261[&AwUBAAA=]+90 Precision
262[&AwYBAAA=]Sentinel Legionnaire
263[&AwcBAAA=]Wildflame Caverns
264[&AwgBAAA=]Iron Legion Soldier
266[&AwoBAAA=]Double-click to gain karma.
267[&AwsBAAA=]Keg Brawl Assistant
268[&AwwBAAA=]/ Assists
269[&Aw0BAAA=]We love Ellen Kiel!
270[&Aw4BAAA=]Keg Brawl Fumble Forcer
271[&Aw8BAAA=]/ Fumbles Forced
272[&AxABAAA=]Kiel Supporter
273[&AxEBAAA=]Keg Brawl Interceptor
274[&AxIBAAA=]/ Interceptions
275[&AxMBAAA=]/ Achievements Earned
276[&AxQBAAA=]Keg Brawl Scorer
277[&AxUBAAA=]/ Points Scored
278[&AxYBAAA=]Complete achievements supporting Ellen Kiel.
279[&AxcBAAA=]Keg Brawl Opportunist
280[&AxgBAAA=]/ Recoveries
281[&AxkBAAA=]Kiel for Councillor Forever!
282[&AxoBAAA=]Keg Brawl Stealer
283[&AxsBAAA=]/ Steals
284[&AxwBAAA=]I Like Kiel
285[&Ax0BAAA=]Keg Brawl Victor
286[&Ax4BAAA=]/ Wins
287[&Ax8BAAA=]Support Ellen Kiel
289[&AyEBAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 80 armor.
290[&AyIBAAA=]Box of Apothecary's Draconic Armor
291[&AyMBAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 75 armor.
292[&AyQBAAA=]Box of Apothecary's Barbaric Armor
293[&AyUBAAA=]Box of Apothecary's Gladiator Armor
294[&AyYBAAA=]Box of Giver's Draconic Armor
295[&AycBAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 25 armor.
296[&AygBAAA=]Box of Giver's Scale Armor
297[&AykBAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 50 armor.
298[&AyoBAAA=]Box of Giver's Splint Armor
299[&AysBAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 65 armor.
300[&AywBAAA=]Box of Giver's Gladiator Armor
301[&Ay0BAAA=]Double-click to unpack a full set of level 80 armor.
302[&Ay4BAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 9th Place
303[&Ay8BAAA=]Participate in a WvW tournament.
304[&AzABAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 8th Place
305[&AzEBAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 2nd Place
306[&AzIBAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 5th Place
307[&AzMBAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 4th Place
308[&AzQBAAA=]WvW Spring Tournament 2014: 3rd Place
355[&A2MBAAA=]It'll be fun to get cranking again! I wonder if-
356[&A2QBAAA=]C'mon, the defense gadgets should be right over here.
357[&A2UBAAA=]There you are. That artifact we is amazing! Wait until you see. Follow me.
358[&A2YBAAA=]Inquest Operative
360[&A2gBAAA=]Gullible Krewe Leader
361[&A2kBAAA=]Whoa. This is it, everyone! Grab your inventions and go! We have to make a good impression!
362[&A2oBAAA=]Balloons? I haven't seen those since–never mind, just go! We're sky-bound, people! Yeah!
363[&A2sBAAA=]Plated behemoths? Not again!
364[&A2wBAAA=]This sounds bad. Don't bother grabbing your things, just flee for your lives!
365[&A20BAAA=]Inquest Technician
367[&A28BAAA=]Out–of–my–way. We've–got–a–prize–to–win!
368[&A3ABAAA=]Slacking Peacemaker Officer
369[&A3EBAAA=]Lazy Peacemaker Officer
371[&A3MBAAA=]Have no fear. My highly trained, heavily armed bodyguards are teleporting in as we speak.
372[&A3QBAAA=]Teleportation without a receiving gate. Note that my assistant is completely unharmed.
373[&A3UBAAA=]Inquest Krewe Chief
374[&A3YBAAA=]We need those prisoners. Don't let them escape.
375[&A3cBAAA=]Inquest Agent
377[&A3kBAAA=]Fascinating as this architecture is, I've seen enough. Let's go!
378[&A3oBAAA=]Hey, in case this doesn't work, I wanted you to know that …
379[&A3sBAAA=]Hey! Over here. Help!
380[&A3wBAAA=]Krewe Researcher
381[&A30BAAA=]Too late! Containment breach! Oh, dear. Am I in love, or do you feel light-headed, too?
383[&A38BAAA=]Support ethical science! Practice ethical magic!
384[&A4ABAAA=]The Megahedron Collider will kill us all! Shut it down!
385[&A4EBAAA=]Stop the madness! Hey hey, ho ho, the Megahedron Collider has got to go!
386[&A4IBAAA=]Ethics, first, and then pudding!
387[&A4MBAAA=]Krewe Researcher
388[&A4QBAAA=]Containment's at max capacity. There must be a leak in the tank.
390[&A4YBAAA=]Ethics first! Science second!
391[&A4cBAAA=]Invention, not destruction!
392[&A4gBAAA=]Only you can prevent the Megahedron Collider!
393[&A4kBAAA=]Please, take a moment and think of our offspring!
395[&A4sBAAA=]Of, this must be exciting for you. Take a moment to study our brilliance Perhaps some of it will sink in, hmm?
396[&A4wBAAA=]Tricky to contain elementals? For the layman, yes. But for a genius like me, it's all in a day's work.
397[&A40BAAA=]Elementals! What? I mean…how? I mean…stop them before they destroy the lab!
398[&A44BAAA=]Stay close and pay attention. I rarely give this tour, and I do not repeat myself.
399[&A48BAAA=]Here we have the central lab. Every holomagical reading is routed to these consoles for analysis
400[&A5ABAAA=]You are now viewing our power crystals, which are derived from elementals. It's a fantastic source of energy that I perfected, thank you.
768[&AwADAAA=]Seraph Soldier
1280[&AwAFAAA=]Titan's teeth...what kind of filthy shenanigan-liver do you have?
1536[&AwAGAAA=]Fool newfangled traps messin'up my hard work.
1792[&AwAHAAA=]Troll Slayer
2048[&AwAIAAA=]Say goodnight, Sucker.
2304[&AwAJAAA=]On to more important things.
2560[&AwAKAAA=]I will return.
2816[&AwALAAA=]Knowledge is power!
25856[&AwBlAAA=]Malachite Copper Amulet
4620[&AwwSAAA=]You are unclean.
400[&A5ABAAA=]You are now viewing our power crytals, which are derived from elementals. It's a fantastic source of energy that I perfected, thank you.
500[&A/QBAAA=]Mobility, you cretins! It's all about mobility! Caravan, move out.
600[&A1gCAAA=]Sorry, but Alice can't come out to play right now.
700[&A7wCAAA=]Hypnotized Carnival Performer
800[&AyADAAA=]All norn will fall before us in time. Your time is now!
900[&A4QDAAA=]I will not soil my hands with you, insect. You are no match for me.
999[&A+cDAAA=]Help me, norn. I'll do anything, if you just keep those things away.
3000[&A7gLAAA=]Your death was foretold.
4000[&A6APAAA=]Knowledge is power!
5000[&A4gTAAA=]Fall before me!
6000[&A3AXAAA=]That was easy.
6001[&A3EXAAA=]For Ascalon!
6002[&A3IXAAA=]I will return.
6003[&A3MXAAA=]Go to the Mists.
6004[&A3QXAAA=]Die, invader.
6005[&A3UXAAA=]You dare?
6006[&A3YXAAA=]Flank them!
6007[&A3cXAAA=]To battle!
