Full Name

Claire Whitley


🍂 Fall 8




JojaMart Employee

Lives in

The Country


103 Prairie Road





Best Gifts

"Birds are cautious little creatures. They tend to fly away when approached or startled. But sometimes if I hold still, they perch right on my head or my shoulders."

Claire lives in the countryside outside of Pelican Town and buses in to work as a cashier at JojaMart. Claire is initially quiet and reserved, but she has big dreams of a life beyond retail. She enjoys reading, dancing, and watching films. Claire is a bachelorette option in Stardew Valley Expanded.

If the Community Center is completed, and the movie theater is unlocked, Claire is employed as a cashier in the theater instead.


Claire has a set schedule throughout the week, only appearing in Pelican Town on days she works. Since she lives in the country outside of town, she cannot be visited on her days off.

If Claire is temporarily unemployed, she will not have a reason to come into town, unless the player has seen her 6 heart event.

🛍️  JojaMart Schedule
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
8:00 AMGets off bus and goes to JojaMart to cashier.
10:10 PMLeaves JojaMart for the bus stop.
12:20 AMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.
7:00 AMArrives in town early on a bus, works stock at JojaMart
12:10 PMBuys her own groceries at the register.
12:50 PMLeaves JojaMart for the bus stop.
3:00 PMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.
🎫  Movie Theater Schedule
Mond, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
6:50 AMGets off bus, heads to employee entrance.
8:50 AMHeads to the concessions stand to cashier.
9:30 PMLeaves movie theater for the bus stop.
11:40 PMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.
📖  Tuesday, After 6 Heart Event
Sunny Weather
10:30 AMLeaves the bus stop to gather for aerobics at Pierre's shop.
1:00 PMExercises with the other attendees.
4:00 PMHeads for the bus stop
5:40 PMLeaves on a bus for her house in the country.
12:00 PMLeaves the bus stop to dance by herself at aerobics class.
4:00 PMHeads for the bus stop
5:40 PMLeaves on a bus for her house in the country.
💎   Marriage
When married, Claire will continue to work at JojaMart or the Movie Theater, but will take Friday and Rainy days off. Claire will stay on the farm year round if she is unemployed.
🧢   Employed at JojaMart
7:40 AMLeaves to cashier at JojaMart.
10:10 PMHeads home to the farm.
10:30 AMLeaves the farm to go to Pierre's shop.
1:00 PMDances at aerobics class.
4:00 PMHeads home to the farm.
7:40 AMLeaves to cashier at JojaMart.
10:10 PMHeads home to the farm.
7:40 AMLeaves to cashier at JojaMart.
10:10 PMHeads home to the farm.
All DayStays on the farm doing random tasks.
All DayStays on the farm doing random tasks.
7:40 AMLeaves to cashier at JojaMart.
10:10 PMHeads home to the farm.
🎬   Employed at Movie Theater
6:40 AMHeads into town to the employee entrance of the Theater.
8:50 AMGoes to cashier at concession stand.
9:00 PMLeaves work to go home.
10:30 AMLeaves the farm to go to Pierre's shop.
1:00 PMDances at aerobics class.
4:00 PMHeads home to the farm.
6:40 AMHeads into town to the employee entrance of the Theater.
8:50 AMGoes to cashier at concession stand.
9:00 PMLeaves work to go home.
6:40 AMHeads into town to the employee entrance of the Theater.
8:50 AMGoes to cashier at concession stand.
9:00 PMLeaves work to go home.
All DayStays on the farm doing random tasks.
All DayStays on the farm doing random tasks.
6:40 AMHeads into town to the employee entrance of the Theater.
8:50 AMGoes to cashier at concession stand.
9:00 PMLeaves work to go home.
Warning.svgClaire will not come to town if JojaMart is in ruins and the player has not seen her 6 heart event.

Gift Tastes


"Oh! I love it. Thank you so much!"

All Universal Loves
ファイル:Green Tea.pngGreen TeaA pleasant, energizing beverage made from lightly processed tea leaves.

ファイル:Energy Tonic.pngEnergy TonicRestores a lot of energy.

ファイル:Sunflower.pngSunflowerA common misconception is that the flower turns so it's always facing the sun.

ファイル:Bruschetta.pngBruschettaRoasted tomatoes on a crisp white bread.

