Squishy Onilne Shop Scammer Wiki


Hello dear seller!

This wiki is being created with the aim of sharing information between squishy online stores about scammers.

Now squishies are becoming more and more popular every day and the increasing amount of scammers has become worrying for those who manage squishy online stores.

Here you will be able to find a list of people who have misused PayPal and credit cards to fraudulently order from various online stores. This wiki is for the squishy stores to avoid selling to the listed scammers in the future.

Have you ever been a fraud victim? Please kindly inform us in case you have suffered with scammers.

- Scammers list:

Xiangao Huang
66-15 Wetherole St. 11374 Rego Park
Rego Park, NY 11374
United States (US)

    Email: pingxi04@gmail.com
    Tel: 9176227641

Total:     USD $40,57 IP: 2604:2000:60c6:9700:80b4:b2d4:6719:45f3
Total:     USD $50,01 IP: 2604:2000:60c6:9700:8011:b455:2874:4348


Marta Galindo
339 North L street
Fremont, NE 68025
United States (US)

    Email: 2024.Bryant.Galindo-Hernandez@fpsmail.org

Total:     USD $55,17 IP:


Ranell Pickett/Karen Kingsbury/Chris Pickett/Nellie Pickett/Paula Pockett/Ranell Pockett

2046 Karl rd
Bay City, MI 48706
United States (US)

    Email: nelliewhat@aol.com / chrislpickett@gmail.com / pickett1084@icloud.com / makenna2046@icloud.com / nelliewhat@aol.com
    Tel: 9895010488 / 9894936738




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