6008[&A3gXAAA=]Are you a worthy foe?
6010[&A3oXAAA=]I'm letting you go.
6011[&A3sXAAA=]Another victory!
6012[&A3wXAAA=]Knowledge is power!
6014[&A34XAAA=]Leave this world!
6016[&A4AXAAA=]Quiet. This will end quickly.
6017[&A4EXAAA=]I thought you came to fight.
6018[&A4IXAAA=]There are enemies nearby.
6019[&A4MXAAA=]Your existence has been erased.
6020[&A4QXAAA=]You dare?
6021[&A4UXAAA=]I will return.
6022[&A4YXAAA=]To arms!
6023[&A4cXAAA=]That was easy.
6024[&A4gXAAA=]Die, invader.
6025[&A4kXAAA=]Go to the Mists.
6026[&A4oXAAA=]For Ascalon!
6027[&A4sXAAA=]Let's finish this!
6028[&A4wXAAA=]Who goes there?
6029[&A40XAAA=]You have chosen death.
6030[&A44XAAA=]Back to my meditations.
6031[&A48XAAA=]Is this...death...?
6032[&A5AXAAA=]This'll hurt.
6033[&A5EXAAA=]You should have left me alone.
6034[&A5IXAAA=]My blood honors the earth.
6035[&A5MXAAA=]I need help over here.
6036[&A5QXAAA=]Stay down, two legs.
6037[&A5UXAAA=]Die, two legs.
6039[&A5cXAAA=]Slink back to your hole.
6040[&A5gXAAA=](sniff) I smell something foul.
6041[&A5kXAAA=]Trial by ordeal.
6042[&A5oXAAA=]The bards will remember.
6043[&A5sXAAA=]Have you committed a crime?
6044[&A5wXAAA=]You put up a good fight!
6045[&A50XAAA=]The guilty run.
6046[&A54XAAA=]Justice is served.
6047[&A58XAAA=]You are judged!
6048[&A6AXAAA=]Close ranks!
6049[&A6EXAAA=]For Ebonhawke!
6050[&A6IXAAA=]Area secure.
6051[&A6MXAAA=]Too late for me.
6052[&A6QXAAA=]For the Vanguard!
6054[&A6YXAAA=]Enemy sighted.
6055[&A6cXAAA=]For Baelfire!
6057[&A6kXAAA=]I die for Gaheron.
6058[&A6oXAAA=]Sanctify the ashes.
6060[&A6wXAAA=]Blasphemers flee!
6061[&A60XAAA=]Protect the caster!
6062[&A64XAAA=]Tell Grenth I said hello.
6063[&A68XAAA=]That was a dirty trick!
6065[&A7EXAAA=]Your money or your life.
6066[&A7IXAAA=]Where's my spyglass?
6067[&A7MXAAA=]Keep running.
6068[&A7QXAAA=]All hands ahoy! To arms!
6069[&A7UXAAA=]Ascalon will rise again!
6070[&A7YXAAA=]Shore up the ranks.
6071[&A7cXAAA=]Adelbern, give me strength!
6072[&A7gXAAA=]Serves you right!
6073[&A7kXAAA=]We got company!
6074[&A7oXAAA=]Remember the Searing!
6075[&A7sXAAA=]We showed them!
6076[&A7wXAAA=]Annihilate them!
6077[&A70XAAA=]Gaheron take you.
6078[&A74XAAA=]For Baelfire!
6079[&A78XAAA=]Infidels approach!
6080[&A8AXAAA=]Scatter my ashes.
6082[&A8IXAAA=]To me, brothers!
6083[&A8MXAAA=]For Ascalon!
6084[&A8QXAAA=]Die, invader.
6085[&A8UXAAA=]Go to the Mists.
6086[&A8YXAAA=]That was easy.
6087[&A8cXAAA=]I will return.
6088[&A8gXAAA=]To arms!
6089[&A8kXAAA=]You dare?
6090[&A8oXAAA=]Good shot.
6091[&A8sXAAA=]Welcome the end.
6092[&A8wXAAA=]Damn! Survivors.
6093[&A80XAAA=]Slay in silence.
6094[&A84XAAA=]Team up!
6095[&A88XAAA=]Quiet. They approach.
6096[&A9AXAAA=]It's dead.
6097[&A9EXAAA=]Destroyers take you!
6098[&A9IXAAA=]Don't underestimate me!
6099[&A9MXAAA=]Zero tolerance!
6100[&A9QXAAA=]My role has ended.
7000[&A1gbAAA=]Die good.
7256[&A1gcAAA=]Now you are better off.
7257[&A1kcAAA=]Life is a pain. I shall end yours.
7258[&A1ocAAA=]Threat sighted! To Arms!
7259[&A1scAAA=]Need some help here!
7260[&A1wcAAA=]I'm watching you.
7261[&A10cAAA=]One less threat.
7262[&A14cAAA=]For the charr!
7263[&A18cAAA=]Well played.
7264[&A2AcAAA=]That one won't come back.
7265[&A2EcAAA=]The legion lives on!
7266[&A2IcAAA=]Warband, to me!
7267[&A2McAAA=]Strength and Iron!
7268[&A2QcAAA=]Our land! Our rules!
7269[&A2UcAAA=]Feed maggots, vermin!
7270[&A2YcAAA=]We...will not abide threats.
7271[&A2ccAAA=]We cannot be defeated.
7272[&A2gcAAA=]I need help over here.
7273[&A2kcAAA=](sniff) I smell something foul.
7274[&A2ocAAA=]Die, two legs.
7100[&A7wbAAA=]I am your death!
7200[&AyAcAAA=]You cannot win.
7300[&A4QcAAA=]Go now to a better place.
7301[&A4UcAAA=]Rally to me!
7400[&A+gcAAA=]Your cities will burn
7500[&A0wdAAA=]Danger! Danger!
7512[&A1gdAAA=]You'll like this one.
7600[&A7AdAAA=]Trial by combat!
7700[&AxQeAAA=]I can't leave my post.
7768[&A1geAAA=]You cannot win.
7800[&A3geAAA=]Spirits, arise.
7900[&A9weAAA=]Knowledge is power!
8000[&A0AfAAA=]To the Depths with you!
8100[&A6QfAAA=]For the charr!
8200[&AwggAAA=]You'll fight all of us!
8300[&A2wgAAA=]Your angle of attack is all wrong.
8400[&A9AgAAA=]Are we going to have a problem?
8500[&AzQhAAA=]That'll teach you.
8600[&A5ghAAA=]I'll be waiting for you...
8700[&A/whAAA=]There's one to remember me by!
8800[&A2AiAAA=]A toast to my health!
8900[&A8QiAAA=]Welcome back, my friend.
9000[&AygjAAA=]Guard! Someone, help me!
9100[&A4wjAAA=]Deer is alert now.
9200[&A/AjAAA=]Spider calls for help.
9400[&A7gkAAA=]Need more energy.
9500[&AxwlAAA=]Break their bodies. Break their spirits.
9600[&A4AlAAA=]Death to my enemies!
9700[&A+QlAAA=]Get back!
9800[&A0gmAAA=]Another fine example of engineering.
9900[&A6wmAAA=]Stay back.
10000[&AxAnAAA=]Stay out of trouble.
10001[&AxEnAAA=]Anything to report?
10002[&AxInAAA=]You see somethin?
10003[&AxMnAAA=]You causing trouble?
10004[&AxQnAAA=]What's the password?
10005[&AxUnAAA=]Know what cannot be known.
10006[&AxYnAAA=]Go ahead and talk.