ファイル:Apricot.pngApricotA tender little fruit with a rock-hard pit.

ファイル:Ocean Stone.pngOcean StoneAn old legend claims these stones are the mosaics of ancient mermaids.

Glazed_Butterfish.pngGlazed ButterfishA very hearty meal.

Cooking Butterfish (1)

ファイル:Wheat Flour.pngWheat Flour (1)
ファイル:Oil.pngOil (1)


"Oh, for me? Thank you."

Claire.pngAll Universal Likes (Except Green Tea, Sunflower, Bruschetta, Apricot, Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Pickles)
ファイル:Apple.pngAppleA crisp fruit used for juice and cider.

ファイル:Orange.pngOrangeJuicy, tangy, and bursting with sweet summer aroma.

ファイル:Peach.pngPeachIt's almost fuzzy to the touch.

ファイル:Pomegranate.pngPomegranateWithin the fruit are clusters of juicy seeds.

ファイル:Cherry.pngCherryIt's popular, and ripens sooner than most other fruits.

ファイル:Coconut.pngCoconutA seed of the coconut palm. It has many culinary uses.

ファイル:Cactus Fruit.pngCactus FruitThe sweet fruit of the prickly pear cactus.

ファイル:Roasted Hazelnuts.pngRoasted HazelnutsThe roasting process creates a rich forest flavor.

ファイル:Tea Leaves.pngTea LeavesThe young leaves of the tea plant. Can be brewed into the popular, energizing beverage.

ファイル:Hazelnut.pngHazelnutThat's one big hazelnut!

ファイル:Coffee.pngCoffeeIt smells delicious. This is sure to give you a boost.

Big Bark BurgerThe Triple B. It has a chewy consistency and is very juicy.

Butterfish.pngButterfishCommonly used in dishes around the Ferngill Republic.


"Thank you."

All Universal Neutrals (Except Hops, Clam, Tea Leaves)
ファイル:Rainbow Shell.pngRainbow ShellIt's a very beautiful shell.

ファイル:Coral.pngCoralA colony of tiny creatures that clump together to form beautiful structures.

ファイル:Nautilus Shell.pngNautilus ShellAn ancient shell.

ファイル:Wild Plum.pngWild PlumTart and juicy with a pungent aroma.

ファイル:Blackberry.pngBlackberryAn early-fall treat.

ファイル:Crystal Fruit.pngCrystal FruitA delicate fruit that pops up from the snow.


"Only if you insist..."

Claire.pngAll Universal Dislikes (Except Ocean Stone, Hated Fish)
ファイル:Spice Berry.pngSpice BerryIt fills the air with a pungent aroma.

ファイル:Wild Horseradish.pngWild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.

ファイル:Seaweed.pngSeaweedIt can be used in cooking.

ファイル:Green Algae.pngGreen AlgaeIt's really slimy.

ファイル:Tom Kha Soup.pngTom Kha SoupThese flavors are incredible!

Cookingファイル:Coconut.pngCoconut (1)

ファイル:Shrimp.pngShrimp (1)
ファイル:Common Mushroom.pngCommon Mushroom (1)

ファイル:Trout Soup.pngTrout SoupPretty salty.

Cooking24xRainbow Trout (1)

ファイル:Green Algae.pngGreen Algae (1)

ファイル:Spicy Eel.pngSpicy EelIt's really spicy! Be careful.

Cookingファイル:Eel.pngEel (1)

ファイル:Hot Pepper.pngHot Pepper (1)

ファイル:Salmonberry.pngSalmonberryA spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest.

ファイル:Acorn.pngAcornThis can be planted to grow an oak tree.

ファイル:Maple Seed.pngMaple SeedThis can be planted to grow a maple tree.

ファイル:Pine Cone.pngPine ConeThis can be planted to grow a pine tree.

ファイル:Holly.pngHollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.

ファイル:Beer.pngBeerDrink in moderation.

ファイル:Mead.pngMeadA fermented beverage made from honey. Drink in moderation.

ファイル:Pale Ale.pngPale AleDrink in moderation.

ファイル:Hops.pngHopsA bitter, tangy flower used to flavor beer.

Aged Blue Moon WineSophia's aged hand-crafted wine from Blue Moon Vineyard. It comes in a prestigious basket riddled with leaves, with a shiny bow to wrap it all together. Makes a wonderful gift!

