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"Magnificent! What a marvel of engineering!"

“Ah! The world is so much more interesting when you can see it!”


このページはプレイヤーがアイテムや物を調べた時(Altキーを押しながらクリック)にWagstaff が発する言葉(Quotes)をまとめたものです。


Wagstaff Portrait.pngWagstaff[]


Base Game[]
  • Axe.pngAxe- "Employs a wedge of precisely 45 degrees."
  • Luxury Axe- "Fascinating! Gold has much more durable properties here."
  • Shovel.pngShovel- "It is amazing what some twigs and flint can build."
  • Regal Shovel- "Strangely more durable than its stone counterpart."
  • Pickaxe.pngPickaxe- "A useful tool for acquiring minerals."
  • Opulent Pickaxe- "Strange, the gold makes it more durable, not less."
  • Razor.pngRazor- "Theoretically, it can be used to shave an animal."
  • Hammer- "For use on inanimate objects. Akin to a dissection scalpel."
  • Pitchfork.pngPitchfork- "A purposeful tool for prying turf."
  • Feather Pencil- "A lightweight writing implement for use on signage."
  • Brush.pngBrush- "Theoretically, the brushing of an animal's fur will endear me to them."
  • Saddle- "A rudimentary seat for traversing on domesticated animals."
  • War_Saddle.pngWar Saddle- "Requires a small sacrifice of rabbits for the sake of a war machine."
  • Glossamer Saddle- "Using butterfly wings as a construction material significantly lessens its weight."
  • Saddlehorn.pngSaddlehorn- "A length of curved metal for wresting a saddle off a beast's back."
  • Salt Lick- "A cube of sodium to placate my domesticated bovine."
  • Machete.pngMachete- "A pragmatic tool for slashing objects."
  • Luxury Machete- "Gold is so plentiful here I can use it in household tools."
  • Shears.pngShears- "Cutting implements constructed from raw metal."


Base Game[]
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (upon being built)- "Combustion at its finest."
  • Fire Pit (upon being built)- "It ignites at the mere introduction of fuel!"
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (high)- "Hoohooo! An admirable display of thermodynamics!"
  • Fire Pit (high)- "Exothermic energy emitting at an alarming rate!"
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (normal)- "An excellent source of thermal radiation."
  • Fire Pit (normal)- "No spark is required to ignite this fire."
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (low)- "The wavelengths of the thermal waves are getting shorter."
  • Fire Pit (low)- "Getting dangerously low to being extinguished."
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (embers)- "Requires more fuel to continue reacting exothermically."
  • Fire Pit (embers)- "It's down to cinders."
  • Campfire.pngCampfire (out)- "Not even a trace of heat left."
  • Fire Pit (out)- "Remarkably, it will ignite on contact with a fuel source."
  • Torch.pngTorch- "Portable combustion. Direly needed in this environment."
  • Miner Hat- "The lens must focus the bioluminescence."
  • Pumpkin_Lantern.pngPumpkin Lantern- "Strange. The length of its light emitting properties vary depending on the season."
  • Lantern- "A portable source of illumination that will no doubt come in handy."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit- "An endothermic nitre fire! Quite fascinating!"
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire (high)- "Emitting endothermic waves at an alarming rate!"
  • Endothermic Fire Pit (high)- "Sending out endothermic waves at an alarming rate!"
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (normal)- "Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!"
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire (low)- "It requires more fuel to consume."
  • Endothermic Fire Pit (low)- "Needs more fuel to consume."
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire (embers)- "Nearing the end of its current fuel."
  • Endothermic Fire Pit (embers)- "Nearing the end of current fuel."
  • Endothermic_Fire.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (out)- "I'll have to start it again."
  • Moggles.pngMoggles- "Converts scents to visual light waves."
  • Chiminea (all stages)- "Ah ha! I have achieved efficient combustion!"
  • Bottle_Lantern.pngBottle Lantern- "Miniscule lighting in a bottle."
  • Boat Torch- "The fortunate angle of this stick makes for an ideal hanging device."
  • Boat_Lantern.pngBoat Lantern- "An exemplary application for bioluminescence."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit (upon being built)- "The obsidian is a fantastic conductor of thermal energy."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (high)- "The thermal energy output is enormous!"
  • Obsidian Fire Pit (normal)- "The obsidian really focuses the thermal output."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (low)- "Not emitting as much energy as before."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit (embers)- "Still emanating a small amount of thermal energy."
  • Obsidian_Fire_Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (out)- "It should ignite with the addition of a source of fuel."
  • Tar Lamp- "A simple yet effective design. Still smells though."
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (upon being built)- "Efficiently contains an exothermic reaction on the water."
  • Buoyant Chiminea (high)- "A glorious blaze! Especially in such a water-logged environment."
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (normal)- "Emitting thermal energy nominally."
  • Buoyant Chiminea (low)- "Evidence suggests the fire is getting low."
  • Buoyant_Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (embers)- "It will require more fuel to keep up the combustion process."
  • Buoyant Chiminea (out)- "It will require fuel to continue."
  • Cork_Candle_Hat.pngCork Candle Hat- "Presumably the cork will act as an insulator so my head doesn't burn."
  • Cowl- "Incredible. It's just like my goggles!"

Icon_Survival.png Survival[]

Base Game[]
  • Backpack- "A fancy free way to bear my impedimenta."
  • Piggyback.pngPiggyback- "An epiphany in transporting technology."
  • Bird Trap- "An state-of-the-art snare for those elusive birds."
  • Bug_Net.pngBug Net- "An adequate replacement for the insect collecting tools I left at home."
  • Fishing Rod- "An elementary tool. Yet a very useful one."
  • Straw_Roll.pngStraw Roll- "The aroma of sweet hay has a lethargic effect."
  • Fur Roll- "Preposterously effective at producing lethargy."
  • Tent.pngTent- "Its restorative properties are quite intriguing."
  • Trap- "A rudimentary invention to abduct small creatures."
  • Honey_Poultice.pngHoney Poultice- "An excellent implementation of honey's antibiotic effect."
  • Healing Salve- "A panacea of spider venom."
  • Umbrella.pngUmbrella- "A portable canopy for the sun and the rain."
  • Compass-
    • N- "North."
    • S- "South."
    • E- "East."
    • W- "West."
    • NE- "Northeast."
    • SE- "Southeast."
    • NW- "Northwest."
    • SW- "Southwest."
  • Compass.pngCompass (generic)- "Theoretically, it is attracted to the magnetic poles of this world."
  • Compass (broken)- "I'll have to navigate henceforth without a compass."
  • Bundling_Wrap.pngBundling Wrap- "A consolidation of rope and paper makes for good wrapping."
  • Bundled_Supplies_2-3_Slot.pngBundled Supplies- "Amazing! The weight of the items inside are reduced when bundled together!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Insulated_Pack.pngInsulated Pack- "A portable storage device for preventing food spoilage!"
  • Luxury Fan- "Produces an extraordinary amount of wind."
  • Siesta_Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to- "For indulging in the therapeutic properties of a nap."
  • Siesta Lean-to (can't sleep)- "
  • Siesta_Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (monsters)- "
  • Siesta Lean-to (hungry)- "
  • Siesta_Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (in cave)- "
  • Tent (overheating)- "
  • Tent_Burnt.pngTent (burnt)- "It's fortuitous I was not in it at the time."
  • Siesta Lean-to (burnt)- "Obviously it was combustible."
  • Thermal_Stone_Stage_3.pngThermal Stone- "Fascinating! This stone is able to store thermal energy."
  • Thermal Stone (frozen)- "It has absorbed the sub-zero ambient temperature.
  • Thermal_Stone.pngThermal Stone (cold)- "Helpfully, its temperature change is linked with a chromatic one."
  • Thermal Stone (warm)- "Giving off thermal energy."
  • Thermal_Stone_Stage_5.pngThermal Stone (hot)- "Its thermal energy emissions warm the recesses of my viscera."
  • Pretty Parasol- "It's translucency provides little protection."
  • Thatch_Pack.pngThatch Pack- "Palm leaves make for an outstanding building material."
  • Booty Bag- "Its metaphysical properties allow it to spontaneously generate dubloons."
  • Sea_Sack.pngSea Sack- "A sack that protects perishables, but it is made from perishables itself."
  • Tropical Fan- "Fascinating! It controls air currents."
  • Silly_Monkey_Ball.pngSilly Monkey Ball- "He he. I can see what those simians see in this amusing sphere."
  • Tropical Parasol- "It provides a modicum of protection from the elements."
  • Anti_Venom.pngAnti Venom- "A tincture of antibodies."
  • Palm_Leaf_Hut_Burnt.pngPalm Leaf Hut (normal, burning, and burnt)- "A rudimentary structure that will keep the rain away. In theory."
  • Bug B'Gone- "An excellent merger of tubers and predatory plant stalk."
  • Bird_Whistle.pngBird Whistle- "A bird whistle that appears to call an exceedingly large bird."


Base Game[]
  • Crock_Pot.pngCrock Pot (empty)- "In need of ingredients."
  • Crock Pot (cooking, long time left)- "I'll recite the digits of pi while I wait."
  • Crock_Pot.pngCrock Pot (cooking, short time left)- "Must be using high frequency radiation to cook."
  • Crock Pot (finished)- "Done already? Remarkable!"
  • Bee_Box.pngBee Box- "A factory for industrious insects."
  • Bee Box (no honey)- "Currently empty. I shall have to rectify that."
  • Bee_Box_Level_1.pngBee Box (some honey)- "The process is not yet complete."
  • Bee Box (full of honey)- "Those bugs have produced a good deal of honey!"
  • Basic_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm- "Gardening fundamentals seem to work the same here."
  • Basic_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm (growing)- "It's growing at a remarkable rate!"
  • Basic_Farm.pngBasic Farm and Improved Farm (needs fertilizer)- "It would benefit from further fertilization."
  • Ice_Box.pngIce Box- "Just like the ice boxes at home."
  • Drying Rack- "Not the most sophisticated tool but it will do."
  • Drying_Rack.pngDrying Rack (drying)- "Still undergoing the evaporation process."
  • Drying Rack (finished)- "Food dries so rapidly here!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Crock_Pot_Burnt.pngCrock Pot (burnt)- "Bah. Thermal energy has been applied overzealously."
  • Bee Box (burnt)- "Where have the bees gone to?"
  • Farmplot_Burnt.pngBasic and Improved Farm (burnt)- "Perhaps caused by an exothermic internal reaction."
  • Drying Rack (drying in rain)- "The moist atmosphere is not helping the drying process."
  • Drying_Rack_Burnt.pngDrying Rack (burnt)- "Perhaps it was a little too dry."
  • Bucket-o-poop- "Manure smells the same in this world."
  • Mussel_Stick.pngMussel Stick- "An ingenious invention fabricated from readily available materials."
  • Mussel Bed- "Theoretically, I can farm my own bivalve molluscs here."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (empty)- "Entirely devoid of fish at the moment."
  • Fish Farm (growing)- "A wild selection of aquatic craniates. Still in egg form."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (one fish)- "Evidence suggests a roe has hatched."
  • Fish Farm (two fish)- "In theory, more eggs will be able to hatch."
  • Fish_Farm.pngFish Farm (three fish)- "Theoretically this farm could still hold more fish."
  • Fish Farm (four fish)- "It's reached capacity! How wonderful!"


Base Game[]
  • Science_Machine.png Science Machine- "How interesting! Proximity affects its usability."
  • Alchemy Engine- "Even alchemy operates differently here."
  • Thermal_Measurer.pngThermal Measurer- "Amazing! Gold has mercurial properties here."
  • Rainometer- "Those elements would never make a barometer at home."
  • Lightning_Rod.pngLightning Rod- "Attracts the electrostatic discharge of a lightning strike."
  • Lightning Rod (charged)- "Curious, it gives off light energy but no thermal energy."
  • Gunpowder.pngGunpowder- "An ingenious invention. Capable of much destruction."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Science Machine (burnt)- "Non-functioning."
  • Alchemy_Engine_Burnt.pngAlchemy Engine (burnt)- "Appears it was combustible."
  • Thermal Measurer (burnt)- "Cannot function as is."
  • Rainometer_Burnt.pngRainometer (burnt)- "Just carbon now."
  • Ice Flingomatic (off)- "I switched it off to save on fuel."
  • Ice_Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (on)- "Primed for fire fighting!"
  • Ice Flingomatic (low fuel)- "It has almost consumed all of its available fuel."
  • Electrical_Doodad.pngElectrical Doodad- "A crystal diode made of gold and rocks! I have many uses for this!"
  • Sea Lab- "Science on the sea! How marvelous!"
  • Ice_Maker_3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (empty and medium)- "A practical electric refrigeration unit that doesn't require electricity!"
  • Ice Maker 3000 (high)- "Producing endothermic reactions at an alarming rate!"
  • Ice_Maker_3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (low)- "Theoretically, it will require more fuel soon."
  • Ice Maker 3000 (very low)- "The fuel must be replenished immediately!"
  • Ice_Maker_3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (out)- "It requires fuel to convert to endothermic energy."
  • Quacken Drill- "Such a simple design. Yet so effectively destructive!"
  • Smelter.pngSmelter- "Magnificent! Perhaps I can build a factory here as well."
  • Oscillating Fan- "Magnificent! What a marvel of engineering!"
Exclusive to PS4[]


Base Game[]
  • Spear.pngSpear- "Not incredibly effective weapon, but it has other uses."
  • Ham Bat- "Remarkably destructive yet still susceptible to food spoilage."
  • Boomerang.pngBoomerang- "The unbalanced aerodynamic forces acting upon it create an eliptical airborne path."
  • Boomerang (hit self)- "Missed! My calculations must be off."
  • Blow_Dart.pngBlow Dart- "A potent pneumatic projectile weapon."
  • Sleep Dart- "This mixture of bee stinger and feather has a soporific effect!"
  • Fire_Dart.pngFire Dart- "Curious. What produces the spark that consumes the charcoal?"
  • Football Helmet- "Has oddly large protective qualities given its considerable softness."
  • Grass_Suit.pngGrass Suit- "Approximately a 1 on the Mohs Scale."
  • Log Suit- "I can study my attackers more closely with this rudimentary armor."
  • Marble_Suit.pngMarble Suit- "Its weight increases when worn, but not when carried. Fascinating!"
  • Bee Mine- "An absolute revelation agrarian warfare."
  • Tooth_Trap.pngTooth Trap- "How magnificently unmerciful!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Scalemail- "Is it made of asbestos?"
  • Morning_Star.pngMorning Star- "Curious. It smells faintly of ozone."
  • Weather Pain- "Where does the air current originate?"
  • Poison_Spear.pngPoison Spear- "Luckily the venom gland doesn't weigh down the tip of the spear."
  • Poison Dart- "An excellent pneumatic device that delivers a slow painful death."
  • Coconade.pngCoconade- "An inspired combination of gunpowder and hard round fruit."
  • Coconade (lit)- "Hoohoo! I cannot wait to see it explode!"
  • Spear_Gun.pngSpear Gun (empty), Spear Gun- "A tool to propel homicidal weapons at an enemy."
  • Spear_Gun_Poison.pngPoison Spear Gun- "A pernicious propellant."
  • Obsidian Spear Gun- "An exothermic propellant launched via a hyperelastic material."
  • Cutlass_Supreme.pngCutlass Supreme- "An excellent killing implement."
  • Horned Helmet- "The water resistant properties of the aquatic bound bovine have transfered to this headgear."
  • Seashell_Suit.pngSeashell Suit- "A rudimentary design but moderately effective."
  • Limestone Suit- "Has considerably more weight when it is worn."
  • Cactus_Armor.pngCactus Armor- "Defensive clothing constructed from contentious cactus projectiles."
  • Halberd- "A marvelously versatile instrument capable of causing incredible harm!"
  • Cork_Bat.pngCork Bat- "The detriment of its light weight are counteracted by its relative ease to construct."
  • Weevole Mantle- "Exoskeleton armor to protect my endoskeleton."
  • Mant_Mask.pngMant Mask- "Evidently it masks my human scent as well."
  • Mant Suit- "What a wonderful way to infiltrate a suspicious society."
  • Fancy_Helmet.pngFancy Helmet- "Incredibly durable. Though incredibly dense as well."
  • Tin Suit- "The riveting in this suit is quite sophisticated."
  • Blunderbuss.pngBlunderbuss- "A magnificent killing instrument. Such a sleek design."


Base Game[]
  • Birdcage_Build.pngBirdcage- "An intricate enclosure for scrutinizing the local wildlife."
  • Birdcage (occupied)- "Fascinating! This bird has alchemical abilities."
  • Birdcage.pngBirdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "It sleeps standing up. Curious."
  • Pig House- "That house has been built at an alarmingly obtuse angle."
  • Pig_House_Light_On.pngPig House (occupied, lights on)- "How many porcine people fit in there?"
  • Pig House (occupied, lights off)- "Fascinating! They think they're hiding."
  • Rabbit_Hutch_Build.pngRabbit Hutch- "Where do they grow the material for their habitats?"
  • Hay Wall (held)- "Not terribly heavy."
  • Hay_Wall_Build.pngHay Wall- "A temporary structure if I ever saw one."
  • Wood Wall (held)- "Segment of a wall made from boards and rope."
  • Wood_Wall_Build.pngWood Wall- "Sufficient for the short term."
  • Stone Wall (held)- "It would be more useful if it were placed on the ground."
  • Stone_Wall_Build.pngStone Wall- "Some solid protection to prevent unwanted trespassing."
  • Chest- "Has a lock, but it does not require a key. Curious."
  • Sign.pngSign- "Curious. It's somehow entangled with my map."
  • Potted Fern- "A bit of horticulture warms the spirit."
  • Mini_Sign.pngMini Sign (held)- "Its function is better realized when it is stuck in the ground."
  • Mini Sign (empty)- "It will be of better use if it's drawn upon."
  • Mini_Sign.pngMini Sign (drawn on)- "A wonderfully effective way to categorize my things."
  • Wood Fence (held)- "Theoretically, this would be of better use in the ground."
  • Wood_Fence_Build.pngWood Fence- "A simple but effective way to control the wanderings of domestic animals."
  • Wood Gate (held)- "I firmly believe this could be of better use in the ground."
  • Wood_Gate_Build.pngWood Gate- "A gate. Evidence suggests you can go through it."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Pig House (burnt)- "Retains its structure amazingly well."
  • Rabbit_Hutch_Burnt.pngRabbit Hutch (burnt)- "Still holds some residual heat."
  • Hay Wall (burnt)- "Predictable."
  • Wood_Wall_Build.pngWood Wall (burnt)- "Unsurprising. Wood is combustible."
  • Chest (burnt)- "No longer functioning."
  • Scaled_Chest.pngScaled Chest- "The contents are currently incombustible."
  • Sign (burnt)- "Wood is prone to burning."
  • Sand_Castle.pngSand Castle- "Fascinating, it seems to add protection against psychic attack."
  • Sand Castle (sand)- "Its psychic protective properties have depleted."
  • Wildbore_House_Build.pngWildbore House- "Rudimentary, but quite sound structurally."
  • Prime Ape Hut- "What treasures have these curious creatures amassed!"
  • Limestone_Wall.pngLimestone Wall (held)- "It's of more use when it is on the ground."
  • Limestone Wall- "Interesting. Coral that has use as a corral."
  • Dragoon_Den.pngDragoon Den- "Fascinating! This creature assumes himself to be some kind of strongman."
  • Sandbag (held)- "A small obstacle for flood prevention."
  • Sand_Bag_Structure.pngSandbag- "Theoretically, it will stem the tide. For a little while."
  • Seaworthy (Vanilla or ROG world)- "That invaluable dark fuel is powering transportation to another world!"
  • Seaworthy.pngSeaworthy (SW world)- "That invaluable dark fuel is powering transportation to another world!"
  • Buoy- "A buoyant emitter of visible light waves."
  • Sea_Chest.pngSea Chest- "Buoyant storage! This will revolutionize sea-going affairs!"
  • Ballphin Palace- "Where are all those playful mammals coming from?"
  • Sea_Wall.pngSea Wall (held)- "A strong wall. But more effective on the ground."
  • Sea Wall- "Presumably, this will withstand external attack."
  • Cork_Barrel.pngCork Barrel- "A small container constructed of a lightweight material."