10007[&AxcnAAA=]Fight what cannot be fought.
10008[&AxgnAAA=]Any secrets you want to share?
10009[&AxknAAA=]Any news?
10016[&AyAnAAA=]Do you need assistance?
10017[&AyEnAAA=]We must all do our part.
10018[&AyInAAA=]Anything to report?
10019[&AyMnAAA=]Push off, landlubber.
10022[&AyYnAAA=]Go away you scurvy yak.
10023[&AycnAAA=]You made a mistake talking to me.
10024[&AygnAAA=]Hard ground makes stronger roots.
10025[&AyknAAA=]Seize the moment.
10032[&AzAnAAA=]Nature's secret is patience.
10033[&AzEnAAA=]Where life goes, so too should you.
10034[&AzInAAA=]Sieze the moment.
10035[&AzMnAAA=]Study the past to survive the future.
10100[&A3QnAAA=]What now?
10200[&A9gnAAA=]I'll forge it if you polish it.
10300[&AzwoAAA=]Life is a trial. Koda the judge and kodan the jury.
10400[&A6AoAAA=]Their coin, my coin__only difference is the pronoun.
10500[&AwQpAAA=]Ho, traveler!
10600[&A2gpAAA=]I was never here. Got that?
10700[&A8wpAAA=]I don't speak to the feeble.
10800[&AzAqAAA=]A life at sea for me.
10900[&A5QqAAA=]Cutting down trees can be dangerous work.
11000[&A/gqAAA=]Greetings, two legs.
11100[&A1wrAAA=]Strength in numbers.
11200[&A8ArAAA=]Don't make me angry.
11300[&AyQsAAA=]We live in dangerous times.
11400[&A4gsAAA=]Every experience teaches us something.
11500[&A+wsAAA=]Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
11800[&AxguAAA=]Stay alert.
11900[&A3wuAAA=]Good to see a fresh face!
12100[&A0QvAAA=]You honor me.
12200[&A6gvAAA=]You can never have too many allies.
12300[&AwwwAAA=]You have many questions.
12400[&A3AwAAA=]Show no mercy.
12500[&A9QwAAA=]My new invention will revolutionize the industry.
12600[&AzgxAAA=]Maybe you could show me some moves.
12700[&A5wxAAA=]Nothing like a good hunt.
12800[&AwAyAAA=]Greetings, traveler.
12900[&A2QyAAA=]History never lies. Historians however...
13000[&A8gyAAA=]Fight with valor.
13100[&AywzAAA=]The legion calls.
13200[&A5AzAAA=]Behave yourself.
13300[&A/QzAAA=]Do you have any food?
13400[&A1g0AAA=]An open mind is best.
13500[&A7w0AAA=]May you find the path home.
13600[&AyA1AAA=]Don't fear the night.
13700[&A4Q1AAA=]Seize the moment.
13800[&A+g1AAA=]You'll regret your decisions.
14000[&A7A2AAA=]And you are?
14100[&AxQ3AAA=]Any news?
14200[&A3g3AAA=]I'll make it quick.
14300[&A9w3AAA=]Stay out of trouble.
14400[&A0A4AAA=]Make it quick.
14500[&A6Q4AAA=]It's tough to prosper nowadays but we try.
14600[&Awg5AAA=]I'll do my best.
14700[&A2w5AAA=]Well, look who's here.
14800[&A9A5AAA=]For glory!
14900[&AzQ6AAA=]I'm dying.
15000[&A5g6AAA=]Is someone there?
15100[&A/w6AAA=]Norn have no need of boasting. We are norn.
15200[&A2A7AAA=]Death for you.
15300[&A8Q7AAA=]Fire burns!
15400[&Ayg8AAA=]Lower eyelid placement
15500[&A4w8AAA=]My brothers will avenge me.
15600[&A/A8AAA=]Many happy greetings.
15700[&A1Q9AAA=]I bet you haven't seen this before!
15800[&A7g9AAA=]Oh, I drank too much. (groan) Core breach...imminent.
15900[&Axw+AAA=]Time to stimulate my mind.
16000[&A4A+AAA=]My pet is down!
16100[&A+Q+AAA=]This way, quickly!
16200[&A0g/AAA=]You've brought this on yourself.
16300[&A6w/AAA=]I need to work on making those last longer.
16500[&A3RAAAA=]Can we talk?
16600[&A9hAAAA=]I feel the life force.
16700[&AzxBAAA=]May I see you over here?
16800[&A6BBAAA=]Look at me go!
16900[&AwRCAAA=]I am the flames!
17000[&A2hCAAA=]The light fades.
17500[&A1xEAAA=]Midnight Teal
17700[&AyRFAAA=]Pastel Winter
17800[&A4hFAAA=]Also, when you are finished with your terrible duty, please keep it down yourselves.
18100[&A7RGAAA=]Gain an additional 50% experience from kills for one hour.
18400[&A+BHAAA=]Thumper Turret
18600[&A6hIAAA=]They say Risen creatures are spreading from Broken Spit. Can someone investigate?
18900[&A9RJAAA=]Smash a foe with the rifle.
19000[&AzhKAAA=]The Complex
19200[&AwBLAAA=]Serious magical weapon-making skills.
19300[&A2RLAAA=]Crusader Aloell
19500[&AyxMAAA=]Movement speed increased while traveling in the city.
19600[&A5BMAAA=]Vital Embroidered Mask
19700[&A/RMAAA=]Shamans Reinforced Scale Pauldrons
19750[&AyZNAAA=]Victory! Svanir shmanir. And stay out!
19760[&AzBNAAA=]Carrion Reinforced Scale Pauldrons
19770[&AzpNAAA=]The hunt begins.
19779[&A0NNAAA=]Shut up and keep walking.
29472[&AyBzAAA=]"((No summary needed. Players never use this actively.))"
16016[&A5A+AAA=]"3... 2... 1..."
9488[&AxAlAAA=]"3... 2... 1..."
17088[&A8BCAAA=]"A burning harpy nest smells just like a chicken frying in sewage."
10800[&AzAqAAA=]"A life at sea for me."
8816[&A3AiAAA=]"A little help?"
6818[&A6IaAAA=]"A prospective student?"
15904[&AyA+AAA=]"A satisfying beverage."
8800[&A2AiAAA=]"A toast to my health!"
7009[&A2EbAAA=]"Abandon all hope."
16704[&A0BBAAA=]"Absolutely not."
26848[&A+BoAAA=]"Ack! Where's the off button? I can't stop it!"
12192[&A6AvAAA=]"Act with honor. Speak with integrity."
29633[&A8FzAAA=]"Ah! What are those things? This place is horrible!"
11809[&AyEuAAA=]"Ah, fish guts. I love my life!"
8624[&A7AhAAA=]"All eyes on me!"
7472[&AzAdAAA=]"All hands ahoy! To arms!"
8817[&A3EiAAA=]"All new to me."
15808[&A8A9AAA=]"All shall fall before me!"
13584[&AxA1AAA=]"All things have a right to grow."
16214 (?)[&A1Y-AAA=]"An impertinent, yet piqunat flavour."
7824[&A5AeAAA=]"And don't come back!"
14000[&A7A2AAA=]"And you are?"
7888[&A9AeAAA=]"Annihilate them!"
15776[&A6A9AAA=]"Annoy me and I'll obliterate you."
6656[&AwAaAAA=]"Another will replace me!"
15910[&AyY+AAA=]"And stay horizontal!"
12896[&A2AyAAA=]"Any news?"
10352[&A3AoAAA=]"Any port in a storm, eh?"
8400[&A9AgAAA=]"Are we gonna have a problem?"
