquitos!"
  • Tree Clump- "Drat! It's blocking the way."
  • Pig Tent- "I've slept in worse."
  • Poison Frog- "I'd like you more if you weren't such a criminal."
  • Peacock- "Pretty. Pretty conceded."
  • Shadow_Skittish.pngMr. Skittish- "Well, I wanted an adventure."
  • Swimming Horror- "This is why I prefer to stick to the sky."
  • Beach_Turf.pngBeach Turf- "Do I really need to drag this dirt around with me?"
  • Wardrobe- "An adventurer needs an adventurous wardrobe."
  • Wardrobe.pngWardrobe (burning)- "Someone's obviously jealous of my keen fashion sense."
  • Wardrobe (burnt)- "There go my dreams of being a fashion guru."
  • COFFEEBOT- "Automatic coffee maker, what will they think of next?"
  • WOODLEGSSAIL- "I'd rather have a balloon."
  • BIGFISHINGROD- "There's always a bigger fishing rod."
  • SNAKE_FIRE- "I admire your capacity to fit so much annoying into such a small body."
  • PIKE_SKULL- "I'm going to try and avoid that same fate."
  • Baby_Water_Beefalo.pngBaby Water Beefalo- "Aw, he's so cute and waterlogged!"
  • Chicken- "Can't fly. But then neither can I now."
  • Chicken.pngChicken (sleeping)- "Probably dreaming he was a flying bird."
  • Chicken (dead)- "I promise I will go on without you!"
  • Peekhen.pngPeep Hen- "She's very sensibly dressed."
  • Peep Hen (sleeping)- "That little gal's no threat to me."
  • Peekhen.pngPeep Hen (dead)- "I promise, I will go on without you!"
  • Snapdragon- "Well, I wanted an adventure."
  • Snapdragon.pngSnapdragon (sleeping)- "It's dreaming of ground."
  • Snapdragon (dead)- "I promise, I will go on without you!"
  • Zeb.pngZeb- "Not a chess player I see."
  • Zeb (sleeping)- "It's going to take him a while to get up."
  • Zeb.pngZeb (dead)- "I promise, I will go on without you!"
  • Red Mushtree (blooming)- "Giving off the smell of fresh mushrooms."
  • Green_Mushtree_Blooming.pngGreen Mushtree (blooming)- "Swell. It's making more."
  • Blue Mushtree (blooming)- "Well, I'm not cleaning that up!"
  • Blue_Mushtree_Webbed.pngBlue Mushtree (webbed)- "Mold and a lot of spiders. Reminds me of my Grandma's cellar."
  • Red Spore- "At least they're glowing."
  • Red_Spore.pngRed Spore (held)- "I bet I could make you work for me somehow."
  • Green Spore- "I get it. You can fly and I can't. Quit rubbing it in."
  • Green_Spore.pngGreen Spore (held)- "Small. Glowy. Smells like cellar."
  • Blue Spore- "Glad I'm not allergic to mold."
  • Blue_Spore.pngBlue Spore (held)- "Well, they won't fit in the Pew-matic."
  • Big Slimy Pit- "That doesn't look normal. Even for around here."

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Her quote for the Accomploshrine ("Why would I do this? Because it's there.") may be a reference to George Mallory's alleged response to why he wanted to climb Mount Everest.
  • Her quote for a Relic Fragment ("This belongs in a museum.") may be a reference to a line spoken by Indiana Jones, a character from the eponymous Indiana Jones franchise.
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