Base Game[]
  • Rope.pngRope- "Refined grass braided into quite a durable cord."
  • Boards- "Board fabrication without planing tools! Extraordinary!"
  • Cut_Stone.pngCut Stone- "Rectangular cuboid stonework with many uses."
  • Papyrus- "This paper has interesting clothlike properties."
  • Purple_Gem.pngPurple Gem- "Amazingly adept at focusing the dark fuel."
  • Nightmare Fuel- "I must find a way to return with this. It will revolutionize the world!!"
  • Beeswax.pngBeeswax- "Refined byproduct of honey production."
  • Wax Paper- "The melding of paper and wax for the purpose of preservation."
  • Cloth.pngCloth- "Functional and flexible."
  • Limestone- "Sedimentary rock composed of coral."
  • Empty_Bottle.pngEmpty Bottle- "A shame. I was looking forward to a communication."
  • Coral Nubbin- "I must find the ideal spot on the seafloor to plant this."


Base Game[]
  • Meat_Effigy.pngMeat Effigy- "A chance to learn from failure."
  • Prestihatitator- "Ah yes! Exactly the knowledge I seek."
  • Shadow_Manipulator.pngShadow Manipulator- "For harnessing the dark forces lurking about."
  • Pan Flute- "Proven to produce a sonamolant song."
  • Night_Light.pngNight Light- "Amazing. It emits a psychic attack along with light energy!"
  • Night Armor- "Armor made from the dark fuel! I cannot wait to see its effects."
  • Dark_Sword.pngDark Sword- "Dark fuel forged into a fascinating weapon! Its military applications are endless!"
  • One-man Band- "That wonderful dark fuel is augmenting the effectiveness of my playing."
  • Bat_Bat.pngBat Bat- "Amazing! It converts psychic energy into kinetic energy."
  • Belt of Hunger- "This dark fuel could truly solve the world's hunger problems."
  • Chilled_Amulet.pngChilled Amulet- "An endothermic device somehow activated by its proximity to my sternum."
  • Nightmare Amulet- "It uses dark fuel to induce psychic attack! I love it."
  • Life_Giving_Amulet.pngLife Giving Amulet- "Finally a way to experience what death is like!"
  • Fire Staff- "The dark fuel is feeding the gem's exothermic properties!"
  • Ice_Staff.pngIce Staff- "The stone must concentrate the endothermic energy."
  • Telelocator Staff- "So it is possible to bend three dimensional space. I knew it!"
  • Telebase.pngTelelocator Focus (full)- "A focus for spacetime manipulation."
  • Telelocator Focus (missing gem)- "Requires stones of an amaranthine color."
  • Telelocator_Focus.pngTelolocator Socket (full)- "Contains a precisely placed gem of a particular pigment."
  • Telelocator Socket (missing gem)- "Requires stones of an amaranth color."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Meat_Effigy_Burnt.pngMeat Effigy (burnt)- "A life gone up in flames!"
  • Prestihatitator (burnt)- "I heartily wish it hadn't burnt."
  • Shadow_Manipulator_Burnt.pngShadow Manipulator (burnt)- "Even the arcane can burn."
  • Old Bell- "It oscillates at an unusual wavelength."
  • Piratihatitator.pngPiratihatitator- "If I could return home with this machine, I could revolutionize the world!"
  • Piratihatitator (burnt)- "My plans for a scientific revolution have gone up in flames."
  • Dripple_Pipes.pngDripple Pipes- "Yet another instrument I would very much like to bring back with me."
  • Hogus Porkusator (normal and burnt)- "A source of arcane knowledge in the form of an amusing air borne pig."
  • Skyworthy.pngSkyworthy (non-Hamlet world)- "I must learn how to harness the dark fuel into a teleportation device!"
  • Skyworthy (Hamlet world)- "Another innovation that runs on dark fuel!"
  • Living_Artifact.pngLiving Artifact- "An ancient war machine! I must appraise its funtionality! [sic]"


Base Game[]
  • Sewing_Kit.pngSewing Kit- "The hound's tooth needle has proven quite dependable."
  • Rabbit Earmuffs- "Keeps in thermal waves. Keeps out sound waves."
  • Straw_Hat.pngStraw Hat- "Required a large amount of grass to construct. But fairly worth the effort."
  • Beefalo Hat- "A captivating cap for cattle camouflage. And it keeps me warm!"
  • Beekeeper_Hat.pngBeekeeper Hat- "Its translucent mesh allows for closer contact."
  • Feather Hat- "Attracting birds. Perhaps they think me one of them?"
  • Winter_Hat.pngWinter Hat- "A knitted hat constructed from silk and grass."
  • Top Hat- "An extravagant hat. And one that is affecting my brain waves."
  • Dapper_Vest.pngDapper Vest- "The hound's tooth has proven quite comfortable. Interesting..."
  • Breezy Vest- "Allows for proper air convection."
  • Puffy_Vest.pngPuffy Vest- "Allows for proper air conduction."
  • Bush Hat- "How odd! Such a rudimentary disguise, yet so effective."
  • Garland.pngGarland- "It counteracts the effects of psychic attack! Fascinating!"
  • Walking Cane- "Amazing! It passes kinetic energy onto its user."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Cat_Cap.pngCat Cap- "For something fashioned from spider webs it's remarkably unsticky."
  • Fashion Melon- "It's sticky and made with sticks. Fascinating!"
  • Ice_Cube.pngIce Cube- "Freezes the brain and lowers my internal body temperature."
  • Rain Coat- "An excellent insulator of moisture and electrostatic charge."
  • Rain_Hat.pngRain Hat- "Excellent apparel for traversing rainy weather."
  • Summer Frest- "Quite effective in reflecting thermal waves."
  • Floral_Shirt.pngFloral Shirt- "The flowers have fused into a pattern! Fascinating!"
  • Eyebrella- "Perspicillum for precipitation."
  • Hibearnation_Vest.pngHibearnation Vest- "Appetite suppressing winter apparel! Astonishing!"
  • Brain of Thought- "The schematics for a plethora of incredible inventions are in now contained within my brain!"
  • Snakeskin_Hat.pngSnakeskin Hat- "Smells not unlike wet snake."
  • Snakeskin Jacket- "The snake scale is quite water resistant."
  • Blubber_Suit.pngBlubber Suit- "Smells faintly of ambergris."
  • Windbreaker- "Has an unbelievable resistance to gale force winds."
  • Tar_Suit.pngTar Suit- "An entirely effective rain suit! Could be a bit more durable."
  • Particulate Purifier- "Amazing! It functions without requiring a sealed cover over the mouth!"
  • Sleek_Hat.pngSleek Hat- "Incredible. It's worn on the head, yet affects the whole body."
  • Shark Tooth Crown- "In theory, this fabricated bravado will restore my mental state."
  • Dumbrella.pngDumbrella- "Its duplicate canopies have increased its effectiveness exponentially."
  • Gas Mask- "It appears that those ocular plumes are great at air filtration."
  • Pith_Hat.pngPith Hat- "Armored head protection amazingly suited to jungle exploration."
  • Thunderhat- "A lightning rod mere inches from my brain. What an intriguing experiment!"


Base Game[]
  • Thulecite- "That captivating dark fuel is concentrated in these stones."
  • Thulecite_Wall.pngThulecite Wall (held)- "A wall segment made from the endemic technology."
  • Thulecite Wall- "Fascinating! I would love to decipher those markings."
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (min)- "It's attuned to areas of psychic attack."
  • Thulecite Medallion (rising low)- "It's picking up fluctuations."
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (rising high)- "It's releasing a pulse. Almost as if it were alive!"
  • Thulecite Medallion (max)- "Hohoo! I'm being hit with fluctuating psychic attacks!"
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (receding high)- "The pulses are coming less frequently now."
  • Thulecite Medallion (receding low)- "The psychic attacks are over. What a shame!"
  • Thulecite_Medallion.pngThulecite Medallion (outside ruins)- "I'll need to find a place where this works."
  • The Lazy Forager- "The dark fuel must be somehow manipulating electromagnetic forces."
  • Magiluminescence.pngMagiluminescence- "A dark fuel infused discharger of kinetic and light energy."
  • Construction Amulet- "A facilitator for the breaking of the laws of conservation!"
  • The_Lazy_Explorer.pngThe Lazy Explorer- "Quite similar to my Telebrella but it uses that fascinating dark fuel!"
  • Star Caller's Staff- "The dark fuel in this staff allows me to break all known laws of physics!"
  • Deconstruction_Staff.pngDeconstruction Staff- "The stone must act as a conduit for the dark energy."
  • Pick/Axe- "A revelation! Two tools have been merged into one!"
  • Thulecite_Crown.pngThulecite Crown- "A solid field is being created out of the dark fuel. What a revelation!"
  • Thulecite Suit- "That wonderful dark fuel provides an extra barrier to this armor."
  • Thulecite_Club.pngThulecite Club- "That fascinating dark energy has amplified the brutality of this weapon."
  • Houndius Shootius (held)- "Those rocks possess considerable power."
  • Houndius_Shootius_Build.pngHoundius Shootius- "It forms a loyalty to its manufacturer! How fascinating!"


  • Log_Raft.pngLog Raft- "The dispersal of weight should keep me briefly afloat."
  • Raft- "A moderately manufactured buoyant craft."
  • Row_Boat.pngRow Boat- "A sufficient ship for my mundane explorative tasks."
  • Cargo Boat- "A top-notch transporter of goods across bodies of water."
  • Armored_Boat.pngArmored Boat- "Sometimes the simplest designs are the most impressive."
  • Encrusted Boat- "Surprisingly agile, despite its chaotic design."
  • The_%27Sea_Legs%27.pngThe 'Sea Legs'- "This looks well kept. As if the owner has used it recently."
  • Boat Repair Kit- "Strange. Where did the glue come from?"
  • Thatch_Sail.pngThatch Sail- "Passable material for capturing wind currents."
  • Cloth Sail- "Based its malleability and texture, this will make me go fast!"
  • Snakeskin_Sail.pngSnakeskin Sail- "Theoretically, it's reliable despite its patchy appearance."
  • Feather Lite Sail- "These feathers appear to be adept at attracting wind currents."
  • Iron_Wind.pngIron Wind- "Yet another contrivance which makes use of those versatile gears!"
  • Boat Cannon- "Explosive! Someone could do considerable damage with this!"
  • Quackering_Ram.pngQuackering Ram- "An exceptionally enormous blunt object to hit things with."
  • Sea Trap (held and placed)- "I do hope this yields a lobster dinner."
  • Sea_Yard.pngSea Yard (off)- "I must extract more tar for this marvelous machine to work again!"
  • Sea Yard (on)- "Magnificent. I could use this kind of automation in my factory!"
  • Sea_Yard.pngSea Yard (out of fuel)- "Getting precariously low on fuel."
  • Tar Extractor (off)- "It requires the turning of a switch to function."
  • Tar_Extractor.pngTar Extractor (on)- "Splendid. We very much need something like this at home."
  • Tar Extractor (out of fuel)- "Evidence suggests it needs more tar."
  • Trawl_Net.pngTrawl Net- "What enigmas of the deep can I uncover!"
  • Trawl Net (detached)- "Full of the wonders of the sea!"
  • Trawl_Net_Sinking.pngTrawl Net (sinking)- "Theoretically, it will reach the bottom soon."
  • Trawl Net (sinking soon)- "Descending rapidly..."
  • Spyglass.pngSpyglass- "The glass bottle makes an uncommonly good looking glass."
  • Super Spyglass- "The refraction properties of that lens is astonishing!"
  • Captain_Hat.pngCaptain Hat- "Curious. It appears to have an affect on my sailing competency."
  • Pirate Hat- "Effects the probability of my success as a sea captain."
  • Lucky_Hat.pngLucky Hat- "Incredible. It increases the probability of finding treasure!"
  • Life Jacket- "Ingenious! The empty glass bottles will keep me buoyant!"
  • Cork_Bowl_Canoe.pngCork Bowl Canoe- "Theoretically, it works. Though I won't predict for how long."


  • Obsidian_Machete.pngObsidian Machete- "An adamantine blade with exothermic properties."
  • Obsidian Axe- "Incredible! The obsidian is converting kinetic energy into thermal energy."
  • Obsidian_Spear.pngObsidian Spear- "Initial observations suggest the obsidian gets really hot."
  • Obsidian Armor- "The reptilian heart and obsidian have imbued it with incendiary properties."
  • Obsidian_Coconade.pngObsidian Coconade- "Contains an explosive amount of potential energy."
  • Howling Conch- "Intriguing! Its sound reverberations have an effect on the weather!"
  • Sail_Stick.pngSail Stick- "A superlative utilization of dark fuel. The world will be better for its introduction!"
  • Volcano Staff- "Such power focused into a portable staff! Magnificent!"

Icon_Treasure_Hunting.png​Treasure Hunting[]

  • Disarming Tools- "An aid in negotiating those violent booby traps."
  • Ball_Pein_Hammer.pngBall Pein Hammer- "A diminutive tool, ideal for negotiating the removal of gems."
  • Gold Pan- "I do hope the holes were meant to be there."
  • Magnifying_Glass.pngMagnifying Glass- "Excellent! A burning glass!"

​City Planning[]

  • Lamp_Post.pngLamp Post (off)- "Presumably they've turned it off to conserve the bulb."
  • Lamp Post (on)- "How wonderful! Does it run on direct current or alternating current?"
  • Town_House.pngTown House- "The humble home of a domesticated pig."
  • Town House (burning)- "In theory that home is done for."
  • The_Sterling_Trough_Deli_Build.pngThe Sterling Trough Deli- "The finest eating establishment in the environs."
  • The Sterling Trough Deli (burning)- "Presumably, I will be without sandwiches until they rebuild."
  • Pigg_and_Pigglet%27s_General_Store_Build.pngPigg and Pigglet's General Store- "A kaleidoscope of goods within. Though sadly not a kaleidoscope."
  • Pigg and Pigglet's General Store (burning)- "Presumably, someone has the means to extinguish that flame."
  • Curly_Tails_Mud_Spa_Build.pngCurly Tails Mud Spa- "It's well stocked with medical supplies."
  • Curly Tails Mud Spa (burning)- "Alarming! And yet I don't hear an alarm."
  • Swinesbury_Fine_Grocer%27s_Build.pngSwinesbury Fine Grocer's- "Contains a smorgasbord of fine foods for sale."
  • Swinesbury Fine Grocer's (burning)- "Did it spontaneously catch fire?"
  • Miss_Sow%27s_Floral_Arrangements_Build.pngMiss Sow's Floral Arrangements- "Materials for the cultivation of plants can be purchased within."
  • Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements (burning)- "It cannot burn forever. In theory."
  • %27The_Sty%27_Oddities_Emporium_Build.png'The Sty' Oddities Emporium- "A store that contains multitudes."
  • 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium (burning)- "I do enjoy a good combustive event now and then."
  • The_Flying_Pig_Arcane_Shop_Build.pngThe Flying Pig Arcane Shop- "This looks like a shop I could spend some time in!"
  • The Flying Pig Arcane Shop (burning)- "I would not rule out spontaneous combustion."
  • The_Boar%27s_Tusk_Weapon_Shop_Build.pngThe Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop- "Ah wonderful! A shop dealing in brutal means of destruction."
  • The Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop (burning)- "Presumably someone will come along to put that out."
  • The_Sow%27s_Ear_Hat_Shop_Build.pngThe Sow's Ear Hat Shop- "A store selling caps for my cranium."
  • The Sow's Ear Hat Shop (burning)- "Evidence would suggest it's been set on fire."
  • Swinesbury_Academy.pngSwinesbury Academy- "Excellent! The halls of history. Let's see what I can learn."
  • Swinesbury Academy (burning)- "Quite the high-temperature exothermic redox chemical reaction!"
  • Swinesbury_Mineral_Exchange_Build.pngSwinesbury Mineral Exchange- "A place of rudimentary coinage alchemy."
  • Swinesbury Mineral Exchange (burning)- "The flames are so intriguing!"
  • The_Tinkerer%27s_Tower_Build.pngThe Tinkerer's Tower- "I'm always in the market for engineering blueprints."
  • The Tinkerer's Tower (burning)- "Presumably, all the blueprints are now burnt too."
  • Swinesbury_City_Hall_Build.pngSwinesbury City Hall- "A venerable hall of presumptions and bureaucracy."
  • Swinesbury City Hall (burning)- "Theoretically, all the paperwork is burnt too."
  • ファイル:My City Hall Build.pngMy City Hall- "As lucrative as my new job is, I prefer to occupy my days as an inventor."
  • ファイル:My City Hall Build.pngMy City Hall (burning)- "Evidence would suggest there are vandals in the town."
  • Security_Contract.pngSecurity Contract- "I can now acquire the services of a bodyguard."
  • Slanty Shanty- "My work awaits!"
  • Slanty_Shanty_Build.pngSlanty Shanty (locked)- "It looks like an adequate facility to build some inventions."
  • ファイル:Slanty Shanty Burnt.pngSlanty Shanty (burnt)- "A setback! But I will rebuild!"
  • Watch Tower- "Ah. A stone fortification from which to defend."
  • Watch_Tower.pngWatch Tower (burning)- "Those stones burn as well as wood does. Curious..."