11856[&A1AuAAA=]"Are you new around here?"
10496[&AwApAAA=]"Are you talking to me?"
13376[&A0A0AAA=]"Are you well?"
16448[&A0BAAAA=]"Aren't you paying attention?"
16228 (?)[&A2Q-AAA=]"Assistence!"
12832[&AyAyAAA=]"At ease."
7328[&A6AcAAA=]"At least I lived."
11040[&AyArAAA=]"At your service."
9920[&A8AmAAA=]"Avast, you scurvy golem."
10864[&A3AqAAA=]"Away with you."
29169 (?)[&A-FxAAA=]"AWESOME MAP"
15982[&A24+AAA=]"Aww, this one's kind of cute."
15568[&A9A8AAA=]"Baby runs away!"
7312[&A5AcAAA=]"Back me up!"
15934[&Az4+AAA=]"Bags at max capacity."
6992[&A1AbAAA=]"Battle awaits!"
14672[&A1A5AAA=]"Be careful."
11341[&A00sAAA=]"Be safe."
13392[&A1A0AAA=]"Bear gives me strength to outfight my prey."
9088[&A4AjAAA=]"Bear needs help!"
7776[&A2AeAAA=]"Begone from these lands, foul beast!"
13200[&A5AzAAA=]"Behave yourself."
15408[&AzA8AAA=]"Behold! The Invisible Swordsman!"
9120[&A6AjAAA=]"Bird is leaving combat."
28368[&A9BuAAA=]"I'm a warrior, and I wear a spangenhelm on the battlefield. Because of this, I am nearly invulnerable. This is my story."
9680[&A9AlAAA=]"Bringing the pain!"
15937[&A0E+AAA=]"Burning! Burning! Burning!"
11009[&AwErAAA=]"By Balthazar's hounds! How are you?"
16091[&A9s+AAA=]"By my ears!"
15520[&A6A8AAA=]"By the strength of Svanir."
12401[&A3EwAAA=]"By the Tethyos houses, I greet you."
15440[&A1A8AAA=]"Bye bye!"
13153[&A2EzAAA=]"Can I help you?"
15168[&A0A7AAA=]"Can't wait to try that again."
12288[&AwAwAAA=]"Charity begins with one good deed."
9312[&A2AkAAA=]"Claiming area."
8912[&A9AiAAA=]"C'mon! Snap out of it!"
6720[&A0AaAAA=]"Come back and play!"
12960[&A6AyAAA=]"Come closer. Nightmares are contagious."
15681[&A0E9AAA=]"Come on!"
7088[&A7AbAAA=]"Come to fight?"
12656[&A3AxAAA=]"Consider me an ally."
32610[&A2J-AAA=]"creaturesnaketwoarmsorrianwraithorrianwraith - threatening"
7712[&AyAeAAA=]"Crush our enemies!"
6722[&A0IaAAA=]"Dead so soon?"
24641[&A0FgAAA=]"Death comes for you!"
15200[&A2A7AAA=]"Death for you."
9360[&A5AkAAA=]"Death from above!"
9600[&A4AlAAA=]"Death to my enemies!"
15998[&A34+AAA=]"Defend me."
14992[&A5A6AAA=]"Defense, then offense."
8720[&AxAiAAA=]"Déja vu all over again."
20977 (?)[&A-FRAAA=]"Deploy your Ballista"
16221 (?)[&A10-AAA=]"Did you fall down?"
10016[&AyAnAAA=]"Did you need assistance?"
10096[&A3AnAAA=]"Did you need something?"
11632[&A3AtAAA=]"Did you need something?"
11392[&A4AsAAA=]"Didn't see you there."
16012[&A4w+AAA=]"Dispenser here."
7760[&A1AeAAA=]"Divided you fall!"
13359[&Ay80AAA=]"Do you have a question?"
13408[&A2A0AAA=]"Do you require assistance?"
15872[&AwA+AAA=]"Done and done."
7216[&AzAcAAA=]"Don't come back."
13600[&AyA1AAA=]"Don't fear the night."
15911[&Ayc+AAA=]"Don't get up."
14848[&AwA6AAA=]"Don't know what it was, but now it's dead."
6688[&AyAaAAA=]"Don't let the gate hit you on the way out!"
17040[&A5BCAAA=]"Don't let them get me!"
23809[&AwFdAAA=]"Don't let them put you in a conversion pod."
11200[&A8ArAAA=]"Don't make me angry."
7072[&A6AbAAA=]"Don't make me hurt you."
9072[&A3AjAAA=]"Drake becomes alert."
9073[&A3EjAAA=]"Drake uses special attack!"
7504[&A1AdAAA=]"Drilled you!"
6800[&A5AaAAA=]"Drilled you!"
9377[&A6EkAAA=]"Drink it down."
13488[&A7A0AAA=]"Duty calls."
9648[&A7AlAAA=]"Easy does it."
9136[&A7AjAAA=]"Elemental earth is using a special attack."
12064[&AyAvAAA=]"Embrace simplicity."
9056[&A2AjAAA=]"End of the line!"
16027[&A5s+AAA=]"End them."
16977[&A1FCAAA=]"Entity-not-found. Searching..."
16976[&A1BCAAA=]"Entity-under-consideration. Error: recognition-failure."
9504[&AyAlAAA=]"Ever forward, to victory!"
12912[&A3AyAAA=]"Ever vigilant, never vulnerable."
10528[&AyApAAA=]"Every day brings new faces."
13424[&A3A0AAA=]"Everyone fights for something."
10176[&A8AnAAA=]"Everyone has a secret."
8288[&A2AgAAA=]"Faithful, to battle!"
15960[&A1g+AAA=]"Fear me!"
15712[&A2A9AAA=]"Feel the power of Wolf!"
18593[&A6FIAAA=]"Fire the Cannon"
12624[&A1AxAAA=]"Fire warms, but also burns."
8192[&AwAgAAA=]"Flee, you cowardly cur!"
7568[&A5AdAAA=]"Fleeing with your tail between your legs?"
9263[&Ay8kAAA=]"Follow me!"
8272[&A1AgAAA=]"For Ascalon!"
10672[&A7ApAAA=]"For Ascalon!"
7874[&A8IeAAA=]"For Ascalon!"
11808[&AyAuAAA=]"For Ascalon!"
14160[&A1A3AAA=]"For Ash Legion."
14800[&A9A5AAA=]"For glory!"
15956[&A1Q+AAA=]"For great Justice!"
14608[&AxA5AAA=]"For Iron Legion."
12560[&AxAxAAA=]"For Iron legion."
10816[&A0AqAAA=]"For the Blood legion."
14288[&A9A3AAA=]"For the Blood Legion."
9536[&A0AlAAA=]"For the imperator!"
6848[&A8AaAAA=]"For the legions! Attack!"
8528[&A1AhAAA=]"For the Mother Tree!"
8592[&A5AhAAA=]"Found you!"
12577[&AyExAAA=]"Fun times."
8880[&A7AiAAA=]"Gaining life force!"
9552[&A1AlAAA=]"Get a brain!"
15744[&A4A9AAA=]"Get out of here!"
9057[&A2EjAAA=]"Get over here and help me!"
7808[&A4AeAAA=]"Get this one!"
15940[&A0Q+AAA=]"G-g-going hypothermic."
10641[&A5EpAAA=]"Go away, you scurvy yak."
9248[&AyAkAAA=]"Go shave yourself."
12432[&A5AwAAA=]"Good hunting."
13616[&AzA1AAA=]"Good hunting."
15184[&A1A7AAA=]"Good move."