Blue_Moon_Wine.pngBlue Moon WineSophia's hand-crafted wine from Blue Moon Vineyard.

Armor ElixirBrewed at Castle Village by Camilla. Fortifies the body.

Haste_Elixir.pngHaste ElixirBrewed at Castle Village by Camilla. You'll feel lighter on your feet.

Hero ElixirBrewed at Castle Village by Camilla. Grants heroic attributes.

Frog_Legs.pngFrog LegsOne of the better-known delicacies of Gotoroan cuisine.

ClownfishLives in sea anemones for protection.

Kittyfish.pngKittyfishA magical fish summoned by Camilla. It likes scratches under the chin.

MinnowA small river fish.

Puppyfish.pngPuppyfishThis fish wants nothing but pets and snacks.

Forest West

Shearwater Bridge

Razor TroutAn invasive species released by someone... It has a pattern along its body that heavily resembles the letter 'J'.

Starfish.pngStarfishReferred to as sea stars because of their star-shaped appearance.

Void Eel???

Void_Pebble.pngVoid PebbleAlthough small, it's dense and hot to the touch.

Void ShardThe stone is consumed by dark magic.

Rusty_Blade.pngRusty BladeIt once belonged to an adventurer...


"Please... take it away."

All Universal Hate (Except Energy Tonic, Green Algae, Seaweed)
ファイル:Joja Cola.pngJoja ColaThe flagship product of Joja corporation.

ファイル:Pickles.pngPicklesA jar of your home-made pickles.

ファイル:Winter Root.pngWinter RootA starchy tuber.

ファイル:Snow Yam.pngSnow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.

ファイル:Clay.pngClayUsed in crafting and construction.

ファイル:Clam.pngClamSomeone lived here once.

ファイル:Oyster.pngOysterConstantly filters water to find food. In the process, it removes dangerous toxins from the environment.

ファイル:Periwinkle.pngPeriwinkleA tiny freshwater snail that lives in a blue shell.

ファイル:Snail.pngSnailA wide-ranging mollusc that lives in a spiral shell.

ファイル:Shrimp.pngShrimpA scavenger that feeds off the ocean floor. Widely prized for its meat.

ファイル:Cockle.pngCockleA common saltwater clam.

ファイル:Crab.pngCrabA marine crustacean with two powerful pincers.

ファイル:Crayfish.pngCrayfishA small freshwater relative of the lobster.

ファイル:Lobster.pngLobsterA large ocean-dwelling crustacean with a strong tail.

ファイル:Cookie.pngCookieVery chewy.

Cookingファイル:Wheat Flour.pngWheat Flour (1)

ファイル:Sugar.pngSugar (1)
ファイル:Egg.pngEgg (1)

Grampleton_Orange_Chicken.pngGrampleton Orange ChickenGolden and crispy chicken. Served with fresh rice.

Saloon after   6 heart event
Void_Delight.pngVoid DelightIt's teeming with void energy.

Void Salmon SushiIs this safe to eat?

Frog.pngFrogIt's very slimy.

King SalmonA huge salmon, distinguished by its large scales.

Movie Theater Tastes

"I may purchase the screenplay of this film to read."


ファイル:'The Brave Little Sapling'.pngBrave Little SaplingSpring, Y1
ファイル:'Journey Of The Prairie King The Motion Picture'.pngJourney Of The Prairie King: The Motion PictureSummer, Y1
ファイル:'Wumbus'.pngWumbusSummer, Y2
ファイル:'The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch'.pngMiracle at Coldstar RanchWinter, Y1
ファイル:'Natural Wonders Exploring Our Vibrant World'.pngNatural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant WorldSpring, Y2
ファイル:'The Zuzu City Express'.pngZuzu City ExpressWinter, Y2
ファイル:'Mysterium'.pngMysteriumFall, Y1
ファイル:'It Howls In The Rain'.pngIt Howls in the RainFall, Y2