  • House_Expansion_Permit.pngHouse Expansion Permit- "Ah yes! Now I can expand my workshop!"
  • Demolition Permit- "A document allowing me to destroy a building so I can inevitably rebuild."
Flooring.pngFlooring[]Shelves[]Plantholders.pngPlantholders[]Columns.pngColumns[]Wall Papers[]Ceiling_Lights.pngCeiling Lights[]Wall_Decorations.pngWall Decorations[]Chairs[]House Upgrades[]
  • Cottage_Kit_%28Item%29.pngCottage Kit- "The elements to construct a cabin facade for my home."
  • Tudor Home Kit- "Components to make the outside of my home more visually pleasing."
  • Gothic_Home_Kit_%28Item%29.pngGothic Home Kit- "Evidently, I will have to build this myself."
  • Brick Home Kit- "Peraphernalia to do some exterior home improvements."
  • Turreted_Home_Kit_%28Item%29.pngTurreted Home Kit- "Material for constructing a fine home exterior."
  • Villa Kit- "Theoretically, this will improve the appearance of my home."
  • Manor_Kit_%28Item%29.pngManor Kit- "Evidence would suggest I can improve my living arrangements."
  • Hardwood_Door.pngHardwood Door- "I've broadened my horizons. And my home."
  • Stone Archway- "The doorway to expanding my horizons."
  • Forest_Door.pngForest Door- "Intriguing. The internal expansion is not visible from the outside."
  • Wrought Iron Door- "An elaborate entryway to another room."
  • Curtained_Door.pngCurtained Door- "Beguiling."
  • Industrial Door- "Riveting. It's like I never left the factory."
  • Round_Doorway.pngRound Doorway- "Cordial."
  • Gothic Door- "Welcoming."


Base Game[]
  • Spectoggles- "Refracted lenses polished to a specific curvature so I can see better."
  • Infroggles.pngInfroggles- "I do hope to catch a glimpse of the night creature with these."
  • Visor- "I designed it so I can study sound reverberations while I'm engaged in combat."
  • Fryfocals.pngFryfocals- "Tiny spheres of static energy make a marvelous flaming projectile."
  • Telebrella- "A short range, aerial teleportation antenna in convenient-to-carry umbrella form."
  • Telipad.pngTelipad- "The receiver pad for my short range teleportation device."
  • Thumper- "Delivers a pragmatic shock wave of ground reverberations."

Eyeplant.pngNature - Plants[]

Base Game[]
  • Evergreen- "I deduce it's not one of the possessed kind."
  • A_Lumpy_Evergreen.pngLumpy Evergreen- "It must undergo some kind of spontaneous generation."
  • Spiky Tree- "It abounds with twigs."
  • Evergreen_Stump.pngEvergreen (stump)- "Excellent specimen. I should perform a necropsy on it!"
  • Lumpy Evergreen (stump)- "The cross section of a tree I have cleaved."
  • Spiky_Tree_Stump.pngSpiky Tree (stump)- "Cleaving it has cut short its ability to survive."
  • Evergreen (burning)- "Undergoing an exothermic redox reaction."
  • A_Lumpy_Evergreen.pngLumpy Evergreen (burning)- "Combustion at work."
  • Spiky Tree (burning)- "Scientific proof that this tree is combustible."
  • Burnt_Evergreen.pngEvergreen (burnt)- "Just soot and ash now."
  • Lumpy Evergreen (burnt)- "Apt to become air particulate at the first stiff breeze."
  • Spiky_Tree_Burnt.pngSpiky Tree (burnt)- "Evidence that a fire has occurred here recently."
  • Evergreen (sapling)- "I suspect it will grow quickly, like most things in this world."
  • Log.pngLog- "Cross-section of a tree. For fuel and construction purposes."
  • Log (burning)- "Combusting beautifully."
  • Charcoal.pngCharcoal- "The result of pyrolysis."
  • Pine Cone- "My favorite portable Fibonacci sequence."
  • Marble_Tree.pngMarble Tree- "A deposit of metamorphic rock in the form of a tree."
  • Totally Normal Tree (normal and stump)- "I've never seen such vitality in a tree!"
  • Living_Log.pngLiving Log- "I do wish logs at home were similarly afflicted."
  • Sapling- "I predict it will be a tree soon enough."
  • Sapling_Picked.pngSapling (picked)- "Experience dictates it will grow back."
  • Sapling (burning)- "All wood will burn."
  • Sapling_Item.pngSapling (held)- "I will endeavor to find suitable soil for this."
  • Twigs- "A common resource with a remarkable amount of applications.
  • Grass_Tuft.pngGrass Tuft- "Has an unusually strong tensile strength."
  • Grass Tuft (picked)- "Luckily the growth rate here is extraordinarily rapid."
  • Grass_Tuft_Withered.pngGrass Tuft (barren)- "I deduce it requires fertilization."
  • Grass Tuft (burning)- "An alluring example of thermodynamics."
  • Grass_Tuft_Item.pngGrass Tuft (held)- "Just as adaptable as the grass types I'm used to."
  • Cut Grass- "I've never seen such tensile strength in a grass before!"
  • Berry_Bush.pngBerry Bush- "I detect a slight smell of primrose."
  • Berry_Bush_Picked.pngBerry Bush (picked)- "Fortuitously, those fruit germinates quickly here."
  • Barren_Berry_Bush_2.pngBerry Bush (barren)- "If my theory is correct, the bush requires some cultivation."
  • Berry_Bush2.pngBerry Bush (burning)- "
  • Berry_Bush_2.pngBerry Bush (held)- "Quite adaptable to different soils."
  • Reeds- "Good for paper, if it is anything like its earthly counterparts."
  • Reeds.pngReeds (burning)- "Apparently susceptible to combustion."
  • Reeds (picked)- "Theoretically, they will grow back."
  • Cut_Reeds.pngCut Reeds- "Pliable yet tough. Very useful. Very useful indeed."
  • Plant- "An exceptional example of plant life here."
  • Plant.pngPlant (growing)- "Germinating rapidly."
  • Plant (ready to be picked)- "It has an exceptionally rapid growth rate."
  • Marsh_Plant1.pngMarsh Plant- "A decorative plant of no practical use."
  • Spiky Bush- "An abundant source of twigs."
  • Spiky_Bush_Picked.pngSpiky Bush (picked)- "Given the rapid growth rate here, it should grow back soon."
  • Spiky Bush (burning)- "Wood is combustible. Even in this damp environment."
  • Spiky_Bush_Dug.pngSpiky Bush (held)- "Strange, those barbarous thorns aren't harmful like this."
  • Flower- "I feel oddly comforted by picking these. How compelling..."
  • Petals.pngPetals- "Smells faintly of chamomile."
  • Evil Flower- "Theoretically it has been in contact with some of that dark fuel."
  • Dark_Petals.pngDark Petals- "I calculate it's been infused with dark fuel."
  • Carrot (planted)- "A root vegetable that's gathering soil nutrients."
  • Red_Mushroom.pngRed Mushroom- "A red capped mushroom. Theoretically, it's poisonous."
  • Red Mushroom (sleeping)- "The season is conducive to fungus growing."
  • Mushroom_Picked.pngRed Mushroom (picked)- "I can reasonably assume it will grow back soon."
  • Green Mushroom- "I will have to cook it to take advantage of its medicinal properties."
  • Mushroom_Sleeping.pngGreen Mushroom (sleeping)- "A sure sign the ground is saturated with water."
  • Green Mushroom (picked)- "An influx of rain will cause it to grow again."
  • Blue_Mushroom.pngBlue Mushroom- "This will most certainly not agree with me."
  • Blue Mushroom (sleeping)- "A fungal discovery!"
  • Mushroom_Picked.pngBlue Mushroom (picked)- "Presumably it will regrow when on adequately saturated ground."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Birchnut Tree- "A tree. But it gives off a strange energy."
  • Birchnut_Tree_Stump.pngBirchnut Tree (stump)- "It doesn't have that many rings. Must be quite young."
  • Birchnut Tree (burning)- "Combusting at an alarming rate."
  • Birchnut_Tree_Burnt.pngBirchnut Tree (burnt)- "A pile of burnt carbon."
  • Birchnut Tree (sapling)- "Everything in this world grows shockingly quickly."
  • Sapling_Withered.pngSapling (withered)- "The weather has withered it."
  • Grass Tuft (withered)- "Presumably it's the heat that is causing it to wither."
  • Berry_Bush_Withered.pngBerry Bush (withered)- "These bushes are susceptible to this exceptional heat."
  • Withered_Plant.pngPlant (withered)- "Not fit for the current weather conditions."
  • Birchnut- "The possessed topiaries are immensely protective of these."
  • Cactus.pngCactus- "Intrinsically reactionary!"
  • Cactus (picked)- "I assume it will grow back."
  • Tumbleweed.pngTumbleweed- "What mysteries are within that mobile sphere of branches?"
  • Berry Bush (held)- "Its ability to produce berries does not work out of the ground."
  • Jungle_Tree.pngJungle Tree- "I wonder if this one is possessed?"
  • Jungle Tree (stump)- "How many rings does it have?"
  • Jungle_Tree.pngJungle Tree (burning)- "Always glad to see an exothermic event."
  • Jungle Tree (burnt)- "Evidence of combustion."
  • Jungle_Tree_Sapling.pngJungle Tree (sapling)- "Based on my observations, it should only take a few days to grow."
  • Jungle Tree Seed- "I see the Fibonacci sequence is prevalent here, too."
  • Palm_Tree.pngPalm Tree- "Its fronds are quite large and could be made useful."
  • Palm Tree (stump, 1)- "I believe that was my work, but it's hard to say for sure."
  • Palm_Tree_Stump.pngPalm Tree (stump, 2)- "Presumably, it won't grow again.
  • Palm Tree (burning)- "Ah. Thermal combustion at work."
  • Palm_Tree_Burnt.pngPalm Tree (burnt, 1)- "It's been reduced to a pile of carbon."
  • Palm Tree (burnt, 2)- "Its flammability has been proven without a shadow of a doubt."
  • Palm_Tree_Sapling.pngPalm Tree (sapling)- "Presumably, it has a rapid growth rate."
  • Palm Leaf- "Large leaf. Sizable fronds. Excellent for construction purposes."
  • Regular_Jungle_Tree.pngRegular Jungle Tree- "Glorious! A possessed tree! I need a closer look."
  • Bamboo Patch- "Ah, excellent! Bamboo can easily be bent to my will."
  • Bamboo_Patch.pngBamboo Patch (barren)- "I can reasonably deduce that it needs fertilization."
  • Bamboo Patch (burnt)- "Nothing but a pile of carbon now."
  • Bamboo Patch (stump)- "Luckily bamboo regenerates rapidly."
  • Bamboo_Patch_Dug.pngBamboo Root- "I can reasonably deduce that it needs dirt."
  • Bamboo- "A versatile and pliable perennial plant I can use to make stuff."
  • Viney_Bush.pngViney Bush- "Ah! Those gnarled branches look very useful."
  • Snake Den- "Ah! Those gnarled branches look very useful."
  • Viney_Bush.pngViney Bush (barren)- "Initial observations lead me to believe it needs fertilizer."
  • Viney Bush (burnt)- "Evidence of an exothermic reaction."
  • Viney_Bush_Burnt.pngSnake Den (burnt)- "Evidence of an exothermic reaction."
  • Viney Bush (stump)- "Based on past evidence, I can theorize this will grow back fairly quickly."
  • Viney_Bush_Stump.pngSnake Den (stump)- "Based on past evidence, I can theorize this will grow back."
  • Viney Bush Root- "I predict it will need to go in the ground."
  • Vine.pngVine- "A ropey branch. I can think of nine good uses for it already."
  • Mangrove- "An impressive root system. In theory it would help avoid water saturation."
  • Mangrove_Tree_Burnt.pngMangrove (burnt)- "Its proximity to water was not enough to impede combustion."
  • Grass (water)- "I can reasonably presume this is a type of grass."
  • Brainy_Sprout.pngBrainy Sprout (normal and picked)- "A neurological network of nautical knowledge!"
  • Seaweed_Planted.pngSeaweed (planted and picked)- "A useful aquatic vegetation."
  • Plant.pngTidal Plant- "Plantlife. Evidently, they're drawn to this climate."
  • Claw Palm Tree (normal, burning, burnt, and stump)- "An invaluable source of a hydrophobic substance."
  • Cork.pngCork- "A lightweight, hydrophobic material."
  • Claw Palm Sapling (planted)- "Evidence would suggest it wouldn't survive in the wild."
  • Rainforest Tree- "Odd coloration for a tree of this sort."
  • Rainforest_Tree.pngRainforest Tree (burning)- "Emitting exothermic energy!"
  • Rainforest Tree (burnt)- "I presume it was once something other than ash."
  • Rainforest_Tree_Stump.pngRainforest Tree (stump)- "Presumably, it's not growing back."
  • Sick Rainforest Tree- "The chemicals from the toxic gas has affected its molecular structure of this tree."
  • Cocooned_Tree.pngCocooned Tree- "A tree asphyxiated by webbing. Truly amazing!"
  • Jungle Burr- "The embryonic stage of a tree that is determined to undergo seed dispersal."
  • Rainforest Tree Sapling- "Appears to be the result of a planted jungle burr."
  • Tea_Tree.pngTea Tree- "Theoretically, its smell attracts those small rodents. Intriguing..."
  • Tea Tree (burning)- "
  • Tea_Tree_Burnt.pngTea Tree (burnt)- "
  • Tea Tree (stump)- "
  • Seed_Pod.pngSeed Pod- "My stomach condition prevents me from partaking in its health benefits."
  • Tea Tree Sapling- "Displays the same rapid growth rate of the other trees here."
  • Tuber_Tree.pngTuber Tree- "Its resilient husk will require something stronger than an axe."
  • Tall Grass- "The obstinacy of this grass requires something sharper than my hands."
  • Tall_Grass.pngTall Grass (cut)- "Previously experience suggests this will grow back."
  • Tall Grass (burning)- "Evidently, grass here has the same flammability qualities as at home."
  • Exotic_Flower.pngExotic Flower- "Curious. Picking these has a positive effect on my psyche."
  • Aloe (planted)- "Fascinating! I've never seen one of those thriving in the wild before."
  • Asparagus_planted.pngAsparagus (planted)- "A cluster of edible spring vegetables!"
  • Radish (planted)- "The unmistakable leaves of an edible root vegetable."
  • Nettle_Vine.pngNettle Vine- "I detect a faint scent of eucalyptus. Interesting..."
  • Nettle Vine (picked)- "It will grow back in time."
  • Nettle Vine (withered)- "Evidently its current conditions are not ideal for it to grow."
  • Nettle Vine (moist)- "Ah, it is cultivating quite nicely.",
  • Nettle_Plant.pngNettle Plant (held)- "A large leaf nettle plant native to these parts. Also it smells funny."
  • Bramble- "Fantastically vicious plant life!"
  • Bramble_Bloom.pngBramble Bloom- "Evidence would suggest it's capacity to bloom is dependent on the season."
  • Hanging Vine- "Kleptomaniac vegetation. How wonderful!"
  • Great_Leafy_Stalk.pngGreat Leafy Stalk- "The circumference of this tree's trunk is unusually large."
  • Lotus Plant- "Ah. A water based plant with attractive flowers. I should pick it."
  • Lily_Pad.pngLily Pad- "Fascinating! It contains a small ecosystem of animals."
  • Reeds (Water)- "Good for paper, if it is anything like its earthly counterparts."
  • Lawn_Decoration_1.pngLawn_Decoration_3.pngLawn_Decoration_5.pngLawn_Decoration_7.pngLawn Decoration- "Urban ornamentation. Theoretically, it increases mental wellness."
  • Lawn_Decoration_2.pngLawn_Decoration_4.pngLawn_Decoration_6.pngLawn Decoration (burning)- "A delightful demonstration of combustion!"
  • Lawn Decoration (burnt)- "Presumably it was once not burnt."
  • Hedge_block_cut.pngHedge_layered_cut.pngHedge- "Theoretically, they serve the same purpose as hedges at home."
  • Hedge_cone_grown.pngHedge (untrimmed)- "Evidence that the residents are in need of city landscapers."
  • Hedge_block_cut.pngHedge_layered_cut.pngHedge (burning)- "Ah! Nothing more invigorating than watching an object combust!"
  • Hedge (burnt)- "Soon to be airborne particulate."
  • Topiary_werepig.pngTopiary_pigking.pngIntricate Topiary- "Presumably this is a sophisticated monument to local folklore."
  • Magic Flower- "Insurance in case a dangerous experiment goes awry."
  • Weathered_Branch.pngWeathered Branch- "
  • Weathered Shrub- "
  • Weathered_Stick.pngWeathered Stick- "
  • Weathered Tree- "
  • Weathered_Trunk.pngWeathered Trunk- "

Nature - Objects[]