9009[&AzEjAAA=]"Good riddance."
12032[&AwAvAAA=]"Good to meet you."
12848[&AzAyAAA=]"Good to meet you."
13776[&A9A1AAA=]"Good to see a fresh face."
10128[&A5AnAAA=]"Good to see you."
16193 (?)[&A0E-AAA=]"Good-bye."
10657[&A6EpAAA=]"Got a problem?"
8881[&A7EiAAA=]"Gotta catch my breath."
11649[&A4EtAAA=]"Greetings and Salutations."
12945[&A5EyAAA=]"Greetings, comrade!"
12800[&AwAyAAA=]"Greetings, traveler."
13104[&AzAzAAA=]"Greetings, traveler."
11408[&A5AsAAA=]"Guard yourself at all times."
12384[&A2AwAAA=]"Hail, friend."
12176[&A5AvAAA=]"Hail, traveler."
10848[&A2AqAAA=]"Hard ground makes stronger roots."
10512[&AxApAAA=]"Hard ground makes stronger roots."
13201[&A5EzAAA=]"Have fun, just not too much."
14944[&A2A6AAA=]"Hearty and filling."
13216[&A6AzAAA=]"Hello down there!"
13872[&AzA2AAA=]"Hello stranger."
10768[&AxAqAAA=]"Hello there."
11072[&A0ArAAA=]"Hello youngster."
15552[&A8A8AAA=]"Hello. I'm an adventurer too."
6960[&AzAbAAA=]"Help me!"
15921[&AzE+AAA=]"HELP ME! HURRY!"
15921[&AzE+AAA=]"Help me! Hurry!"
8016[&A1AfAAA=]"Help! Help!"
15920[&AzA+AAA=]"hELP! HERE!"
9744[&AxAmAAA=]"Here, healing turret."
7008[&A2AbAAA=]"Here's one to slaughter."
15728[&A3A9AAA=]"Hey there, friend."
15663[&Ay89AAA=]"Hey. Check that out."
13328[&AxA0AAA=]"Hi there."
11552[&AyAtAAA=]"Ho, traveler!"
12736[&A8AxAAA=]"Ho, travelet!"
15918[&Ay4+AAA=]"Hold it."
12336[&AzAwAAA=]"How are you?"
9984[&AwAnAAA=]"How are your endeavors progressing?"
12224[&A8AvAAA=]"How can I assist you?"
12608[&A0AxAAA=]"How can I help you?"
11104[&A2ArAAA=]"How can I help?"
16141[&Aw0-AAA=]"How did you ever make it this far in life?"
13152[&A2AzAAA=]"How do you do?"
14704[&A3A5AAA=]"How do you do?"
10144[&A6AnAAA=]"How do you do?"
12464[&A7AwAAA=]"How is your garden?"
11216[&A9ArAAA=]"How may I aid you?"
10561[&A0EpAAA=]"How's it going?"
12816[&AxAyAAA=]"How's it going?"
10273[&AyEoAAA=]"I am a genius. And you are?"
7344[&A7AcAAA=]"I am finished."
10321[&A1EoAAA=]"I am the greatest hunter in the world!"
7936[&AwAfAAA=]"I am undone."
7552[&A4AdAAA=]"I call on Gaheron!"
15232[&A4A7AAA=]"I call that done."
9760[&AyAmAAA=]"I can move mountains!"
15932[&Azw+AAA=]"I cannot use that."
11376[&A3AsAAA=]"I carry only the highest quality goods."
16020[&A5Q+AAA=]"I challenge you!"
9792[&A0AmAAA=]"I choose you!"
6976[&A0AbAAA=]"I condemn you to death."
13728[&A6A1AAA=]"I didn't see you there."
8560[&A3AhAAA=]"I die for Gaheron."
16768[&A4BBAAA=]"I do not accept defeat!"
15825[&A9E9AAA=]"I do not approve of this lesson I'm learning."
16080[&A9A+AAA=]"I don't believe so."
15296[&A8A7AAA=]"I don't have a target."
13568[&AwA1AAA=]"I don't speak to the feeble."
9729[&AwEmAAA=]"I feel so...vulnerable."
27904[&AwBtAAA=]"I fight in your honor, my poor lost love."
11217[&A9ErAAA=]"I greet you like the sky greets the sea."
7154 (?)[&A-IbAAA=]"I have been waiting for you."
11280[&AxAsAAA=]"I have everything you need right here."
13696[&A4A1AAA=]"I have everything you need."
12752[&A9AxAAA=]"I have no time for incessant gibbering."
13360[&AzA0AAA=]"I have so much to tell you."
10880[&A4AqAAA=]"I humbly welcome you."
10257[&AxEoAAA=]"I humbly welcome you."
15902[&Ax4+AAA=]"I hunger, therefore I eat."
7441[&AxEdAAA=]"I hunger...."
14863[&Aw86AAA=]"I like it."
12481[&A8EwAAA=]"I like your hair."
8193[&AwEgAAA=]"I lost? Impossible."
12591[&Ay8xAAA=]"I miss the old days."
16069[&A8U+AAA=]"I must depart."
16816[&A7BBAAA=]"I need a word with you."
8048[&A3AfAAA=]"I need help!"
9392[&A7AkAAA=]"I need reinforcements!"
15824[&A9A9AAA=]"I need to stop failing like this."
15472[&A3A8AAA=]"I punish the weak!"
15456[&A2A8AAA=]"I see you."
9872[&A5AmAAA=]"I sense intruders."
14736[&A5A5AAA=]"I sense your inner strength."
14512[&A7A4AAA=]"I server the Vigil.The Vigil serves Tyria."
11840[&A0AuAAA=]"I use every part of the dolyak."
6671[&Aw8aAAA=]"I warned you."
11712[&A8AtAAA=]"I watch over this place."
15955[&A1M+AAA=]"I will avenge you!"
8145[&A9EfAAA=]"I will be waiting for you."
6768[&A3AaAAA=]"If only I could..."
15104[&AwA7AAA=]"If there were a nature spirit representing norn, she'd look like me!"
14128[&AzA3AAA=]"If you need it, I have it."
11920[&A5AuAAA=]"If you sacrifice nothing, you gain nothing."
15536[&A7A8AAA=]"I'll be back."
8480[&AyAhAAA=]"I'll have my revenge."
9616[&A5AlAAA=]"I'll march over your corpse."
16001[&A4E+AAA=]"I'll revive you."
8896[&A8AiAAA=]"I'll revive you."
12546[&AwIxAAA=]"I'm a dangerous woman."
28416[&AwBvAAA=]"I'm a ranger [story text]"
7616[&A8AdAAA=]"I'm a scholar, not a fighter."
14401[&A0E4AAA=]"I'm a wanted man."
15907[&AyM+AAA=]"I'm back and brilliant."
9408[&A8AkAAA=]"I'm blind!"
9409[&A8EkAAA=]"I'm burning!"
9041[&A1EjAAA=]"I'm dead."
15151[&Ay87AAA=]"I'm everything you need. Leave your lover for me."
16560[&A7BAAAA=]"I'm exposed!"
12576[&AyAxAAA=]"I'm here to entertain."
8752[&AzAiAAA=]"I'm in bad shape here."
9281[&A0EkAAA=]"I'm in the zone."
24640[&A0BgAAA=]"I'm in your debt."
16067[&A8M+AAA=]"I'm needed elsewhere."
9505[&AyElAAA=]"I'm sneaky."
16343 (?)[&A9c-AAA=]"I'm taking all your valuables. All of them."
15664[&AzA9AAA=]"I'm the king of the world!"