ファイル:Jasmine Tea.pngJasmine Tea Gold_Coin.png50g
ファイル:Hummus Snack Pack.pngHummus Snack Pack 90g
ファイル:Kale Smoothie.pngKale Smoothie Gold_Coin.png120g
ファイル:Apple Slices.pngApple Slices 100g
ファイル:Panzanella Salad.pngPanzanella Salad Gold_Coin.png200g
ファイル:Stardrop Sorbet.pngStardrop Sorbet 1250g
ファイル:Personal Pizza.pngPersonal Pizza Gold_Coin.png150g
ファイル:Salmon Burger.pngSalmon Burger 150g
ファイル:Ice Cream Sandwich.pngIce Cream Sandwich Gold_Coin.png150g
ファイル:Chocolate Popcorn.pngChocolate Popcorn 1130g
ファイル:Star Cookie.pngStar Cookie Gold_Coin.png150g
ファイル:Cappuccino Mousse Cake.pngCappuccino Mousse Cake 220g
ファイル:Cotton Candy.pngCotton Candy Gold_Coin.png50g
ファイル:Joja Cola (large).pngJoja Cola (large) 40g
ファイル:Sour Slimes.pngSour Slimes Gold_Coin.png80g
ファイル:Jawbreaker.pngJawbreaker 250g
ファイル:Popcorn.pngPopcorn Gold_Coin.png120g
ファイル:Nachos.pngNachos 100g
ファイル:Fries.pngFries Gold_Coin.png100g
ファイル:Salted Peanuts.pngSalted Peanuts 120g
ファイル:JojaCorn.pngJojaCorn Gold_Coin.png10g
ファイル:Rock Candy.pngRock Candy 150g
ファイル:Truffle Popcorn.pngTruffle Popcorn Gold_Coin.png180g
ファイル:Black Licorice.pngBlack Licorice 25g

警告: ネタバレ注意! ハートイベントの完全な説明は、折りたたみ要素の下に隠されています。

Heart Events

1/5 Heart Event

 Heart24half.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png 

Season:Spring, Summer
Extra:Player must be in year one. Must be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday
Dozing Off

Claire is working at her register. She is so tired she falls asleep standing up. The Farmer enters and Claire wakes up and asks how she may help. Afterward, she asks the Farmer to not tell Morris she was sleeping on the job.

2 Heart Event

 Heart24R.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png 

Time:12:00PM - 10:00PM
Grasping for Pennies

The Farmer enters Stardrop Saloon and overhears Claire ordering a salad from Gus. Gus states the price, which has increased since the last time she had ordered one. Gus explains this is due to a change in suppliers. Claire can't afford the price increase, and the Farmer has the option to offer to help pay, which she accepts after promising to pay the player back. (+50 friendship)

If the Farmer does nothing, Claire will leave without buying anything, complaining later that she'll never get used to frozen Joja meals.

Note that if the Farmer enters the saloon after 5PM, more NPCs will be present than if they'd entered before 5PM. This only affects the visuals of the event.

4 Heart Event

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png 

Time:11:00AM - 3:00PM
Extra:Player must have seen Claire's 2 heart event.
Ursula's Labyrinth

The player approaches Claire who is spending her break reading one of her favorite screenplays. She confesses she owns too many to count, and expresses her lifelong wish to be an actress. Claire then realizes her break ends soon and returns to her work. (+50 friendship)

6 Heart Event

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24B.png  Heart24B.png 

Time:11:00AM - 3:00PM
Extra:Player must have seen Claire's 4 heart event.
Someone New

The ladies of Tuesday aerobic class are gathered outside Pierre's store, wondering if Caroline forgot about class. Claire, reading a screenplay nearby, overhears about the class and mentions it to the Farmer who can respond in one of three ways. Regardless of the choice, Claire says Pelican Town is so different from the community where she lives. The Farmer either suggests Claire get more involved in the local social life, or says the country sounds peaceful. Either way, Claire decides to give it a chance and joins the class. (+50 friendship)

8 Heart Event

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24B.png 

Time:11:00AM - 5:00PM
Map:Seed Shop
Extra:Player must have seen Claire's 6 heart event.
Fitting In

The Farmer walks into the back room at Pierre's shop while aerobics class is happening. Claire pauses her dancing to say hello. She asks the Farmer if they'd like to see a ballet routine she's been working on. At the end of class, Claire suggests she has to leave soon for her bus, unless the Farmer would like to spend more time together. With any response, the two end up at the Saloon after Claire thanks Caroline for hosting the class.