Base Game[]
  • Beehive.pngBeehive- "It vibrates with activity."
  • Killer Bee Hive- "It vibrates with activity."
  • Honeycomb.pngHoneycomb- "Enough to start a new hive."
  • Hound Mound- "Are there hounds hiding within it?"
  • Bones.pngBones- "A beastly banquet has left a pile of skeletal remains."
  • Touch Stone- "Another chance to fulfill my destiny!"
  • Obelisk.pngObelisk (sane, up)- "Ingenious! It must be tuning in to my beta waves!"
  • Obelisk (sane, down)- "I would very much like to talk with its engineer!"
  • Obelisk.pngObelisk (insane, up)- "Fantastic, technology dependent on psychic attack."
  • Obelisk (insane, down)- "I would very much like to introduce this technology to the population back home."
  • Harp_Statue.pngHarp Statue- "Who could this be modeled after? And where is his head?"
  • Marble Pillar- "I would very much like to talk to the architect of that structure."
  • Marble.pngMarble- "The mineral used by the architect of those mysterious statues."
  • Rundown House- "What are they getting up to in there?"
  • Merm_Head.pngMerm Head- "Strangely supple dermis for something that's deceased."
  • Pig Head- "It appears to be a conduit for dark forces."
  • Pig_Torch.pngPig Torch- "It appears to be unusually compelling to those aggressive humanoid pigs."
  • Basalt- "Immutable. It mocks my curiosity!"
  • Boulder.pngBoulder- "A collection of sedimentary rocks."
  • Rocks- "A collection of sedimentary rocks."
  • Flint.pngFlint- "Its sharpness can be exploited to build many rudimentary tools."
  • Nitre- "A magnificent mineral with endothermic properties!"
  • Gold_Nugget.pngGold Nugget- "Oddly more common here than lead or copper."
  • Grave- "Could potentially yield secret property. And a poltergeist."
  • Grave_Dug.pngGrave (dug)- "Defiled for the sake of knowledge."
  • Suspicious Dirt Pile- "I speculate that dirt pile is newly formed."
  • Animal_Track.pngAnimal Track- "Fascinating! There must be others."
  • Animal Track (lost its trail)- "Drat! I've lost track of my quarry."
  • Animal_Track.pngAnimal Track (found)- "A beast lurks nearby. How interesting!"
  • Wooden_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngWooden Thing- "My design is quite similar to this. Though, without those runes..."
  • Wooden Thing (partially assembled)- "Evidently, it requires a few more items."
  • Wooden Thing (locked)- "Requires a PR-76 tuned to the right frequency."
  • Wooden Thing (fully assembled)- "An inspired design! I must remember it for building future portals!"
  • Ring_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngRing Thing- "Perfect! Its circumference is exactly to specifications."
  • Crank_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngCrank Thing- "A crank! And it's a perfect fit!"
  • Box_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngBox Thing- "Ah yes! This is exactly what I need."
  • Metal_Potato_Thing_Adventure_Mode.pngMetal Potato Thing- "An imperfectly constructed head of an automaton. I will put it to good use."
  • Worm Hole- "A fascinating creature with incredible intestines!"
  • Wormhole.pngWorm Hole (open)- "I'm immensely curious to discover what would happen if I jumped inside."
  • Worm Hole (exited)- "Fascinating. It violates all known laws of physics."
  • Pond.pngPond- "What fish reside within?"
  • Skeleton- "Ah. I have seen quite a few of those in my time."
  • Spider_Den.pngSpider Den- "It appears to be growing. Almost as if it were alive."
  • Spider Eggs- "A spider den in its juvenile form."
  • Rabbit_Hole.pngRabbit Hole- "Based on past experience, I can deduce there are rabbits within."
  • Walrus Camp- "A dome shelter. Is a walrus capable of constructing that?"
  • Walrus_Camp_Empty.pngWalrus Camp (empty)- "Incredible. Just a hole, no signs of a camp at all."
  • Sunken Boat- "What a curious parrot! I wonder if he'll speak with me."
  • Sunken_Boat_Abandoned.pngSunken Boat (empty)- "Evidentaly, there were a number of sailors here before me."
  • Flotsam- "Debris from a shipwreck. But whose ship?"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Ice.pngIce- "Excellent for lowering internal temperatures."
  • Mini Glacier- "Perhaps this world is going through a mini ice age of sorts."
  • Mini_Glacier_Melted.pngMini Glacier (melted)- "Retrograde freezing at work."
  • Animal Track (spring, lost trail)- "The trail has been obscured in this mire."
  • Burrow.pngBurrow- "The home of a subterranean creature."
  • Rabbit Hole (collapsed)- "I deduce the muddy season has caused this hole to collapse."
  • Rundown_House_Burnt.pngRundown House (burnt)- "The burnt husk of a building."
  • Merm Head (burnt)- "Perhaps it is the result of a sacrifice?"
  • Pig_Head_Burnt.pngPig Head (burnt)- "Fascinating. The fire hasn't affected its components."
  • Hollow Stump- "Fascinating! A stump that regenerates cat-like creatures!"
  • Dead_Hollow_Stump.pngHollow Stump (empty)- "Its regenerative powers have been exhausted."
  • Glommer's Statue- "Something in the stone must cultivate the flower."
  • Glommer%27s_Statue_Mined.pngGlommer's Statue (mined)- "How strange! It's composed of just regular marble."
  • Skeleton (self)- "It would appear death is not so permanent here."
  • Sunken_Boat_Burnt.pngSunken Boat (burnt)- "Theoretically, it was fuel for a fire."
  • Crabbit Den- "I wonder how complex is their den system is."
  • Mermhouse_Fisher.pngFishermerm's Hut- "The domicile of a marshy humanoid obsessed with fishing."
  • Shoal- "Preliminary observations indicate there are fish contained within."
  • Wobster_Den.pngWobster Den- "An unusual home for a crustacean."
  • Coral Reef- "A colorful collection of Cnidaria."
  • Coral.pngCoral- "Ah! Marine invertebrates I can use in inventions!"
  • Coral Larva- "Evidently, it will grow into a coral."
  • Limpet_Rock.pngLimpet Rock- "Appears to have attracted sea creatures to its surface."
  • Limpet Rock (picked)- "I can reasonably assume it will attract more sea creatures."
  • Magma_Pile.pngMagma Pile- "A collection of igneous rocks. Theoretically from a volcano."
  • Magma Pile (gold)- "An igneous rock formation fortuitously flecked with gold."
  • Krissure.pngKrissure- "A chance peak into the planet's core!"
  • Steamer Trunk- "Whose luggage is that? And where are they now?"
  • Sandy_Pile.pngSandy Pile- "An accumulation of granular materials."
  • Sand- "A fine grain, more useful for construction purposes than gardening."
  • Sharkitten_den_active.pngSharkitten Den- "Fascinating! It can materialize adorableness out of thin air!"
  • Sharkitten Den (inactive)- "In theory, it's ceased to work."
  • Volcano.pngVolcano- "Certainly implies there is a molten core to this world."
  • Dragoon Egg- "It's emitting thermal energy!"
  • Suspicious Bubbles- "The circumference and arrangement of those bubbles indicate that it's a whopper!"
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost trail)- "The whale has eluded me!"
  • Suspicious Bubbles (found)- "Theoretically, there is a whale nearby."
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost trail, Monsoon Season)- "No signs of whale remain in these waves."
  • Tar_Slick.pngTar Slick- "A highly combustible source of fuel lays just beneath the waves."
  • Tar- "An excellent source of combustible material. But it sure does stink."
  • Tar_Trap.pngTar Trap- "Outstanding! An enormously efficient way to defeat enemies."
  • Tidal Pool- "Theoretically, there are fish within."
  • Lava_Pool.pngLava Pool- "Appears to have erupted from a creature, not the earth's core."
  • Mussels- "What fantastic creatures lurk in its depths?"
  • Mussel_Farm4-1.pngMussels (with stick)- "Theoretically, bivalve molluscs will be attracted to it."
  • Slotmachine.pngSlot Machine- "It appears to work by misinterpreting probabilities of success."
  • Electric Isosceles- "A stimulating device. Does it work on electrostatic energy?"
  • Octopus_Chest_Build.pngOcto Chest- "Theoretically, it contains the product of my negotiations."
  • Debris- "Evidently, there were others here before me."
  • Crate.pngCrate- "It requires some kind of smashing device to open."
  • Wildbore Head (normal and burnt)- "Curious. Evidence suggests it's linked to this planet's satellite."
  • Seashell.pngSeashell (beached)- "Does that imply there are molluscs here?"
  • Seashell- "Collecting them appears to stave off psychic attack."
  • Poison_Hole.pngPoisonous Hole- "An alluring landmark of lurid effluvium."
  • Gunpowder Barrel- "A large barrel of incendiary ammunition. Presumably, it goes boom!"
  • X_Marks_The_Spot.pngX Marks the Spot- "I would very much like to talk to whoever buried that treasure."
  • Rawling- "Is there any non-basketball related knowledge you can bestow upon me?"
  • Watery_Grave.pngWatery Grave- "The deceased won't mind if I raid their graves."
  • Wreck- "Evidently, there were sailors here once. But where did they go?"
  • Wooden_Thing_Shipwrecked.pngWooden Platform Thing (all states)- "Not exactly refined, but theoretically it will still work."
  • Grassy Thing- "I do believe this is a crank! Made of grass?!"
  • Screw_Thing.pngScrew Thing- "It looks cobbled together. The science is sound though."
  • Wooden Potato Thing- "A wooden automaton head?! Extraordinary!"
  • Ring_Thing_Shipwrecked.pngRing Thing- "It's inelegant, but it will still work."
  • Stone Slab- "A collection of sedimentary rocks."
  • Dung_Pile.pngDung Pile- "Some creature has produced an excessive amount of excrement!"
  • Dung Ball- "Excellent! The act of rolling has picked up a motley of paraphernalia."
  • Thundernest.pngThundernest- "Those birds appear to be incubating deposits of iron!"
  • Iron Hulk (head)- "Who built this beautiful cranium? I have many questions!"
  • Iron_Hulk_Arm.pngIron Hulk (hand)- "The metacarpus of an automaton. I must find the rest!"
  • Iron Hulk (ribs)- "The carapace of a beautiful automaton!"
  • Iron_Hulk_Leg.pngIron Hulk (foot)- "A leg! A beautiful mechanical leg!"
  • Large Iron Hulk (partially assembled)- "Fascinating! What will transpire once it is all assembled?"
  • Iron Ore- "Marvelous! Iron is invaluable for manufacturing the tools I need!"
  • Sparkling_Pool.pngSparkling Pool- "Evidence would suggest there's gold down there!"
  • Gold Dust- "Evidently, it's the preferred sustenance of those long nosed quadrupeds."
  • Gnat_Mound.pngGnat Mound- "The nest of those exceptionally annoying bugs."
  • Farm House- "An excellent example of agricultural architecture."
  • Farm_House.pngFarm House (burning)- "Excellent! I love to watch things combust."
  • Quarry Lodgings- "I wonder if they are up to any digging in there?"
  • Farm_House.pngQuarry Lodgings (burning)- "An excellent blaze! Full of thermodynamic energy!"
  • Secret Bandit Camp- "Evidently, I've struck it rich!"
  • Cave_Cleft.pngCave Cleft- "Based on its depth and malodorous smell, I deduce this hole houses bats."
  • Ruinous Entrance- "A reasonable deduction would be to assume there are artifacts within."
  • Mant Hill- "Similar to the many hexapod invertebrate nests I've observed. But bigger."
  • Crumbling_Brazier.pngCrumbling Brazier- "A remarkable device which will ignite on contact with a source of fuel."
  • Ancient Wall- "Oh, if only I could read those ruins! So much knowledge to learn!"
  • Fountain_of_Youth.pngFountain of Youth- "Evidence would suggest it has restorative properties."
  • Ominous Carving- "Intriguing. This requires further investigation."
  • Teetering Pillar- "A pillar of nominal size and shape."
  • Petrified_Egg.pngPetrified Egg (1)- "Evidently, it's an egg shell."
  • Petrified Egg (2)- "The shell of an egg. I would like to know what it's made of."
  • Petrified_Egg_3.pngPetrified Egg (3)- "The protective shell of an ovum. This requires further investigation."
  • Petrified Egg (4)- "Evidence would suggest that shell has been petrified."
  • Rusty_Lamp.pngRusty Lamp- "A lamp of some sort. Presumably it no longer functions."
  • Weathered House- "I wonder if anyone dwells within that domestic structure."

CaveEntrance1.pngNature - Caves[]

Base Game[]
  • Plugged Sinkhole- "There is something strange about that rock.",
  • Sinkhole.pngSinkhole (generic)- "There is something down there. I must investigate."
  • Sinkhole (open)- "Its dark dampness intrigues me."
  • Exit to Surface (generic)- "It's far too interesting down here to leave."
  • Exit to Surface (open)- "Onwards and upwards!"
  • MushtreeRed.pngRed Mushtree- "Fungal parasites are taking over."
  • Green Mushtree- "Fascinating! Fungus camouflagued as a tree!"
  • Mushtree.pngBlue Mushtree- "I believe that fungus is assaulting that tree."
  • Light Flower (single)- "Is it radioactive? I hope so."
  • Double_Light_Flower.pngLight Flower (double)- "Have they an attraction to one another?"
  • Light Flower (triple)- "A cluster of chemiluminescent blossoms."
  • Light_Bulb.pngLight Bulb- "Chemiluminescence at work."
  • Stalagmite- "Presumably it's formed from ceiling drippings."
  • StalagmiteTall.pngStalagmite (pointy)- "Quite an interesting geometric shape."
  • Spilagmite- "I am very curious about its arachnid generating properties."
  • Slurtle_Mound.pngSlurtle Mound- "An intriguingly complex structure of ooze and crud."
  • Splumonkey Pod- "Holds a concentrated compound of fun.",
  • Fern.pngFern- "Rudimentary plant life."
  • Foliage- "I predict stomach upset resulting from it consumption."
  • Cave_Banana_Tree.pngCave Banana Tree- "Astonishing! Truly fascinating!"
  • Cave Banana Tree (burnt)- "
  • Spooky_Hole.pngSpooky Hole- "Evidence suggests it keeps the ceiling up."
  • Stone Plug- "An egress to the outside world."
  • Unimportant Rock Pillar- "A remarkable example of a geological formation."

Thulecite_Fragments.pngNature - Ruins[]

Base Game[]
  • Ruins Sinkhole- "Aha! I'm certain this will lead to knowledge."
  • Ancient.pngAncient Statue- "An outstanding resource for dark fuel conduits."
  • Broken_Pseudoscience_Station.pngAncient Pseudoscience Station (broken)- "I must repair this machine!"
  • Ancient Pseudoscience Station- "It reveals an entirely new branch of science!"
  • Algae.pngAlgae- "Not unlike a piece of coral."
  • Broken Clockworks (type 1)- "Outstanding! Look at that machinery!"
  • Broken_clockworks.pngBroken Clockworks (type 2)- "The cogwheels are quite precise! All my extensive knowledge shall be put to work fixing this."
  • Broken Clockworks (type 3)- "I've never seen such inspired work!"
  • Relic_Chair.pngRelic_Vase.pngRelic_Bowl.pngRelic- "Where has this civilization gone? I must find them!"
  • Relic_Chair_Rubble.pngRelic_Vase_Rubble.pngRelic (broken)- "I must know more about these relics! Its mysteries are preoccupying!"
  • Thulecite Fragments- "Discharging small packets of dark energy."
  • Cave_Lichen.pngCave Lichen- "It's truly amazing that something could grow in this environment."
  • Ornate Chest- "It's sending off strange electromagnetic waves."
  • Ornate_Chest.pngLarge Ornate Chest- "I suspect a trap, but the lure of curiosity is strong."
  • Nightmare Light- "Yet another ingenious use of that fascinating dark fuel."

Obsidian_Boulder.pngNature - Volcano[]

  • Obsidian Workbench- "I would very much like to talk to the maker of this bench."
  • Coffee_Plant.pngCoffee Plant- "Fascinating! It's immune to the effects of combustion!"
  • Coffee Plant (picked)- "Theoretically, it will grow back."
  • Coffee_Plant_Withered.pngCoffee Plant (barren)- "I can reasonably deduce that it needs fertilization."
  • Coffee Plant (withered)- "Theoretically, it's too hot out."
  • Coffee_Plant_Dug.pngCoffee Plant (held)- "Amazing! It is combustible in this form!"
  • Elephant Cactus- "A fascinating reactive nervous system! I would like a closer look."
  • Withered_Elephant_Cactus.pngElephant Cactus (withered)- "Presumably, it is not the optimum season for it."
  • Elephant Cactus Stump- "Theoretically, it can be replanted."
  • Elephant_Cactus_Dug.pngElephant Cactus (held)- "I presume it will need to be planted."
  • Cactus Spike- "The destructive projectile of a cactus. I can hit things with it!"
  • Obsidian_Boulder.pngObsidian Boulder- "Breaking apart that invaluable obsidian will require severe firepower."
  • Obsidian- "Curious. It's sending out faint thermal waves."
  • Charcoal_Boulder.pngCharcoal Boulder- "Theoretically, it has undergone some form of combustion already."
  • Burnt Ash Tree- "A tree that has been touched by combustion."
  • Dragoon_Saliva.pngDragoon Saliva- "Magmatic mucus! Outstanding!"
  • Woodlegs' Cage- "I would very much like to know how he got in there."
  • Woodlegs%27_Cage.pngWoodlegs (free)- "
  • Volcano Altar of Snackrifice- "Such magnificent power! I must learn its secrets!"
  • Volcano_Altar.pngVolcano Altar of Snackrifice (active)- "If I don't sacrifice something, it will continue to rain fire."
  • Volcano (exit)- "An egress to the outside."

Nature - Ruinous Caves[]

  • A_Smashing_Pot.pngA Smashing Pot- "An invaluable amphora pot. I'll have to smash it to get its contents."
  • Decorative Holes?- "A trap of some sort. I'm exceedingly curious to see it triggered."
  • Nasty Spear Trap- "Haha! An ambush of hidden spears! How murderously clever!"
  • ファイル:Busted Spear Trap.pngBusted Spear Trap- "Remnants of hidden lethal spears."
  • Tempting Idol- "Theoretically, it can be detached from its base."
  • Erroded Totem- "Evidently, I'll need something to sever it from the base."
  • Pressure_Plate.pngPressure Plate- "A covert toggle which activates when pressure is applied to it."
  • Striking_Carving_2.pngStriking Carving- "Evidence would suggest it's a trap."
  • Striking_Statue.pngStriking Statue- "I can reasonably deduce it will attempt to assassinate me."
  • Unimportant Pillar- "A robust pillar of competent construction."
  • Vines- "The scandent stems have taken over."
  • Wall Brazier- "Remarkable! It only requires a source of fuel to ignite."
  • Wishing_Well.pngWishing Well- "The probabilities of this fountain working are dependant on the value of my sacrifice."
  • End's Well- "Fantastic! An unending deposit of dark fuel!"
  • Aporkalypse_Calendar.pngAporkalypse Calendar- "Wonderful! I wonder if I could make the world end sooner."

Nature - Mant Hill[]

  • Antcomb_Home.pngAntcomb Home- "A pentagonal nursery for hexapod invertebrates."
  • Honey Chest- "Theoretically, it automatically performs the enzymatic activity required to make honey."
  • Lamp.pngLamp- "Outstanding! They appear to be using honey as a fuel!"
  • Mant Warrior Egg- "Fascinating! They appear to hatch with a predisposition to violence."
  • Stalacmite_Throne.pngStalacmite Throne- "Theoretically, the queen would be sitting on a reserve of valuables."

Nature - Palace[]

  • Palace.pngPalace- "Evidence would suggest this is the domicile of some kind of royalty."
  • Royal Gallery Exhibit- "A glass case displaying invaluable objects behind a hefty lock."