15944[&A0g+AAA=]"I'm weakened? Preposterous!"
16092[&A9w+AAA=]"In Alchemy's name!"
9216[&AwAkAAA=]"Insect enters combat."
11279[&Aw8sAAA=]"Interested in something specific?"
11728[&A9AtAAA=]"Is that your face?"
8832[&A4AiAAA=]"It burns!"
15024[&A7A6AAA=]"It has life!"
9665[&A8ElAAA=]"It's easy when you know how."
14912[&A0A6AAA=]"It's over."
9666[&A8IlAAA=]"I've attained the awesome."
13744[&A7A1AAA=]"I've been up since before you went to bed."
14272[&A8A3AAA=]"I've been up since before you went to bed."
14928[&A1A6AAA=]"I've got to go."
7777[&A2EeAAA=]"Join me!"
7680[&AwAeAAA=]"Keep running, mate!"
7984[&AzAfAAA=]"Keep running, smart guy!"
9856[&A4AmAAA=]"Keep running."
13648[&A1A1AAA=]"Keep your voice down."
10256[&AxAoAAA=]"Keep your voice down."
8704[&AwAiAAA=]"Kill, kill, kill!"
26769[&A5FoAAA=]"Kitter kattens! Herre, kitters. Kitty-kitty-kitty!"
14592[&AwA5AAA=]"Know what cannot be known."
8256[&A0AgAAA=]"Knowledge is Power!"
8032[&A2AfAAA=]"Knowledge is power!"
7728[&AzAeAAA=]"Knowledge is power!"
14144[&A0A3AAA=]"Knowledge is the greatest treasure."
14688[&A2A5AAA=]"Knowledge is the greatest treasure."
11168[&A6ArAAA=]"Koda's blessing upon you."
8960[&AwAjAAA=]"Kormir enlighten me."
23504[&A9BbAAA=]"Large Hard Haft"
15392[&AyA8AAA=]"Laugh at your pains."
8784[&A1AiAAA=]"Let it fly!"
14256[&A7A3AAA=]"Let's find some trouble."
15553[&A8E8AAA=]"Let's get dirty!"
11696[&A7AtAAA=]"Let's play a game!"
6912[&AwAbAAA=]"Licked them good!"
16033[&A6E+AAA=]"Like acquiring confectionary goods from inferior beings."
12160[&A4AvAAA=]"Lion's Arch can make or break you."
11648[&A4AtAAA=]"Live life well."
11472[&A9AsAAA=]"Live life well."
15760[&A5A9AAA=]"Live smartlly and we may meet again."
9040[&A1AjAAA=]"Live to fight another day."
13680[&A3A1AAA=]"Live well."
15680[&A0A9AAA=]"Lornar's Pass"
9296[&A1AkAAA=]"Lucky shot."
9168[&A9AjAAA=]"Lurker has killed an enemy."
9344[&A4AkAAA=]"Made it."
14400[&A0A4AAA=]"Make it quick."
10192[&A9AnAAA=]"Make it quick."
10704[&A9ApAAA=]"Make it quick."
12304[&AxAwAAA=]"Make it quick."
24801[&A+FgAAA=]"Master Key."
14432[&A2A4AAA=]"May Balthazar strengthen you."
12688[&A5AxAAA=]"May Balthazar strengthen you."
12240[&A9AvAAA=]"May Balthazar strengthen you."
10448[&A9AoAAA=]"May courage guide your hand."
10592[&A2ApAAA=]"May Dwayna bless you."
14240[&A6A3AAA=]"May Dwayna bless you."
10608[&A3ApAAA=]"May Grenth shield you."
12109[&A00vAAA=]"May Kormir enlighten you."
13664[&A2A1AAA=]"May Lyssa aid you."
12496[&A9AwAAA=]"May Lyssa aid you."
14448[&A3A4AAA=]"May Lyssa inspire you."
13440[&A4A0AAA=]"May the Six watch over you."
31025[&AzF5AAA=]"May the Sun bless you. I am free!"
13840[&AxA2AAA=]"May you find the path home."
13888[&A0A2AAA=]"May you seek out the light."
11120[&A3ArAAA=]"May your knowledge flourish."
11345[&A1EsAAA=]"Maybe you could show me some moves."
16721[&A1FBAAA=]"Mind if I try on your armor? You can stay in it."
15901[&Ax0+AAA=]"Mmm, delectable."
29056[&A4BxAAA=]"Mmmmmm Beer."
13538[&A+I0AAA=]"More Beer."
12704[&A6AxAAA=]"More work?"
8496[&AzAhAAA=]"My blood honors Ascalon!"
15943[&A0c+AAA=]"My defenses are down."
10416[&A7AoAAA=]"My ears! How are you?"
7232[&A0AcAAA=]"My krewe will avenge me!"
8833[&A4EiAAA=]"My leg!"
12864[&A0AyAAA=]"My quest consumes me."
7280[&A3AcAAA=]"My soul is pure."
12720[&A7AxAAA=]"My superiority is evident."
28160[&AwBuAAA=]"My warband's greatest battle became known as the Third Battle of the Brand."
11665[&A5EtAAA=]"My word!"
12335[&Ay8wAAA=]"My word!"
13904[&A1A2AAA=]"Nature shaped you well."
13264[&A9AzAAA=]"Nature's secret is patience."
10032[&AzAnAAA=]"Nature's secret is patience."
10288[&AzAoAAA=]"Nature's secret is patience."
24416[&A2BfAAA=]"Nearly there. It won't be long now."
8128[&A8AfAAA=]"Need assistance over here!"
9328[&A3AkAAA=]"Need rest..."
12928[&A4AyAAA=]"Need something tracked?"
10209[&A+EnAAA=]"Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil."
16031[&A58+AAA=]"Never Stop, Never surrender."
16005[&A4U+AAA=]"No more playing dead for you."
8240[&AzAgAAA=]"No need to fight. Back off."
15792[&A7A9AAA=]"No one can match my brilliance."
12417[&A4EwAAA=]"No questions!"
15136[&AyA7AAA=]"No way."
14656[&A0A5AAA=]"No, I cannot provide directions."
7137[&A+EbAAA=]"Not again."
8719[&Aw8iAAA=]"Not again."
14895[&Ay86AAA=]"Not much time left."
15488[&A4A8AAA=]"Not right."
11264[&AwAsAAA=]"Nothing better than the wind at you back."
12368[&A1AwAAA=]"Nothing better than the wind at your back."
10593[&A2EpAAA=]"Nothing like ale."
13008[&A9AyAAA=]"Nothing like ale."
8080[&A5AfAAA=]"Now that you've seen me..."
8848[&A5AiAAA=]"Now we can fight for real."
8144[&A9AfAAA=]"Now you do not offend me."
7792[&A3AeAAA=]"Now you've done it. C'mere!"
7121[&A9EbAAA=]"Now you've made me angry!"
24208[&A5BeAAA=]"Oh bother. Some assistance, please! I am under attack!"
10432[&A8AoAAA=]"Oh, I didn't see you there."
13824[&AwA2AAA=]"Oh, I didn't see you there."
15939[&A0M+AAA=]"Oh, my head."
16417[&AyFAAAA=]"Oh, why's everybody so serious all the time?"
9584[&A3AlAAA=]"OK. OK. OK. OK."
15964[&A1w+AAA=]"On my mark!"
31030[&AzZ5AAA=]"One more seed plant - there we go. Perfect."
16625 (?)[&A-FAAAA=]"Ooh, slick shoes!"
14496[&A6A4AAA=]"Our deeds are reflected in the Dream."