At the Saloon, Emily compliments Claire and gives her a menu to look at. Claire offers to cover the Farmer's meal after helping her in her two-heart event. The four options on the menu are: Grampleton Orange Chicken, Grilled Tilapia Salad, Specialty Pizza, and Zucchini Fritters. Claire has a menu response to each item. Regardless of the choice, Emily returns to take the order. Claire asks what being a farmer is like as the scene fades.

10 Heart Event Part 1

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:8:00PM - 2:00AM
Weather:Sunny or Rainy
Extra:Player must have seen Claire's 8 heart event.
Dinner Invitation

Claire leaves work for the day and runs into the Farmer near the exit from town. She asks why they are up so late. The Farmer responds they are either still working, questions what Claire is still doing up so late, or that they are heading home to sleep. Claire isn't sure the timing to ask is right, but asks the Farmer to come to dinner at her house in the countryside. She has been experimenting with cooking new recipes and would like to share them with someone. Claire gives her address and says to take the 4:00PM bus.

10 Heart Event Part 2

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:2:00PM - 6:00PM
Map:Bus Stop
Extra:Player must have seen Claire's 10 heart part 1 event.
A Home Cooked Meal

The Farmer gets on a bus in Pelican Town and exits at a stop outside an orchard in the countryside. A nearby sign says "Smith Orchard" to the left, and "Claire Whitley" to the right. The Farmer heads in the direction of Claire's home. The Farmer knocks on the door of a small house and Claire says to come inside. She says the dish will be caramelized butterfish stew and asks the Farmer for help preparing. Later, in the kitchen, Claire says she's been cooking more to avoid eating the frozen Joja Meals she used to eat. Spotting something on the Farmer's face, she moves in to remove it, and the two share a kiss.

12 Heart Event Part 1

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:6:00AM - 8:00AM
Map:Farm House
Season:Spring, Summer, or Fall
Extra:Player must be married to Claire and watched her 10 heart event. It must be day 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, or 11 of any season except winter.
A Fun Adventure

In the morning, Claire offers to make the Farmer some black tea. It is a special blend from the Fern Islands recommended by Caroline. She asks whether the Farmer and her might go on a long walk around the valley on the upcoming weekend. She's excited to see places that aren't just Pelican Town or the Farm and thinks it will be a good activity as a couple.

12 Heart Event Part 2

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:6:00AM - 8:00AM
Map:Farm House
Season:Spring, Summer, or Fall
Extra:Player must be married to Claire and watched her 12 heart part 1 event. It must be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
Chasing Dreams

Outside the Farm House, Claire sees the weather is perfect for a walk and suggest to the Farmer they decide where to go over breakfast. The two first walk through the Backwoods toward the Mountain, where they pass Robin and Demetrius looking over the cliff toward Pelican Town. At the small islands on the lake, the Farmer encourages a nervous Claire to cross the plank bridge. Next they take a trip to the Railroad where Claire sees the train station for the first time. Susan gardens nearby.

The Farmer and Claire return to town on their way to Shearwater Bridge. They pause to watch the river, and then return to town on the way to Cindersap Forest. Marnie is outside her farm and greets Claire. On the west side of Cindersap, Claire notices the entrance to Forest West and asks what is over there. They visit the Aurora Vineyards ruins and Claire ponders what happened. Back toward the town, Claire and the Farmer walk past Blue Moon Vineyard as Sophia works on a grape trellis.

They end their walk on the pier outside Willy's house. Claire really feels like this is her home now. She admires how everyone in the valley is doing their best at what they love and she worries she'll work at her job instead of doing the same. The Farmer encourages her to pursue her acting career and Claire admits she'd never forgive herself if she didn't try. Knowing the Farmer will be by her side, she feels safe taking the chance. The two kiss and Claire suggests going home.

When talking with the now-determined Claire after the event, she already has a plan to apply as a film extra or look at indie studios to gain experience.

12 Heart Event Part 3

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Extra:Player must be married to Claire and watched her 12 heart part 2 event. It must be a Thursday.

This is a mini event flag that gives additional dialog for Claire. She says she's looked online at the library's computers for job postings. She doesn't meet the minimum requirements for anything but plans to keep looking.

12 Heart Event Part 4

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Extra:Player must be married to Claire and triggered her 12 heart part 3 event. It must be a Wednesday.