Base Game[]
  • Wooden Flooring- "Saturated with creakiness."
  • Carpeted_Flooring.pngCarpeted Flooring- "Akin to a square wool rug."
  • Checkerboard Flooring- "Strange that marble would make checkered flooring."
  • Cobblestones.pngCobblestones- "A collection of cobblestones."
  • Forest Turf- "Contains many nutrients."
  • Grass_Turf.pngGrass Turf- "Relatively good sod."
  • Marsh Turf- "A spongy consistency."
  • Rocky_Turf.pngRocky Turf- "Not especially good for planting."
  • Savanna Turf- "The soil of a warm climate."
  • Mud_Turf.pngMud Turf- "Mud seeps through everything."
  • Guano Turf- "Smells faintly of droppings."
  • Slimy_Turf.pngSlimy Turf- "Has a high viscosity."
  • Fungal Turf (blue)- "It appears overrun by blight."
  • Fungal_Turf_Red.pngFungal Turf (red)- "Has a cavelike feel to it."
  • Fungal Turf (green)- "Altogether marshy."
  • Cave_Rock_Turf.pngCave Rock Turf- "Barren ground."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Deciduous Turf- "Suitable for forest plants."
  • Sandy_Turf.pngSandy Turf- "It's quite sandy."
  • Snakeskin Rug- "In theory, it's resistant to flooding."
  • Jungle_Turf.pngJungle Turf- "Fertile land."
  • Meadow Turf- "A verdant green."
  • Magma_Turf.pngMagma Turf- "Not very many things will grow on it."
  • Tidal Marsh Turf- "Quite squishy ground."
  • Ashy_Turf.pngAshy Turf- "Curious. It's mostly ash, yet it will still burn."
  • Volcano Turf- "Amazing! I can still see the lava underneath."
  • Lawn_Turf.pngLawn Turf- "A finely kept lawn."
  • Cultivated Turf- "Cultivated land."
  • Flat_Stone_Turf.pngFlat Stone Turf- "In theory, it would be great for building a city on."
  • Stone Road Turf- "Ah. A nice cobblestone road."
  • Beard_Hair_Rug.pngBeard Hair Rug- "What a fantastic use for facial hair!"
  • Dense Turf- "Perfect for plants native to the jungle."
  • Rainforest_Turf.pngRainforest Turf- "Luscious turf that should be put somewhere."
  • Wild Plains Turf- "A grassy patch of fertile sod."
  • Painted_Sand_Turf.pngPainted Sand Turf- "A mottled patch of terrain."
  • Mossy Turf- "Slightly spongy texture."

Spider.png Mobs - Monsters[]

Base Game[]
  • Clockwork Knight- "A triumphant piece of combat ready cogwork."
  • Clockwork_Bishop.pngClockwork Bishop- "A marvel in clockwork machinery!"
  • Clockwork Rook- "Such admirable clockwork! I will examine it more closely when I destroy it."
  • Damaged_Knight.pngDamaged Knight- "I would very much like to see its insides."
  • Damaged Bishop- "An exceptional piece of clockwork."
  • Damaged_Rook.pngDamaged Rook- "I myself am not much of a chess player."
  • Charlie (the darkness monster)- "Show yourself! I've been waiting to meet you."
  • Charlie (attacked by)- "I've been bitten! Fascinating!"
  • Hound- "Akin to the canines I'm familiar with, but delightfully more contentious."
  • Red_Hound.pngRed Hound- "How delightfully volatile!"
  • Blue Hound- "Curious, it appears blue gems are sometimes formed within them."
  • Hound%27s_Tooth.pngHound's Tooth- "It is radiating thermal energy. How curious."
  • Spider- "I've never heard such a vocal arachnid!"
  • Spider_Warrior.pngSpider Warrior- "The green appears to indicate an aggressive type."
  • Spider (sleeping)- "Incredible! It appears to be snoring!"
  • Spider_Warrior_Sleeping.pngSpider Warrior (sleeping)- "I can examine it more closely this way."
  • Spider (dead)- "I would like to dissect that."
  • Dead_Spider_Warrior.pngSpider Warrior (dead)- "They have the curious trait of rolling onto their back when they expire."
  • Spider Gland- "Properly processed, this could have medicinal properties."
  • Silk.pngSilk- "Of a remarkable tensile strength. It could be used as cloth."
  • Krampus- "He appears to be drawn to my moral ambiguity."
  • Krampus_Sack.pngKrampus Sack- "Holds more supplies but weighs less than a backpack. It defies all known laws of physics!"
  • Merm- "A marvelous humanoid. Perhaps it has evolved from the marshy depths."
  • Frog.pngFrog- "A impressive criminal of the animal kingdom!"
  • Frog (sleeping)- "I can examine it more closely in its sonamolant state."
  • Dead_Frog.pngFrog (dead)- "Fantastic! It's ready for dissection."
  • Tentacle- "Arms from the depths! But where is the rest of the body?"
  • Tentacle_Spike.pngTentacle Spike- "A ruthless weapon I should put to frequent use."
  • Tentacle Spots- "A stretchy consistency. Not unlike rubber."
  • Tentapillar.pngBig Tentacle (1)- "The temptation to wake it up is almost unbearable."
  • Big Tentacle (2)- "The life cycle of these creatures is truly amazing!"
  • Big_Slimy_Pit.pngBig Slimy Pit- "I postulate it was made by a large tentacle."
  • Baby Tentacle- "Glorious! A grasping gargantuan appendage!"
  • Guardian_Pig.pngGuardian Pig- "A fascinating display of aggressive behavior."
  • Werepig- "Amazing! This world's celestial satellite is influential on its terrestrial inhabitants!"
  • Ghost_Build.pngGhost- "A poltergeist not affected by the dark fuel."
  • MacTusk- "I wish I could converse with them, but they appear hostile to strangers."
  • WeeTusk.pngWee MacTusk- "Did he weave that wonderful piece of tartan?"
  • Walrus Tusk- "Just as I suspected. It's a big tooth."
  • Tam_o%27_Shanter.pngTam o' Shanter- "Marvelously constructed to prevent psychic attack."
  • Mosquito- "Fascinating. Do they carry diseases like the ones I know?"
  • Mosquito.pngMosquito (held)- "Its plasma sacks are quite valuable for medicinal purposes."
  • Mosquito Sack- "Quite convenient should I need to perform a plasma infusion on myself."
  • Mosquito.pngNearby Mosquitoes- "I'll keep my blood, thank you!"
  • Cave Spider- "Does its eye allow it to see in the infrared? I wonder..."
  • Spitter.pngSpitter- "It appears arachnids here don't spin webs from their posterior."
  • Batilisk- "Hmmm... Are its red glowing eyes somehow connected to its animosity?"
  • Lureplant.pngMeat Bulb- "Much like the anglerfish, its lure is very tempting."
  • Fleshy Bulb- "What an amazing amalgam of flower and flesh."
  • Eyeplant.pngEyeplant- "A wonderfully ravenous blossom!"
  • Slurper- "Truly outstanding ocular sockets!"
  • Slurper_Pelt.pngSlurper Pelt- "A pelt of pabulum properties!"
  • Dangling Depth Dweller- "Fascinating. They make gravity work for them."
  • Depths_Worm.pngDepths Worm (emerged)- "A glorious creature from the depths!"
  • Depths Worm (lure)- "Fascinating! Irradiating fruit!"
  • Depths_Worm_Burrowed.pngDepths Worm (burrowed)- "Emanating minuscule amounts of thermal energy."
  • Ewecus- "A harsh and phlegmatic creature."
  • Steel_Wool.pngSteel Wool- "Compositionally unique from wool I'm used to."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Varg- "Curious. Does it control the hounds with hypnosis?"
  • Poison_Birchnut_Tree.pngPoison Birchnut Tree- "Fantastic! I wonder what has possessed it."
  • Birchnutter- "I'd love to chat, but it's extraordinarily angry."
  • Crocodog.pngCrocodog- "A barking reptile?! I must examine it closer!"
  • Yellow Crocodog- "Its coloring suggests it's somehow contaminated."
  • Blue_Crocodog.pngBlue Crocodog- "What a marvelously aggressive animal!"
  • Floaty Boaty Knight- "Amazing! I ran into many difficulties waterproofing my automaton."
  • Flup.pngFlup (normal and in ground)- "An incredible amphibious fish! Let me take a look at you."
  • Eyeshot.pngEyeshot- "The fascinating eye stalk of this fish would be ideal for a blow dart."
  • Pirate Ghost- "A swashbuckling, seafaring spectral spectacle!"
  • Poison_Mosquito.pngPoison Mosquito- "I presume they carry diseases here too."
  • Yellow Mosquito Sack- "Theoretically, it could be used as an antivenom."
  • Snake.pngSnake- "A fantastically vile reptile."
  • Poison Snake- "I highly suspect that it is poisonous."
  • Snakeskin.pngSnakeskin- "The repellant properties of this skin are inspiring!"
  • Sea Hound- "What a terrifically streamlined killing machine!"
  • Stink_Ray.pngStink Ray- "An absolutely amazing animal with fatal fumes."
  • Swordfish- "What a magnificently cuspidated creature!"
  • White_Whale.pngWhite Whale- "How rare! I must hunt it!"
  • White Whale Carcass- "Wonderful! Decomposing bacteria has kept it bloated and buoyant."
  • Dragoon.pngDragoon- "Fascinating! I would very much like to examine his heart."
  • Ancient Spirit- "A pig of the paranormal persuasion!"
  • Giant_Grub.pngGiant Grub- "It appears to have a contentious relationship with the humanoid hexapod invertebrates."
  • Gnat Swarm- "Their capacity for aggravating behavior is truly astounding!"
  • Hanging Vine- "Kleptomaniac vegetation. How wonderful!"
  • Mant Warrior- "Fascinating! An infantry class of humanoid hexapod invertebrates!"
  • Masked_Pig.pngMasked Pig- "Theoretically, he's a rogue of some sort."
  • Swashy Hat- "Intriguing. Perhaps it is made of some kind of stealth fabric."
  • Bandit_Stash_Map.pngBandit Stash Map- "A map to the accumulated plunder of that pig bandit."
  • Poison Dartfrog- "It's reasonable to conclude that this amphibian means me harm."
  • Poison_Dartfrog.pngPoison Dartfrog (sleeping)- "A dozing dendrobatidae."
  • Poison Dartfrog (dead)- "Based on observations, I can reasonably deduce it is dead."
  • Rabid_Beetle.pngRabid Beetle- "Evidently, it acquires facial hair when it matures."
  • Rabid Beetle (sleeping)- "It's respiratory structures are vibrating."
  • Rabid_Beetle_Dead.pngRabid Beetle (dead)- "An occurrance of invertebrate respiratory failure."
  • Scorpion- "A wonderful example of a predatory arachnid! And poisonous to boot!"
  • Scorpion_Sleeping.pngScorpion (sleeping)- "My first inclination is to poke it with a stick."
  • Scorpion (dead)- "Cold and lifeless."
  • Level_1_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngLevel_3_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngSnaptooth Seedling- "Evidently, it's a juvenile. And particularly attracted to meat."
  • Sleeping_Level_2_Snaptooth_Seedling.pngSnaptooth Seedling (sleeping)- "Does it dream of consuming life forms?"
  • Snaptooth_Seedling_Level_1_Dead.pngSnaptooth_Seedling_Level_3_Dead.pngSnaptooth Seedling (dead)- "Lifeless."
  • Snaptooth Flytrap- "I've never seen a carnivorous plant reach such an illustrious size."
  • Snaptooth_Flytrap_Sleeping.pngSnaptooth Flytrap (sleeping)- "A shame. It's much more interesting when it's awake."
  • Snaptooth Flytrap (dead)- "A recently departed carnivorous plant."
  • Spider_Monkey.pngSpider Monkey- "Presumably, the terrifying arachnid arms are just vestigial."
  • Spider Monkey (sleeping)- "I wonder if he is dreaming of decimating something."
  • Spider_Monkey_Dead.pngSpider Monkey (dead)- "Fairly recently deceased."
  • Vampire Bat- "How fortunate! I've found a flocking predatory flying mammal to observe!"
  • Vampire_Bat_Sleeping.pngVampire Bat (sleeping)- "My curiosity is telling me I should poke it with a stick."
  • Vampire Bat (dead)- "An excellent illustration of respiratory arrest."
  • Pig_Skin%3F.pngPig Skin?- "Curious. It looks remarkably like a pig bottom."
  • Viper- "What a wonderfully vicious reptile! I would like its skin."
  • Weevole.pngWeevole- "What a wonderfully persistent species of insect!"
  • Weevole Carapace- "Excellent! It's the exoskeleton of a hexapod invertebrate!"

Pig.pngMobs - Neutral Animals[]

Base Game[]
  • Beefalo- "What compelling eyes!"
  • Beefalo.pngBeefalo (follower)- "It likes me! And I, it."
  • Beefalo (sleeping)- "Now would be the ideal time to shear it."
  • Beefalo_Naked.pngBeefalo (naked)- "Fascinating! Its hair is already rapidly growing back."
  • Beefalo (domesticated)- "Its behavior has grown more docile over time."
  • PudgyDomesticatedBeefalo.pngBeefalo (domesticated, pudgy)- "Docility has a direct relation to nourishment in these creatures."
  • Beefalo (domesticated, docile)- "In theory, I should be able to ride this one."
  • OrneryDomesticatedBeefalo.pngBeefalo (domesticated, ornery)- "Displaying a compelling array of aggressive behavior."
  • Beefalo Wool- "Radiating a musty smell."
  • Beefalo_Horn.pngBeefalo Horn- "Durable and convenient for carving, similar to the tusks from home."
  • Baby Beefalo- "The juveniles must be afflicted with some kind of alopecia areata."
  • Baby_Beefalo.pngBaby Beefalo (sleeping)- "They appear to be dreaming."
  • Bee- "I am oddly intrigued by its sadistic nature."
  • Killer_Bee.pngKiller Bee- "These bees undergo a chromatic change relative to their aggression."
  • Bee (held)- "Performing an absolutely captivating waggle dance."
  • Killer_Bee.pngKiller Bee (held)- "Curious. Why is it not stinging me?"
  • Stinger- "Its small size and sharp point will come in handy."
  • Pig.pngPig (normal and sleeping)- "Interesting. They have acquired a rudimentary level of speech."
  • Pig (follower)- "Excellent. I now have a laborer I can put to work."
  • Dead_Pig.pngPig (dead)- "A shame. They are good at menial work."
  • Pig Skin- "The rump of a humanoid pig with the properties of leather."
  • Bunnyman2.pngBunnyman and Beardlord- "I much prefer their darker form."
  • Bunny_Puff.pngBunny Puff- "A 10.6 on the "Fluffiness Index"."
  • Koalefant- "Ah ha! I have discovered the maker of all those tracks."
  • Winter_Koalefant.pngWinter Koalefant- "Its coat color appears to be dependent on the season."
  • Pengull- "Has a considerably larger beak than I'm used to."
  • Rock_Lobster.pngRock Lobster- "A geological golem! If only it could answer my many questions."
  • Slurtle- "Has a frustrating trait of not wanting to be dissected."
  • Snurtle.pngSnurtle- "A copious amount of creatures in this environment have a diet of minerals."
  • Slurtle Slime- "An astounding explosive fuel produced from snail mucus!"
  • Broken_Shell.pngBroken Shell- "Perhaps they can be re-fused somehow."
  • Shelmet- "I calculate it's about a six on the Mohs Scale."
  • Snurtle_Shell_Armor.pngSnurtle Shell Armor- "Its camouflaging properties work preposterously well."
  • Splumonkey- "Akin to its earthly kin."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Buzzard.pngBuzzard- "Its eyes are particularly piercing."
  • Catcoon- "A curious chimera of curious creatures."
  • Cat_Tail.pngCat Tail- "Has more uses than the raccoon tails I'm used to."
  • Volt Goat- "Those horns look like insulated wire. Curious..."
  • Charged_Volt_Goat.pngVolt Goat (charged)- "Fascinating... The electrostatic discharge has infused it with rage."
  • Volt Goat Horn- "No wire within. How does it hold a charge?"
  • Blue_Whale.pngBlue Whale- "I can safely assume that was the animal making those bubbles."
  • Blue Whale Carcass- "A buoyant carcass no doubt filled with blubber."
  • Bottlenose_Ballphin.pngBottlenose Ballphin- "Theoretically they can be manipulated with food."
  • Dorsal Fin- "Not ideal for making soup."
  • Jellyfish.pngJellyfish- "It seems I need some sort of fishing implement to capture it."
  • Jellyfish (held)- "Extraordinary! Its cranial nerves appears to be smiling!"
  • Water_Beefalo.pngWater Beefalo (normal, sleeping and follower)- "
  • Horn- "Ah! An ivory incisor. Theoretically, I can find a use for it."
  • PrimeApe.pngPrime Ape- "You look like a fellow who understands insatiable curiosity."
  • Wildbore- "A pig humanoid creature. Evidently belongs to the hirsute variant."
  • Elder_Mandrake.pngElder Mandrake- "He appears to be influenced by this world's satellite. Intriguing!"
  • Hippopotamoose- "Its jubilant jumping creates such wickedly wonderful waves!"
  • Hippopotamoose_Antler.pngHippopotamoose Antler- "The skull extension of a semiaquatic antlered animal."
  • Mant- "Wonderful! A war-based society consisting of humanoid hexapod invertebrates!"
  • Mant_Sleeping.pngMant (sleeping)- "Oh! I can scrutinize him more closely now."
  • Mant (dead)- "I wonder if they have funeral rites."
  • Platapine.pngPlatapine- "Incredible! It's spinning at subsonic speeds!"
  • Platapine (sleeping)- "Theoretically, all that spinning has tuckered him out."
  • Platapine_Dead.pngPlatapine (dead)- "Dead. But rigor mortis has yet to set in."
  • Platapine Quill- "Surprisingly hardy. Theoretically, it could be used as a tool."
  • Pog.pngPog- "An adorably audacious animal with an insatiable appetite!"
  • Royal Guard- "Evidence suggests he is responsible for the security of this town."
  • Royal_Guard.pngRoyal Guard (sleeping)- "Presumably, he should not be sleeping on the job."
  • Royal Guard (palace variant)- "His gross muscular displacement and stature make him ideal for striking fear."
  • Royal_Guard.pngRoyal Guard (palace variant, sleeping)- "He's currently displaced his bed."

