Server rule

ページ名:Server rule

1. The KE period is Sunday from 1:00 to 25:00.
2. Base attacks on opponents other than the KE period are prohibited. (Counterattack possible)
3. At the time of KE, the opponent who is 5 levels below you is prohibited from attacking.
  However, it is not applicable if the opponent's level is 70 or higher.
4. At the time of KE, if the opponent's health bar is 1, attack is prohibited.
5. Attacks on resource areas (farmlands, oil fields, gold mines) are prohibited. (Counterattack possible)
6. Only one level 1 ruin can be owned by each federation.
7. World Chat bans talking about ethnic, religious and racial issues,
  Slandering and ranting against individuals is not allowed for any reason.
  If found, give a rebellion buff.
8. Prohibit the use of World Chat in personal conflicts and conflicts between federations.
9. If there is any act that disturbs the order, take a screenshot and notify the management.
10. Violations shall be resolved between the parties or between the federations to which the parties belong.
11. "Sniper" is prohibited in the supply battle.
12. Each federation should make the above contents known to the members of the federation.



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