6832[&A7AaAAA=]"Our god is powerful!"
11936[&A6AuAAA=]"Out with it."
16077[&A80+AAA=]"Over here."
16384[&AwBAAAA=]"Pardon! Could you come here?"
13712[&A5A1AAA=]"Peace is worth fighting for."
12992[&A8AyAAA=]"Peace is worth fighting for."
25167[&A09iAAA=]"People want you on their team."
9472[&AwAlAAA=]"Pet down!"
9104[&A5AjAAA=]"Pig enters combat."
16009[&A4k+AAA=]"Pow! Right in the cranium."
9264[&AzAkAAA=]"Practice makes perfect."
26704[&A1BoAAA=]"Praise Wolf that you're here, Warmaster!"
10336[&A2AoAAA=]"Prepare for adventure."
12640[&A2AxAAA=]"Prepare for adventure."
10945[&A8EqAAA=]"Prepare for adventure."
10081[&A2EnAAA=]"Push off, landlubber."
12672[&A4AxAAA=]"Quaggan's pleased to see you."
15946[&A0o+AAA=]"Rage at maximum."
16753[&A3FBAAA=]"Rare loot!"
12208[&A7AvAAA=]"Raven whispers to me."
9424[&A9AkAAA=]"Ready to hit!"
11952[&A7AuAAA=]"Rely on strength, not false gods."
10752[&AwAqAAA=]"Report an suspicious activity."
11520[&AwAtAAA=]"Report any suspicious activity."
10576[&A1ApAAA=]"Respect your elders."
11792[&AxAuAAA=]"Responsibility isn't easy."
14112[&AyA3AAA=]"Rest awhile."
9776[&AzAmAAA=]"Rest easy, servant!"
14881[&AyE6AAA=]"Revenge is delicious."
9537[&A0ElAAA=]"Ridiculous. Charr would never be silly."
14976[&A4A6AAA=]"Ruby Shard."
15120[&AxA7AAA=]"Run them down!"
8608[&A6AhAAA=]"Save me, brothers!"
16023[&A5c+AAA=]"Save yourselves!"
16496[&A3BAAAA=]"Score one for me!"
8640[&A8AhAAA=]"See you in your nightmares!"
9231[&Aw8kAAA=]"See you later."
14176[&A2A3AAA=]"Seize the moment."
14224[&A5A3AAA=]"Seize the moment."
14528[&A8A4AAA=]"Seize the moment."
13856[&AyA2AAA=]"Seize the moment."
14384[&AzA4AAA=]"Seize the moment."
15959[&A1c+AAA=]"Shake it off!"
12400[&A3AwAAA=]"Show no mercy."
7617[&A8EdAAA=]"Sleep well"
16211 (?)[&A1M-AAA=]"Snack time already?"
10929[&A7EqAAA=]"Snow Leopard always acts swiftly and with purpose."
7842[&A6IeAAA=]"So it's come to this."
12112[&A1AvAAA=]"So many mysteries in the world."
11568[&AzAtAAA=]"Some must fight so that all may be free."
10304[&A0AoAAA=]"Some must fight, so that all may be free."
10384[&A5AoAAA=]"Some must fight, so that all may be free."
12096[&A0AvAAA=]"Something need fixing?"
11680[&A6AtAAA=]"Soon the Inquest shall rule the world!"
8242[&AzIgAAA=]"Sorry about that."
7520[&A2AdAAA=]"Stand and submit!"
10000[&AxAnAAA=]"Stay out of trouble."
15631[&Aw89AAA=]"Stay out of troulbe. Or else."
12144[&A3AvAAA=]"Stay safe."
14416[&A1A4AAA=]"Step aside. Official business."
10625[&A4EpAAA=]"Stop me if you've heard this one..."
13920[&A2A2AAA=]"Strength in numbers."
11136[&A4ArAAA=]"Strength in numbers."
7696[&AxAeAAA=]"Submit or die!"
22433[&A6FXAAA=]"Supply and Demand"
7488[&A0AdAAA=]"Swarm them!"
11424[&A6AsAAA=]"Swell. You're talking."
8112[&A7AfAAA=]"Take that!"
7296[&A4AcAAA=]"Taking the shot!"
11085[&A00rAAA=]"Talk to me."
12976[&A7AyAAA=]"Talk to me."
14945[&A2E6AAA=]"Tastes so good."
11440[&A7AsAAA=]"Tell me everything."
10064[&A1AnAAA=]"Tell me more."
16608[&A+BAAAA=]"That minion was so loyal."
7264[&A2AcAAA=]"That one won't come back."
9601[&A4ElAAA=]"That was an experience!"
8576[&A4AhAAA=]"That was close."
8769[&A0EiAAA=]"That was fun. Let's do it again!"
7952[&AxAfAAA=]"That was too easy."
6816[&A6AaAAA=]"That'll teach you."
8801[&A2EiAAA=]"That's a refreshing beverage!"
15917[&Ay0+AAA=]"That's enough."
9664[&A8AlAAA=]"That's how it's done."
7584[&A6AdAAA=]"That's right! You lose!"
9376[&A6AkAAA=]"That's the stuff."
10369[&A4EoAAA=]"The answer is out there."
11584[&A0AtAAA=]"The Brand holds dangers."
19169[&A+FKAAA=]"The dragon wants us to be afraid, because fear will tear us apart. Fear will destroy us!"
10829[&A00qAAA=]"The Dream led me here."
18865[&A7FJAAA=]"The Flame Legion are no match for my steel!"
8320[&A4AgAAA=]"The fun's over here!"
11184[&A7ArAAA=]"The legion calls"
11088[&A1ArAAA=]"The legion calls."
12365[&A00wAAA=]"The ocean is a beast."
15312[&A9A7AAA=]"The Omphalos Chamber"
7040[&A4AbAAA=]"The Six preserver us!"
7360[&A8AcAAA=]"The time has come for action."
10048[&A0AnAAA=]"The wheel of progress turns."
13520[&A9A0AAA=]"The world cries out. I must answer."
10400[&A6AoAAA=]"Their coin, my coin - only difference is the pronoun."
13504[&A8A0AAA=]"There are a lot of travelers lately."
13632[&A0A1AAA=]"There is darkness afoot in the world."
16289 (?)[&A6E-AAA=]"There's a good monstrosity."
24608[&AyBgAAA=]"They can't last much longer. Don't let up!"
15905[&AyE+AAA=]"Thirst, begone!"
12128[&A2AvAAA=]"This is a bad time to be travelling."
8096[&A6AfAAA=]"This is going to hurt."
9297[&A1EkAAA=]"This is hell."
11296[&AyAsAAA=]"This is important, right?"
26880[&AwBpAAA=]"This is our cave now. Leave, dummy!"
16416[&AyBAAAA=]"This is so great. So great."
15616[&AwA9AAA=]"This is the Vigil!"
6864[&A9AaAAA=]"This is what it's come to."
8433 (?)[&A-EgAAA=]"This isn't over!"
9904[&A7AmAAA=]"This isn't worth it."
8736[&AyAiAAA=]"This one's mine!"
6944[&AyAbAAA=]"This should impress you."
8064[&A4AfAAA=]"Time for some help."
8785[&A1EiAAA=]"Time to bust some heads."
16832[&A8BBAAA=]"Time to study."
15696[&A1A9AAA=]"Time to teach you a lesson."
6913[&AwEbAAA=]"To arms!"
14864[&AxA6AAA=]"To battle again!"
6912[&AwAbAAA=]"To me!"
15648[&AyA9AAA=]"To me!"
8000[&A0AfAAA=]"To the Depths with you!"