Mobs - Passive Animals[]

Base Game[]
  • Butterfly.pngButterfly- "Strange that I haven't yet seen any caterpillars."
  • Butterfly (held)- "I must remember to be careful with its delicate wings."
  • Crow.pngCrow- "A feathered creature that looks remarkably like a crow."
  • Crow (held)- "I could study it better in some kind of cage."
  • Redbird.pngRedbird- "In many ways similar to the ones at home. In many ways quite different."
  • Redbird (held)- "I wonder what those eyes have seen."
  • Snowbird.pngSnowbird- "There's a strange relation between birds and the proximity of seeds here."
  • Snowbird (held)- "If only I could see through those eyes."
  • Jet_Feather.pngJet Feather- "Interesting! Feathers appear to have properties wholly unique from each other."
  • Crimson Feather- "Epidermal growth with several exploitable properties."
  • Azure_Feather.pngAzure Feather- "Only available in the cold season."
  • Gobbler- "Appears to have a fixation on the berries."
  • Eye_Bone.pngEye Bone- "Quite alluring. Especially to my furry companion."
  • Eye Bone (Chester dead)- "It's been dormant since the death of my furry companion."
  • Ashes.pngEye Bone (ashes)- "The bone has lost its appealing characteristics."
  • Chester- "An animal with nine stomachs! And capable of such regurgitation."
  • Rabbit.pngBeardling.pngRabbit and Beardling- "Undergoes an incredible metamorphosis at the proximity of a psychic attack."
  • Winter_Rabbit.pngRabbit and Beardling (held)- "Wringing its neck would be the fastest way to end its life."
  • Fireflies.pngFireflies- "Enchantingly elusive bioluminescence."
  • Fireflies (held)- "An exploitable source of bioluminescence."
  • Planted_Mandrake.pngMandrake (planted)- "The appearance of that root raises my curiosity."
  • Mandrake (follower)- "Its screech is of a remarkably annoying register."
  • Mandrake.pngMandrake (dead)- "It appears to be adverse to light rays."
  • Mandrake (cooked)- "Smells faintly of thebaine.
  • Cooked_Mandrake.pngMandrake (knocked out by)- "Ugh, my head!"
Reign of Giants[]
  • Glommer- "Such a complex arrangement of oculus!"
  • Glommer%27s_Flower.pngGlommer's Flower- "Its smell appears to be attracting that flying creature."
  • Glommer's Flower (Glommer dead)- "Evidentaly, its attractive properties cease at death."
  • Ashes.pngGlommer's Flower (ashes)- "Burnt flowers produce no attractive properties."
  • Glommer's Wings- "How did these wings support such a bulky creature?"
  • Glommer%27s_Goop.pngGlommer's Goop- "An entirely innovative source of energy!"
  • Raised Dirt (underground Moleworm)- "A burrower and a borrower."
  • Moleworms.pngMoleworm (aboveground)- "An entirely unusual creature formed from entirely usual ones."
  • Moleworm (held)- "I suspect it has a very complex sense of smell."
  • Bioluminescence.pngBioluminescence- "An intriguing instance of chemoluminescence. And a tiny one at that!"
  • Crab_%28insanity%29.pngCrabbit and Beardling- "
  • Crab_%28insanity%29.pngCrabbit and Beardling (held)- "
  • Shifting Sands- "Its deftness at camouflage is not good enough to fool me."
  • Dogfish.pngDogfish- "Curious, do its ears act as fins?"
  • Sharkitten- "What a wonderfully adorable abomination!"
  • Fishbone.pngFishbone (normal and Packim dead)- "The skeleton of a fish with strangely attractive properties."
  • Ashes.pngFishbone (ashes)- "
  • Packim Baggims- "The capacity of that bird's stomach defies the laws of physics!"
  • Rainbow_Jellyfish.pngRainbow Jellyfish- "It's smile is quite chilling."
  • Rainbow Jellyfish (held)- "Its chromatic variations are quite pleasing to the eye."
  • Parrot.pngParrot (normal and held)- "A brightly colored bird, native to this region."
  • Parrot Pirate- "I suppose that bird is attracted to shiny objects. Interesting..."
  • Seagull.pngSeagull- "I find it disheartening to know there are seagulls here too."
  • Seagull (in water)- "A little more hostile than the ones I'm used to."
  • Toucan.pngToucan- "How does its unusually tiny neck support such a bulbous beak."
  • Cormorant- "Very similar to ones at home. Disappointing..."
  • Doydoy.pngDoydoy- "What a ludicrously doltish bird!"
  • Doydoy Nest- "A complex piece of architecture built by a dim-witted creature."
  • Doydoy_Feather.pngDoydoy Feather- "It beautifully reflects the green-blue region of the light spectrum."
  • Doydoy Egg- "Shall I cook it? Or leave it to hatch more imbeciles?"
  • Doydoy_Egg.pngHatching Doydoy Egg- "It looks to be hatching!"
  • Fried Doydoy Egg- "The color doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence."
  • Baby_Doydoy.pngBaby Doydoy (normal and held)- "Fantastic! A juvenile doltish bird to join the others!"
  • Teen Doydoy- "
  • Teen_Doydoy.pngTeen Doydoy (held)- "
  • Wobster- "What a complex cephalothorax! I'm going to eat it for dinner!"
  • Fishermerm.pngFishermerm- "Curious. These creatures appear to enjoy engaging in hobby fishing."
  • Banker- "Presumably, he is a trustworthy fellow."
  • Pig_Banker.pngBanker (sleeping)- "I assumed he was a snorer, but this is not the case. Strange..."
  • Beautician- "An example of the fine citizenry of this town."
  • Pig_Beautician.pngBeautician (sleeping)- "I would like to ask her what she's dreaming of."
  • Collector- "I do wish to chat with him about the history of this area."
  • Pig_Collector.pngCollector (sleeping)- "Evidently, he has no where else to sleep."
  • Erudite- "Frustratingly reluctant to answer my questions about her curious wares."
  • Pig_Erudite.pngErudite (sleeping)- "Presumably, she doesn't have a better place to sleep."
  • Farmer- "Cultivated a fondness for grasses. Can't say I blame him."
  • Pig_Farmer.pngFarmer (sleeping)- "Perhaps he prefers to sleep beneath the stars?"
  • Florist- "Evidence would suggest she's a gardener herself."
  • Pig_Florist.pngFlorist (sleeping)- "Presumably her house is under repair."
  • Hatmaker- "Evidence would suggest she is happy about something."
  • Pig_Hatmaker.pngHatmaker (sleeping)- "Does she ever take off her hat?"
  • Hunter- "Willing to trade in canine cuspids and arthropod stingers."
  • Pig_Hunter.pngHunter (sleeping)- "Why is he sleeping out here? Curious..."
  • Mayor Truffleston- "This pig society appears to have built a healthy political system."
  • Pig_Mayor.pngMayor Truffleston (sleeping)- "In theory, there are better places for him to sleep."
  • Miner- "Strangely excited to collect more sedimentary rocks."
  • Pig_Miner.pngMiner (sleeping)- "I presume he's earned his sleep."
  • Professor- "Appears educated, but reluctant to answer any of my many questions."
  • Pig_Professor.pngProfessor (sleeping)- "Perhaps the result of somnambulistic wanderings."
  • Pig Queen- "Are you a patron of the sciences by any chance?
  • Pig_Shopkeep.pngShopkeep- "What a thoroughly creepy smile!"
  • Shopkeep (sleeping)- "Evidence suggests she has lost her home."
  • Pig_Usher.pngUsher- "Evidentally, he is as myopically challenged as me."
  • Usher (sleeping)- "Appears to be suffering from a lack of habitation."
  • Pig_Worker.pngWorker- "A wonderful work ethic. He would fit in nicely in my factory."
  • Worker (sleeping)- "Why is he sleeping out here? Curious..."
  • Kingfisher.pngKingfisher (normal & held)- "That remarkable beak would be excellent for crushing seeds."
  • Kingfisher (sleeping)- "The bird appears to be in some kind of sonamolant state."
  • Kingfisher_Dead.pngKingfisher (dead)- "Deceased, yet rigor mortis has yet to set in."
  • Parrot (normal & held)- "Remarkable! Truly beautiful plumage!"
  • Parrot_%28Hamlet%29_Sleeping.pngParrot (sleeping)- "Evidence would suggest it's had a prolonged squawk."
  • Parrot (dead)- "It has shuffled off the mortal coil."
  • Pigeon_Hamlet.pngPigeon (normal & held)- "Intriguing! Pigeons flock to urban centers here as well."
  • Pigeon (sleeping)- "Currently in a dormant state."
  • Pigeon_%28Hamlet%29_Dead.pngPigeon (dead)- "Theoretically, it's dead."
  • Dung Beetle- "Such agility! The way he's able to navigate on that sphere of poop!"
  • Dung_Beetle.pngDung Beetle (without Dung Ball)- "Presumably, he's seeking a replacement for his poop sphere."
  • Dung_Beetle_Sleeping_2.pngDung Beetle (sleeping)- "A dormant dung dancer."
  • Dung Beetle (dead)- "Expired. But it appears that is a recent occurrence."
  • Glowfly.pngGlowfly- "The luminous oculus on this pterygota is inspiring!"
  • Glowfly (sleeping)- "Evidently, its bioluminescence is dormant too."
  • Glowfly_Dead.pngGlowfly (dead)- "Cadaverous."
  • Glowfly (cocoon)- "It appears to be undergoing some kind of transubstantiation."
  • Pangolden.pngPangolden- "Evidently, it poops gold. Fascinating!"
  • Peagawk- "Curious. Can it see out of all of those ocular quills?"
  • Peagawk_Hidden.pngPeagawk (hiding)- "I'm experiencing the inescapable perception that I'm being watched."
  • Peagawk_Hidden_Sleeping.pngPeagawk (sleeping)- "Perhaps I can now pluck one of its ocular quills."
  • Peagawk (dead)- "Evidently, it didn't see that coming."
  • Peagawk_Plume.pngPeagawk Plume- "Theoretically, there's an intact nervous system that keeps the eye  moving."
  • Piko- "The amazing storage space of their small cheeks defies all laws of physics!"
  • Piko_Sleeping.pngPiko (sleeping)- "Evidently, tired from a day of scurrying. And stealing."
  • Piko (dead)- "Recently demised."
  • Orange_Piko.pngOrange Piko- "Smells of tea. Perhaps a consequence of its proximity to tea trees?"
  • Thunderbird- "A stunning creature with an unusual command of electrostatic energy."
  • Thunder_Feather.pngThunder Feather- "Electrostatically attractive plumage."

Mobs - Tallbird family[]

Base Game[]
  • Tallbird.pngTallbird- "That eye! How penetrating!"
  • Tallbird Nest (with egg)- "Oh wonderful! It contains an egg!"
  • Tallbird_Nest.pngTallbird Nest (empty)- "Not currently occupied with an ovum."
  • Tallbird Egg- "I would very much like to incubate this."
  • Fried_Tallbird_Egg.pngFried Tallbird Egg- "Strange. It appears to be unfertilized."
  • Hatching Tallbird Egg- "Has a rather short incubation time."
  • Hatching_Tallbird_Egg.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (dead, eating the egg)- "
  • Hatching Tallbird Egg (too hot)- "It is soaking up the thermal waves!"
  • Tallbird_Egg_Too_Cold.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (too cold)- "In need of thermal energy."
  • Hatching Tallbird Egg (long time left)- "It is soaking up the thermal waves."
  • Hatching_Tallbird_Egg.pngHatching Tallbird Egg (short time left)- "Its hatching is imminent!"
  • Smallbird- "Their legs must go through a rapid growth spurt at some point."
  • Smallbird.pngSmallbird (hungry)- "Perhaps it will eat the food I cannot."
  • Smallbird (starving)- "Requires immediate sustenance!"
  • Teenbird.pngSmallish Tallbird- "Its legs underwent an incredible growth spurt!"
  • Smallish Tallbird (hungry)- "Requires sustenance to continue."
  • Teenbird.pngSmallish Tallbird (starving, attacking)- "In dire need of food!"
  • Pecked by a Smallish Tallbird- "Ooh! Ouch! What a curious bird!"

Spider_Queen.pngMobs - Bosses[]

Base Game[]
  • Lumpy_Treeguard.pngTreeguard (normal and lumpy)- "If I could only take such possessed topiaries home with me!"
  • Spider Queen- "Did she evolve from the spider den?"
  • Spiderhat.pngSpiderhat- "A brain wave converter! Incredible!"
  • Deerclops- "Displays an intriguing amount of hostility toward architecture."
  • Deerclops_Eyeball.pngDeerclops Eyeball- "Theoretically, it has some connection to the dark forces here."
  • Ancient Guardian- "Astonishingly similar to its clockwork counterpart."
  • Guardian%27s_Horn.pngGuardian's Horn- "It's emitting strange wavelengths of energy."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Bearger- "Fascinating! What do you suppose it's so angry about?"
  • Thick_Fur.pngThick Fur- "An effective thermal wave insulator."
  • Moose/Goose- "There are a fascinating number of chimeras in this world."
  • Goose_Egg.pngMoose/Goose Egg and Nest- "Giving off a fair amount of heat."
  • Mosling.pngMosling- "An animal capable of wind manipulation! Extraordinary!"
  • Down Feather- "Holds a strange connection to the elements."
  • Dragonfly.pngDragonfly (Approaching)- "What a beautiful behemoth that creature must be!"
  • Dragonfly- "Evidence suggests it's wings are made of silicate."
  • Scales.pngScales- "The light refraction is quite extraordinary."
  • Lava Spit (hot)- "A mass of magmatic mucus!"
  • Lava Spit (cool)- "Spectacular smouldering spittle."
  • Palm Treeguard- "If I could only take such possessed topiaries home with me!"
  • Quacken.pngQuacken- "What an awe-inspiring vitriolic creature! I need a closer look!"
  • Quacken Tentacle- "The destructive limbs on this creature are quite fascinating!"
  • Chest_of_the_Depths.pngChest of the Depths- "The spoils of my skirmish with that sizable sea creature."
  • Quacken Beak- "Such a durable beak. No doubt it will come in handy."
  • Sealnado.pngSealnado- "A fascinating destructive force. I should take a closer look."
  • Sealnado (failed attack)- "
  • Seal.pngSealnado (seal form)- "What an adorably destructive creature! I want to take it home with me."
  • Turbine Blades- "Who manufactured this blade? It's quite precise!"
  • Magic_Seal.pngMagic Seal- "Wonderful. It's a conduit for that dark fuel."
  • Tiger Shark- "A spectacular chimera of fish and kitty."
  • Eye_of_the_Tiger_Shark.pngEye of the Tiger Shark- "Theoretically, it's edible. But I believe there could be a better use for it."
  • Shark Gills- "Theoretically, its rubbery texture will keep the elements at bay."
  • Pugalisk.pngPugalisk- "What a wonderfully calamitous creature! I need to study it more!"
  • Snake Bone- "The skeletal remains of a carnivorous reptile."
  • Petrifying_Bones.pngPetrifying Bones- "The skeletal remains of an alluring beast. I must dig them up!"
  • Pugalisk Skull- "The cranium has retained some of the beasts' incredible hypnotic power." [sic]
  • Queen_Womant.pngQueen Womant- "Fascinatingly vicious! She deserves more study."
  • Royal Crown- "Symbolic head wear that is respected by the porcine population." [sic]
  • Ancient_Herald.pngAncient Herald- "It must be one of the ancients! I must get a closer look!"
  • Dark Tatters- "A fragment from that magnificent apocalyptic being! Everything I could've hoped for!"
  • Large_Iron_Hulk.pngLarge Iron Hulk- "A wonderful automaton of ancient technology brought back to life!"
  • Infused Iron- "Ferrous metal infused with a kind of ancient arcane technology."

Abigail_build.pngMobs - Other[]

Base Game[]
  • Maxwell- "Looks like a man who could answer some of my quandaries."
  • Pig_King.pngPig King- "From his demeanor I can surmise he's an influential pig, keen on trade."
  • Wes (trapped)- "A performance artist! Who could have imprisoned him like this?"
  • Abigail_build.pngAbigail- "
Reign of Giants[]
  • Bigfoot- "It must be infatuated with the soundwaves of a particular frequency."
  • Wilbur.pngSoggy Monkey (Wilbur)- "I should wake him before he dies of exposure. But how?"
  • Yaarctopus- "Intriguing! That sleepy cephalopod wishes to engage in trade!"
  • Maxameleon.pngMaxameleon- "I've only just arrived and already I've made a discovery."
  • BFB (head)- "If I'm lucky I'll be swallowed and I can glimpse its extraordinary insides!"
  • BFB_Leg.pngBFB (leg)- "The phalanges of an enormous fowl!"
  • BFB (tail)- "the posterior plumage of a giant fowl. How fascinating!" [sic]

Meat.pngFood - Meats+[]