This is a mini event flag that gives additional dialog for Claire. She found an ad looking for movie extras. While it won't pay, if she gets the job it will give her experience for future jobs.

14 Heart Event Part 1

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:6:00AM - 7:00AM
Extra:Player has triggered part four of Claire's 12 heart event and must be married to Claire. Must be a day between 1 and 13 of the season. Movie Theater is also open.
You Know How to Whistle, Don't You?

Coming Soon!

14 Heart Event Part 2

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:3:00PM - 10:00PM
Map:Bus Stop
Extra:Player is married to Claire and has seen her 14 heart part 1 event. Must be a day between 19 and 28 of the season.
A Wrap Up

Coming Soon!

14 Heart Event Part 2.5

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Extra:Player is married to Claire and has seen her 14 heart part 2 event. Must be a day between 7 and 19 of the season.

Coming Soon!

14 Heart Event Part 3

 Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png  Heart24R.png 

Time:4:00PM - 8:00PM
Extra:Player is married to Claire and has seen her 14 heart part 2.5 event. Has received letter in the mail and Movie Theater is open.
The Thief of Justice

Coming Soon!

Extra Events

Out of Work

Time:8:00AM - 3:00PM
Extra:The player has completed the community center but hasn't completed the missing bundle inside the abandoned JojaMart. Player has at least 1 hearts with Claire and has not seen her 10 Heart Part 1 event.
No One...

The Farmer finds Claire outside the abandoned JojaMart building. She came into work that day because no one told her work closed. Stunned she's out of work, Claire decides she'll just go home.


After marriage Claire will move to the farm and have her own side room like original marriage candidates. Outside, she turns the spouse area into a small garden for growing tea saplings. Claire splits her time between the property and working at JojaMart or the Movie Theater, but she will take Friday's off to stay on the farm. She also continues to go to aerobics class on Tuesdays.

In the morning, she will often gift a Coffee or possibly offer a breakfast of Complete Breakfast, Omelet, Fried Egg, Hashbrowns, or Pancakes. On particularly tired mornings she may gift you a Triple Shot Espresso instead. In the evening, Claire continues to expand her cooking outside of JojaMart frozen meals. If she bakes, it will be Chocolate Cake, Pink Cake, Rhubarb Pie, Cookie, Blueberry Tart, Blackberry Cobbler, Cranberry Candy, or Pumpkin Pie for dessert. For regular dinner it might be Spaghetti, Eggplant Parmesan, Crispy Bass, Salmon Dinner, or Cheese Cauliflower, and if she's feeling healthy Salad, Radish Salad, Fruit Salad, Vegetable Medley, Roasted Hazelnuts, or Fiddlehead Risotto. Claire can also give Fried Mushrooms, Pumpkin Soup, Autumn's Bounty, or Shrimp Cocktail.

Claire's Room on the Farm
Claire's Green Tea Garden


Claire has over 100 lines of unique dialog in Stardew Valley Expanded.

"Hi. I haven't seen you before... Sorry. I...I don't really know you all that well."
Spring, Tuesday, with 4 hearts
"Do you think my manager would notice if I brought a book to read at work? ...Maybe it'd just get me in trouble."
Spring, Saturday, with 8 hearts
"You always watch out for me. It's nice to feel like someone has my back..."
Spring, Sunday, with 8 hearts
"There's a family of blue jays nesting in a tree near Joja Mart. I hear them twittering away through the windows sometimes. Birds are majestic creatures, don't you think?"
Summer 10th
"The air conditioning in Joja is freezing. I get cold easily..."
Summer, Wednesday, with 4 hearts
"A lot of people in the valley despise Joja Co. But it's the only job I could find... I don't exactly have a lot of skills..."
Summer, Friday, with 2 hearts
"Maybe if I ask politely, I can take time off from work. I have enough PTO saved up for a long vacation."
Fall 1st
"Autumn's colors are breathtaking... Back home, the countryside is just painted with golden wheat fields."
Fall, Monday, with 6 hearts
"I've been trying to stay away from frozen Joja dinners... I'm teaching myself how to make homemade meals instead."
Fall, Friday, with 8 hearts
"Do you have any favorite films, [Farmer]? One of mine is 'Maces Out'. I love thrillers. They give me such a rush!"
Winter 7th
"Ice fishing? I've never fished before."
Winter, Tuesday, with 4 heaarts
"There was a rude customer from out of town yesterday... When that happens, I just have to be nice. I'm not allowed to argue or even walk away. Customer service isn't always easy..."
Winter, Wednesday, with 4 hearts
"Do you think my manager would notice if I stepped outside and made a snow man?... I'd personally consider it promotional art..."