12480[&A8AwAAA=]"Tomorrow I go on my first hunt."
8544[&A2AhAAA=]"Too weak."
7600[&A7AdAAA=]"Trial by combat!"
13936[&A3A2AAA=]"Trouble, two legs?"
16068[&A8Q+AAA=]"Try to survive without me."
15056[&A9A6AAA=]"Turret deployed."
15376[&AxA8AAA=]"Turret deployed."
9138[&A7IjAAA=]"Ugly troll dies!"
9137[&A7EjAAA=]"Ugly troll needs help!"
8448[&AwAhAAA=]"United we stand!"
7968[&AyAfAAA=]"Unprepared for...field duty!"
9233[&AxEkAAA=]"until next time."
16223 (?)[&A18-AAA=]"Up and away!"
8368[&A7AgAAA=]"Vacate these permises!"
9728[&AwAmAAA=]"Venom...too strong"
7248[&A1AcAAA=]"Vivisection time!"
8114[&A7IfAAA=]"Wait for it..."
10688[&A8ApAAA=]"Want to start something?"
13456[&A5A0AAA=]"Watch yourself, cub."
9232[&AxAkAAA=]"Watch yourself."
11664[&A5AtAAA=]"We all have a place in the Eternal Alchemy."
11008[&AwArAAA=]"We all must do our part."
14480[&A5A4AAA=]"We are the bulwark against evil."
7632[&A9AdAAA=]"We failed. They fled!"
9936[&A9AmAAA=]"We fight because we must."
13472[&A6A0AAA=]"We know so little."
10784[&AyAqAAA=]"We live in dangerous times."
10832[&A1AqAAA=]"We meet."
11344[&A1AsAAA=]"We must all fight."
14464[&A4A4AAA=]"We must fight."
9632[&A6AlAAA=]"We need to reclaim the capture point."
17824[&A6BFAAA=]"We obey, Mighty Oouo!"
13088[&AyAzAAA=]"We serve the queen."
10320[&A1AoAAA=]"Well met!"
16142 (?)[&Aw4-AAA=]"Well, good for you. Jerk."
8384[&A8AgAAA=]"We're done here."
7120[&A9AbAAA=]"We've no need to fight. Back off."
11824[&AzAuAAA=]"What a nice surprise!"
8768[&A0AiAAA=]"What an adventure."
11328[&A0AsAAA=]"What can I do for you?"
11872[&A2AuAAA=]"What do you need?"
25008[&A7BhAAA=]"What do you seek?"
11984[&A9AuAAA=]"What do you want, two legs?"
14192[&A3A3AAA=]"What do you want?"
14352[&AxA4AAA=]"What grows in your garden?"
28993[&A0FxAAA=]"What happens in Peter's test map, stays in Peter's test map."
8929[&A+EiAAA=]"What have we got here?"
8336[&A5AgAAA=]"What have you done?"
11616[&A2AtAAA=]"What is it?"
14752[&A6A5AAA=]"What now?"
7872[&A8AeAAA=]"What was that?"
7377[&A9EcAAA=]"What'd I ever do to you?"
12514[&A+IwAAA=]"What's the password?"
16401[&AxFAAAA=]"When I'm near you, I feel like blooming."
14960[&A3A6AAA=]"Where are you going?"
14768[&A7A5AAA=]"Where are you going?"
6736[&A1AaAAA=]"Who approaches?"
7424[&AwAdAAA=]"Who goes there?"
8224[&AyAgAAA=]"Who's got my back?"
10401[&A6EoAAA=]"Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?"
8304[&A3AgAAA=]"Will they never learn?"
10481 (?)[&A-EoAAA=]"Wind in your sails."
9152[&A8AjAAA=]"Wolf dies."
11456[&A8AsAAA=]"Wolf welcomes all."
16229 (?)[&A2U-AAA=]"Won't anyone help me?"
31137[&A6F5AAA=]"World vs World"
14880[&AyA6AAA=]"Yeah, that's what I thought."
16087[&A9c+AAA=]"Yes, yes, very amusing."
10337[&A2EoAAA=]"You are always welcome."
7104[&A8AbAAA=]"You are no warrior."
6784[&A4AaAAA=]"You are unclean."
25152[&A0BiAAA=]"You aren't a total liability anymore."
13136[&A1AzAAA=]"You can count on me."
6928[&AxAbAAA=]"You can only run so far."
6944[&AyAbAAA=]"You cannot win."
10656[&A6ApAAA=]"You chose the wrong person to bother."
11776[&AwAuAAA=]"You come seeking knowledge?"
8464[&AxAhAAA=]"You die well."
6672[&AxAaAAA=]"You don't belong here!"
6704[&AzAaAAA=]"You don't belong here!"
11360[&A2AsAAA=]"You don't look so tough."
14336[&AwA4AAA=]"You got a problem?"
20081[&A3FOAAA=]"You got it boss. You can count on us!"
14096[&AxA3AAA=]"You have my attention."
11681[&A6EtAAA=]"You have precisely thirty seconds. Go!"
12048[&AxAvAAA=]"You have questions?"
13072[&AxAzAAA=]"You have something on your mind?"
30262[&AzZ2AAA=]"You haven't got a chance. I was trained by the best!"
7840[&A6AeAAA=]"You just made your business my business."
14208[&A4A3AAA=]"You just watch yourself."
7456[&AyAdAAA=]"You know too much."
16061[&A70+AAA=]"You know what they say: curiosity pruned the sylvari."
10624[&A4ApAAA=]"You look like a good listener."
10080[&A2AnAAA=]"You made a mistake talking to me."
13344[&AyA0AAA=]"You made a mistake talking to me."
12320[&AyAwAAA=]"You made a mistake talking to me."
13248[&A8AzAAA=]"You need my help?"
16752[&A3BBAAA=]"You rarely see one of those."
29921[&A+F0AAA=]"You shouldn't dwell on it, sir. They're just trolls."
8657[&A9EhAAA=]"You smell like the wrong side of a centaur."
13120[&A0AzAAA=]"You talking to me?"
26753[&A4FoAAA=]"You two lovebirds have fun. I'm fine where I am."
11024[&AxArAAA=]"You want to fight?"
24160[&A2BeAAA=]"You were right, Ikniu. I'm sorry I doubted you."
32408[&A5h+AAA=]"You will be petrified shortly. Try to strike a pose!"
9008[&AzAjAAA=]"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
12880[&A1AyAAA=]"You'll be safe on my watch."
13952[&A4A2AAA=]"You'll find everything you need here."
15152[&AzA7AAA=]"You'll like me in spirit form. You know you will. I'm awesome and you deserve me."
12465[&A7EwAAA=]"Your face seems familiar."
16041[&A6k+AAA=]"Your gate's been breached."
7471[&Ay8dAAA=]"Your money or your life."
10289[&AzEoAAA=]"Your reputation precedes you."
13968[&A5A2AAA=]"You're always welcome here."
14080[&AwA3AAA=]"You're always welcome here."
15632[&AxA9AAA=]"You're as welcome as fur on a rabbit."
15891[&AxM+AAA=]"You're dumb. You'll die, and you'll leave a dumb corpse."
32033[&AyF9AAA=]"You're far more pleasant than those hoodlums."
17072[&A7BCAAA=]"You're good, you're lucky, or you're dead. Those are your only options."
16143 (?)[&Aw8-AAA=]"You're only showing me how to beat you."
15280[&A7A7AAA=]"You're stunned."
15504[&A5A8AAA=]"You're too weak!"
9549[&A00lAAA=]"You're uglier than a pile of humans."

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