Base Game[]
  • Egg- "Raw egg will unquestionably cause indigestion."
  • Cooked_Egg.pngEgg (cooked)- "Mmm mmm! Palatable protein."
  • Meat- "A fascinating display of Voronoi patterns."
  • Cooked_Meat.pngCooked Meat- "Theoretically it won't cause stomach upset."
  • Jerky- "Theoretically, it's less susceptible to spoilage now."
  • Morsel.pngMorsel- "A tiny bit of protein. I will need to cook it though."
  • Cooked Morsel- "Based on past experiments, I deduce I can eat this."
  • Small_Jerky.pngSmall Jerky- "Ah, this should tide me over for a while."
  • Monster Meat- "Interesting, it is neither a red meat nor a white meat."
  • Cooked_Monster_Meat.pngCooked Monster Meat- "An interesting experiment. Shall I risk it?"
  • Monster Jerky- "Edible, but not enticing."
  • Leafy_Meat.pngLeafy Meat- "I can say with certainty that consuming this will cause me distress."
  • Cooked Leafy Meat- "A wholly unusual chimera of meat and vegetation."
  • Drumstick.pngDrumstick- "Raw fowl is not something I'd like to experiment eating."
  • Fried Drumstick- "A protein packed appendage I can consume!"
  • Fish.pngFish- "Remarkable! Upon its death, 'X's appear on its eyes."
  • Cooked Fish- "I shall endeavor to avoid the bones."
  • Eel.pngEel- "As is, my stomach can't take it."
  • Cooked Eel- "Smells delicious. Perhaps I may consume it."
  • Koalefant_Trunk.pngKoalefant Trunk- "Fascinating! Even its trunk changes color!"
  • Winter Koalefant Trunk- "It has an extra layer of insulation for the winter time."
  • Koalefant_Trunk_Steak.pngKoalefant Trunk Steak- "A parboiled proboscis."
  • Frog Legs- "I predict my stomach will reject this foodstuff."
  • Cooked_Frog_Legs.pngCooked Frog Legs- "Oh! A rare delicacy I can enjoy!"
  • Batilisk Wing- "Oddly heavy for a flying appendage."
  • Cooked_Batilisk_Wing.pngCooked Batilisk Wing- "Shall I experiment on its edibility?"
  • Dead Dogfish- "The only instance of ears on a fish I have ever encountered."
  • Dead_Swordfish.pngDead Swordfish- "What a perfectly pernicious proboscis!"
  • Tropical Fish- "A beautiful fish! But I dare not consume it raw."
  • Dead_Jellyfish.pngDead Jellyfish- "Based on past experience, I should not consume this raw."
  • Cooked Jellyfish- "Ringlets of ever increasing circumference."
  • Dead_Rainbow_Jellyfish.pngDead Rainbow Jellyfish- "I'm quite convinced eating raw seafood would result in disaster."
  • Cooked Rainbow Jellyfish- "Wonderful! Its chromatic variations were preserved!"
  • Dried_Jellyfish.pngDried Jellyfish- "Of a chewy consistency. Not unlike tar."
  • Raw Fish- "My experiments eating raw seafood always end in disaster."
  • Tuna_Can.png"Ballphin Free" Tuna- "What an extraordinary opening device!"
  • Fish Steak- "The grilling makes it easily digestible."
  • Fish_Morsel.pngFish Morsel- "Even miniscule amounts of raw fish will cause my intestines harm."
  • Cooked Fish Morsel- "Ah. It should be okay for me to consume it now."
  • Limpets.pngLimpets- "I will refrain from eating this in its raw form."
  • Cooked Limpets- "Theoretically it will cause me less stomach upset in this form."
  • Mussel.pngMussel- "Consuming raw seafood never produces favorable results for me."
  • Cooked Mussel- "Significantly more pleasurable when consumed cooked."
  • Roe.pngRoe- "Presumably, fish will hatch from this ovum."
  • Cooked Roe- "The act of cooking has organized the roe into rows. Curious..."
  • Neon_Quattro.pngNeon Quattro- "Quite an exotic selection of fish here. All inedible raw."
  • Cooked Neon Quattro- "A pleasant enough presentation."
  • Pierrot_Fish.pngPierrot Fish- "I predict disastrous consequences if I eat raw fish."
  • Cooked Pierrot Fish- "Now where did the head go?"
  • Purple_Grouper.pngPurple Grouper- "A beautiful fish. Even dead."
  • Cooked Purple Grouper- "Good, it still contains the bones. They're a great source of calcium!"
  • Shark_Fin.pngShark Fin- "Structurally superior at avoiding aerodynamic drag. Also, it's good in soup."
  • Dead Wobster- "I do not want to experiment with eating raw seafood."
  • Cooked_Wobster.pngDelicious Wobster- "Its muscular cephalothorax makes for some good eatin'."
  • Bile-Covered Slop- "I can reasonably deduce this will end in gastrointestinal distress."
  • Dragoon_Heart.pngDragoon Heart- "A first-rate source of exothermic energy."
  • Poison Dartfrog Legs- "Observations lead me to conclude this will cause me harm."
  • Cooked_Dartfrog_Legs.pngCooked Dartfrog Legs- "Relatively less detrimental than before."
  • Gummy Slug- "Their slimy composition will most certainly cause stomach upset."
  • Cooked_Gummy_Slug.pngCooked Gummy Slug- "Lancing these with a stick makes them slightly more appetizing."

Food - Fruits[]

Base Game[]
  • Berries.pngBerries- "Oh no. I couldn't possibly eat these."
  • Roasted Berries- "In theory I can digest this mush of fruit."
  • Cave_Banana.pngCave Banana- "A fruit that grows in a cave environment. Fascinating!"
  • Cooked Cave Banana- "I do hope I can digest this without consequences."
  • Dragon_Fruit.pngDragon Fruit- "Quite colorful, but not good for my digestion."
  • Prepared Dragon Fruit- "Ah! Food I can consume!"
  • Durian.pngDurian- "Not anything I want to experiment with eating."
  • Extra Smelly Durian- "A consumable psychic attack!"
  • Pomegranate.pngPomegranate- "A rare fruit, but I'd rather not eat it raw."
  • Sliced Pomegranate- "Looks delicious. I do hope I can consume this."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Watermelon.pngWatermelon- "Too sweet for my stomach."
  • Grilled Watermelon- "I am able to consume it in this form."
  • Coconut.pngCoconut- "It must be cloven to get to the meat."
  • Halved Coconut- "I cannot eat it, but I can admire its concave curve."
  • Roasted_Coconut.pngRoasted Coconut- "Ah! Roasted coconut. I enjoy its effects on my taste receptors."
  • Coffee Beans- "I will need to roast it before I can consume it without ill effect."
  • Cooked_Coffee_Beans.pngRoasted Coffee Beans- "Has an ephemeral effect on my adrenal gland."

Food - Vegetables[]

Base Game[]
  • Carrot.pngCarrot- "Looks nutritious. But I cannot eat it like this."
  • Roasted Carrot- "My stomach should be able to process this in its current form."
  • Corn.pngCorn- "A fascinating display of Voronoi patterns."
  • Popcorn- "Tasty treats formed from a influx of energy."
  • Eggplant.pngEggplant- "I can reliably predict this will upset my stomach."
  • Braised Eggplant- "Braising is scientifically proven to settle my stomach."
  • Pumpkin.pngPumpkin- "I predict it will make for an excellent lantern."
  • Hot Pumpkin- "A bit of cooked vegetable is good for the constitution."
  • Red_Cap.pngRed Cap- "Liable to cause me intestinal distress in its current form."
  • Cooked Red Cap- "I can reasonably deduce this will cause me psychic harm."
  • Green_Cap.pngGreen Cap- "Raw fungus is not something my stomach can process."
  • Cooked Green Cap- "I deduce the cooking has made it more digestible."
  • Blue_Cap.pngBlue Cap- "This most certainly will not agree with me."
  • Cooked Blue Cap- "Good for the clarity of mind."
  • Glow_Berry.pngGlow Berry- "Bioluminescence or radioluminescence?"
  • Lichen- "It's inadvisable that I should consume this without cooking it first."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Cactus_Flesh.pngCactus Flesh- "Consuming this in its current state is inadvisable."
  • Cooked Cactus Flesh- "The cooking process has made it better for my constitution."
  • Cactus_Flower.pngCactus Flower- "This flower would be quite edible provided I can cook it."
  • Seaweed- "If consumed in its current condition, it's bound to cause me intestinal distress."
  • Roasted_Seaweed.pngRoasted Seaweed- "Previous experiments have proven it is edible in this form."
  • Dried Seaweed- "Devoid of its moisture, it is actually quite tasty."
  • Sweet_Potato_Planted.pngSweet Potato (planted)- "Cultivating quite nicely."
  • Sweet Potato- "Consuming raw potatoes is never a good idea. Even sweet ones."
  • Cooked_Sweet_Potato.pngCooked Sweet Potato- "Quite a delicious snack."
  • Aloe- "Theoretically, consuming this has health benefits. But it only causes me pain."
  • Cooked_Aloe.pngCooked Aloe- "Presumably some of its health benefits have been retained."
  • Asparagus- "These fibrous shoots will undoubtedly cause me stomach upset."
  • Cooked_Asparagus.pngCooked Asparagus- "High in vitamin A and dietary fibre. I find it pleasing to consume."
  • Bean Bugs- "These would most certainly cause intestinal distress."
  • Cooked_Bean_Bugs.pngCooked Bean Bugs- "Slightly more edible now."
  • Lotus Flower- "Theoretically, it's edible. Though I should cook it to avoid stomach problems."
  • Cooked_Lotus_Root.pngCooked Lotus Root- "A salubrious plant capable of boosting mental wellness."
  • Nettle- "A large leaf nettle plant native to these parts. Also it smells funny."
  • Radish.pngRadish- "All evidence suggests I will not react well to its spiciness."
  • Cooked Radish- "A tiny snack of cooked vegetables."
  • Tuber.pngTuber- "Given my delicate constitution, I'll refrain from eating it raw."
  • Fried Tuber- "Even the stems are edible when they are cooked."
  • Blooming_Tuber.pngBlooming Tuber- "Strange. It has the faint scent of solanine."
  • Fried Blooming Tuber- "Ah, the petals of the corolla are a nice touch."

Ratatouille.pngFood - Crock Pot[]

Base Game[]
  • Bacon and Eggs- "Theoretically, my stomach will process this with no ill effects."
  • Butter_Muffin.pngButter Muffin- "A curative confectionary. And one I can eat!"
  • Dragonpie- "Theoretically, it could feed me for days!"
  • Fishsticks.pngFishsticks- "Fascinating! Where has the stick gone to?"
  • Fish Tacos- "Quite delicious concoction of fish and corn."
  • Fist_Full_of_Jam.pngFist Full of Jam- "I predict eating this will be an enjoyable experience."
  • Froggle Bunwich- "Ah. Some sustenance I can digest."
  • Fruit_Medley.pngFruit Medley- "A lovely concoction of consumables."
  • Honey Ham- "A veritable feast of meat and sweetener."
  • Honey_Nuggets.pngHoney Nuggets- "Tiny morsels of sweet protein. Excellent for my digestion."
  • Kabobs- "The stick in this meat has added to its consumability."
  • Mandrake_Soup.pngMandrake Soup- "Death has not prevented that vegetable from enjoying a bath."
  • Meatballs- "These round spheres of meat should be digestible."
  • Meaty_Stew.pngMeaty Stew- "Ah yes. This looks exquisite."
  • Monster Lasagna- "A pungent pasta that will no doubt do me harm."
  • Pierogi.pngPierogi- "Pockets of victuals."
  • Powdercake- "This would give my stomach a turn. I dare not eat it."
  • Pumpkin_Cookies.pngPumpkin Cookies- "What a delightful recipe!"
  • Ratatouille- "Finally a simple dish which won't cause me intestinal distress."
  • Stuffed_Eggplant.pngStuffed Eggplant- "Erupting with nourishment."
  • Taffy- "Comprised mostly of honey. But I am not complaining."
  • Turkey_Dinner.pngTurkey Dinner- "I do hope my stomach can take it."
  • Unagi- "I do hope this doesn't cause stomach upset."
  • Waffles.pngWaffles- "Waffles made without flour. What a wonderful place this is!"
  • Wet Goop- "Completely devoid of nutrition and sustenance."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Flower_Salad.pngFlower Salad- "Edible flowers! I shall consume them with gusto!"
  • Guacamole- "Those underground mammal snouts make for a tasty treat!"
  • Ice_Cream.pngIce Cream- "Happily, ice cream tastes the same here."
  • Melonsicle- "Has an endothermic effect on internal temperatures."
  • Spicy_Chili.pngSpicy Chili- "Letting off an incredible amount of thermal energy."
  • Trail Mix- "Fascinating. A translucent bag just spontaneously materialized!"
  • Banana_Pop.pngBanana Pop- "Quite efficient in lowering my internal temperature. Tastes good too."
  • Bisque- "I prefer my soup to be above my internal temperature. But it is edible."
  • California_Roll.pngCalifornia Roll- "Delightful! A motley of seafood wrapped up into cylinders."
  • Ceviche- "Curious. Where did the lime come from?"
  • Coffee.pngCoffee- "Interesting. Caffeinated beverages have a heightened effect here."
  • Jelly-O Pop- "Strangely enough, this does not cause me stomach upset."
  • Wobster_Bisque.pngLobster Bisque- "Its exoskeleton is still a marvelous shade of blue."
  • Lobster Dinner- "I do like watching its exoskeleton turn red."
  • Seafood_Gumbo.pngSeafood Gumbo- "Still contains the skeletal remains of a fish."
  • Shark Fin Soup- "Ah. Shark fin soup. Just the thing to settle my stomach."
  • Surf_%27n%27_Turf.pngSurf 'n' Turf- "There is a lot of meat based protein in this concoction."
  • Fresh Fruit Crepes- "Buttery bounty of a berry blintz!"
  • Monster_Tartare.pngMonster Tartare- "I suppose a culinary experiment is in order."
  • Mussel Bouillabaise- "A hearty broth of molluscs is good for the digestion."
  • Sweet_Potato_Souffle.pngSweet Potato Souffle- "A hearty vegetable meal. Good for the constitution."
  • Caviar- "Where did I get that glass jar? Curious..."
  • Tropical_Bouillabaisse.png Tropical Bouillabaisse- "A delicious concoction of water borne animals!"
  • Asparagus Soup- "Ah. Who wouldn't find this shade of green immensely appetizing."
  • Feijoada.pngFeijoada- "A somewhat tolerable purpose for those bouncing beans."
  • Gummy Cake- "Its rubbery texture reminds me of the desserts of my youth!"
  • Hard_Shell_Tacos.pngHard Shell Tacos- "Who knew insect carapaces could be so tasty?!"
  • Iced Tea- "Evidence would suggest my tea got cold."
  • Nettle_Rolls.pngNettle Rolls- "The coiled fronds of a nettle plant which serve as allergy medication."
  • Snake Bone Soup- "The skeletal remains should add some calcium to my diet."
  • Spicy_Vegetable_Stinger.pngSpicy Vegetable Stinger- "Ah. A daily dose of vegetables restores the mental faculties."
  • Steamed Ham Sandwich- "Delightfully devilish."
  • Tea.pngTea- "A rodent based broth that tastes remarkably like tea!"

Food - Other[]

Base Game[]
  • Seeds.pngSeeds- "I cannot eat them like this. They're better off in the ground."
  • Carrot Seeds- "I cannot eat them like this."
  • Corn_Seeds.pngCorn Seeds- "I should plant this so it will germinate."
  • Dragon Fruit Seeds- "It could be planted, provided I find suitable soil."
  • Durian_Seeds.pngDurian Seeds- "Theoretically, these will grow durians."
  • Eggplant Seeds- "These need a nutrient rich soil to grow."
  • Pomegranate_Seeds.pngPomegranate Seeds- "Seeds to be planted for gardening."
  • Pumpkin Seeds- "Fantastic! I wonder what crops it will yield."
  • Toasted_Seeds.pngToasted Seeds- "A nice, light digestible snack."
  • Honey- "Suitable for an ingredient, but raw honey actuates my stomach problems."
  • Butterfly_Wings.pngButterfly Wings- "Delightful! Deceased butterfly wings have medicinal properties here."
  • Butter- "Butter does wonders for my stomach."
  • Rot.pngRot- "No longer ideal for consuming."
  • Rotten Egg- "Smells sulfuric. Excellent!"
  • Phlegm.pngPhlegm- "Based on past experience, I hope I do not have to consume this."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Roasted Birchnut- "Cooking this has no doubt angered those possessed trees."
  • Electric_Milk.pngElectric Milk- "Smells curiously of ozone and lactate."
  • Watermelon Seeds- "The seed of a watermelon."
  • Blubber.pngBlubber- "There is a high probability this will cause intestinal distress."
  • Brainy Matter- "I would like to eat it, but it would cost intestinal distress."
  • Sweet_Potato_Seeds.pngSweet Potato Seeds- "Evidently, it will grow sweet potatoes."
  • Clippings- "Clippings of a perennial plant which provide evidence I have performed a service."
  • Cooked_Seed_Pod.pngCooked Seed Pod- "Of a chewy consistency. Evidently, it's good for you."
  • Flytrap Stalk- "Theoretically edible, but undoubtedly I'll find a better use for it."
  • Nectar.pngNectar- "Requires an enzymatic processor to convert it to honey."
  • Magic Water- "Evidence would suggest it needs to be planted to be fully implemented."
  • Aloe_Seeds.pngAloe Seeds- "Evidence would suggest these will grow aloe."
  • Asparagus Seeds- "Theoretically these will need to be planted to germinate."
  • Radish_Seeds.pngRadish Seeds- "The embryonic form of a radish plant."