Egg Festival
"Those deviled eggs are tempting..."
Flower Dance
"The flowers here are beautiful. There's such a large variety."
The Luau
She's lost in a trance.
Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
"Is it just me, or is it getting colder? I should've layered up more..."
Stardew Valley Fair
"These hens are adorable... They're from Marnie's Ranch you say?"
Spirit's Eve
"This hand-crafted grape juice from Blue Moon Vineyard is tempting..."
Festival of Ice
"So... c-cold..."
Feast of the Winter Star
"What are you thankful for, [Farmer]? I'm thankful for having a friendly community to spend Winter Star with..."

Spring 16th, Evening
"I've been craving bruschetta all day. Honestly? I think I could eat it forever."
Spring 18th, Evening
"We should take a trip to Zuzu City in the future and watch the opera."
Spring 21st, Evening
"Um. I was thinking... Perhaps we can try raising some birds? I'd handle all the work!"
Spring 25th, Evening
"I discovered a beautiful piece of classical music we could dance to together. It gets easier when you get into the rhythm."
Summer 2nd, Morning
"I'm ready for hot weather, perfect blue skies, and apricot pies! I'll do what I can do help around the house. I know the start of a season is a lot of work. Good luck today!"
Summer 9th, Morning
"Emily and I are going to dance together today. Have you given thought about joining the aerobics class? I could teach you some things..."
Summer 15th, Evening
"Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress. Did you feel the same with farming or adventuring?"
Summer 21st, Evening
"I've been craving apricots. Do you think we could grow some on the farm? I know a few recipes that use them..."
Fall 3rd, Evening
"We should pick mushroom in cindersap forest together. There's a recipe I want to try that calls for mushrooms..."
Fall 7th, Evening
"I appreciate my co-worker, Martin. He helps me out so much at work. I sometimes catch him glancing at me..."
Fall 15th, Morning
"Are you prepared for the town fair? I know you've been working hard this season. I wonder what baby animals there will be.."
Fall 18th, Evening
"I saw a family of birds nesting in a tree today. There must have been dozens of them..."
Winter 14th, Evening
"I feel like I can understand what animals are thinking when I look at them... I wonder if there's a wizard or witch who can talk to animals? You talk to the local wizard... can they understand animals"
Winter 16th, Evening
"I've become good friends with some of the ladies at my weekly aerobics class. Um... You should join me sometime."
Winter 23rd, Evening
"I was almost hit by an icicle walking home from work... I'm okay. It just startled me."
Winter 24th, Morning
"I'm making a festive dinner for us tonight. Something to look forward to... Um. Good luck today. "

Version History

  • 1.7: Introduced.
  • 1.10: Added as antisocial NPC.
  • 1.11:
    • Introduced as a marriage candidate.
    • Added heart events.
    • Added several maps related to her.
  • 1.12:
    • Adjusted 'tired' dialogue if married.
    • Removed from 'Introductions' quest.
  • 1.12.3:
    • Added to intervention events.
    • Added same-sex marriage dialogue.
  • 1.12.6: Changed 'Out of work' event requirement to 1 heart (from 4).
  • 1.12.8: Can now gift and talk to Claire in the Cinema.
  • 1.12.10:
    • Added spouse patio to Grandpa's Farm and Immersive Farm 2 Remastered.
    • Now returns home from the movie theater earlier if married.
  • 1.12.11:
    • Added movie theater marriage dialogue.
    • Claire now attends community day if certain conditions are met.
    • Claire now returns to the house at 9:10pm if married.
  • 1.13:
    • If the player is married to Claire, Martin's 6 heart event will not play.
    • Added 14 heart event.
  • 1.13.1:
    • Added beach portraits and a Ginger Island Resort schedule if married to the player.
    • Added a new marriage schedule and new marriage dialogue if they have seen her 14 heart event.
  • 1.13.10: Added reaction dialogue to Claire's 14 heart event.

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