Misc Items[]

Base Game[]
  • Blueprint.pngBlueprint- "What an ingenious design!"
  • Gears- "Remarkably versatile cogs! They could fit some of my creations."
  • Ashes.pngAshes- "Nothing but burnt carbon."
  • Ashes of item- "I believe it is a burnt bone."
  • Red_Gem.pngRed Gem- "The geometric cut to this gem appears to optimally focus exothermic energy."
  • Blue Gem- "Its geometrical shape concentrates endothermic energy."
  • Yellow_Gem.pngYellow Gem- "A study in proper proportion of sines of angles of incidence and refraction."
  • Green Gem- "Geometric optics at work."
  • Orange_Gem.pngOrange Gem- "Curious, prismatic shapes such as this never occur naturally."
  • Beard Hair- "Facial hair that can be used for the manufacturing of belongings."
  • Manure.pngManure- "A remarkably massive mound of manure!"
  • Guano- "Those bats produce a curiously large mound of dung for such small creatures."
  • Melty_Marbles.pngMelty Marbles- "Glass blown into spheres and fused together."
  • Fake Kazoo- "A shame it's broken. I enjoy the sound of a thin membrane vibrating in a hollow tube."
  • Gord%27s_Knot.pngGord's Knot- "Curious. Some force prevents me from untying it."
  • Gnome- "How strange. Who would need such things here?"
  • Tiny_Rocketship.pngTiny Rocketship- "Marvelous! I would very much like one on a bigger scale."
  • Frazzled Wires- "Ingenius! Color coding wires would make them easier to distinguish their composition."
  • Ball_and_Cup.pngBall and Cup- "There's a trick to it. I know it!"
  • Hardened Rubber Bung- "I would love to know this got here."
  • Mismatched_Buttons.pngMismatched Buttons- "Buttons. But none fit my clothing."
  • Second-hand Dentures- "Has someone lost their dental work?"
  • Lying_Robot.pngLying Robot- "A rudimentary design, lifeless and uninspiring."
  • Dessicated Tentacle- "Marvelous! A severed limb!"
  • ファイル:Dwarf Star.pngDwarf Star- "It's particularly good at focusing light."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Webberskull.pngWebber's Skull- "Wonderful! The skull of an arachnid humanoid hybrid."
  • Bone Shards- "Dense and sharp! Quite optimal for weapon crafting."
  • Old_Bell.pngOld Bell Blueprint- "Inspired! Absolutely inspired!"
  • Venom_Gland.pngVenom Gland- "Excellent! A sack of zootoxin."
  • Dubloons- "Pirate currency. But how did it get here?"
  • Hail.pngHail- "Let's see if I can find a purpose for this precipitation."
  • Message in a Bottle- "An enthralling missive from a mysterious being."
  • Spoiled_Fish.pngSpoiled Fish- "Not an experiment I'm willing to undergo."
  • Snake Oil- "Ah, I made a fortune selling such concoctions in my youth."
  • Harpoon.pngHarpoon- "An exceedingly effective throwing weapon."
  • Trident- "Its incredible effectiveness increases threefold when used in the water!"
  • Peg_Leg.pngPeg Leg- "I can reasonably deduce that this belonged to someone. But to whom?"
  • Orange Soda- "I've never seen such an ingenious opening device on a tin can!"
  • Voodoo_Doll.pngVoodoo Doll- "A stuffed figure."
  • Ukulele- "It produces highly pleasurable longitudinal sound waves."
  • License_Plate.pngLicense Plate- "I hypothesize this came in through a rift."
  • Ancient Vase- "The hole prevents it from retaining any liquid."
  • Brain_Cloud_Pill.pngBrain Cloud Pill- "A medical experiment I'm reluctant to try."
  • Wine Bottle Candle- "Was this candle burnt here, or somewhere else?"
  • Broken_AAC_Device.pngBroken AAC Device- "Ah. It needs a DR356X001."
  • One True Earring- "I'm afraid it is not my size."
  • Old_Boot.pngOld Boot- "A boot. But who did it belong to?"
  • Sextant- "Ah! A reflecting navigation instrument!"
  • Toy_Boat.pngToy Boat- "Appears to be seaworthy, but much too diminutive to be useful."
  • Soaked Candle- "
  • Sea_Worther.pngSea Worther- "Amazing! It appears to work similar to my radio."
  • Iron Key- "Made of iron. Is there iron in this world?!"
  • Bone_Key.pngBone Key- "Carved from skeletal remains."
  • Golden Key- "Quite an ingenious design. Meant to inspire fear, no doubt."
  • Tarnished_Crown.pngTarnished Crown- "Did those simians steal this or does it belong to one of them?"
  • Oinc- "Pig coinage of a single denomination."
  • Tenpiece_Oinc.pngTenpiece Oinc- "The pigs appear to have set up an economy of sorts."
  • Centapiece Oinc- "There appears to be a truffle engraved on the face of this coin!"
  • Clippings.pngClippings- "Clippings of a perennial plant which provide evidence I have performed a service."
  • Lost Idol- "In theory this was a respectably jubilant fellow in the pig's history."
  • Lost_Totem.pngLost Totem- "Fascinating! Evidently, they had a runic writing system."
  • Relic Fragment- "Theoretically, it's a fragment of a larger sculpture."
  • The_Blue_Sow.pngThe Blue Sow- "A stone representation of some sort of royalty. Quite an unusual color too!"
  • The Jeweled Truffle- "The ornamentation of this ancient artifact suggests it's of enormous value."
  • Pherostone.pngPherostone- "Absolutely inspiring! A scent converter!"
  • Alloy- "Ah, refined metal. As good as any factory could produce."
  • Chitin.pngChitin- "Wonderful! The exoskeleton of a deceased insect!"
  • Stalking Stick- "Incredible! It increases my speed by exactly thirty percent!"
  • Deed_of_home_ownership.pngDeed of home ownership- "All evidence would suggest, I'm a homeowner now."
  • Regal Scepter- "Presumably, it belongs to royalty of some sort."
  • Royal_Gallery_Key.pngRoyal Gallery Key- "Theoretically, it fits a lock somewhere."
  • Key to the City- "The gift of urban planning in the palm of my hand!"
  • Queen_Malfalfa.pngStatue of Queen Malfalfa- "A stone replication of royalty. Theoretically, it's worth something."
  • Post Card of the Royal Palace- "A memento of my most enjoyable vacation."
  • Can_of_Silly_String.pngCan of Silly String- "Incredible! I suspect this canister contains many surprises."
  • Noxious Cloud- "A cloud of toxic chemicals. Intriguing!"

Maxwell_Head.pngAdventure Mode[]

Base Game[]
  • Divining Rod (in starting base)- "Interesting. A PR-76. Did it come in with me?"
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod- "Ha! Haha! It's my PR-76!"
  • Divining Rod (cold)- "I've tuned in to a low frequency signal!"
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod (warm)- "The oscillations are getting louder!"
  • Divining Rod (warmer)- "Something is giving off radio waves. Something close!"
  • Divining_Rod.pngDivining Rod (hot)- "Hoohooo! I'm close. I'm very close!"
  • Divining Rod Holder- "Is this one of mine!? It looks like one of mine!"
  • Divining_Rod_Holder.pngDivining Rod Holder (ready to unlock)- "It needs a key. Presumably something that runs on dark energy."
  • Divining Rod Holder (unlocked)- "Eureka! My destiny awaits!"
  • Maxwell%27s_Door.pngMaxwell's Door- "An inspired design! I must talk with the inventor!"
  • Maxwell's Phonograph- "Ah, the Gramophone ML-77. I know it well."
  • Maxwell%27s_Light.pngMaxwell's Light- "A light source that sensitive to motion! Revolutionary!"
  • Maxwell Statue- "I would very much like to talk to him."
  • Maxwell%27s_Tooth_Trap.pngMaxwell's Tooth Trap- "A revelation in weaponry."
  • Sick Worm Hole- "Does it still work? I wonder..."
  • Nightmare_Lock.pngNightmare Lock- "Interesting. Previous ones weren't so inundated with darkness."
  • Nightmare Throne- "I've found it! The portal that can link worlds! The throne of ultimate power!!"
  • Nightmare_Throne.pngMale Character on Nightmare Throne- "I do so wish I could supplant him."
  • Female Character on Nightmare Throne- "I must discover a way to transfer our positions."
  • Nightmare_Throne.pngOther Character on Nightmare Throne- "Is that...? But it couldn't be!"


Base Game[]
  • Generic- "Impossible!"
  • Failed Adventure Mode- "I've failed this time, but I will try again!"
  • Freedom- "Liberty!"
  • Freezing- "Brr... It must be below freezing."
  • Battlecry- "You'll rue the day!"
  • Battlecry (prey)- "Your attempts at escape will be futile!"
  • Battlecry (Pig)- "I wish to engage in combat!"
  • Battlecry (Spider)- "Let us preoccupy ourselves with battle!"
  • Battlecry (Spider Warrior)- "Take that, you accursed arachnid assailant!"
  • Leaving combat- "I've better ways to spend my time."
  • Leaving combat (prey)- "I'll find easier prey."
  • Leaving combat (Pig)- "Not worth the effort."
  • Leaving combat (Spider)- "I've frightened it away!"
  • Leaving combat (Spider Warrior)- "I've no desire to pursue it."
  • Activated a Bee Mine- "Those sadistic bees are lingering!"
  • Dusk- "A conspicuously rapid sunset! Time must flow strangely here."
  • Entering darkness- "Darkness. I can hear the creature lurking."
  • Entering light- "Ah, light! Fantastic."
  • Doing things in the dark- "Darkness. I do hope that creature arrives soon!"
  • Failed to do something- "Impossible!"
  • Failed to craft something- "No matter. I will learn from my failures."
  • Failed to give something- "
  • Trying to sleep during the day- "Daytime is not the optimal occasion for a long slumber."
  • Trying to sleep during day in a cave- "Neither the optimal time nor the ideal place for a long slumber."
  • Trying to sleep when too hungry- "I can't go to bed hungry. My stomach will protest."
  • Trying to sleep near monsters- "I can't sleep! I'm being persecuted."
  • Trying to give item to a busy mob- "Currently they are engrossed in other things."
  • Trying to give item to a dead mob- "They've no need for this in the after life." [sic]
  • Trying to give item to a sleeping mob- "I'll wait until they're in the waking world."
  • Not enough fertilizer- "The plants here are in serious need of nutrients."
  • Hounds are coming- "Hounds! Coming to eat me, no doubt."
  • Depths Worms are coming- "There is movement under my feet! Fascinating!"
  • Boss is coming- "What beautiful behemoth made that sound?!"
  • Inventory full- "I should drop an item I am unlikely to use soon."
  • Can't rummage (generic)- "Evidently I'll have to poke around elsewhere."
  • Can't store (generic/full)- "There's a surfeit of supplies packed into there already."
  • Can't store (invalid item)- "That option is currently unavailable to me."
  • Can't bundle (no items)- "If only I could wrap the incorporeal."
  • Can't cook (generic)- "Cooking is not a current option."
  • Can't cook (too far)- "I've yet to invent a device to reach that far."
  • Can't draw (no subject)- "I'll need to see the subject for a proper illustration."
  • Can't shave (generic)- "Strange. I'm unable to shave them just now."
  • Can't shave (nothing left)- "Something cannot come from nothing."
  • Can't shave (beefalo awake)- "If only I could hypnotize them to sleep. Alas it's not possible."
  • Can't write on sign (generic)- "I'm at a loss for words."
  • Beefalo in combat, unable to mount- "It's best if I don't climb aboard that riled beast at this time."
  • Beefalo in combat, unable to saddle- "Saddling an irate beast is inadvisable."
  • Unable to build structure (mounted)- "Theoretically if I had telekinesis, I could accomplish that."
  • Eating- "Delicious. Simply delicious!"
  • Eating (stale food)- "Ugh. Definitely not good for the constitution."
  • Eating (spoiled food)- "That experiment was a failure."
  • Eating (painful food)- "Oooh... not certain I should have eaten that."
  • Eating (raw food)-
    • "Ugh. Too unrefined for my intestines."
    • "Oooh... an assault on my alimentary canal."
    • "Gah! My abdominal region is in distress."
  • Hungry- "I'm so hungry my cognitive abilities are failing!"
  • Triggered trap- "Excellent! Let's see what I've snagged."
  • Torch out- "My torch spontaneously incombusted!"
  • Pricked- "Yeouch! Have they drawn blood?"
  • Object broken, fixable- "All my extensive knowledge shall be put to work fixing this."
  • Earthquake (Caves) - "Seismic activity! And I left my instruments at home."
Reign of Giants[]
  • Lightning miss- "I narrowly missed a spontaneous electrostatic discharge!"
  • Overheating- "My plasma will boil if I don't escape this heat."
  • Tree Shelter- "Weather shielding. How fortuitous!"
  • Wetness (low)- "Quite a bit of precipitation we're seeing!"
  • Wetness (medium)- "I should get in out of this weather."
  • Wetness (high)- "My tolerance for this rain is reaching its limit."
  • Wetness (highest)- "This precipitation is too much!"
  • Dropping tool while wet- "I don't doubt that was due to the rain."
  • Smoldering Item- "Evidence would suggest it's about to catch fire."
  • Burnt- "Ho! Ha! That smarts!"
  • Trying to sleep on fire- "Sleep would hardly combat this blaze."
  • Volcano eruption- "Volcanic eruption! Perfect chance to study the lava here."
  • Sea Hounds are coming- "Undersea predators are lurking. I'm convinced of it."
  • Crocodogs are coming- "Hounds! Coming to eat me, no doubt."
  • Sealnado is coming- "What beautiful behemoth made that sound?!"
  • Map border approaching- "Blasted fog! I want to know what's beyond my map."
  • Entering map border- "I've been turned around somehow."
  • Exiting map border- "What unseen forces are at work here?!"
  • Wave.pngRiding wave- "Woo hoo! Wave mechanics!"
  • Boat losing durability- "I'll need to repair this boat promptly.
  • Boat leak- "Gaining water, rapidly."
  • Boat sinking- "After all of my triumphs, I have met defeat!"
  • Trawl Net full- "Excellent, my trawl is full!"
  • Crabbit escape- "That animal was more clever than I anticipated."
  • Message_in_a_Bottle.pngWrong world- "A shame this map isn't for around here."
  • Can't buy item (generic)- "I'm familiar with the unattainable."
  • Can't buy item (not enough money)- "Goods do not come cheap here."
  • Cannot enter building (generic)- "Something prevents me from getting inside."
  • Cannot enter building (locked)- "I'll have to discover a way to open it."
  • Cannot read Deed of home ownership (wrong area)- "This deed is for another world entirely."
  • Coughing- "HACK! HACK! HACK!"
  • Digging in Dung Pile-
    • "What's that?"
    • "Oh! That's interesting!"
    • "I found something!"
  • Fog coming-
    • "This {item} really weighs me down."
    • "The humid air is making this {item} heavy."
  • Hay Fever starting- "Evidence would suggest it's allergy season."
  • Hay Fever ending- "Ah! Evidentaly, it's no longer allergy season."
  • Hitting Pugalisk in armored section-
    • "That was the wrong spot."
    • "It must have a weakness!"
    • "The scales are much too thick there."
  • Putting on Living Artifact- "EUREKA!"
  • Sneezing- "aH-CHOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Vampire Bats are coming- "Bats! I recognize the silhouette."
Exclusive to PS4[]
  • Accomploshrine.pngAccomplishment- "A game of some sort. Fascinating!"
  • Accomplishment completed- "Not quite the thrill I was anticipating."


  • Maxwell's Head- "A beheaded behemoth or an optical illusion?"
  • Meaty_Stew.pngDeadly Feast- "I will leave this one alone."
  • Skull Chest- "Theoretically, it will protect my possessions from raiding parties."
  • Golden Pitchfork- "The malleability of gold is different here than at home."
  • Boat- "Theoretically, it was seaworthy at some point."
  • Home- "It appears to be a cozy domicile."
  • Sunk_Boat.pngSunk Boat- "I wonder who owns that?"
  • Lava Pit- "I deduce this is just an outer mantle crust."
  • Lava_Pit.pngLava Pit (normal)- "Strange, convection normally would make the heat unbearable at this proximity."
  • Lava Pit (low)- "Its thermal energy output has gone down considerably."
  • Lava_Pit.pngLava Pit (out)- "Barely releasing any thermal energy."
  • Maxwell's Mosquito Trap- "Inspired brutality!"
  • Maxwell%27s_Mosquito_Trap.pngMaxwell's Mosquito Trap (went off)- "I'll keep my blood, thank you!"
  • Tree Clump- "Are those trees conspiring against me?"
  • Pig Tent- "Based on the smell, I deduce this will be unpleasant."
  • Unimplemented- "Fascinating! Simply fascinating!"
  • DEVTOOL- "Ah! Something new!"
  • DEVTOOL_NODEV- "Fascinating! But I can't use it."
  • HOUNDFIRE- "The dog days seem particularly feverish around here."
  • Poison Frog- "A quick study of its colorful markings reveals it means to do me harm."
  • Peacock- "Its vibrant feathers are a distraction to allow for more effective pilfering."
  • Shadow_Skittish.pngMr. Skittish- "One of those captivating shadow creatures! I must get closer!"
  • Swimming Horror- "A creature made of the dark fuel! I must get closer!"
  • Beach_Turf.pngBeach Turf- "Granular grain. Not good for planting."
  • Wardrobe (unable to change, generic)- "I'd rather not burden myself with changing my vestments right now."
  • Wardrobe.pngWardrobe (unable to change, on fire)- "Currently undergoing combustion. Changing would be inadvisable."
  • Malfunctioning Novelty Ride- "A teleportation device! Oh why doesn't it work?!"
  • Sailor's Ghost- "Amazing! It's sporting spectral headwear and facial hair!"
  • COFFEEBOT- "An exhilarating design. I would love to see it at work!"
  • WOODLEGSSAIL- "Piratical in origin. Are there pirates here?"
  • BIGFISHINGROD- "Presumably this catches bigger fish."
  • SNAKE_FIRE- "Fascinating! A serpent with exothermic composition."
  • PIKE_SKULL- "Interesting! Very interesting indeed!"
  • Baby_Water_Beefalo.pngBaby Water Beefalo- "I deduce it is a juvenile."
  • CIRCLINGSEAGULL- "I have deduced that it's looking for food."
  • RAINBOWJELLYJERKY- "The drying process has taken away its color. Curious..."
  • BALLPHINPOD- "A rudimentary water borne society. But a friendly one."
  • FIRERAIN- "Impressively unusual precipitation."
  • FIRERAINSHADOW- "I can reasonably predict destruction is imminent."
  • TIGERSHARKSHADOW- "What magnificent mystery could be hiding down there?"
  • Peagawk Hat- "Will I be able to see out of the eyes?"
  • Chicken.pngChicken- "How could such an hilariously inept creature continue to thrive?"
  • Chicken (sleeping)- "Dormant."
  • Chicken.pngChicken (dead)- "Cadaverous."
  • Peep Hen- "Quite extreme dimorphism within this species."
  • Peekhen.pngPeep Hen (sleeping)- "Curious, does it ever dream of flying?"
  • Peep Hen (dead)- "Expired."
  • Snapdragon.pngSnapdragon- "Such a wonderfully homicidal plant! I should get closer."
  • Snapdragon (sleeping)- "I'm tempted to poke it with a stick."
  • Snapdragon.pngSnapdragon (dead)- "Rigor mortis has yet to set in."
  • Zeb- "Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes?"
  • Zeb.pngZeb (sleeping)- "That seems like a much more comfortable position for it."
  • Zeb (dead)- "Evidence would suggest it's now extinct."
  • ANTQUEEN_CHAMBERS- "Evidence would suggest it's a room of some importance."
  • PEAGAWKFEATHER_PRISM- "A refraction of ocular plumage."
  • Red_Mushtree_Blooming.pngRed Mushtree (blooming)- "Parasitic possessions are really quite fascinating."
  • Green Mushtree (blooming)- "It's turning itself inside out. I'm absolutely riveted."
  • Blue_Mushtree_Blooming.pngBlue Mushtree (blooming)- "A full scale fungal assault."
  • Blue Mushtree (webbed)- "A web entrapped parasite. Truly a predatory ecosystem."
  • Red_Spore.pngRed Spore- "A parasitic aerial assault. Absolutely fascinating."
  • Red Spore (held)- "There's a soft glow radiating from it."
  • Green_Spore.pngGreen Spore- "Ah, the riveting dance of airborne blight."
  • Green Spore (held)- "Radiating light in the 600 THz range."
  • Blue_Spore.pngBlue Spore- "Airborne microbes."
  • Blue Spore (held)- "Their chemiluminescence could be put to good use."


  • Piratihatitator.pngPiratihatitator- "The schematics in this machine could revolutionize the world!"


  • His quotes for Grass Armor ("Approximately a 1 on the Mohs Scale.") and the Shelmet ("I calculate it's about a six on the Mohs Scale.") refer to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
  • The quote "Delightfully devilish." when examining a Steamed Ham Sandwich is a reference to The Simpsons episode "22 Short Films About Springfield".
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